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6904212 Homeopathy Workbook

6904212 Homeopathy Workbook

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Published by: nirjhar618509 on Mar 24, 2011
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Aconitum nap. 30x

Apis mel. 30x

Arnica mont. 30x

Arsenicum alb. 30x

Arsenicum alb 200

Belladonna 30x
Bryonia alb. 30x

Bryonia alb. 200

Calcarea carb. 30x

Calcarea carb. 200

Calendula – tincture

Cantharis 30x

Carbo veg. 30x

Chamomilla 30x

Ferrum phos. 30x
Gelsemium semp. 30x
Hepar sulph. 30x

Hypericum pert. 30x
Ignatia amara 30x

Ignatia amara 200

Lachesis 30x

Lachesis 200

Ledum pal. 30x
Lycopodium clav. 30x

Lycopodium clav. 200

Medorrhinum 1m
Mercurius viv. 30x

Mercurius viv. 200

Natrum mur. 30x

Natrum mur. 200
Natrum sulph. 30x

Nux vom. 30x

Nux vom. 200

Petroleum 30x
Phosphorus 30x

Phosphorus 200

Pulsatilla nig. 30x

Pulsatilla nig. 200

Rhus tox. 30x

Rhus tox. 200
Ruta grav. 30x

Sepia 30x

Sepia 200

Silica 30x

Staphysagria 30x

Sulphur 30x

Sulphur 200
Symphytum off. 30x

Thuja occid. 200

Tuberculinum 1m

These 50 include the most important acute remedies and the most important polycrests and

Section 14 – Arsenicum album


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