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Course: HNC/HND Unit: Visitor Attraction Management Unit Code: R/601/1758 Module Tutor: Anwar Choudhury Credit value: 15 QCF Level: 4 Briefing date: 14th Feb 2011 Hand in date: 20th April 2011 Word Limit: Not Applicable Return date

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The aim of this unit is for learners to develop their understanding of the importance of both attraction management and development to the appeal and popularity of destinations or areas within the UK and other part of the World. Learners will have opportunities to visit and research different visitor attractions and gain knowledge about the destination management, products and services they offer, the interpretation techniques they use and the types of visitors they appeal to. Specification for Assessment Unit introduction


Assessment Criteria for Pass (please tick as appropriate) Assessment Criteria for Merit Assessment Criteria for Distinction P1. In the early age it became fashionable for some people to travel to see stately homes which were opened by their occupants on request. Learners will investigate the appeal that different types of visitor attractions have for different types of visitor. thousands of visitor attractions.1 Discuss the overlap of M1.2 With example.2 Critically evaluate the rationale. This unit will develop an appreciation of the variety of visitor attractions and the interpretation techniques they use to create appeal to different types of visitor. D1. price.1 How might the motivations of different visitor motivational ‘push’ of the tourist affect the buying types.1 Evaluate the needs and M2.1 Define. historic properties. looking at features such as destination management. zoos. the products and services they offer. explain how the visitor attraction contributes to the local economy. decision process for tourism? 2 D2. museums. D1. Today. scope and tools for visitor attraction management P2. as well as considering ways to increase their appeal.1 With example critically evaluates the different types of tourist destination and how these tourist destinations revitalize an area. gardens. galleries and places of worship in tourist destinations. location. including parks and farms.1 Evaluation of strategies that have been developed with a view to alleviating environmental and visitor impacts of tourism at tourist .Analyse the importance of M1. describe visitor attractions in relation to and explain the different particular types of attraction.London Trinity College HNC/HND ASSIGNMENT BRIEFING SHEET Visitor attractions are often cited as the reason mass tourism began in the tourist destinations. P1. types of visitor attraction. what they do to generate interest and to attract and entertain visitors. different visitor attractions. theme parks.2.

1 Why do visitor attractions fail? Illustrate your answer with reference to real-world examples. Achievement of a merit or distinction grade 3 . Assessment Criteria Achievement of a pass grade A pass grade is achieved by meeting all the requirements defined in the assessment criteria for each individual unit. M3.2 Evaluate management the impacts of its visitors? techniques in relation to Illustrate your answer Sustainability.London Trinity College HNC/HND ASSIGNMENT BRIEFING SHEET P2. attractions. M4. P2.2 Consider the factors that might motivate a tourist to travel to a range of of different destinations. P3.1 What are the main factors affecting the establishment of a new large scale theme park attraction? P4.1 Analyse different visitor M4. with reference to the Stoneheng and Avebury World Heritage Site. are available to a visitor attraction in managing P4. different theories tourist motivation on the management of visitor attractions.1 Discuss the processes and potential issues involved in the development of visitor attractions.1 What techniques management strategies.3 Analyse the effect of M2.2 Evaluate impacts of tourism on visitor attractions.2 Explain how one would judge the success of tourism development projects D4.

London Trinity College HNC/HND ASSIGNMENT BRIEFING SHEET All the assessment criteria and merit grade descriptors need to be completed within a unit to achieve a merit grade. 2006) ISBN 0273701614 James E. When one person shares his/her work with others who submit part or all of it as their own work. Plagiarism and Collusion Any act of plagiarism and collusion will be seriously dealt with according to the regulations. (Cortell 2003) Collusion describes as the submission of work produced in collaboration for an assignment based on the assessment of individual work. Even if the words are changed or sentences are put in different order. All the assessment criteria. 2008) ISBN 978-0750685450 Holloway C – The Business of Tourism (FT Prentice Hall. Indicative reading for learners Textbooks Dale G – BTEC Level 3 National Travel and Tourism Student Book 1 (Pearson 2010) ISBN 9781846907272 Dale G – BTEC Level 3 National Travel and Tourism Student Book 2 (Pearson 2010) ISBN 9781846907289 Dale G. the result is still plagiarism”. merit. Garrod D. Kelly M. In this context the definition and scope of plagiarism are presented below: “Using the work of others without acknowledging source of information or inspiration. 2007) ISBN 9780340945735 4 . King C and Jefferies M – BTEC Level 3 National Travel and Tourism Teaching Resource Pack (Pearson 2010) ISBN 9781846907296 Fyall A. and distinction grade descriptors must be completed within a unit to achieve a distinction grade. Leask A and Wanhill S – Managing Visitor Attractions (Butterworth Heinemann. Thirlaway J and Woodhouse U – BTEC National in Travel and Tourism (Hodder Education.

leeds-castle.chesterzoo.London Trinity College HNC/HND ASSIGNMENT BRIEFING SHEET Newspapers and Journals Hospitality and Tourism Management Travel Trade Gazette Travel Weekly Websites There are a number of websites that provide general information on Visitor Attractions in the UK – here are a selection: Nearly every visitor attraction has its own website – here are a selection: 5 www.theblackpooltower.tourist-information-uk.

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