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00 !!IIN!!i!:I Jl05.m' TASK fORGE ,_ 1M IFORWAm:1 CP;ERAnNG ~e !FENN. AiGHAl\!!STAI.I A.PO iIE 1f18354l


MEMORA .' DLI M 'FOR Commande;~ Combined Joi nt Task IForoe ~ 1 (] 1. Bagram A,jrfje.ld, cA,fg'ha nlstan APO AE U9~54

S UBJEC1: AR 16-5 InvestigetLoln Findings and Rec>ommendatio'!'iJ$ - Vehiole Patrol B,8S'e (VI?B) Wa nat Comptax Attack .and Casual~e$. 1.3 ,july 2008

1., I I App-Q~Ii'\t:ment On 'U;l July 2008 ~ 'VilaS appointed by COIL ib)(l). {b}<B) Chi$.f of Staff, Combl ~LI Jolrrt T ~sk Fo!\)e - "'l01 to GO nducl: an inm,rma I i n~tlgatlon pursuant to the provl$lons m Army Regulati Ol'l 15.;..6 Into tne oomp~ attack and the resutting deaths. and inj nes that occurred on or about 13 July 2.DO 8 ~t Wanat VlliagB, KiJnar

IF! I'o\iii 11100'. This report is organiud Inlo fDlGtS, iindilllg,~ i and reoommendatfo~s.

2-11 1 Recent HiS10rlcal Context The events ,rn '13 July 20{}8 are best uJ\derstoooi

in the contest 0" events '!bat took place in the "IV 8yg u I Valrs:y over the preceding twelve moJil1t!s. In June. o'f 2007 'l'~$k IFioroe Rock (2·5031 N. 173d ABeT) assumed resporh$lbrlJty for the area of operations tEilar in.d IlJdedl the: Wayg'l!ll Valtel as an

I nternatiooal Security Assistance Foroer'( ISAF} In Reg[onal Command lEast (RC~) and es part: of TF headqll~nered in ,Jala:labild, Afghanl:5ltan. The Waygu1 Valley 'featums, ,~rem~ly steep, mgge:d. mOli.lln~ lneus tercatn reach ing ,el~tlon:s of be.Wireefl 6,000 aiLd 9,000 feet::! and is one of t1he most datmgerolJs areas of OpII!TI~;ons in RC-E~.

1 SliM!' lE:a:ii"Ii:tlil e (ApPIJintmmt MemorandLlm aoolln!;lesUgfatioN! ClhriOi'l(ll(JigY)_

2 TiF Fi:oek (iPllm~rily ccniiPlI"iSeCi ro..f '!he ,2!" Sanal icn.. 50l~ Pata:.or,;iJLe Infantry R~mefl~) '!liaS asslgn.edl to TF iSa!{onet (p.rimarily OOTr!!J;Iri!;i:st! (;It Ihe , 73.d Alltlame' BriQ1a.(je Combar Team)i head.qIO!!:al'tEII·'OO in J~Dad. wf'Ilcf1 ".laS ~b~rd~ie to R~o:oofl Commaw East (CJiF-82 ori{rmally a.f!d rChar'QOO ItCJ CJTF· 1 til J N .MiiIrch m 21l1Jia) es Sl'I Interr\atloo~1 Sectlrity ,A5SiS'Eili'iIOe ~ (rMF).

l!' See ~xhibit :2. Battle if" Wal1id.~ ,.!J,R 15<5 hrr'festtgatiOI!TJ ~(Iantl" aoo ~r~b~ 'Ii 01, CONOFI R'lX!K Move, fiN ,de:!.ailed ~(1 imagery deJ:lieti!'il!;;l thol;!! m ;a,ii! in and ar(!UM Wanat


.. - - -

SUBJ Ecr: AR 1 5--6 I '!/estjgatiOtil Fililding:iI arid Recummendations - VehEcfe P,HOO I Base {VIP-B} Wanat Comp.t~x Atta r::~. and Cas .. u~rltre$, 1.3 J'uly 2008

The southern end of th~ Waygul Vaney connects wfth the Pech R~ver Valley, whtch has paved roads a~d aJ slzeab~~ liSAF presence. The northern and. of the Wayg.u~ Valley has slrnost no ~SAF 01" Afgha:n Government$_ Contact befJJil~ell ISAF and enemy 'brees, ocecrs frequently in1tie V!/ay.gUl~ 'Valley as ISAF seekto OOr"Ll"I:>eCt with tha loca~ pOp'u1a~io1'i and mere ~mpt)tUrn1y .• seek: to connect them with the 'Government of the Islamic Repu'bl le of NgJn a r.11~l8n (GrIIAQA) whila the. Ar:tti--Afgn~m Foross· (AAF) acWe Iy attempts to preve nt GlrRoA legttimacY~. As part of lh.eir aHempt to usurp the ~egitimate p.o.w~r of the Afghan government. the MF inttiated a Ia.rge· peroen:1EJJge of the: contact witrn rnerta r alttacks aga!n~ ~.sAF bases or ·am bushes of ~SAF p.a~ral:s in an aHempt 'W s·low or deny coel itillJ n rnroe (CF) positive lntersctlon with. the bcai national po pu lation. 7 The freedom of tovement experienced by the AAF lin Waygul District would not be 'po$$'io'le without 1he pas~~\i'e and ,aati11e support IOf the locaJ po pulation a n.d the \!Veakne,ss of the ,govemm9nt .s~~raJ Incident's demolllstrate the .AAF threat in the Wa.ygul Vralley aJnd! puts tn~ tlMJreal facing Gho e~n Company on t:3 July 2008 k~W~l!at

... See lE):)hlb it 2. Bart118 C!f Wi!:matAR 1:5-'5 In'o!el;;i~ig.aliOO StOJ')ltloom. indi-CEltmg 48. Elngaaemer.t:s 'lhith the' MF, irldtudiio"g an ED. KIA of MAJ Slo~n (311 Oel 00'-. too Ranch Hou-se a11la~L;k rM4J1 Fl~111l11 WIAs f22 Aug 07,. tl'le Am . as ;.lI1'I1~.JlatJ Fe$l,Jlting 11"1 6 U ,S, tQAs, 8 UI.S. WlAiS {'9 Nov on SFC I'(~hler :s.ho:::JJmQ (208 Jan (8), tI'1te ;ettelCk on l!l.S. ,r;o~ lei!l ... i:~~ shuraa {2fl Maji M}; 1-4 Jul OS ~c'k8 on COP' ,SI!t1l<l before the] .. 3 Jul O~ aLtad< at W:a~at

~ Eftcctive Q!.)'!!-ernanoe iis cDm.ljllwat~d tKy me fact tili!t the' GQ~F.nm9fl! e;f'1h@ Islam:c ~l"Ibl.£ O'f Af$lanlslan O!JlJl!5ii:d-e.;r$ VlJ';~lU:It to be· part of Kunar flroviflDf;l i.iWiile '!:fie' peop-li!!: of W'.ana~ the sh u :a8 aM eYall tm1: fjl'ttYllilOC:ial govern - ·ant oonsid.~1:' Wanat t6!:1e the Diab'ict Ca.p?t.aI of Waygal D~m :='00 :a ~61rt ~f NuriIQ(an. Th~ pol}~la~on in Wana~ is, !I:Ir~gminatr9ty Nurlsml'1li es o,P'~ ~ F'~nr.o as. 'fNeIJ. ·See EXhi!i)i: ·g'1:r Sie1lemrnent !ll~ LTC (b) ('!I) , (b)(6) dated 1 ~ JuJ 0:8, wI1!EifE:lln M nOl:l'2!S there is, ~n.'O miid aUOE!Ss, :1:0 elltier ~AlrariGIs ctr B-el.lal no. ~~f'U'1l1eJll presefit or seCItITzy. ·~s IP~M'lI:..·

6 ~ Exhibit 'Z, W,aI1M AH: 1 5-6 l·fj'!.l'fliS.tlgafDn Sroryc.Qar4 .an!1l ~:a:I'!li.:hi1: 55. $~ate::Tflent of OPT, ,ij)eted 1 7 Ju1 miS·, 1.!'.I'h.ere he s~a~es ·lFle Wia.:f i'on..V".;l!r:U into -rn-e: Wa~ul lis " .9',J'i!dua1 pl!$n ff'tJm

lJiie Elf',II maifl eeo:.Jfe area (b.)(~)l4rgh ' plJ5.hine p'ro.grl;l$S I'iOru~1 ri'lom NaFlf.pal'aJ"!1. l'his vdl, aJ!a.w. ~e.

local peopJe in V'.Janeit lID D9 W,U'Ilf'I ,;::1006 pr~imity ,of ~andli"lg progress, I;r.y way or etlollQiflmC develi:lipolE!11!; ~~'1[i lm prc!o'lliIgJ Infrastructure, This. ·gn;l!ju8.1 p.uiSrL Cffi ptOgr6SS wli a15'D sllr;;;rw lrx:l'B".asfid inv.oJ.;v.emen't of ANSP' Iti£f~ w,H allaMr them .... 0 iride(lEir;lo'antty to l:!uN'd, IIIP. tlleJr lJoPI,;!I~ir:lIli1. '!Jkr~c:1iJ Is!! Ull:imiite 90al Qf tn!; m is~ a-r Mghanf.5Wn, D

? See ExhitJlt 2, aat~ of Wanat AR. 5-6 lrtvG:Stigation , ,arK;! 1E~'hlb:it 5l8, Sb~er1l1 em of CPT

(ib)m. (b)[6~ i!JsIl.e.'!:I 23 Jul 0:6.. wmr!:li!!l 1'1:& S:t8~S ~'he imminer..t tiilrea~ From 'ilarlous repQl!1::s .if! rn:y mimi w,as

iEJ in:drrrect i!'re al:tac:I'l. 01"1 the VFI'B. Th e enemy ill lihe area usua"Uy CCl'lduC'l.5 reeen by' fime (testing our

~Si3) ;aMi at..empts to gau9~ lDF en L~lio:"ils. ii:rBfote a ~a.rge at1:ack.~ .


