Remove Maytag Washing Machine Tub Although the Maytag washer is a reliable appliance, parts do wear out. Most of the parts inside the Maytag washer are accessible by removing the cabinet from the machine. However to get to the tub seal and transmission, it is necessary to remove the tub from the Maytag washer. The Maytag washer wash tubs consist of an inner and outer tub assembly covered by a tub cover. Instructions Things you'll need: Phillips-head screwdriver ¼-inch socket wrench Spanner wrench Mallet Torx wrench Thin flathead screwdriver Wrench set STEPS 01. Disconnect the power cord of the Maytag washer from the wall outlet. Remove the two screws on the bottom edge of the front panel with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Pull the bottom of the front panel away from the washer to disengage the clips under the top panel. Move the front panel out of your way. Raise the top panel up and set it back to rest on the service hinges. 02. Press down on the tub cover and unsnap the plastic clips around the tub cover. You will have to press down above each clip to unsnap each one. Lift the tub cover off of the inner and outer tubs. 03. Turn the agitator to locate and access the bolt that secures the agitator to agitator shaft. The bolt is near the bottom of the agitator on the side. Use a ¼-inch socket wrench to remove the bolt. Grab the bottom of the agitator with both hands and pull the agitator out of the Maytag washer tub. 04. Place a spanner wrench over the nut in the bottom of the washer inner tub. The nut is a left-hand thread so the nut must be turned clockwise to remove it from the washer. Tap the side of the spanner wrench with a mallet to initially loosen the nut and then spin the nut completely off using the spanner wrench. 05. Pull the inner tub out of the Maytag washer. Locate the Torx set screw on the bottom of the mounting stem. Remove the set screw using a Torx wrench. Place the spanner wrench around the mounting stem and remove the mounting stem just as you did with the nut earlier, The mounting stem is a left-hand thread and will be loosened by turning the mounting stem clockwise. Lift the mounting stem out of the outer tub to gain access to the o-ring and boot seal. 06. Use a thin flathead screwdriver to remove the o-ring. Twist the boot seal clockwise to loosen and remove the boot seal. Take care not to grab the boot seal around the carbon ring. Remove the three bolts that secure the outer tub to the tub braces with a wrench. Pull the outer tub out of the Maytag washer. Read more: How to Remove Maytag Washer Tubs

Remove tub to pump top hose clamp and pull off up 1/2 of that hose. Take the new tub bearing and "stomp" it into the outer tank.. you're half started 25. Lift up top. straight or 5/16th ( newer washers have a plastic tank cover...How to change the tub seals and center bearing. Take the Allen wrench screw (or torx) out of the mount stem (see one of the 4 dimples for the set screw) 13. older ones have a rubber ring on transmission shaft ) 15. Remove two 3/8ths hex head screws holding the top down 04. now work the outer tub loose and lift up but not out entirely 20. and continue ) It is not recommend replacing the seals only without the tub bearing! 16. and loosen using the socket on the outside. Gently but forcefully remove the top cover 08. Put a 1/2" socket on the nut on the front and 1/2" box wrench or adjustable wrench on the inside bolt.. Remove the "metal sleeve collar" on the transmission shaft 24. iv. i. lift panel from sides. Turn the outer drum over 26.applianceaid. there are two different sides. ii. (takes less time to recheck and verify than to tear down and start over) 27.. mount stem is a left hand thread so it must come off clockwise 14. Now grasp the seal and remove.. take your time and double/triple check yourself on these steps.. Be careful not to break or bend the plastic tabs or band and do not cut the gasket 09. http://www. careful not to chip the tub. Using a hammer and your spanner wrench remove or cut off the spanner nut. it's somewhat hingedso be careful lid doesn't smash against wall or pipes 05. noticing the fiber washer 18. Put the outer tub back on and reattach the pressure hose and pump hose . iii. Note how old seal is in. Remove the inner tub. has two "tabs" on top 03. careful you can slip ( Also if just replacing just the "Seal and stem kit" skip to 33. Note where top cover is in relation to clamp and inside spacing. Disconnect water tube on left side to top cover 06. Remove the pressure hose on your rear right side 21. STEPS 01.. but not remove entirely the front nut 17.. Take out the tub 22.. Then remove the front one 19. Remove front panel. it is a left hand thread so it must come off clockwise. down the side near the base. down the side near the base. Stomp (using your foot) out the tub bearing housing from inside the outer tub 23. Unplug washer and Remove two Philips head screws holding front panel in ( newer models have clips on the bottom and no screws ) 02. older ones have a rubber ring on transmission shaft ) 10. careful you can slip ( many have 1/4 hex head screw on agitator. Loosen the two screws on the steel Have a clean rag to wipe clean the area where the seal meets the inside of the outer tub. Now grasp the seal and remove. Note position of tub clamp screws. if it is not stainless steel 11. A.flush. it's heavy with the concrete counter balance 12.html Observations you should make while doing these procedures. Put the new collar over the transmission 28. Using your hammer and spanner wrench take the mount stem off. carefully! ( many have 1/4 hex head screw on agitator. Then using the same two tools remove the left and right bolts and nuts and lock nuts and plate. Remove the agitator by grasping firmly and pulling up towards your chin. pry out the tabs and lift up to remove the plastic tank cover ) 07.

