ANSI PLAN 7311 DESCRIPTION: Recirculation from pump discharge through a flow control orifice, when necessary, to the seal.

PRIMARY PURPOSE: Dissipate seal generated heat and vents the seal chamber at start-up.

Because of a lack of differential pressure. the flush to the seal will be maintained even if the pump momentarily loses suction. API Plan 32 is more effective for slurries. 3) 4) 5) . The objective is to raise the pressure in the stuffing box to maintain the product in its liquid state.012 diametric clearance). API Plan 13 is a better choice. Plan 11 is used when a single seal is operating in a product that is at or near its vapor pressure and cooling is not practical. Plan 11 can be ineffective when the seal chamber is at or near discharge pressure. A close-clearance throat bushing helps promote this pressure build-up (approximately . It can be helpful to take the recirculating flush from a position downstream of the discharge check valve. the smallest orifice diameter that should be used is 0. Another problem with high-pressure differential is erosion of seal parts. When there is a large pressure differential between the pump discharge and seal chamber.This flush plan is the most commonly used plan for single seals and is sometimes used for the inboard seal in a multiple seal arrangement. This can be prevented by heat tracing and insulating the piping to keep the liquid at the appropriate temperature or by flushing the lines when the pump is down. Thermosensitive or viscous products can set up in the flush line particularly when the pump is down. flow is greatly reduced or non-existent. This can be prevented by using tangential flush ports or by installing the orifice some distance away from the seal chamber to eliminate the sand blasting effect of the flush. This will make the seal more forgiving to pump upsets especially when using a throat bushing. POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: 1) 2) The flush line can plug if used in heavy slurries.008 to . Raising box pressure is not as effective as cooling for vapor suppression but it is usually less expensive. When this is the case.125 inches. When this is done. In order to minimize the chance of plugging. an orifice or series of orifices must be installed to break down this pressure.

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