SU BJ EeT: A R 15-6 J nvestigetio n Findings, end Recommendation.s- - Vehicle PatfO~ B~$e (VPiB). Vl1anel Complex AtlaJd< and Casualties, 13 Ju1y' 2l](1 S

3,1 ,IC-.on1bet Outpost (COP) Ar.anliS (elso known as 'Ihe Ranch House)

Attac'k. On 22 August 2007, the: AAF' aRia,eked COP Aranas ilocated approximate~y 8KMs to the no rtheast ,of ""anal. Pant of the ~ason '(or thjs, th raal, by the, MF invo~ved the Afgna" Seourity GlJ'aT'OS (ASG), An ASG commander 'Who was recentRy fired from his duties as a comrnandar at. the iRa,rlch House used his deta il€d knowtedge of 1lhe: camp's. to ~gad AAF fighters ~nside peM,metet and :altta.d{ 1Jlie' barr~(iks at dose range \l'rJith aumma:'fl1o we.apons artld roc.ket propeJled gml1adae. (RPGs')', Ele,wn TIF Roct Paratroopers w~re severel;y WOlJ nded anti on~y the valorous actions of severnllbr.ave Peral.fOOpers pre'!Jented the Ranch 'House from. oei ng Gompkately overru n8• Tlh:e Ranch HCruc$e 'liaS, subsequenUy closed as had been planned fa r several weeks priot9.

b,. I liAraos$ A'ttaclt. On 9 November 2007 P,a,~1roopsrs from 1 $'L Platoon.

Cht:) Compa ny wtth tillslr ANA COUlille rpans were re.1urn'ing from Q 'shu ra that was heki wffi'l the. Araniu s elders at a school house ,previ.o usly co nstructed by the, unit Th~ topic of discllssi.on for the shura he1d earHer that day WM future develop;ment projects for Aranl!s. On th~i r retu rn to Camp, B~Ua tile platoon w~s ambushed On the treaehemus mouOU!~n 'pathways. 6 AmericaM wet,e' IdUM and 8, were W'OIU litdedl. Two ANA Sold ters werre' kimed and three were ·~'!K;nJl1ded., Contrary to ~he leeal customs, tJhe local elde f'S t:mk '00 responsibil ity fur 1he a'tta eks and otff)red no condoiences 10.

G, I I SFC Matthew Kahler'. Fo[lo'Wililg n~e closure of tile Ranlch House ~ the.

northe rn~mos1ISAF ou~oS'l: ln ths W,~gu~ V,aUey was COP '13 ell e approximately 1,4 ki lometers north of Camp B Ilessmg and manned by a lIiomtin.g platoon from Chosen Company, 2~OOd Infentry, On 26 Jall\.iar){ 2008. SFC Mattltem.r K:~h'ler. the Platoon SeRJeant (PSG) fnr COP SelJa, vas kil~ed by ASG at Oboorv,a1iofl Post {OPJ

~ See E:ri'Jibit '1 07, ~'t'i1emef1is regalf, Heuee at'1t!oIo:;,

~ The ~Eie."'I to close the Ranri'l ~:se was. m~e in pan: (I'Jr;t to its rW:l:ive' ''o'ulnsrabllity to aUac-k ogru~ its remote lQit:alrOIi:l .and small siZe. See Exhibit 611, IL Ie (bl{3~. (ibWJ~,i'lt

.. e see Exl;j,ibit. 107.


S UWECl': AR 15-16 InvesUgation F~fIIding$ and Reoommenda1iona _. Vehicle Patrol Base (VPS} Wanat CDmpi'e:x Attack an d. Casuania>s, 13 July 2008

Spe:edbump, near CO~ 8~~11~. 8FC IKa h:ler wallked IlJ.p to tn e Observa~l@ n Post be~ I,;Ise the ASG did 001 a the radio. W hUe \i\l'alking up to the '0 P. SFC IK_anler am'i1muilG.ed that he was an U,S., Soldier arM to not sheet, SlhorUy after announcing hls presence, S'FC Kah~et was fatally shot by a n AS G.. The A.Si3 'wh~ snot him Was, already under susrp~iQn of coUaoorating w'ith the elfilemy and after the sh.oortjng Imm.ed!iatety fled; quj~

h~'"' ~"'b. and ,..,.I j"''''' l"iIf'I.og,l"iiCo,,:J ,., ~ JIJ~ I[;I!!_ Y IIJI ".~ P"""~~U ~~ I

3.,1 1 Th~ entire oN in of com m~nd agreed i1a:l CO? Bel~a w~s mrerne1y

I,I'!!JII rile rab le sitting in SJ hg nt: va.lley and accessible o1'l~y by notary wlf.lQ ,a~re:rafti whtclil were at. grre:,at rhSK: every lime th~ aitcr,~ft flew tnto CO? Bella. Based 00 thBse risks, H18 bMgad~ and ba~Jjo n ,leaders agrn~d U'ilail findiifilg an alte:mate base to COP ,Bell'aJ 'in the Waygl,.iJ Dlstrict w-as iii e-r::essaty to ~m p.r'O\i'~ the 'lfcLr:C€: protedion for ChO;sen Comp;!,'lIFl:Y wMife still accomp'li~!tlIir:lg its mission of Mil neoting the pao p le With the toeal government .. 5.1 nee provid i ng legilLmacy to and ijmpro.lling partnership wHh the Waygul District Government is a ke¥ romponerlt of the cou nrter"ljlnoorgen cy fight, It e. Jog[oa~ choice to relccate the OF rtieSJr' the Wanat District Ceiir!er. The ,d,lstrid fevel partner.ship i5 8 $~cce5$f(j1 model ~n eastern Afghtil nistan: ~ increaMS security for 1he d iS~Fi,C1rgrOv$mor. secures the area for 'infraslrucrure! deveroprrte~nt; 'faciljlLates ANP 'trainil1g'. ~lilId '~osters an Improved Qonn~c~ion between the ,populatiiorl and goveTil msnt while mLnimiZling oorruptlon at 1he Joc,a,l rerveJ---aJll of' wh['CtiJ wefe desirable to the local 00 IitriImun rty in, Lncetlflg a plaitoOfl, 'mJll1l Chosen ComiJ,a_F1'l{- near and ffiIQ\i~n9 BeJfa. to Wana.1, al,$O a~tm,i~>d Coa."Uon Fot'Ces .g,ro unci access from C~ mp BI,~ss ing {TF Rock

heaCl,q uarters) _ F UI rmermore, 'mo'iiing nea r ~he d lcslr:irn center V1.i'Ould allow the CF and! !oca Irg:ovemment to bui Id ,8 touJidatiotl from whrcn to project good g01jlem~!lIoe to ,the rrcrthern ~egjon of Wen~t Oi~tricl. The mQv*menl of CLU::~ Bell a to VPB 'Wan~t was di$.tu~se<l Iby tine· chain of ce rnmand fur ,aJ ye~r 12. The deoislon to move. Bella to V!laJnat W'aS made in lhe lbeg:lnlning (:If June 2[!lOB_ The dre-dsion to !!"e·li';;u;ate w,a.s clel:aryed, du e to

11 ~ E::(l'iiibi~ too,. Aft 1:5~ If'.IVes~i:g;ation reg6;raing 5FC rM~lihe'l.'1 Kahler's shooti~_ ,~ $<8.:6 ,~~I trom lTC:I!I)(:3~, (b)i)&,m' COL (bl~3)·. (b'l!:f\t d~!,i;I[j:~ ~i!!IlJl;l~ 2r01;J!EI .. E:;;mrgit 1 ~ 011,



SUBJECT: AR 15~6 l,n'IJ'f:stig}9!ticm IFindings a!lfld Re~mmerli:jation5 - Vehide !Patrol 8 ase (V?B) Wana.t Complex Atil:eJ;~k and Casus IU~, 13 July 2008

the difficulties in sseu r'ing ttil!e, land for WB Wanat·;]. Afle.r the land was secured ~ the lIIn1ilt c.oo.rd'nated rotary vilri1g lift re sources to c.~o.oo do\I'I,iTJ COP Bella and then be.Qj n moving 10 W.anat on .8: J u:ly 200ft The new base VIJOlJld intitiaUy oons[-st of a Vehiole

P atrol II Bas.e' (VFIS1) that'lotVOlJld be expanded into a. combat r::mtpns1l. wlilen the conditions INefe set

