Ana Maria Micu The Recall 2009 assemblage

I am interested in the state prior to the complete disappearance and the recovery that follows. and 1 piece 22x18 cm. I printed these photos and framed them in cardboard frames available on local deco store." and 5 framed photographs taken from pictures of dead people displayed on their graves. When no such protection was insured.. protect people's identities. and still it is one of our most helpful assistant. I intend to keep these framed photos in the window through the summer to observe the specific discoloration.. fading and yellowing. framed photographs: 2 pieces 12 x 8 cm. I see this project as a practice of the idea that memory obviously and ultimately fails us.The Recall 2009 assemblage painting: No title.. 56 x 55 cm. oil on canvas. What do you think happens? What is life after death in your mind? . (including frames) display case: plywood..... Some picture were chosen in such way that the damages the ceramic plates suffered by exposure to elements hide the portraits and thus. 95. As a supplementary level. This assemblage comprises a display case containing 1 painting that has painted on its surface the text fragment: "and I don't think . 2008. 2 pieces 12x16 cm.5 x 125. I applied digital blurring.5 x 7.5 cm. .