Subject: Changes to “Speak Without Fear” Workshop, 8 April 2008 Dear all, Thank you for registering for

“Speak Without Fear” Workshop that was scheduled for 8 April 2008. Mr Bob Tang, our trainer conducting the workshop, has many experiences in public speaking. His workshops are often lively and informative. Many who attended his workshop walked away with valuable presentation knowledge and a boost in confidence to speak without fear. However, we deeply regret that the scheduled workshop on 8 April 2008 had to be cancelled due to an urgent personal problem, requiring Mr Tang to rush back to Hongkong. Do not be upset! A replacement workshop will be held on Date: 9th May 2008 Venue: Room 6, Level 5, Technical Supplies Division Speaker: Mr. Bob Tang The new venue is an office block that is just a 20 minutes’ walk away from the usual training center. Please kindly bring your jacket or cardigan in case you do feel cold in the room. For those who are interested you may kindly reply to this email by 15 April 2008 to confirm your attendance. Also, please take note that training places will be allocated only to those who have confirmed their attendance. For more information, you may contact Daniel at 91129549 or reply to I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you. Daniel Training & Development Division Lexel International Pte. Ltd.

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