4.1 1 COP Bella At1iadk_ Prior to l'ie. eva-cuatio n of CF from COP IBeria aM

handowr to Ioc.a~ vdl ayers on 08·09 July 2008, COP Bena received nurtilSFO us pmbing attacks and was, the target o.f e majo.r AAF attack thet naver tran s~irfied, largely because of the aotlo115 of CF in the area, Vil

,5_ t IOn 8-9 July 2006" an e.lemem of 45 (m~nu;s CPIbJ.l~). tbK~rid SGlb)m.ll!)~oo CPl(IJ){'J~, 1)b)[6~ s ISAF~ai'atiroopers under the overaU command ,of Choseft Company, 2~ 503d I n.farrtry (Alllibome) establi:snje-Q aJnd oceupled Veh iere Patrol Base (VPB) Kah ler1.S, about 6-8 kiiomet$JI'$ north of Camp EUesslng 17. The UsAF Force oornsisted ,O'f: fNe

co mbat engineem from the 6,2d Engineer Battallon; a 'I1h1r~' m ~:n'1 TOW mis-site team from D-estined Ciiimpany; six mo.lit.a r men. fro m Choselfll ComFla.rr~; and ,2,.9 paratmc pers of 2d P'L T. Chasen Com p-a~y"t~. First Liemenant (1l T) Jonatha n B rostrom, the platoo.~

'3 A{;Gordin9. to Ihl! TF !Rcock ea'ltaliorll Commande;r , LTC \blf31. (Rl)(r3} It t.ook abOu l t'8rl mOl"lths to

,Q,C::j'Wiroe me ~ar-d. SC!l1: ixhibif 61_

14 See 'E.xn!bit 106, iask Fmoee. 16;e,y(lfie--: AR 1 i5-1l:lIrJii.GsiJg.iiltk'-!1 - COP Bel&!;!, AII~gatio:n;s. r;d CWHian C$su21l!.leg, 04 J1.!1y 200.8.

1.5 S6e Statemenu: of CHI)(l). ~bl<~nlD!15 5,5-.5;8'}i :EJi&libit1;i 7-i1' (Stal.emenh1l of SGT (LY)(.3). (i:lo)iXi) and I:::d'libit fjli). Stalern etl.t, of C~)13). (!I:i,)(EI}

1': VBP KahlCf' was named .mter ins Chosen CompaJlY pl8IDOl') sergeant 'r'i.rr.o 'WEt; krliled by tfisASe gu;;.ni! ,~ UP Speoob _ nip wl'ikh pifOlo'L(!Iarl ~ "ratcl:l tmi' OOF' '5e(1~- This Wa:5I a Vet1icI(l' 'Palroi ~ Iflm a Dot:t'ibat 0u1pc:$1 (COP) as ~s wh1~y ~';Iartad lin the mognia imm,ec! iatety kiilO'MI'1I9 the Ballle of Wanat.

" Cam p Bless ~ headg~arteroo ~O;'IN. 'lrF P'Wd-:;,

1111, See Extllbl1 2. Sto:.'YboB1JrJ, {j}5pQ$ition ,!]if perw.nnel on 1.2: Ju1y g~itl,J}.


SUBJ ECT .AR. ~ 5,.,0 l'rwestligatioFl Findings, and Re commendations - Vehio1e F'atfo1 Base (VPB). Wanat Comple:x Atmok and C~J3uaJltie~'i' '13· ,July 2,008

leeder, was~' hJ.ghest ranking mrlitary officer . .A twa-man Embedded T!rainirng Team (ETT) of Ma.rines and :24 .Afighs n NMio:nai Army P~t8!1_m(]per.s also partnered with the Co a IIHo 11. Forces (CF) to establ ish the V1F'B, bringing 1lhe total manpower art Wanat to 72 "roop$i!il.

s .1, 1 The vdl;age of Wana1t sits in the CEilntral Waygul Valley, 'which is one of ttJe

smepesl valleys in ,~aster.n Afghanis1an. It sTtts at approximately 4.000 feet wjth mountains towelli 11,9 to 8~600 feet immed.iate~~ to the west to 7,000 feet inn media~ely t10 the southeast and to 6.300 fe-et to the Inorthea~. Tne village of Wanat also $Lt$ at th-e i.nrerseCJt~fiI of a large draw to. the east sld~ Clf the vmage with a moderate slope- witih ·lerr.illcW $rdes supportingj J'1I~ merous trees and local villagers" homes. Along the we st sid e. o-r the va,lley runs the' W'ayglJl V~llilef:y' River, which provides high spe 00 avenues· lof approach to the north ,Bind south ~,'I,I1ilh th IS:: road running along the east bank of the rive r, The. VPB\s location was adJeoerJt to the. Wa'fiat baJ.zaer, ,~IIdls1 south of the Wanat District Center. From 8-12 .Juty 2008, the P,aratroopers, E fIs. ,am A NIA" steadily improved 'Hie VPB .by estEll oj ish ing fortifi;~1 posJtlor1s 'wi1:!h tlhe '9.J}l;[$i;ijWilg 't.erraln, .sarndbags" ,a rLd earthfll:ledl Hasoo barriers 21 . They to ok shiisw-orking, rgstln95 and ~mll ing gluard d.uty In QIIiJ Iil h:Jf~ ,of their up-armored HMMVV\I':s. Contractr;d ·civillan ccnstructlo nl e~uipmaU1J1l was, deJayed from 1 -0 to 13 J L1I~. I n the mea,nJime ij1e occupants of VPB Wanat made what

'i ,See Exhloll 2, Battle' of Wmst AR 1. i)-5 StcJtyboard. T asli, Orgard2:stion SJlde, ior fu manp~Fe:r

~I} ,Si!IiI &hlbil: 2, Bat~!e..of· W.t'.f!:at AR 15·15 li"VIJMtigaNon StorybOBird, a.n!i:l E>:tIII:J3t 1 m ~ OONDP Rod{ MoOVE!I, tCff det;iiloo GYeifil-ead 'i~y' dKpil:'tlng 1JoJe terrain lin and ~1JI!ld1 W,aflaL

;I. 5.i~ ail of tn.e SD'lrui!:l~'s re{]arni:ngl i!lc~ivJtie$ .at V,P,e. Kahler ihetvlreen ,fI-12 Ju:l~ :2I'JOSL S~

.E~j!;i!t5 1~, af'ird 25, S1QU1:ii1r8'rr~s of SSG ij1i,I(3). (b)~). and SF~)n). ~D](IjJNhere they datail the pr.lorltles.

,of wtI~ 2;5: fo.f~ P ot~ 3r'1C, i5ecurtLy :pl ilille VPB indue iig \I!)(2miiJ'ho

LbM2} iHl~ho

22 See ExhitJ.;i; 55, St;l1etn a t of CA1':!f3 •. (1Jo)~, limeline ,,;,a~ (ie!ay.ed due te tbJ(Z) Hi~ ea.i,.Isiflg

~ local nation;ai hesvy 1S'Ci!" ipmMll'toO ;flmve a caup!e -of Q'~.y$ Iate- th an WI! afItkfpatelj. Relyir 9 on LoeaJ naUoo~1 eq,\.!iprnent ~ r..a<:BSsi:iijl btl~ tney. do oot a!~ays foli(WII$ ~bic:t 'tlmc1ine· as we wow'led Ilks. The resources. requests WEi!IiS :pI I there and ~tJe BN and BIOE fully a~,,rare of tl".:e 1neroo:red w! nel"~bllity of t~ VP8 until we could IblJ d It lip more. We were CQ[ilSler't'lly DLIliditlg 1ltB:3 days we we:r·e on ~hi$ gifi.,Ji"ld."}


'rF-BA.Y() N ET

SUBJECT; AR 15..'6 ~nvestigati.of] Findings ,and 'Reooml1lendatiolils, ~ Vehide Patrol [Base (VPB) Wanat Complex Ah'~ct:.alid Casualties, 13 July 2008,

~mpro'vements they' oouid with the resouroes at handa. ~n addition tn constantly :improvrn,.g the overall fOfCe Prote.cliOiliti of the \I1PB, the m aj1il efforts wans ~b1ishl ng a

"N$.~I rortm.oo ~b%2) High

They ,enJlp~aced pIckets eoo concernna wlre around ti'Je. ~nmel~r. Addltio,nally, ThIef@! wgre 'Nto' tr.affic wntrol pOints (TCPs) establi'snedi along the mad in front of the ViPS I 000 manned by A:NA and the' otPel' by 2~d For s:e~urity, 'If'ie Paratroopers co;nrhnll,llous1y manned the \ heavy l1iiIiEilChl n:e gurns in each HMM~4 ~ .Above h' VPIB to. the east, the Parnlrou;pers bullE an OP, named OP 'Top Side'" WMjch sat on sUqtJUy higher ground than 1he rest ,of '~ie VP.B at the' ba,se of a terraced spu r vWiich riOS~ to the ,east215_ OP Top Sideoonsisted crf'three levels with sandbags tied Into eooistingl rock. walls to p:roViide. protection from attacck., There We~ se'IJemH s~rands of conuemna wire around it at verylng distances an~ .several un"tooaervabl'e areas r'dead

space") filled with addtftilol'llai concertma wi re:26. I ril addtition te ~he ~bp;2)H~h

system utilized by the TOW gun teatrn, the VP8 was also

equipped weith a ~b)(2)HtJh device to assist in obsli:MIit91 '~he.1 surroundlng mo.,unta,lns for enemy actj'Yiiy.21_ 'The (I;i)l2id-1iehW~S IDeated oat OPTopSkle,

7.1 I,DLLrtng the ,e.stabli shrnen! of VPB Wanat; its Qccupams observed local

AfgnaTis dO!1!ely mr,:mitoring their posltio~ as 1hey Jo~ered in the bazaar orr 'wa!kBd [past,

D Soma: Soldiers complained Q.f.i;l [;cu;:;k of wa.1'{l~. sallJmb~, and eQuipmem na:!'::Ilo built'! me' VP!3.

u. See Exlilb:lt, 162; Statem;ent of SSG !)li)(3). i)b)(6) (~ThQ first ~[r)g I Wd 'W'aS eq,tatllrsf1 th I!i (b)(::l~ 1-1,=,1'1

(ti;.t.:2} I-Egh. Als0' see Exllilibi' 2" ,$toJyJtloard. ExtJlIlj~s !55·51B

Saatemeots. (lJ CPWl(3). (b)(1b:hi~t 100. basI] der.elilS8 plan. E;d"!ib':rt 101, OONQP R,ock Ml!Jve.

