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How to improve Hand Over Success Rate

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How to improve Hand Over Success Rate 67
By akmyamuna

It is very important to maintain correct neighbour plan and do the basics. If you do not follow the basics of neighbour planning, it is very limited to possibilities to improve HOSR by using parameters. Edge, Layer, PBGT, Quality or Load sharing handovers will not work properly if we do not have correct neighbour plan. Therefore we must work on HO basics as the first step to improve HOSR.
How to improve HOSR

1). Define correct neighbours Still it is found many neighbour relations are missing even co-located neighbours. Initially we can find missing neighbours by using Nastar. After that we should work on tools available in BSCs which give you real HO requirements in the field (Undefined Adjacent Cell Measurements in BSC32 and Neighbour Cell Optimization tool in BSC6000, unfortunately still we are not able to use these tools available with the BSC6000 & M2000). 2). Method of removing neighbours Based on HO statistics, this is the best and only method that I suggest to remove neighbours. We can remove HO relations which have fewer no of HOs and cells having poor HOSR, but it depends on the importance of the neighbour to avoid call drops). Further Nastar is not a good tool to remove neighbours. 3). Same BCCH & BSIC combinations Avoid same BCCH+BSIC combination is very important to improve HOSR. In this case it is better to keep maximum possible distance between same BCCH+BSIC combinations. I recommend keeping 6km distance in urban area.
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99 LTE Signaling: Troubleshooting and Optimization Amazon Price: $91.00 3G Evolution.44 List Price: $99. Power Offset = 0 MS_TX_PWR_MAX_CCH = 33 dBm RX Level Access Min. Frequency plan Co-channel interference degrades HOSR. 4).P). External neighbour parameters This is very important since there are many BSC borders in the City area. This external neighbour parameter checking has to be done periodically.20 List Price: $120.23 List Price: $125.00 LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless: Design and Measurement Challenges Amazon Price: $47. Congestion and CSSR.. Buy Best Mobile Communication Books Mobile WiMAX: A Systems Approach to Understanding IEEE 802.00 4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband Amazon Price: $97. Proper neighbour relations will increase HOSR while improving all other KPIs such as CDR.99 List Price: $121. 0] Following parameter settings for our network..00 Read more mobile communication fundamentals Cell Reselection Parameters C1 = RX level RX Level Access Min + Power Offset Max [(MS_TX_PWR_MAX_CCH .   Fundamentals of LTE (Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies Series) Amazon Price: $50. 4).16m Radio Access Technology Amazon Price: $57.com/hub/How-to-improve-Hand-Over-Success-Rate 3/10/2011 .How to improve Hand Over Success Rate Page 2 of 6 Again this checking should be done periodically since many new sites become on-air time to time.95 http://hubpages. I expect your support to improve HOSR by following above steps.45 List Price: $100. Second Edition: HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband Amazon Price: $81. Many hand over improvement can be achieved in the city area by improving inter BSC HOSR.47 List Price: $79.

.0 Amazon Price: $71.00 Fundamentals of WiMAX: Understanding Broadband Wireless Networking Amazon Price: $54. Layer Threshold and Minimum DL Power of the candidate cell. it is very limited to possibilities to improve HOSR by using parameters.   Please leave a comment before goaway.. IMS.97 List Price: $59. Beyond 3G . inter-MSC handovers. the. This..00 WiMax Operator's Manual: Building 802. Why cannot page the entire network? Millions of calls receive every moment.16 Wireless Networks (Expert's Voice in Net) Amazon Price: $2. How to improve Hand Over Success Rate It is very important to maintain correct neighbour plan and do the basics. WiMAX..99 WiMAX Networks: Techno-Economic Vision and Challenges Amazon Price: $58.. If you do not follow the basics of neighbour planning.42 List Price: $59.07 List Price: $79. Edge...12 List Price: $100.com/hub/How-to-improve-Hand-Over-Success-Rate 3/10/2011 ..Bringing Networks. Terminals and the Web Together: LTE.99 WiMAX Technology and Network Evolution (The ComSoc Guides to Communications Technologies) Amazon Price: $43..00 List Price: $279.   News About LTE • Report: LTE-Enabled Samsung Stealth Heading to Verizon AnandTech 15 hours ago http://hubpages.95 Location Update Why location updates? Network has to identify where is the mobile is located to page it when an incoming call is received. especially values of Layer. 4G Devices and the Mobile Web 2.How to improve Hand Over Success Rate Page 3 of 6 External Cell Parameters It is required to define correct data in external cells to have a proper inter-BSC handovers &amp.

com 11 hours ago Back at CES in January Samsung was demonstrating a rather impressive looking LTE Android smartphone with a huge 4. particularly LTE . While the technology has made headway in terms of deployment.. To date. network carriers admit that enhancements and innovations must be http://hubpages.How to improve Hand Over Success Rate Page 4 of 6 Device displayed impressive battery life on LTE • Samsung Stealth LTE smartphone expected April Geek.3″  AMOLED display. • What lies ahead for LTE? EE Times Asia 34 hours ago Broadband wireless technologies. but has now been given its official name of the Samsung Stealth after getting FCC approval. scored major feats in 2010.com/hub/How-to-improve-Hand-Over-Success-Rate 3/10/2011 .] • Sprint Secretly Prepares New 4G LTE Network infoSyncWorld 16 hours ago Sprint is secretly preparing a new 4G LTE network referred to as "Project Freedom" a leak suggests. 17 LTE networks are already operational and more than 64 operators in 31 countries have pledged their support for LTE.. Until recently it was only known as the SCH-i510. Beyond the video Android Central managed to capture of the [.

according to Taiwan-based makers of networking/communication equipment.How to improve Hand Over Success Rate Page 5 of 6 introduced to enable customers to fully enjoy their LTE-enabled . • Demand for TD-LTE terminal devices expected to take off in 2012.. • Verizon LG VL600 review: blazing LTE comes to your laptop http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-improve-Hand-Over-Success-Rate 3/10/2011 . and in the process open the door for using the network technology in both cities and rural areas. Despite "Issues" The Motley Fool 32 hours ago Verizon pushes full speed ahead with LTE smartphones. say Taiwan makers Digi Times 19 hours ago While China Mobile has begun establishment of TD-LTE trial networks in seven cities in China and will offer trial services in the second half of 2011. • TeliaSonera.. • Verizon's Melone: LTE Smartphones on Track. ZTE readies first multimode LTE modem CIO 2 days ago TeliaSonera will use a modem from ZTE to allow users to access its LTE (Long Term Evolution) network using multiple spectrum bands. demand for TD-LTE terminal devices including smartphones and tablet PCs in the China market is expected to emerge in 2012. the operator said on Monday.

to large-sized cities in the US.How to improve Hand Over Success Rate Page 6 of 6 Ars Technica 39 hours ago Verizon's 4G (LTE) network is finally becoming a viable over-the-air data option for many users based in mid. By mid-2012. http://hubpages. As of December 2010.. the network officially launched in 38 markets. finally offering some real .com/hub/How-to-improve-Hand-Over-Success-Rate 3/10/2011 . the carrier plans to have coverage in two-thirds of the US. and the company announced in January plans to expand to 140 additional markets in 2011..

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