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Writing Engineering Abstracts(48)

Writing Engineering Abstracts(48)

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Published by: 柯泰德 (Ted Knoy) on Mar 24, 2011
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Writing Engineering Abstracts(48

• 簡介背景 (研究建構+研究問題)
• 目標
• 方法
• 歸納希望的結果
• 對特定領域的貢獻
範例一 (1 of 3)
簡介背景 (研究建構+研究問題) End-user satisfaction increasingly
represents the focal point of successfully implementing an information
system. Incapable of fulfilling user requirements independently,
information systems require individuals to fully exploit their expertise
before yielding organizational benefits. Factors influencing user
satisfaction with information systems have received considerable
interest. Several studies have attributed information system failures to
psychological and organizational issues, rather than technological ones.
Among the various theoretical perspectives adopted to explore this
phenomenon include the technology acceptance model, theory of
planned behavior, and information system success model. However, in
contrast with previous findings, Au et al. (2008) found that expectations
regarding information system performance are not significantly related
to user satisfaction. Additionally, Iivari (2005) found that quality of the
end user perceived information only slightly impacts system usage.
Despite the considerable amount of scholarly research on end-user
satisfaction in recent decades, available evidence contradicts the
expected relationships. Still, the role of self-efficacy in the context of
information system usage has seldom been addressed.
範例一 (2 of 3)
目標 Therefore, this study elucidates the role of self-efficacy with
respect to how end-user sati sfacti on, i ts antecedents, and
consequences are related. 方法The perceptual data for this study are
gathered via a self-administered questionnaire. Measurement and
structural models are then estimated using Partial Least Squares (PLS).
Next, the measurement model in PLS is evaluated in terms of internal
consistency, convergent validity, and discriminate validity. Ultimately,
validity of the structural model and hypotheses were be verified by
examining the path coefficients. 歸納希望的結果及 Analytical results
indicate that end-user self-efficacy significantly impacts how end-user
satisfaction, its antecedents, and consequences are related. While
shedding light on end-user satisfaction research, results of this study
significantly contribute to theoretical developments related to end-user
satisfaction by identifying the underlying factors that affect end-user
satisfaction, and their relative impacts.
範例一 (3 of 3)
其對特定領域的貢獻Our results further demonstrate that
low self-efficacy, if not managed, lowers individual
productivity. Managers can thus motivate a high self-
efficacy end-user to be the mentor of low self-efficacy end
user. Furthermore, as a highly effective means of
increasing self-efficacy, computer training can allow
manager s t o i ncr ease end- user sel f - ef f i cacy by
implementing training programs.
範例二 (1 of 2)
簡介背景 (研究建構+研究問題) Most metropolitan taxi services
not only complement public transportation, but also function as a
vital part of urban travel. The Ministry of Transportation (MOT) of
the Republic of China cites individual taxis, cooperative
associations, and taxi trades as the three business models in the
Taiwan taxi industry. Despite a recent focus on factors that may
influence whether passengers take a taxicab, exactly how the
taxi business model affects passenger behavioral intention
remains unclear. 目標 Therefore, this study investigates exactly
how taxi business models and the behavioral intention of
passengers are related, as well as the mediatory effects of
passengers perceived risk elaborated. 方法 A research design
sample is drawn from MBA, EMBA, and IEMBA students.
Behavioral intention and perceived risk among passengers are
then evaluated using existing scales. Next, a factorial design is
implemented based on research data accumulated. Additionally,
accumulated data are analyzed using ANOVA of the multivariate
範例二 (2 of 2)
歸納希望的結果及Analysis results indicate that passengers
tend to view a GPS-based taxi fleet the safest among other
business models, because passengers perceive a GPS-
based taxi fleet as most concerned with ensuring their
physical safety. As for managerial implications of this study,
among the vari abl es that seni or management can
incorporate to foster a sense of security among passengers
include using the corporate web site to promote the
concern for safety and security, specifying the safety,
service quality, and comfort in a taxicab, and training taxi
drivers to convey the company's vision and mission to the
passengers. 其對特定領域的貢獻 Importantly, this study
provides a valuable reference for managers concerned with
a comprehensive view of what risks are involved, as well as
their likely consequences.
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