~~ See E:<h.ibit 1i:l3, Ste:tamer'J'l! 01 SGT (IJo)(J~, (D1l15) 'for i! tteta~e;d dasC!rqplkif'l O'~ 'all' Top sil;f·!;!: ,

:l!3 There is ,!iii de~iled rliegtam of O:f~I' TOJ!' Side in ~)(J.). (bJ~atemenr {EX! biil63j and, ptlotog~gns am includei;l ill Exhlbil :2. (llYll'*tigalion. StoryhoorJCI ,.

~7. See E'Xhibi15 CIf' TOW' persor.nei, Exhibit J4 '~Jeme:n1; of ,SSG IJlJolJ). [t:1;.tG} ',ExNbjt 20 (S~etern e-~t o.r

SPC (b)(3). fb)(B) ,afldllE';lClh ibit 49, (5'IE 's:m~nt or ~c (b)(a~. ijb)(e) _


S IJBJECT: AR 15-6 lr:Jvestigatic r11 Firtd i Figs and Recommendatrons = Vehlde j:I'a,1rnl Base (VPB) W'anm Com fll~ Atbtek ~fld Ca;suanles,.13 J u~y :2008

the, VP'Baa" Th;ey perceivedl trJo~t 11ty' from th~ rnsn, but did not observe aWilY overt ihr'Mts from them or pa$ith/e~y idefltrfy tiiem as AAF," On oo\i\eml eecaslens a Jecal elder, (b]~11J

~b)Cs, ,a,dvisM 1~ IT IBmo:$ti'Pril 1Mt ,en ~..Ar= .a1U!ck on VPB W,a!fla1 was i mminem, but

1P[lllJvJded no d~il~,2~. How~v~r, 'ltwrie are' norl'm!!~ly 'severra'i inteJlig,erma reports; for' base ~l'W!clits en :a daily basis fn th e Waygul VaUejl' and nile command W'aS tak'ing the' a!p;prnp:iiate~ iome protectiOIii measyresJo. ''fh~ ANP' 9 amson rmJ3.rny wa~ unoom.rmJOlcartMve at best, deiit)e~yfailinlll '00. imom ~:s :a nd ANA leaders 'at. 1he~ VPB about e m~e·ttngl wl~liI J.(i~al51 abol r security if! the' [jire~i'_ On 12 ,J ully 2008, CP:T[b)tJ~, (1ij(El~ the Cho~en Com p,GIny Command er, ,arri'IJed at V1PiB 'Wanat a no assurned O'\.Il;i!raU command ifiJ order to pj'p.'i,.lEde l~$rjer$tJlp ,a nd help ~:n$lJre 'the p laloon r~~rved ooequa~ resoluroes Tat Itle ecnstruction .of the VPB,J2. an 12 Jl!Ily 2008, th e TOW missile team, oOOer:ved fHftteen menS.1 moving i'rl ths mountafns across the river to line 'westl Ib IJt ooul'd


them lJn:der'lhe:b)(2)i'fgIij'l,JJ~$ of ¢r1~I~g;(i)m~nt (ROE}. Too same day, wa~~ began fklwi'ng ttlro~gh an irrigation ditd:! feedinn an l1Jln:u6sd field near 0 P 'l;op Sid:e. SPC ~b)(l). wJ(ij) 81i:1d

ill ,s.,_,"'C IE>:hlbl~, ; 3, :;jUmtimlBnt m SS~ (blt.3.). cb)i)S) (~irl,ali"'~ '!i.'ElBmac tQ lJe SI liUls IfnQiTB k;:.oI, tr.affie a:lor,QI

the rood '~llal1 1dS1<l!&1. Th~.t.>J1 looked ~mo '!hill: ~ an;(d :S88iii~ lo lbe !ryiilg to ~valk .a$ >o1¢:r:~ as jlCI$siDIi;i m S~ in te our I%i:il tiOllS_ There '!.Va3 also aOOltigr {lj"!iJiUp of piru~le' at tf"ie, baLaCir @M.u. wliiS'lS pSO'pia wou!d just sit arK! watch us aI (JaV.R}

j,';tI See Statgmern of SGT (b)W) , __ GsL.ti that U1ere '!Ur.~te A,I (;Ii;;I:aedEil in some c1' the· v1[lag~s ,ar.'(i we ~~id bIom 0' W>!~e vi!l~~e5. He ,I3!Kl ltiere W€lTe no good peeple in ttie· !l:il'-s to the west and 'iW:Jo 'sMutd :shoot th.&m IT~' ~w' th~."~~., A!SD See statement of M·)[J~. (b<)((['J 'iali<:JBd 'NUll 1jI;I)(tI) 1l!>.{i5} a leeat eh::ier; [n his, hom!'::: 1(11'i1~ h!1rm~juM w$G~ 0'f1J'te CO:P~ b~ nigfrt hleIDre tt:M~ ~r.~ .Elli@ ne n;ec mQ.veClall M hi's 'ffimi~ W al'Krttler vil~age. He t:a1kcd aOOuI riO'.;,; It!) neard hat fhf!~1!i iJ;ImlllCi M a:r'II atlaGk in the nfrXlL WBe~ aM ~t 'wC!uiGi most r,j(.c.ely iJ;I eii.e1'Jill/ r;;l::Jooting hoorn. I!t!e moonb;!j'!"is wiilM Indl!lfeCt fire. H)

3i: ,s....ce Star)lbo.e;rd (I~"r:bft 2) arid Srn1'eiM@!i'1ts Gt Ci1i~rst. (IJ)[~~l'Ui:lIih;;, ::;~!S).

~~ See CPTb)(J); (bw~:~rnteliflciiilr,s (r=xnibits ,5:5-5a)_

~2 The cMlia.j GcntFcletors 'Wei"() la)S in (!d~ivElnil'f}g \lie 1\e:e,'iJ)" E:iqyij;HT;lel1t o!i!lndG4.!i;1pre.s 'that Ii'tolJld be usee t'O cQrTS1ruct '~Ile ote,

3.J SlFO,li){3.l. !)tiW3.lG<ta~emet,t (Exhibit :22) stares, 'that itJe (b)(2l H~h (TOW) re~&1ment o_Mf!iN9d ,groui!)!i Df 4-'~:5 mer, frc.,-n 8-12 j'1J~.


SUEUECT: AR 15",01 J nVe5dgaijol'li Finding!Ii ,and Re.oommertdations - VehicJe Patml Sase (VPB) Wanat Complex Atta~ck and Ca~ualties, 1,3 J'uly. 2008

other' Sc~ldrers ll'iloticed that th@ "white. no,i::le"' cd th e water inleufe,red ,with thel r abilityro hear anybody who' fght approach their PO$JtIOli.3-1

