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Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

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Published by: RSP_llc on Mar 25, 2011
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Rocket Science Productions

Spring 2011

Rocket Science Productions
Happy Birthday, Stanley & Norman!
Welcome to the first quarterly Rocket Science Productions newsletter, with updates on recent and upcoming releases, and random articles about writing, publishing, and about our authors.

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Happy Birthday to Stanley and Norman!
This quarterly newsletter is dedicated to Stanley and Norman. The lovable Basset Brothers and stars in two of our bestselling children’s books (Bad Boys Basset Brothers & Basset Brothers Backyard Buddies), who will be 5 years old on March 29th! Here is a little about “Life with Stanley and Norman!” To say that our lives changed when we brought Stanley and Norman home from the breeder is putting it mildly! They were born on March 29, 2006, and we "adopted" them on May 23rd. At just 8 weeks old, they were sooooooooo cute and entertaining……..five years later, they're still cute and entertaining, but MUCH bigger! Although they are brothers, their personalities are very different. We call Norman our "beauty boy" because of the glorious color of his coat. He loves to lay in the sun, which

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Happy Birthday Stanley & Norman Recent Releases

Upcoming Releases


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Rocket Science Productions
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Rocket Science Productions

Spring 2011

showcases his beautiful red-brown color. He's also our "thinker" and is more of an observer…….when you speak to him, he will tilt his head to one side and look at you as if he understands perfectly what you're saying to him. Norman has a very hearty appetite (hence the nickname "Hoss") and will eat ANYTHING you give him (or that he can scout out on his own! Who knew that basset hounds love onions, raw potatoes and discarded eggshells????) Nothing even remotely edible is safe when he's around…….his nose is extremely sensitive and he exercises it constantly by sniffing everything in sight! (For this reason, bassets cannot be walked off-leash……..once they're on a scent, they just keep walking and following it wherever it takes them……and while they understand the words "come" and "no", they only selectively obey!) Stanley is our "skootchy boy" and anything that comes to mind when hearing that probably applies to him! He MUST be front and center at all times and although he's smaller than Norman, he is definitely the one in charge! (He's also referred to as "Wigglebutt" and we'll let you figure that one out on your own……….). Stanley would remind you of the class clown you knew in elementary school…….he is energetic and clumsy, and has these "quirks" that are strange, yet comical. Two examples come to mind……..He refuses to eat from his food bowl……….it's a perfectly nice bowl, but when his food is put in front of him, he will proceed to tilt the bowl over and dump the food out onto the floor and then begin to eat! (Norman has no such "bowl issues"…..his is empty before Stanley finishes dumping ). At least once a day, Stanley gets a sudden "burst" of energy and proceeds to race around in a circle through the kitchen, dining room, and living room for several minutes….for no apparent reason! Norman just goes to a safe corner and watches him, with this bemused look on his face………very strange, indeed! When they do decide to "play" together, they destroy their toys with great regularity, and anything that may have started off with two legs or a head is now legless and headless……) With their upcoming birthday, we will again, put on our party hats, sing "happy birthday" (yes, we sing to them!), and share a cupcake (no icing for the pups…..only for the grown-ups!). It's hard to believe 5 years have gone by since we welcomed them into our family, and I can clearly remember being hesitant about getting two dogs, having never had two at one time before. While I worried about "twice the work, twice the vet bills, and twice the poop!" I was reminded there would also be "twice the love"……………..I'm pleased to say we've gotten much more than that back from both of them (although Norman is more reserved in expressing it………Stanley is DEFINITELY our kisser!), and we now can't imagine life without them. Happy birthday, boys! We love you very much! Your Mama, Karen (Monahan)


Rocket Science Productions

Spring 2011

We recently had a number of children and young adult titles published, and being that this is the first official quarterly newsletter, we have included a little about each of those titles.

Upcoming Titles
“I'm Squirrely!” by Brenda Lochinger

Recent Releases – Children’s Books
Stanley & Norman: Bad Boy Basset Brothers by Frank Monahan The first book, ‘Stanley & Norman: Bad Boy Basset Brothers’, is an endearing, and wonderful book about two Basset puppies who learn life’s lessons through trial and error, and by listening to their ‘masters’, the Mama and the Daddy. *** “Mr. Magillacutty and His Breakfast Feast” by Kristine Davis *** "Mazalie's Adventures” The Dream Series by Denise Meade

Stanley & Norman: Basset Brothers Backyard Buddies by Frank Monahan The second book, ‘Stanley & Norman: Basset Brothers Backyard Buddies,’ is a fun book following the Basset puppies as they learn to make new friends in their neighborhood by listening to their human Sister.


