Of Mice and Men Chapter 1 Quiz Directions: Decide which word from the word bank below best

fits into each blank in the following passage. Each word may only be used once. Write your answer for each number on the answer sheet. bus dress George George guilty job Lennie Lennie Lennie mice rabbits rabbits ranch River river Soledad Weed
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The chapter begins with an introduction to George and

who are walking single file




next to the Salinas

to the town of

where their new

awaits them. They


had to run away from their last job in the town of

because Lennie got into some



trouble by touching a girl’s

. In this chapter we learn that

is mentally


disabled. He likes to imitate

; he can’t remember most things that he has been



told, except the story about the

; and he loves to pet soft things like




if they are dead.

looks after

, but he gets irritated with Lennie at times. He

tells Lennie how much easier his life would be without Lennie but then seems to feel


for saying so and changes his tone to tell Lennie that he doesn’t really mean it.

.’” And Lennie gets to tend the rabbits on that ranch. They decide that instead of getting to the that evening like they were supposed to. . Before they eat 17 their dinner and go to sleep that night. Lennie asks George to tell him about the George tells Lennie all about their dream to own their own ranch and “live of the fatta the lan. they will rest for the night and get there in the morning.14 George and Lennie are walking through the brush beside the to get to their new 15 job because the driver dropped them off too early--miles away from their final 16 destination.

Each word may only be used once. he thinks they are up to 12 13 14 something because doesn’t let talk. From Candy they learn about the previous 7 8 9 10 tenant. When the boss meets George and Lennie. talks his way out of it by making 15 up an excuse for ’s mental deficiency and praising his ability to work. boxer bunk Candy Candy Carlson dog George George George George Lennie Lennie right hand Slim Slim wife Top of Form Crooks Curley Curley Lennie Lennie Lennie Slim stable swamper 2 1 and Lennie reach the ranch and inspect the house where they will be 3 4 5 staying. In this . Curley. the old . While in the bunk house our protagonists also meet the boss. 11 . Write your answer for each answer on the answer sheet. . the boss. Curley’s wife.Of Mice and Men Chapter 2 Quiz Directions: Decide which word from the word bank below best fits into each blank in the following passage. Curley’s . the boss’s son. who is missing his and who is 6 constantly followed by his old sheep . There they meet . . and Carlson. and the buck.

16 17 chapter we learn that is a mean little guy who was a and who is recently 18 19 married. When the 22 other ranchers return from the fields for dinner. During this discussion. Curley’s wife is pretty and she is also a flirt. Slim and enter the bunkhouse 23 and introduce themselves. ’s team after dinner to return to the field . and he tells to avoid them as much as possible. has a bad feeling about both 21 Curley and his wife. 25 George and Lennie are supposed to join and buck barley. Lennie gets excited and before going to dinner asks George to ask Slim for one of his pups. 24 Carlson suggests that Slim give one of his puppies to so that they can get rid of the old dog who smells and has many health problems. supposedly because is bigger than Curley. ’s dog just had a litter of puppies the night before. She shows this when she visits the 20 bunkhouse with the excuse of searching for Curley. He doesn’t like right away.

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