AM Attack an VPB Wan~

,a,~ I On thG momtlfl.Q1 O'f' 13 July 2008, the Paratroopers at VPB Wa na~ we're

awoken at 2:3,15.z (Ol45l) irl ,oRi,er to check the [perimeter arid ocou,pY all ftghtililQ positions fur stand-to. SFC(ll)(J~. (D)(6~ij,;e 2nd Platoon Sergeant lospeded Uie' entire V,P8 a:rnd ensured thai: a[1 Paratroop.ers were, wearIng their personal prnts.ct[v'e equipment (PPE). and sem.JiI'ing their positions, for stand-to a1 2Jc30z (0400L)36. A SmGlllSf eiement Jed by 1 L T B rostrorn was preparing to conduct ill patro1 IQf the arGf,a. at 1 3 OOOtllz {0430L) JUL 2008. Srmuftaneouslty, a different e'lemgnt of ANA afld Merrtne embedded trnini!l9 team (ITrs) ~s. prepa.riing W' leave to scout the Ioootkln for a new ANA OP'. A few min !.!Ites ,into sieM\, the TOW position reported seeing frtl.e IP,sr.sonnel with b~ckp~cIi;s, and some equipmen!lin thei r nancs en the high 9 round abo ut. 9 ~O' m;eters to 'file 1~1est of VPB Wa.t1al~H. After reporting, lhek,observatio.fiI. the Paratroopers: rece.ived the ercer to 00 nHnu~'e mtJnmo ring the [neHvJch"lIa.I:;:h as there was not, p(l<Sitive. iidentification (PID) to lengage the per.sonnel initiafIy, ,After $$vernl more mjnute~ of

observation, C~:>I.~}. (t!)rel!~1efll'ilil~li1e:d (IJ,J(:2) H~I~ i3l1d the in d1tearl1ons tha1,

lihe enemy WQuki attaCk at any tlnne. He wa~ ~n the process iQf ceord irlating a '112~mm

a.~ ,See 0:0.131 SS~l"3). (IlH .... d: SPC; OIJ,)(Jl, (b)(a) sC:atel'i'l1eJ:lts (E>ihWiI8 163 end 7·1)

as The el,fents desorloecllOelow ,are (;t.-or:!J.Il~ally aeeurats 1.0 II'iS ibe:5t ~,ecollectioo m 7,0 partlcipartts ifI18f\i'ieWed as part: of: 1hiis jFoVestisation, .. vfJil! emphasis {in ,e1JF1:Fl.1Si 1tJ;;I~ 5t1aped the' oourse of d'I~ ~tiIi.e. p,~$ for marlY e·,re.n~s ca ~ be de.erm'lled due to '~rB Itlfansily (11 ~e fighting a:n~ multituda or ac~iO'fI$ ocoumng. Ii. stM"jooorn vls.ueliy (!1etIictir,:g1 r,.;:'ey C'!IOOl$, 1>$ Ji'fIclJl.ldsti at [ 2 m tI1is. report .A cl'etai[edi ~m e:ine or key mC.nlerrt'$ in the battle. ;al'oflg 'I"!,lthi ~aft .'inC¥effielltiS. empl~i!j1i! ,of ~oln! fire. en" erri'la'! of quick ~acti~1l kiril;:e5 (ORFli from otMt ~as is irldlu1:le(j at ElI:nl!:iit 3.

:!S ~ ExhibiJ£ 22 .. 25., ~~me;n~ or S~C tb.H~1 iJliI[6.

1Il :Se!;l Ex 'ibit~. Statement 1!1' SSG (ItIna). ~tt)[6) {" (tI>~noo'.5 £lax ;0 ·tl'le wee~ 1'5.00m out, hIgh onlfle. mCI!,mti;l~, ~he j:lerJl]J'le had pacJi::!;, on 'I:l1ai!' DB~k!;! eM were ,;::arryillg stl-iilll;1lftif19 '!.!ii1t! It!eir hands. At ntat range it is im,p,[JI'5i!:lilhle t~ (;:Iearly iderr:f1Y whaL ths:; '~e c~ITiltg. '), .Also ~ Ed,ibit 49', St:;!flement o'r SPC {b,K3J. r[tJMElJ r·· .In 'the' ,eSJ1y mominQ aroond 0340 11 :s.po'!tedl J g;.ax '...wth packs' Cllil the-'lr tlac,o;; ,EI nil nems in their !If:ImlI. At 03«) thBy calT!E! ." 1Jle area wflIert!l: I.:!;potted ~he 1 pax {from the nighm c,ef1ye}. A.s ~11 ~ th~,~ ~helfe. :2 pax p<tppl;l(:!' !.J;J' to re:qual 5. At MOO I ~ tOld! to' ~e't reaij~to. firalne TOW.").



SIJBJIEeT:: AR 15-ti Inves;tigal.lon FiindtnQ~ and Recommendations _, Vehicle ~atrol IB:as8. (VPB) Wanat. Complex Attack and Casuatties, 13 J 1J~y. 2008

rnorta r fire' mission and TOW misaile eTlgagEuneru, when '~e e,nemy initiated fire ,onW the. VPBS&.

9'1 [I At appro.x.i~te~ 235.0z (0420l II the AAf initiated a ecerdlnated ,a,ttack on

VP8 W,analt from m ultlph~ ~Q!7iiiiOn8 a-s dose as SiOm _ It was 3IPParei'i1, that the AAF had ide'ntified the key orew served weapons and targe.ted lh$n11 Ii rst, There was a burst of fire arid a!il R:PG fired irlto the rnertat fil'ii'ng pOSition (MFP) 'Wouooiny SPC ,Ab<ad~. The.' TOW poSition al$o lreceivedl several RP'G,'$ in the inmal volr-H¥. ~he tni,1fd R,p(5. to ~S1rlk.e the truck set it on fire IC~HJ sing the C!'i9cW to abandon 1he vehk;le, SSG

{bJ<a), ~bW~) provided oO've.nm'lg fIre as SPQ'Ilo)('3), ~b)(sanrl SP~K~l, tb)(lfflrl to. fle ICD.'ilei' o,f the CPr and then he foUowoo tharrf°.

101 IAAF vtera aliso mov,ing Idawrl the draw to the east and pi'e~aring to asss ult

'die UPi, which was. rsoei.viflg heavy rocket and rnachlne gLIJIiII Free from tlNo AAF support by f Fe positions to the souH1east: alT'fJd nortt't:east:41• Tha !tAr: were OCClJi P)i\Lf1g, IPosmons all

3;S See. Exh:l1rt 56. :Starerr~ent Qf CPT ctJ.)(;2). Hi(lil. (Bl}.[J}, (ItI~l~);)M ~leCl ~er Ib. tf'rte mortal's. to Qet ~ee:dy

[0 fil"e. t'O ~,y{lC up 1;11 TOW ~hQ1 wilh 12.0mm ITlCiIl'taf" mise::C71_ As I was wa1ki~, ba~ to I ~e cP Ilia ails-my initialed fua 'Wi1:1i RPiGs and PKM ure' frgm ~~ we;St cmto,1fle' molitar !P't and the TOW ':tuck_ i

11"3 S~ EKl"1il:J.j~ fl~. statemellt or SSS {bN~-ltI.H.l3} ("I S~101Jted !Aib~d is.lwr and pulte-d him eloser 1.otlnE;i hoose wan n 8"a1l' SGT4b](l), 4bJ~GJ and coni uad 001 roium fife''). IYSo 5SS &liIibii 11. State.fiI'Ief!l,Ilf' SGT

(b:)(l), (1:1)$) ("PfC Abad itOok. $nra.pnel from an .~PG and I pu'flecl h.irn ckls(II to my ~osiilQn, •• I co lei

!5!flt! Ute- !Jl.I¥S (i9nsrny) tJ)lUl,g 10 clirn IJ. tI1e ib"ee:s ~Illnd ths HEiSCO bas~ets to. our ii'loil'Ut\'Ilast bl:l~ ~ Ike:pt !5J1Qdti~ U'iSlIiI dmWl_ I clJdilJrJls, about :3 tlmes • _ , !;1M 'lhflfi'l 'We dce:ldc.d m rtd'!tow gr1ertades_ "l

~ .see E:(lliilit, ~'" Stat~ent of SSG (1lo)(:3), (D)(I!I) E:.iihibit 49. S"Bteliflenl of S:P;C (b](30), (D}I;E) 2100

IExt'I~i\ 2.0, S~:ai~m(:tlliof SPC 4bl~3). (1!!.'K8)

4~ See' E:i;l'iibiU5" Statement of $SO (b)(31, ~b)(i(i) ("The 8013 reported! " _ . a t-10 mal1l element m~-ng, M nlg~rcm.nd Ii'!'6EIFillg bili;',;; 'pack'S Md ,a,PP€laF to 00 can:"Jing sCimetnii'iQ. _ .. Tile i~1,:O man elemei'ift.lhad ,stop-ped just s.ou'i.t1eaet on lite spur, i'iiall'l~y' south at my TeF _ . , CR1')C3), ~blC d 1 L T Sols.'b"om weM iCI,Yi.'31"& of .he movemem- . _ aM 'ilile~ spotted a 4-5 maa e!er'li'le:rtt mO'li'ing atOi..lIOO JIst weat Qf'!t!':le l'iiQ gr.ound as well. __ . Jus=. SMffiy aft8r day break w:es \vt;en1fie AAF in[1jatbl:! 'M~ RPG and PKM firt;1" t.hfB [rounds :£'tfU[iK Siill'l€ posl ens a. 'tr..e same 'Him,E!!. 'fitis Imm ~~1t:ly ml~; me' tnat we had mull.lpt~ fiiin~

peStOOrl:l. ~l. Also see 'litatement$ ('if S QCli(J), (1:I.)«I:14:11'(1:!11: 53), SG~)~}, Cbo)(&iEJdtbit 211. SPQbJ.l~l, (b'M.6"fE41m;t BOl, SPQb.Ka). '(bJllfi){lE_x i'tlit ii) ,:aM CAllI!3). (tJ}I~Exfllibrts 5;5-5B~,



S U I3JECi'~ AR. 15·6 Irw€stigaifiIlon FindingrS and Rerommendattolfls ,_, Vehi cr,e ,Pi!b'lm~ 8ase (VPB) \Alanat Co mp~ Attack and Caslj(i! Ities, 1,3 ,j W Iy ,2008-

~~4fr..g' the perimeter as w,a,11 as the ,suoounding: build i FIgs. T-tu~ e!ii~my e'1lgag;$',d1 with aulom~)tic ~~pon$ 'fire' ,~rKJ RPG's, ,!lit ,a high rate (l<f fire 0010 the base fmm their eJevaterj pos:iti~nil~,. The ma~ln AAF support by fire p08mon was a round a, i:JcuS!e on h tg h gro und ,ri1pproximately 900 meters to 'the $-¢U!lhaast. Add itron;al AAF irml~rated fmm 'the, $l)uth :and \i'!,l'&st, uliHzin 9 a '!fall to the west. that ran .alb ng the rive:!" b~d. Th e. troil was concsa led by the ~tee;p slope, of tnte 'rlv~r bank." trees, and sewral, local nafiollla.l he meso The bufld ings and hillsrde~ fu 'the MJ1tlh a nd east IP rovided e'X:~eil~flt posi'Ilions ttl r the enemy i3S we.ll_ The enemy forces ooc' the k~Ga~ elcer's home. just so uthweS1, of tlhe, p~rim0teF. al'ild fired into the base fro nil 'fIVe to ten meters ~I an '9~amd poSiitron.

