INTRODUCTION: Current Scenario of Indian Electronic Industry


In recent years the electronic industry is growing at a brisk pace. It is currently worth $10 Billion but according to estimates, has the potential to reach $ 40 billion by 2010. The largest segment is the consumer electronics segment. While is largest export segment is of components. Now, Electronics in India constitutes 0.7% of the global electronic industry.
Introduction to Whirlpool & Godrej:

Godrej is one of the India¶s most trusted brands which enjoy the patronage and trust of over 400 million Indian¶s every single day. Godrej & Boyce Mfg co Ltd established at Lalbaug Mumbai on 7th may 1897. 20% of godrej businesses are done overseas which has it presence more than 60 countries. Market share of godrej in 2009 is 28%. Godrej Appliances turnover is Rs. 2000 crores by December 2009. PRODUCT MIXES OF GODREJ AND WHIRLPOOL

3INTRODUCTION: Current Scenario of Indian Electronic Industry:


Home appliances. Godrej objective is to delight its customer both in India and abroad. developing and empowering its employees and suppliers. Having a wide range of product line is an added on advantage to this company. Recent expansion of godrej real estate business has a greater advantage since their home appliances.Co.e. Furniture s Goods 3. Its vision is ³Godrej in every home and work place´. Furniture¶s goods. Security equipment Division 4. Godrej Mission is to operate in existing and new businesses which capitalize on the Godrej brand and corporate image of reliability and integrity. MARKETING MIX OF GODREJ: . and because of their real estate business they earn more profit to their own company. security equipment and Material handling equipment. HOME Appliances: 2.Ltd 1. Material Handling Equipment y HOME Appliances: Refrigerators Air conditioners Washing Machine Micro oven DVDs y Security equipment Division: Physical security Product Electronic security system Doors y Furniture s Goods: Cup board Chairs Beds Carpet Interior decoratio Material Handling Equipment Godrej has diversified his business in electronics in to many units¶ i. It motto is ³We care the quality of your life´. In home appliances more than 70% of revenue is achieved through Refrigerator. furniture and Security equipment can be used in their business. It also diversified is businesses to Fmcg and real estate business.GODREJ & BOYCE Mfg. Godrej shall strive for excellence by nurturing.

Regarding Godrej and whirlpool we are going to mostly concentrate with Four P¶s i. It has been form the late 1897. Furniture (Cup board. Psychological pricing. Good knight. Place. Vasanth&co.e. and Girias . Almost many of the companies and firms and banks use godrej security system because it is a trusted one also same in the case of doors and locks which is used in houses also. Optional product pricing. Penetration pricing. chairs. Washing machine. Godrej maintained his product quality. Hair colour and hair dye). they are Premium pricing. It is the mechanism through which goods/services are moved from the manufacturer to the consumer. beds. Agri (Animal feeds. Microwave and DVD¶s). Godrej home appliances are sold in retail outlets like Vivek&co. Plantation. Geographical pricing and Value pricing but Godrej philosophy had all been to deliver value for money to its customers despite being priced economically. or intermediary. Hershey¶s chocolate syrup. Commercial and township) Security solution (Safety lockers. Their product is very much trusted by people. Price skimming. Product line pricing. Agro chemical and poultry).5MARKETING MIX OF GODREJ : Mostly people or businesses will focus on Price. MARKETING MIX OF GODREJ: PRODUCT: Godrej product is there in much kind of businesses namely Home appliance (Refrigerators. Carpets and interior decoration). Banking automation product and electronic security system). Captive product pricing. Price. In Fmcg they achieve most of their revenue through hair colour and dye. distribution. Product bundling price. PRICE: There are many ways to price a product. PLACE: It is also known as channel. Real estate (Residential. so that is the reason many of the people do not consider about the price when they go for brand godrej. But now the marketing mix is increased with Five P¶s and also to Seven P¶s. It had created good brand loyalty over the periods. Place. Promotion and Product as their elements of marketing mix. Economy pricing. Oil palms. FMCG (Cinthol. Promotion and Product. In home appliances more than 70% of his revenue comes from Refrigerators. Air-conditioners.

the godrej group has launched GoJiyo. through big banners in important cities. . MARKETING MIX ELEMENT WHICH I LIKE MOST: GODREJ: Marketing mix element which i like most in godrej is Promotion because they have unique way of promoting their product. The Godrej name yields powerful influence today¶s rapidly transforming social and economic environment. so they have got a greater advantage because good promotion of one product will carry forward to other product also which create more brand loyalty to its entire product amongst the ± India¶s first online virtual world. Personal selling and sales promotion. Godrej has a unique way of advertising their product. In line with Godrej Masterbrand¶s promise of µBrighter Living¶. In the case of security system and doors it is available in hardware stores and security system and banking automation services is fitted directly by Godrej. They also advertise their product in very funny way that is advertising of its DVD¶s product and they advertise their product in such a way which is accepted by most of the people. Promotions are done in four ways Advertising. through television and internet advertisement and they have their own company websites through which people can get to know about all the products of godrej and also about their companies.Co. GoJiyo will be platform for the godrej brand & it¶s portfolio to engage with the restless.etc« In the case of Fmcg product it is given to the small store to big retail store like Big Bazaar through theirs distributors allocated in each state or city. Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Godrej is an Umbrella branding. upwardly mobile Indian youth in powerful. Since godrej product diversification in Fmcg and also in real estate apart from electronic goods it enjoys growth in all the fields because of its expansion of businesses where as whirlpool dose not see that much growth because it has diversification business only in electronic goods. PROMOTION: This includes all of the tools available to the marketer for µmarketing communication¶.Ltd has a network of 38 companies-owned showrooms and more than 2200 Wholesale dealers and more than 18. They advertise their Fmcg and home appliances product through outlets.000 Retail Outlets. CONCLUSION: Since Godrej is very trusted brand in India and because it came to India well before Whirlpool Godrej enjoys more advantage than whirlpool. Public relations. For example their DVD¶s advertisement is considered has funny advertising amongst the people. Because Godrej uses umbrella branding for its entire diversified product it creates huge brand loyalty amongst the people than whirlpool. experimental manner.