Rocket Science Productions

Spring 2011

Numbers Elementary: Rounding by Mike Shuck “Numbers Elementary: Rounding” introduces primary-aged students to the characters of Numbers Elementary School and showcases a lesson learned when a new student, Five, joins the class.

Moose Kisses by Julie Steven A story of one dog's second life: Moose was found wandering in the country, starved and sick. This is the story of his rescue, his recovery, and his effect on the lives of all who knew him. In part sad, in part hilarious, the book is written for children in grades 4-6, but can be read aloud to younger kids. It's written by a public school teacher with 20 years teaching experience.

Little Brown Bat #401 by Susan Vinisky Follow the amazing adventures of Little Brown Bat #401 as his friends come to his aid during a 'sticky' situation!

Jots & Tittles by Miranda Snell In Jots & Tittles, readers can enjoy one short story called, “Animal Parade” and a collection of poems, all written and illustrated by 15 year old author, Miranda Snell.


Rocket Science Productions

Spring 2011

Recent Releases – Young Adult Books
Upcoming Titles
The Imprinted Souls Series, synopsis for book 1: Imprinted Souls by Daniele Lanzarotta Entrapped in her grief and sorrow, Lexi roams through life with no purpose. She has not been the same ever since an accident took away her high school boyfriend and soul mate. For a while, Lexi could still feel Matt with her and the dreams reassured her that they were still connected, but with time, the dreams started to fade and the pain of his absence deepened. She was convinced that he was gone, and with him, so was part of her soul, the part of her soul that had been imprinted by Matt. It would take a different type of imprint to bring Lexi back to life, but that imprint would come with a price. The dangers of being with a vampire who still has strong ties to his human life, and the possibility of losing what is left of her connection with her one and true soul mate, Matt; a hidden connection that still lives within the shadows of what is left of her soul.
"Academy of the Fallen: Wide Awake" by Daniele Lanzarotta

*** “Blood Bound” (Imprinted Souls Series, #4) by Daniele Lanzarotta


Rocket Science Productions

Spring 2011


For our next newsletter, we are adding two new sections: “Ask the author” and “Ask the Publisher.” You can e-mail your question to marketing@rocketscienceproductions.com This quarter we will share a blog post on writing, from one of our authors. (If you are an RSP author and would like to submit an article for the next newsletter, please submit it to the e-mail listed above.)

Answers to an Aspiring Writer
Research This week I was asked for advice from an aspiring writer, mostly in relation to topics like getting started and the research involved. I get these questions from time-to-time, so I decided to dedicate today's blog post entirely to it. Although I have several tips that I can give, please keep in mind that what works for one author may not work for others. At the end, you will need to figure out what works best for you. Where to start? If you want to write a book, chances are that you have a general idea about the story that you want to write. Take those ideas and put them on paper. Any other ideas, write them down right when it comes to you. I have literally done things like stop mowing the lawn or pull into a parking lot, just so I could write something down. Many times, I ended up typing it on my phone because the time was just so inconvenient that I did not have anything to write with. Also, keep something that you can write on by your bed. You will be surprised on how many times you may wake up in the morning and forget that you wrote things down at night. Ideas… you just never know when you will get them… Write what you feel like writing at the moment. You don’t need to start writing at the beginning. With Imprinted Souls, as instance, I started by writing one of the final chapters. This is where outlines can be helpful…. It helps you combining everything when you do not write in a specific order. I learned that the hard way... Right now, my outlines consist of a few main chapters in which major events occur, and even then, I usually deviate from the outline, and often surprise myself by how things turn out. There is always research involved, although the amount of research will depend on the content of the story. Minor details such as locations and names always require research. With the names, I usually look for the popular names during a specific year and country (depending on where the character is from). Writer’s block I absolutely do not believe in writer’s block, but there is such a thing as not being in the right mood to write… There may be times when something as simple as listening to a song will fix that problem. If that is not the case, the best thing you can do is to just step away, take a break and go back to it later. Advices that should work for everyone: My main advice is to not worry about the getting published part, until your manuscript is done; otherwise, you will get the focus away from the story and you will drive yourself nuts thinking about whether your story is marketable, word count, etc… Another advice is to write everyday, even if it is only for a couple of minutes each day. Eventually, you will sit in front of the computer and ideas will just come to you. Finally, just dive into the story, the characters, and just have fun writing!

-Daniele LanzarottaJanuary 24, 2011 http://danielelanzarotta.blogspot.com/


Rocket Science Productions

Spring 2011

Rocket Science Productions is now accepting new authors for publication. If you have written a novel, fiction, non-fiction, children’s book… and you are looking into getting it published or have general questions about the publishing process, contact us at
bepublished@rocketscienceproductions.com To subscribe to this newsletter, please fill out form at http://rocketscienceproductions.blogspot.com/

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