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Master of Arts in English SEMESTER IV HARD CORE

IV. A. 1 Cultural studies

 What is culture?
Raymond Williams “The analysis of culture” Pierre Bourdieu “Symbolic power”

 Class and culture
Raymond Williams “Base/superstructure in Marxist theory today” Pierre Bourdieu “Distinction” Dick Debdige “Substructure: the meaning of style”

 Gender, women and cultural production
Celia Lury “The rights and wrongs of culture” Janice Radaway “Reading the romance” Betty Friedan “Sexual sell”

 Contemporary culture
Walter Benjamin “The Work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction” Stuart Hall “Encoding/decoding” Herman Bausinger “Media Technology and daily life” Dipanker Gupta “Space, non-space and site: Root metaphor and lex”

IV. A. 2 Literary Theory Part II
A. Bakhtin B. Cultural Materialism, The New Historicism

C.Modernism Theories IV. SOFTCORE IV.Colonial theories G. 2 Modernity SECTION. II. III. IV.B Texts Sunithi Namjoshi “Feminist Fables” Bapsi Sidhwa “Ice Candy Man” Taslima Nasreen “Lajja/ French Lover” IV.B The fallowing selections from texts/authors: Raymond Williams: Dipanker Gupta: “When of Modernity?” “Mistaken Modernity” 2 . South Asian Women`s Writing SECTION -A Introduction and Background SECTION. Gay and Lesbian Theories E. Neo. B. Post. Definitions. Post.A I.Marxist Theory F. development and features. history.modernism SECTION. Cultural Studies D. 1. B. Modernity and ideology Modernity in the Indian context. Post. B.

C. and T. Tylor: “The Consequences of modernity” “Modernity Vs Postmodernity” “Observations on Modernity” “Sources of the self: the making of the modern identity” J. Habermas: Luhmann N. P. truth and method” Halls. Held. McGrew: “Modernity and its futures” 3 . Shashidhar: P. Chatterjee: Ashis Nandy: “Modernity in Kannada Poetry” “Talking about Modernity in two languages” “The Intimate Enemy: Loss and recovery of self Colonialism” Anthony Giddens: J. S Oberoi “The European Modernity: science.R.

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