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a ca rs aT . plar 5 i a A Lia. Ly mp ead ran] 5 A) ACA iM dats : Cc ME . 4 i } ire) ie a2) | 5 Pa ae ~ Bi Z Roleplaying in the Emerald Empire We tell the tales of heroes to remind ourselves that we also can be great. — The Tao of Shinsei Legend of the Five Rings, The Emerald Empire of Rokugan and all other related marks MR Ae) 1996 and 1997 Five Rings Publishing Group, Incorporated, All Rights Reserved, Alderac Entertainment Group, authanzed user. Second Printing. Printed in Canada Written By Joun Wick Rue System by JOHN Wick & Davin WILLIAMS Layout: Steve Houcu, DJ. TRINDLE Layout Design: MattHew D. Witson, DJ. TRinDLE Lint Epivor: D.J. Trinpie Epitinc: DJ. Trinpit. Ros Vaux, Grec STOLZE “CEREMONY OF THE SAMURAI’: Written py ANDREW HECKT, Epitep sy Epwarp BoLme AppiriowaL Writinc py: Davin Wittiams, Roo Vaux, JOHN ZINSER, Greco Stouze, D.J. Trinpie, Ep Botme, ANDREW HECKT Creative Consuctant: Rvan Dancey Cover Artwork: Mattuew D. WiLson INTERIOR ARTWORK: Brian SNODDy, KC Lancaster Maps, CaRTOGRAPHY AND Map Transcations: KC Lancaster Special Thanks JOHN ZiNSER SR., Mary Zinser, Dave Seay, Brian SNODpDY, GREG Sto.ze. Ep Boitme, Anprew Heckt, Ross Isaacs. K.C. Lancaster. Tony KuLt, Jean-Marie Bavevx, Boss Lapy MAvREEN-SAMA AND THE Fripay NIGHT Playtest Crew Dovid Williams wrote or fhe pect write the rules, examples, the Batth System spells, Disadvantages, o lotof the Fire and Air chapters, and made sure everything worked Edwant Bolme and Andrew Heckt proved invaluable with their critiques on rules, history, culture, wrote a lot « spells, magic tems, a lew geographical entries, the adventure in the Book of Void and shared their almost iagleal enthusiasm andl endurance Ross Isaacs assisted with metaphysical thoughts, editing, consistency und [Hendy conversation DJ. Trindle never let me pet away wilh anything Rob Vaux helped write the Geography section, eriliqued and edited much af the history, and helped develop the Crab Clan Greg Stolze edited, threw opinion fils, and provided educated and enlightened insight that was invaluable Marcelo Figueroa created the “Uice solution Meve Hough scanned everything and put if in tis polos (Sensei) Tony Kall showed upevery Friday to clean our clocks and teach us old school pamers whit really hag pens ina five seound combhal round Dave Seay pave me Go Rin ro She and said, “Make it cool like this John Zinser never stopped pushing us to make the bowk what we all wanted tt be Without these lolks, this would have heen a diveless game with five Tratiy | would have never patil attention to a bunch of Skills 1 wouldn't keep track of and a 350 page Bock of Void. Just mentioning them here doesn't do jus tice tothe work they did to make sire this book came oul right Those reho stand alone, fall alin Thank you, thank you. Thank you all JW Legend of the Five Rings is © & ™ 1996, 1997 Five Rings Publishing Group Inc. and is used here under license,