Thm IJg ho ut too attack! ~lte AAF attempted to ollmb ,a~ja:c~nt "t~and use 'two~stOI}i' ci'!li[ian bu I~d~ng:; ]n the area 'to' fire 'from elevat~ J:msj~rons! ilftClud I'ng ~he mud~b;nidk ,B,nd swne bl!Jildin91 in thee village usae as a ootell~.

11.11 FaralroQpe~'S in each flgh1ing pos'itfon at VPEl Wanat: ,oontrolroo their tims" but ensured thet ~II pOiSitliolils ~1I1g ~.:goo ,enemy positions wttfl an owM"he1miflg le~'J Q'f' SiJPr:Niz-.sS~e: fife in an '~tltempt to gain c(mi:rol .01 '~h)ffi!' barMre tempo. CPlbJ(:3-). tb)('&lh~ co.mpan:y commander, was managill'L:!l tha fight from '~he C~~~. At 23534; t0423L), only

,~ See IE)I:_f1r.b~ :50, ata~emeJ'lt of SfliC ~bJ(l). ibJ(l;.) (!herelh~e J..4 Ie!lemy ~osJtllon~ tllat we 'II.'&e

retlJrlilill£! fire to. At 1h:s. lpolrr. we ~',am ber 00' ~{1 :e.mllK!! 50 i djr'ec~, ~pc, Aye.'"S In taJ.;:e':aJ sl.hS~ainl!!ld lic!I!a ot '~re.~); see wJbit f. StatBmoot, of 5'Pt: ~b)(3). ~bK!io) ~~I:5i~ !fie mortars ~OO tlhe: eflgln.e~g ·n '!he; mort:!ijj pjt rettJrrfli1g fire aoo Nylng to ge~ 1:2.(1 mOrilSs in1:c aC~C1In1. 'They1Hef,e taking e-w~~y ~ffl2!d!lV:.e flra_ I:e;aw rounds Impa:~"g ~U ~r.Jd :e;ilCI if! their posiliDfls hitting! [hi3!ir HESC-Cu.:; :;:00 j::t~el f'ISi ~he P(ijlCttOS they ,ptll: up fiuf ffii'ef'l'\eQd COij.fi_r,. ~ 'se,.w '~Elveral,1JIf ilhe m~, Qet {!1jJ~ of ,Itl~: pil, to [nrOW' haiillDl ~!!i'latie.s. ~t See Ed"Jibit 69, :5ta~emen~ ,uf'SGf (bl(:3). (IJJ)(&) ('""lwe] 1.0 'Fight d 1tie AAF a~act.lng us iftDtriI HtEi m~ue ,and blSkZ8ar end h~tel .. _ an AA~ :fii~1'ttet was, pCP:riino,lJl up ,~nd, C!o~rl! behind 'n~ 'i,!,t,gll of' :the: mosque

shOi)1ing o;!t I,!I~. ·};see 1E':.:ht:mt 61.-68. Stzteme.nt of SSG Ob\l(J~. ct<)(!5.) (HI el'19~!ilediSl man stlol him as.

he IKfaS d .reClly- 0i"I top at th:e OF" ~Qotill9 G\i'lef' ,01 laz:ge b:Jld€lf ~l1to IhQ 'OF' _ -}: 'Sf;l8 §:lfuiliil 3:2 SEstement o~

(bJ~3). (0]1;B) (~I MarO pop :srll"G\s, inilllilStii:;;!lt&¥ fmllOIfJeC by multiple- R~ nltllillg 'the TeViI lJi';ic, mona!" ~DtSitiCi.n :aElCI Q!'.JF oon!<;.,er at, 'the ga~~. SGJ.l\<1). (b)((I,tjM myi;iel~ e-Wrte;j ['Qdl;~ the SA,\iVs to the, Nlalth Into lire lliaJ:taaF ,a'iliiil the' mesque :and ;tiMe spur to tne RWiM. (b)la}. (I;I)OO} OPElfleCl wll;. ·:tIe MK·'~ ~ (~~}fbl(3). {b:MBl {b)(~l. ~b)~e;M Hovat-e~ S~.artedl sh-lxl~inQ the ~tJr ro 'Iflc rou1.h~~~.:'; glfld :;;~~ ~nibi't 1:5, St~emenl, Of ,SPC

~b)(:l-'. ~b)C6) rTr..e ff,"sl: pl~e I r'ealiHld 'shots 'if~iTlE!I ~Tling rrQ."1!I 'V0'8.5 1.t!e .side of llie mD!.JIJ;fI-;sin to the

;$outn~t I fllled at itiI'tal location 'iHJin l~ MI{-1 9 !1.!If1Itil the first can was. ern pty.~}.

~ see Exilibfts :55-..58. SUt'lllil'r.j8f\~ of c.P'!)(~). ~b)(6)


.sUBJ ECT; .AR 1 s",,6 I nvesngation FirJcmlrngs and! R!e Go.mmendations - Ve1lil~tle ~atro I Base· (VPB,} Wanat Complex AtmClk and C.ifiIl5IlJa[ties" 13· Ju.1y 2flGB

three minutes after the attack begalllj '(he 'irst target for ind~rect fire support was given to

1Jhe fire dimrnion eereer ,and wiHiili lliJ~2~i~ 'tn~ 'f! rst 0'1 9B round S o:f 1 55mm 'S! n1illery

was fired in su ppert of VPB Wanat4!4 _ S PC ~>I3l- lb)f6~ moved between] flghtrl'lgl posmons treaUng cas.ualties, indLid I ng SPOI}')(j.), cblW·) SPC ~b)(:J.), {~lt!B) and SPC (b')(~, ~b)(fi,) The P,em.tmopern] rna intai nht,g c-o ntro I of thle peri meter, but recejved reports at several casualHes at UP Top Si'd~. 1 L T 8 r'O$1Ji'tl rn, w'ho was co-Iocated wi1ti CP"Kbl(3), (b)CtI(B18Hrad] the other positions liIe was taking a group ot Paratroopers to assist wah the casualties at the or and to prevenllhe AAF from overrunning the lP~s~ion46 ..

12:. ~ I At the Mb rtsr Fir'ing Porn.t {MfP), the firrif1:9 was Lrutense arid very close,

SSG (D)(J). (1))(6) Vrms in chAugel ·of the mona!" section ronsisti ng of SOT (bH3,. l1l)(e-~ SGIT

(1))(.;).), ~bl~') SGirT (tI){J •• (tI)IJ'i~ SPC Abad and PV2 (!J)(3~, (11J.)(6) AI$O present 'Werre t:wo engill1eers,

SPC l,1l>'f3ll1l)(6~ and SPC<b)(3), {b)(a) 'l.lVho l1a.d been t!jiillilg to fix a problem ef

grou.m.cFNa1er flooding the· ASP when the snoo1ing startedl4'T, SFa.[ .. ~3}.. (b){6lJla$ a!so rFL the mortar p·it as the fighting began. The Id·s,fe.nders ,eng aged the AAF from ~ppos[te sides,

meters away" 'The 'FI aratreopera' rnoStt effed.ive weapons ~.o suppress and. rn pe I 'the enemy at ItIjs I e eation were wa,>g mentary grenadili1lS.&:Ia _ CP"Ib)(3), (IJ,)C'Ye~loo to S SG ~)~J~, tb)(6)

4~ :Ses E)(i"f,lbll 99; FIre- mission !:g,

45 Se$ E);hibit 39, Slat,ernlelJll,ef SPC {ItI>!.:3), I)lt)ltS) anal ~l'tjM ro., Stiitsmeii.t 01 SPC (b)~3), ~bl(>fi,j

sP(l.Hl). ilb)~~ the Plat:o!:m metJic andl W~ !Shot as tI€!: S'~Hrte.d tn les¥e his p!)$i~loi:lfl In oFCIIi3t· to ,a~~y 1 L T BmstJrom to OP T!1JP S:id~e. He tl'IIB.n ~fIle.; his aid bi!!;jI to. SPCtlii:-l:11<, !,b)(el'illfld told him lO ,tto tNe· h-~t ~ lCl~u'd to freat Ca&~tias_ Numero s pe:"5Qrmef rtJbServSid SPC;b)(3), (b)(6)m.~f'.g lrtrim pgsitian to pCf5iiion 1fs,sa'lf.lig iti'OlIM8d IF'~r,a1J'DIlPer:s,

