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During the transition period of March through April 2011, to help INDIA Distributors get going and be
the first to receive product in INDIA, you should consider following the below procedures to get your
order placed. Unicity is in the process of automating the ordering process but that is not expected to
be completed until approximately May 1st. Therefore you might consider this option. This will allow
you to get the product in hand ASAP and help you to keep your momentum going as you build your
organization. During this period shipping will be free.

Placement and Fulfillment Process

1. Registration as a Distributor is Free until May 1st. Complete the attached Distributor
Application. You can register without a PAN (Personal Account Number), but Unicity
cannot pay Commissions until you have a correct PAN on file with Unicity. If you don’t
have a PAN Number, you can go on-line to to obtain it.
2. Rank Enrollment - Enroll as a Manager, Jr. Manager, or Associate. Enrolling as a Manager
instantly places you in a position to earn at the highest commission level and start
building your organization to qualify for the Unicity’s coveted Presidential Club. If funds
are low, you might consider a Jr Manager or Associate order and then work your way to
the Manager Level. See the different packages available below and indicate your choice on
your Distributor Application.
3. Make sure that you include your Credit Card Information on the Distributor Application
and the Distributor Number of the Distributor that you referred you and that you are
enrolling under. Without this Information we cannot process your order. If you don’t
know their number, please write their name in the section under “Sponsor Information”.
Also, please make sure your Distributor Application is Signed and Dated.
4. Unicity Order Form – For those already in the business wishing to order product, please
fill out the Distributor Order form making sure you include your Distributor ID, Credit Card
Information, and Your Distributor Number along with your Shipping Address.
5. Fax to US number 1-713-893-0232 or Email to your Distributor
and/or Order Form. Once your Enrollment and/or Order is processed, you will receive a
confirmation email plus other relevant information.

Questions about the above process should be sent via email to .

Product Order Options

A summary of product order options, packages, pricing and points is found on Attachment 1. It is
recommended that the team leaders use this information to help other team members choose the
best order for their needs.

Commission Payments
Commissions and bonuses for product ordered during March will be paid by April 20th. Commissions
and bonuses for product ordered during April will be paid by May 20th.

Attachment 1

Price Per Box:

Distributor Price Commission Expected Delivery

Product MRP
(including VAT) Points Date
Bios Life D 2,250 3,300 35 April 25 – May 13
Bios Life Slim 3,900 5,400 50 April 11 – 25

Manager Packages Available– 1,000 PV-Earn Fast Start Bonuses–Level 1-30%, Levels-2-6 - 3% to 5%

Commission Expected Delivery
Package Units Price (including
Points Date
Bios Life D Only 28 boxes Bios Life D 63,000 1,000 April 25 – May 13
Bios Life Slim Only 20 boxes Bios Life Slim 78,000 1,000 April 11 – 25
Combination 20 boxes Bios Life D, 68,400 1,000 As product becomes
6 boxes Bios Life Slim available

Jr. Manager Packages Available – 500 PV - Earn Fast Start Bonuses – Level 1 - 20%, Levels -2-6 - 3%

Commission Expected Delivery
Package Units Price (including
Points Date
Bios Life D Only 14 boxes Bios Life D 31,500 500 April 25 – May 13
Bios Life Slim Only 10 boxes Bios Life Slim 39,000 500 April 11 – 25
Combination 10 boxes Bios Life D, 34,200 500 As product becomes
3 boxes Bios Life Slim available

Associate Packages Available – 250 PV - Earn Fast Start Bonuses – Level 1 - 20%

Commission Expected Delivery
Package Units Price (including
Points Date
Bios Life D Only 7 boxes Bios Life D 15,750 250 April 25 – May 13
Bios Life Slim Only 5 boxes Bios Life Slim 19,500 250 April 11 – 25
Combination Not Available
Distributorship Agreement
401- 404 Dynasty Business Park • B – Wing, Level – 4 • Kanakia Spaces,
Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069

Applicant Information

Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) or Business Name PAN

Co-Applicant/Spouse Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) (if applicable) Birth Date (DD/MM/YY) Gender

Street Address (Current Mailing Address) STD Code Home Phone Number

City State PIN Code STD Code Work Phone Number

E-Mail Address Mobile Phone Number

Sole Proprietorship Partnership Corporation Husband/Wife Co-Applicants

STD Code Fax Number

Sponsor Information The Sponsor is the Distributor who is the immediate upline of a Distributor.

