Christian Harrington Cultural Context: Hispanic 1.

Hispanic Americans, Latin American and Hispanic are terms used to represent native

Spanish speakers. Yet the racial, national, language and cultural backgrounds of Hispanic people are as diverse as Mexico, the Caribbean islands Central and South America and Spain. Each group has its own distinct history, customs, beliefs, and traditions 2. Incidence a. Latinos are identified as a high-risk group for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. b. Fewer than 1 in 20 Latino immigrants use services from mental health specialists, while less than 1 in 10-use services from general health care providers. c. Different studies estimate that 50% to 70% of all youth in the juvenile justice system have mental health problems that usually go untreated or badly treated. 3. Health disparities a. Communication barriers i. Hospitals lack sufficient resources(translators) ii. Culture is misunderstood b. Misinterpretation of symptoms i. Somatic symptoms ii. Seek help in ER, general medicine, or clergy, not mental hospital c. Stigma
i. Institutionalized in prisons d. Society i. Treated as ³second-class´ due to status ii. Uninsured iii. Acculturation-young and elderly are at greatest risk 4. Treatment a. Community-treatment is best when the family is involved in care b. Become culturally educated c. Don¶t generalize treatment

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