4& See 2.xhibit 61. Srof;emem: Of SSG (b)1,3~. (11-)(8.) r 'IL T Broo1rom ~e ~lIin~ fC.f rfl::n.fOCcemsFillsi ~

my eliE!m!3nt Ii). See Exhibit 7', Statt!mem fiJ' (b\t(~), (1J;)(6.) &. SliaM:rrIents ·of CAJ.J<:3J. (bK~hlbllS 55~' •

.a S~ ~xhtbit 62, S12I';.emefll of SSG (b)(3.'J. {bKB} &I1Ehit 17. SnateflllerJlof ·S13T ~bl(l). i,bl1:&J Exhit1it

26, Stei!;emeM Qf SGT ~b](j.); tbl(l)) ~nibit 64, Sitaltemetit of SSG, (bl(3<). (b)(6' ElC!1£::m fa, Slal8l'Jilent

of (D)(J). (bll'J) EXIT l1it 18. S~ (b)(JiI, ~bW}) E;(t'iibil $4! SGT (Il)[3~, ttJ.)jJii) ; and E:d'Jlhlts

12~'25, S~"mi3n:'1:S (J~ SFC ~~). (b(J~)



SU BJECT: AR 15..!6 It:lvestigaI~iofl Findings iilil rid Reoomrftendations, = Vei1icie Patrol Base (V,IPB) W,an ~1: 'Compla>:: Alltack 'and Caswlt!e$, 1,3 July 2008

from the CP to fire 1!'{HJnds on hls: pm rilly target to keep 'the. enem:t .awa~. Attar firing four 1,20mnm nt(!,r1ar rounds, an RPG ~9nrted ,e 'f.! re in the attaohed .AS~' 'fOrcing the' P~,r.atrnopern at the moltarflrl:ng ~o:sitlon to w]thdra-w to the C:P~', As tine mortar :sectIDn fira;d and, i"rbat'lwv.erwl across the b~~eto the CP', SGT (I:t)~), (IlWI} and SSG(i;J)(~}, ~)(6ic.e rFred S PC Abad" wtio' W~$ WOI.!I,l'i!ded and ~ra :se,rlou:~ DO ndlUonl51_ SGT (b)(.3). ~b)t6) ~s shot ~n 'the legs while ffiOvrrlg to the Cp51_ The Paratrp:opers rrugmte It '~o the CP wh:ern the TO~.f!l 'te-am and J1eadquGlrt~rrs e,lefi1-ent PMVt.a 00: medjc@l treatment :liJnd prep:a red a M EOEVAC requ~sr3 _ A snort ti~ tarter the TOW tJrUQK, - ~dreadly on th'le ~ aKploded a$ TOW' missiles Inside began 1:0 uooC),k-.ojf>i." [[luring this i'nieNem.inQ '~ime. SPC AbaCi dioo at the. CP before the first MEDEVAC airoJ;~ arrived at 01 2;5~ (05551L), despit,e ft ii'St ald measures by SSG Cb)(J~, ~!}l~)' S P@;.K~·l, ~b)!)ffindl SPO (b)(3), (1lo)(6.) •

'~:3.1 ~ At the north end ,of the VPB", 1he ANA So:ldieF'$ !ai!ld Mann~ ETIs (}Cc'Upied 'fhelr fighting positions and returned] fijre_ The ,AIN'A Sol~[:ers maintained disci plined friiili1li@, dfd not fire wild ty. as h~$ $0 m~im~ been obse~d IHi other e ng,agemernts_ The Marines. engtoo,~'i"s. an d Pa ratroopers 3~ the oo~ end of the VPS we Ile primarily engaged frQ.m ~he tre e Itn,e 'to litle' n\Q~IiI~we$1 ,arid bUild 1119$ of' the vllla'ge to the northeast. M'F engaging t~ positions were primarily' 'u;s[ng ,automaijc weapons, ~nd JT'iO$t o~ thE:l RPG$ fired by the enemy''!.ii.I'e"re directed elsewhere, For en extended pe r,iod of time thedsfund 6JS r-stumed frm umo the' tree ~i ne and buil:dTFilgs, controll ing ih€jr pe~ met~f ,aind'

~!1 SMi' Exhibit sa, SIa~M! ri!if'CF'iEiM3), (tI)1P)

~ ~ ExI"Jbil, 'fa, Stal.'emiSi'IIt IW/f P\l2 ~b)(<!-), qb)(B:! etifbit ifi~, S~atmni&"l"II, of'SSG (b)(1I)., ~bl(6)

:5.1 &e Emibi~, 1'7, ~tatement 1m SGT(b)(:l-l, ~b)(B:!&.r.i~it 64., S~temefll of' (IJ,)(J).. (~~l

~~ S@e EmIDlts 1' .. 9. St~k:Men~, Cit' SGT ~b}~~. {bJt;8j. E:tli'itltlJts 55-DB, Stilu.eme.1l'I:S m CI4'b)(n), ~bli)6'J ~<! Sse Exhibit,02. StalamiSli"iI1: i4"~ SS~b)(3), (1lo)(I!I;E:w;Fii~i~ 7,-9., ;S:~.8ru=.m:e!'i~, (J~ SSiJ!.l(lJ.), ~bl(6l

~!i See ~ib:it, 34, Statement ![Ii SSCl]}i(j~, (MME:d1Mt 4-9" Statement of SP~(3)., (b)~8J1d E:dlibit 70', ~tEtt.ement of :&PQIlI)I;J), ~b)(o5i)




SUB •. H:::CT: AR. 1 ,5.=6 111\te~igmion Fli rnd Ings. CJndl Reoomme.ndartions = Vehime Pa~rol Base (VPB) Wanat Comp~~]oi;. Attack .~nd casualties, 13· Jul(y 2,008

peJiiodical~y repositio·nIng to get morn arnmunitien and r'eifld"sr ~uddy aid to woundtd iWildi'lrid uals, Four ANA. S ol(d:iers were w{Junch~d; fndud ir'lg O~~ who WlI$ s;e:verely bumed when the TOV'J "truck ,~pIOded:5b_


received fim from th ~ bazaar and th e erJemy SVp,pott by fire position J·o¢a'led $it th,e buiM i ng 200m due east from an 61 eV,aJted pos~tion 011 the spurt.. all at tea,$1 one ooo2lsicn, AAF fighters, ,artJtempted. to aJppmacn the VPS from the south via "ltle ro ad but were repelled, SPC (kI;;(3}. t\I)~} manned the .sO ca I .. at the· US TGIP until the weapon wa 51 d"i~bled by a han ~f e~emy flrei56 _ The TOP rece~ved he~vy fire in the ea rty part of (he

fig htifl.fl's5I. Filma wiing dose air sup port {CAS) arfived on *~kl n et b~gan to ~ng~~ ~inemy posltlcn s with prndslon 9 I.d lded born bs at


The volume of e.n:e my fif$ decffi:8!s~d and rt beearne secure enough to start casualties to a; s1agingJ point wh four ca:sualtie.s awa itedilME DEVAlC rrom the terraces to the south. SPC 'b%~), (b)(tI~ ranae red medjca.~ .aid to IlUlI"Ite reus wound ed P,araitl"iCiopers at and around thils loc.atIDn01• PV:2 !,ib-)~~, (11-)(13) SPC[tlK3).. (tI>[S} ~ rild oUiet$ rep~al:edlly r~liiI ecross ttlh,~' VIPS U !ilder lire to· resupply the ftg hiing po~iHo ns with ,e;mm!Jnioon'~ ,.

!P:. See E;:.: hib:t 60. CflL ijIl.)I/li!, (IJ,)~} See &:hi!:ln: 44, CPt. (11<)(.3).. (lJollX!-) ,and exhibIt 65, StaJemern (lfiC31, ~b)(!i). (1lo)(-3~, (1))(6)

~ 8~ E:xhPbi!: :36, S'lflt~i'i~l~ ·!5f SiFiC ~b)(30), ~bl(5)

1$ Sse E:dlIi;Jr'( 61-68, S~~erilel"ll.,¢ SSG (ill->f3~. ~)(S)

.D IS> .. E .... ~.i1,..,"'~' i ...

. ,",00 -=XIIIIU ;:;oi:il, rli"Mo ·'-'-'9 ..

