Hello Sir/Madam, I am very excited about this opportunity and I would be an asset to your company based on my college

coursework and prior marketing experience in my job. I am pursuing MBA (Marketing) from IILM, Gurgaon. My experience includes completing a major project in my Business course at IILM, Gurgaon. One of the major projects which I’ve undertaken was to research the market potential of TATA NANO after its launch, where 5 teammates and I analyzed the organizational structure and consumer behaviour. We developed a hypothesis that Lower pricing is not the only concern for buyers. As a group, we did a major analysis of the current financial structure of the company and its future. This research provided solid business experience in research, analyzing data, teamwork, and presentation skills. In addition, i have learned a great deal about marketing techniques through my coursework in marketing strategies and marketing research.

My real life experience in marketing is from my previous job where we use to work as a customer care and for up selling of the financial products for international clients based in us for a process called CITI BANK. In this position I had an opportunity to develop my teamwork abilities by working with my collegues.This practical experience offered a chance to gain skills in the real world that allowed me to use what I learned in my academics and apply them to developing marketing objectives and strategies for these organizations.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my materials. You can contact me on the given mail id. in the resume for further queries. I am looking forward for your response. This internship will be for the month of May and June, 2010.Thanking you

Sincerely, Shikher srivastava 9717128244

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