GRAMMAR EXERCISES A. topic: Articles: A or AN? Choose the correct article: 1. I am going to ________ concert tomorrow. 1) a 2)an 2.

My boyfriend is ________ actor. 1) a 2)an 3. Her cousin has ________ very good job. 1) a 2)an 4. That was ________ interesting game. 1) a 2)an 5. She is ________ honest person. 1) a 2)an 6. We had ________ really good time yesterday. 1) a 2)an 7. Bring ________ umbrella. It is going to rain. 1) a 2)an 8. Tomorrow will be ________ hot day. 1) a 2)an 9. Mary is ________ good friend. 1) a 2)an 10. I want to eat ________ apple. 1) a 2)an B. topic: Article of no article? Choose the correct article: 1. How much money do you want? Give me ________ 10 dollars. a) NO ARTICLE b) the 2. I gave him ________ money that I found. a) NO ARTICLE b) the


b) a

6. He bought ________ new car. a) NO ARTICLE b) a 7. What does he do? He sells ________ cars. a) NO ARTICLE b) the 8. I live on ________ Washington Street. a) NO ARTICLE b) the 9. I drank ________ glass of milk. a) NO ARTICLE b) a 10. Two of my classmates come from ________ Vietnam. a) NO ARTICLE b) the C. topic: ARTICLES: Mixed Articles For each blank space, choose the proper article (a, an, the, or no article): 1. I moved to __________ USA when I was 15 years old. a) a b) the c) no article 2. I can spell as well as __________ most students. a) a b) the c) no article 3. He is __________ most famous actor I know. a) a b) the c) no article 4. Hurry up. We don’t have __________ lot of time. a) a b) the c) no article 5. I live around here = I live in __________ neighborhood. a) a b) the c) no article 6. I don’t know at all = I don’t have __________ clue. a) a b) the c) no article

3. She is ________ only person here that speaks Japanese. 7. I have __________ idea! a) NO ARTICLE b) the a) an b) the c) no article 4. I live in ________ London. a) NO ARTICLE b) the 5. This kind of ________ weather makes me happy. 8. ___________ tea in my cup is too hot to drink. a) A b) The c) no article 9. The US President lives in __________ White House.

I G. I (get) ________ up as fast as I (can) continuous) fits better. 4. ________ myself a cup of coffee. a) listen b) am listening 2. topic: SIMPLE PAST OR PAST (to wake)_________ up at 9 o'clock because I (to CONTINUOUS? forget) ________ to set my alarm clock the night Choose which verb tense (simple past or past before. 9. E. 5. 6. 3. I usually ________ to rock music. 3. a) go b) am going 9. My professor always ________ very slowly. a) drives b) is driving 5. Then I ________ a) was sleeping b) slept (to drink) the coffee very fast and I (to run) ________ to my car. It (to be) ________ a terrible 2. Angela can't come to the phone . Those girls ________ out every Friday. My parents live in __________ white house. a) was coming b) came F. My sister ________________(walk) very quickly ________ a shower. I ________ to see her twice. My brother _______________(have) two dogs. My friends always _________________ (laugh) a) are going b) go at my jokes. I never ________ what to expect.she 7. I ran into the kitchen and (to make) 1.I didn't hear you come in. a) are going b) go 10. a) is speaking b) speaks 2. I ________ . a) listens b) is listening 10. Yesterday I (to have) ________ a really bad day. The weather in California ________(be) perfect. ________ and I (to put) ________ on some clothes. Your dress _______________ (look) very pretty . 10.a) a b) the c) no article Choose whether the verb should be in the PRESENT CONTINUOUS or the SIMPLE PRESENT tense: 1. 7. topic: The SIMPLE PRESENT tense Fill in the blanks with the correct simple present tense form of the verb (in parentheses): EX: Jim reads (read) every day. I ___________________ (be) from Italy. 8. a) did you do b) were you doing . 4. (Generally) I ________ classical music. He normally ________ very fast. What are you doing tonight? We ________ to see a movie. a) a b) the c) no article D. . 1. a) am knowing b) know 6. but she wasn't morning! home. What is she doing? She ________ to music. I ________ home right now. a) is taking b) takes 8. topic: SIMPLE PAST a) like b) am liking Fill in each blank space with the simple past tense of the verb in parentheses. Our cats ___________________ (sleep) all day. I'm sorry. My brother ________________(go) to college. We ___________________ (make) mistakes when we speak English. topic: PRESENT CONTINUOUS or SIMPLE PRESENT tense 3. I ___________________ (understand) English. What ________? I was watching TV.