bit by bit run your fingers around the clamp to make sure the gasket didn't pop up 43. (be careful of air dome. Allen wrench torx screwdriver or bit sit. Put the metal cover on and spanner nut 38. Tighten to a moderately firm but not tight setting 42. tighten well 32. disconnect tub to pump hose and pressure switch hose at outer tub. install the torx screw 35. Turn timer to fill and put water in 49. One side has a special edge of carbon or something like that and that needs to be UP towards you. 03. You will need special tool or could find post at this web site on how to without. tub seal. Let it spin for a couple of minutes 48. metal hub. remove thrust bearing.(spinner or inner tub. Line up the front hole and put the front (short) bolt in. Check for rust and clean as required. Reinstall the hose from the injector to the top cover 46. Then remove all 6 tub balance springs. take your index finger and on the inside put it between the top cover and top of the inner basket and make sure you have this space all round so that the inner basket doesn't rub against the top cover 44. then the lock washer and the nut by hand. Check and clean the gasket and put it back on. When you think you have a good position. 40. 1/2" box head wrench or adjustable wrench. Remove outer tub assembly and base as whole assembly and turn upside down onto outer tub. hammer. screwdrivers. make sure to mark tub support pan and tub bearing assembly orientation it will make a difference on .. The only thing containing spring is the metal cover with 6 5/16 screws. You should be looking at transmission pulley. "heavy foot". Check the spacing around the top of the inner tub (making sure that the tub is not listing one way or another) 37. Put the rectangular flat washer on.. hose clamp pliers or good set of pliers. making sure you have the fiber washer on the outside of the tub 30. Carefully with a long straight screwdriver pry up the top part. thread it on a couple of turns but leave loose 31. careful not to tear the seal. Sometimes taking a little bit of liquid laundry detergent and lining the inside bottom lip of the seal with it can help with the installation of the seal onto the tank. socket set with 5/16". Put the inner tub on 36. Take the torx screw out of the new mount stem. More Info 01. Remove all parts inside outer tub. Proceed with caution. but it needs to be all the way down. 1/4"nut driver. Plug unit back in and turn to spin 47. Once you remove brake and spring assembly you will find three screws remove those and six screws that house brake and springs.29. Remove belt. Tighten the clamp 45. Put the seal on next.) 02. Water test before securing top and reinstalling front panel Tools needed include "spanner wrench". could break off if catches on body when removing tub and base assembly. Check for rust and clean as required. 3/8" & 1/2" socket. Put the clamp back on over the gasket 41. 34. and screw down the stem mount. The spring is under extreme pressure. 04. Phillips and straight . brake stator and spring. Put the top cover on and push it all the way down 39. tighten with spanner wrench ( don't over tighten! ). Put the right and left bolts and stuff on. Tighten up the front one 33. do not remove cover to brake unless you can take pressure off of spring.

php?id=5563#ixzz1HHsNZqL8 Get appliance parts at http://parts. Read more: The Laundry Appliance Repair Forum . ( in relation to outer tub).reassembly.Do-It-Yourself Appliance Repair Help ApplianceGuru. see prev post about series number! you might be able to borrrow or rent speciality tools from where you buy stains caused by water mixing with grease inside tub seals and rust from The Samurai Appliance Repair Forums http://applianceguru. Note . Again do remove brake stator without relieving pressure on spring 18 on your diagram. PS. .depending on series of your washer you may be able to buy tub seal and bearing kit which would come with everything you need.

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