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Published by: Nii Kwame on Mar 24, 2011
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Brotherhood It s quite a pity what the voice of the world tauntsLet s come together as one so we can make this

world a better place.. How funny, how sad! You see all those hip-hop stars coming out with A collaboration that preaches world peace. But take time to ponder this: Most are already a clan of the illuminati and free masonry; part of some occult Sphere headed by the devil himself! and they re preaching world peace!! I tend to wonder what really goes through their mind; what actually drives Them to flood the media with such deception and falsity. And the mass licks Their boots like some helpless chickens strayed by some natural disaster! The storyline rather follows a tragic ending, for soon the invisible line will be Cut off, the unseen chemistry that binds the universe together will drop like A punctured parachute, and the reality of relentless agony will envelope the souls Of a many..like some fictitious characters in a fiction novel, they ll be swept away in an Untimely flood, drowned in the bottomless pit where there ll be weeping and gnashing Of teeth .. BLACK OUT!!!!!

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