Distributor ID Number Sponsor Name STD Code Daytime Phone Number

Membership and Order Payment Information

Please accept my payment of the `900 fee plus any applicable VAT and shipping/handling.

American Express®
Credit Card Expiration Date (MM/YY) CVC

Cash/money order
Cardholder’s Name (Last, First, Middle Initial)

Item Number Product Description Quantity PV Unit Price Total PV Extended Price

Bank Information (to receive commision payments)

Full Name of Bank Branch Bank Branch Indian Financial System Code (IFSC)

Full Address of Bank Branch

Full name of account holder(s) as stated on bank account

Bank Account Number

Bank/Branch Pin Code Bank Swift Code

By signing and submitting this form and payment of my Distributorship fee, I acknowledge that I am applying to become a Unicity Distributor. I consent to Unicity contacting me at the
telephone numbers, fax number, and/or e-mail address listed on my application or as updated. I certify that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions on the reverse side of
this form. I further certify that I have received, have read, understand, and agree to the Unicity Award and the Unicity Policies & Procedures, which are incorporated herein and made
part of this Agreement.

Applicant Signature Date (MM/DD/YY) Co-Applicant/Spouse Signature Date (DD/MM/YY)

© 2011 Unicity International Distributors and applicants may photocopy this form or download it from ID 0311
Distributor Order Form

BBC Location
Item # Product Unit Price Qty Total
Billing Information

PV Month Distributor ID Number

Distributor Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

Mailing Address

City State PIN Code

Business/Daytime Phone Mobile Phone

E-mail Address

Shipping Information

Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

Shipping Address (If different from mailing address or if mailing address is a P.O. Box)

City State PIN Code

Business/Daytime Phone Mobile Phone

Payment Method

n VISA® n MasterCard® n American Express® n Cash/Cheque n Money Order VAT

If you have questions on whether VAT is applicable, please contact your BBC.

Credit Card Number Shipping & Handling

Expiration (MM/YY) CVC



Statement of Responsible Consumption The 70% Rule

At Unicity, we believe that proper diet and supplementation have a direct impact on the quality Distributors may purchase Unicity products only for resale to consumers, for personal
of life. We are proud of our products and are gratified to see the benefit that so many receive consumption, or to provide prompt product delivery to Downline Distributors in their own
from our efforts. As a responsible corporate citizen, we promote and advocate the responsible personal group. Distributors may not stockpile or acquire excessive inventories. By making any
use of any nutritional supplement or personal care product. Our products are formulated purchase or product order, Distributors certify that they have used or sold a minimum of 70%
with great care, and labeling guidelines have been developed to guide proper use. Abusive of all previous orders.
consumption of any product is unwise and may have negative consequences. We encourage
everyone to receive the full benefit of Unicity products through wise and informed consumption. By submitting this order, I certify that a minimum of 70% of all Unicity products
previously purchased under this Distributors ID number have been sold
and/or consumed.
Tax Responsibility
Please Initial
Unicity Health Private Limited assumes no tax responsibility for this transaction. The India
Business Building Center that sold you this product is the sole responsible party for any and all
tax or legal obligations that attach to this sale.
© 2011 Unicity International ID 0311
Bios Life Pricing

Wholesale Price: 2,250* Wholesale Price: 3,900*

MRP: 3,300 MRP: 5,400

* Distributor Pricing Includes VAT