a) fallen b) fell . and today I finally ________ it. I was ____________ yesterday. (to 3. My friend laughed at my joke. We were ____________ a party. She was silly. They were ____________ their homework. Robin Hood was a character who ________ from the rich and gave to the poor. 7. I have ________ studying French. They did their homework. (to begin) a) begun b) began H. He told me that he had ________ all the work himself. The band played a beautiful song. 5. I ________ my glasses when I fell. I ________ to her was ____________ a beautiful song. I was ____________ to 6. My father has ________ me to talk to you. She was ____________ silly.was____________ a meeting. We had a party. (to break) a) broken b) broke 4. a) had b) were having 10. 4. (to break) a) broken b) broke 3. 9. (to begin) a) begun b) began 2. Last month I decided to buy a new car. a) caught b) catched 4. I had a blast! a) Were you having b) Did you have 9. I ________ home very late last night. She was a) forbidden b) forbade ____________ to the song. He must have ________ 8 beers last night. (to do) a) done b) did EX: "I played baseball --> I was playing baseball": 6. I tried to explain. a) bought b) was buying I. a) stole b) was stealing 8. explain. I ________ him stealing that woman's purse. I ________ down and broke my arm. My boss 9. ________ a good time in Brazil? Yes. My friend was catch) ____________ at my joke. Hey. My boss planned a meeting. We ________ breakfast when she walked into the room. a) was talking b) talked 10. Have you ________ yet today? (to eat) a) ate b) eaten 1. (to forbid) 2. How long ________ the flu? a) did you have b) were you having 8. I spoke to my teacher. She listened to the song. topic: PAST CONTINUOUS tense Change each sentence into the past continuous tense. a) came b) was coming 7. 6. He ________ to get very angry. Those kids have ________ five windows playing baseball. (to drink) a) drank b) drunk 10. I sang. 5. did you talk to her? Yes. The band 5. topic: Irregular verbs (simple past/present perfect) Choose the correct verb tense for each of the verbs (in parentheses): 1. 7. I was ____________ to my teacher. 8.

(to wear) a) worn b) wore a) watch b) watching c) have watched 9. What have you been doing all day? _________ TV? (to watch) 8. (to rise) but I know that ________. He ________ across the lake. I only said that I liked her. (to tell) a) told b) have told c) was telling 2. I ____ a million dollars. I ________ out those shoes long ago. (to sing) 7. choose the correct form of the a) has called back b) calls back c) will call back verb. a) rose b) risen a) he did b) he had c) he was 6. Hey. (to write) a) written b) wrote a) have you spoken b) you spoke c) did you speak 8. (to be) a) have never been b) had never been c) was never being 3.J. By the time I'm 50. I ________ a tire on the way to work. I want ________ the exercises for advanced students. (to sit) library. Godzilla ________ up and began attacking the 6. (to steal) a) stolen b) stole a) have been sitting b) were sitting c) did sit 5. you ________ at the computer all day. 1. (to blow) a) blew b) blown there last summer. He claimed that he had never seen that man. (to make) 2. What ________ to her about last night? (to a) sung b) sang speak) 7. (to drive) a) drove b) driven 4. I never ________ you that I loved her. She ________ lunch when someone rang the doorbell. city. I haven't ________ a bike in three years. You 4. (to try) 3. (to ride) a) try b) to try c) to have tried a) rode b) ridden 5. He said that he ________ two aspirins last night. (to prepare) a) was preparing b) prepared c) has been preparing 10. (to take) a) taken b) took 10. The song that she ________ was very pretty. We have ________ to the seaside resort many a) will make b) would make c) will have made times. I ________ to Greece until Sally and I went . (to swim) a) swum b) swam 9. Someone has ________ 10 books from the should really take a break. I have ________ her many emails. topic: Irregular verbs (simple past/present perfect) Choose the correct verb tense for each of the verbs (in parentheses): 1. but I've never received a response. topic: Mixed Verb Tenses 5 For each sentence. She never ________ when someone leaves her a message. (to call back) K.

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