61 S:~I SPC tbc)~), (1io)(i!I) sworn :!:t:!I~l!:tnMI (~~hli.b;jt .37}.

t<I ~. E:.:hlbil: 78:., Sl.a'ternef.l~ lot FiV2 I)tt)~~, (b.l(l3) r!xhibil ;38, Stilte.m-eJ"ll of SP'Q(})(:3), ~b)(6:)


SUB.H~:CT: AR 15~' In\i'~.~tigatio,rn Fifilding@i and rreoomm:s'nd:ations _, Vehicl~ ,P,~~rol B$$e (VPB) Wanat C'Omplex Atta~k and Casuelttes, 13 J'u1iy 2008

1,5. ~ I Wh~~e' 1ihese events ''!.iVe re OGGUJ1I'i rig, En the rrvaln pelil1telJter of V~B Wanat, OP Top Side OOV'it!~illOO receiving iflten$e fire from 'the $:Q'ulhila$t ~d northeast enemy' $iJppr}rt by lim pOSmOr1S, The ,allt~cI=, on the OP' began 1Jriih. grenades and RPGs

seconds, ;after tlhe ,attack Wl~$ in!riatl~ on the VPB". SPC Phillips, Spc. Bogar. S PC

A~f$" SPC Zv-Jilling! SGli:i)[:J"~, tlJ.)[6$;GT {b',lf~}. (b;;tl%i} SPC ~bl(~).~bH&) spe (!;\I 0·) , ~b'J~) ;and SPC Rarf'l~Y were the oflgin~1 occupants of the Ipositiol1. .All w-ere ~liIjured 'Or killed by emsmy fire tn the fi!"$1 fl~en to twemy minutes of flghting. The [ifliliaj '\'!\orL~y \tLl'crundedl SI(3TbM~j ,['!;!l;lI!iJ and! S'PC ~b)Gi), ~bl!l!i-') SPC iBogar alone, escaped lnjury from '1113' in~tial RPG volley on the rna in PQsitlori in 'the, UP and ~afl s'lJppms£ing ,enemy to Ute east \.i\.iith his: M2:49

mtac~ ina gun6>l" Wf'J;~ hi s M249 jam moo. SPC ~ogar ,placed a quid{ tou m iquet on SGT

{b)(~', (blC~ Mom:$nlt$l;at~f, SPC PI1l~!i''p~ was killed as he threw a 'gren~dB ,at ~pproad'~ng AAF in the :lo-w groufld66, SPC Ayers fought in~r1$l~ly 'wijh ,SPC (1))(30), ~b)(O) at the M24Q position taking a round thai skipped off of hi$, [helmet and oontinufn,gl 'to frg'hF, He' waS, e~ntuaB~y s.hnt a nd ~lled ,after .laying down lm~n~ ~ p'pre,$$ilm' flte! on Ule AAF \WIl nl6 M-'240 SEa, SPC ~b)(~), {bl'B) cOliti!iJued the 'fight from th'e same, P'O,6~tiO!l as SPC .Ay.ers, until his, we~ pon lamme~.. He '~her1 gra~bedl SPC A'JjfHfi/ Wja~tOI'f'i1 but H: wou~d'n't 'fire because H had GI bullet hot~ ~n the roo~irv~r70" H:e l't:lefl eontfnuoo to engage, the enemy

IiJ Sal!: ~ib4t 6S. St:!iil.8meFlt of SM:il"3~, (!J.)(~Xhl!HI: n, St~ment CJf SPC {1r''M3}. {t1H51EloiiI'I iblt 21; St,nernent eN SGTlbln), E:tltI!l:dr :5@. ,$taremer.,t (I~ SPC~D')~l). ~b)(i6.)

ofliL See J:;:;,fjj.bit 6:3, S't:a:em en~ ,of $GlIi\II;l), (bl(tii

~ ~I"! ihis ~~ml;;':l1\ (.SE!e ,~mibit 1M), SM>f;3"J.I,b}f§]ates: ~ ~g~ IlX:i:iupietl dl:e' !ii-Ol!.Itnem m05~ !;fi!~i_Sili(Jti; ~.I:I;! SI7ij;:1.J8d :3 taUJI1 ~ul!t'I: I.Q his. Ii!!g_ S,G"1:bl(l;l, ~bl(o&)r.emem~ i'iI:!c¥.!l$l' SPC ~i31i to ;a, cetter 'fI~.i"ltitJQ p~BtJon,


SU8JECT: AR 15-6 ~ nv.estigatf on F[1ld ing$ and Recommendations - Vehicle Patro~ Base (VP,B) Wanat CornpleJ( AtGmk and Casuatlies, 13, Ji,Jty 2008

with hand ades and two claymore mines, After axpendjng all of his ammunition. SPC ~b)(~, ~b)(6) WIant to the rlGxt fight,i rig pos!tJlon and found both SGT ~bl~l), ~bl(6) aad SPC (b](:f). ~b](51 'ooth 'LI\!ho Md beefiJ'WOun.ded71_ He dressed SPC fb1<:3'I_ lllH6} ~g and assessed SGT (1,)(3), (b)(6) gPC (b}f3)1., (b)f6) attam pted to file several, olaymore mlines against the MF to the north, but tney had been d'isao.lea or ~l!Jmed around to, face the OP by AAF't2,

The· on l.y mm<Eliiillng ammunition avai lable at. that ·fighting position was, B LAW ,rocket whid'l SPC ()}](fi.) 'fired ·at th BElru:mlY 'who wer,e 15-20m awal~:l"3" MF fighters, flowed 1f;om th e IiiOitheBst down the: spur toward the 0 P ;and tlilrougM d"I e draw runn ifll~ east and "'eS~,. The came right up to the front wi re of ·the OP and fired RFG's into th a '~fi&e aooi\lle- the: OP and tos-sedi grenades i lito Ule OP, The A_AF fighterS En the hot~ s nell bazaar <;FN engag.ed from the second foor w'i 00 rn!J 5· at dlstances of approx.imately 21l} meters. SG~N~. 'lbl>frftlie!! ca[le'd over 1he roo lo lliat OP Top S·ide needed help111l.

16_.11 III n response to s.G~M.~- {li:JIr(G'JlOe$ the first lO,l three waves of

mirdbroemenl$ hea:d,ed ['0 OP io p Sid.e, 1 L T 8·fostrom rflov-ed to the 2!11~ sc uad position, linked! up 'rMi1h S PC Hovater and then moved wJth hjm mf!!~o ~he bazaar and tow.aiid:s the OP 7,~, Tt:tey were· the fi~l we:irrf'OfCemetLts to make It. to 0 F" Top Sid e where the:y I inked up w.lth SPC Ralney'l'f_ They ha:d just beg!.llrl to S0'~ up a, machine glln pnsittlon next to the OP, l"mell 1 L T Brostrom. SPC Hovat,er. ~nd, S PC [Rainey \~rere killed by enemy ·fjf1e.

Jl See Exhlb:it 2.7' State ellt Ol' SCr~b)(:J}. (li\I(6:artd IExhlhlt n, S~ternal~ ,of :s PC lblf31, (ti~[6) tt See EXtftm 77. S'tatefn erIt oi $PC

tbH3J. tbKG) l'J SiBe ~hjDtt 50. Sta.tellnel1.t oj SPC

'''' See Extiibit 77, StE.temenit m :SPC'il!i)f3.)- 'lb'lllB'] E."<hllll~ 83, S1.alcmcFli. of $~M3l. (Jl;.[EI}

7.5 See &.hlbit tBl'-f;ii8,. :Sla1,~jfl!;':nl Dr SSG (b)(3), (b)(o) [ExhIbit 17, State'1ilent of :SPC{b)(~), tbl(6) E?chihrt a3, S,~bemen.t ar SG}.)(30). ~bl(Ji;)

jIIj In hi$ statement (s,ee E!1(nlbi~, Tn SPO;b)(<!.), ~b){6'.If8ilr,eFfl.b€:i"S hear.iftolJ "eur IPL's. 'll.()ice, 1 L i Br'OStrom, hlm and! Rainey' were ye'II1Jlg bE!!:Ok. !3fT1 forth togathM and I don't "em ember wno sa:d lt, but li1ey saki 'they'rf!' [n:s-1de I B wire. I dll'5tir.etly nl!mlal:l'lM! ~fI.~, Raiooy's ~e saylnQ, 'He':Sfig,trt beili:ld .hat fuCking ~db<.ag_' 'The- I jiJst I'IGard a '!;'mote;: bunch O'fflre.aml! ex~ion5: 'whiCh Il.altril $-\.lI'EI ~1"iB gr,goo.aes" I didn'; near them lMter that.' SQ-Kkm·- J,b~.1;!! l'eCei!!ei;l 1'l T BroaitOm ar,rw~~ a~ the! OF' (see ExJhI bit 63).



SUBJ ECT: AR 15:..6 J mse81igatloll Ri ndings ,~ndl Reoommend aliens ~ Vehide Patrol Base (VPB) Wanat Oomp'le_x: Attacik and ~~ilaf't[~$11 13 JIUI,y' 2008

At 1lhis wne AAF r~h:ters, were elcse enough 'to throw rocks into '~he OP, mimicking 9re(l1ades'71~ SG~)(J~. (~)j~i'ied1 M!-2:03 grenades ,a!mos1 vertic.allv i'n, order to hi1' AAF in. the dead space beyond Ih is perirnete~a_

1 7 -1 ISelLevljilg 'Ih~t ~II olhers, ~ Ii! 1ne OP 'were killed. SPC {bl~3), ,ttlMB)' and ,sGl

~D)(l), (b)(6) dimbad out of the' '!firing 'PlOsit[:O,[fI' on the south side of ' the OP and made their way w~h '$~C (b)(~), ~b)~6) to the, TeF' 'wh~re they received medk:<:I1 aid and ,coordinated to get more: a rnrm, nition to the O'P7e _ SG')(~), tbJt:MtSS ,still alive nrt the OF .e~d on the radio, 'W~h~n eafShot of ,MF-' figrners la[king to, one another Of! 'Wie' north &ide of the OP. He was ljjVI:Jispering iieipO Its, to CPTb)(l). (b)(~.n.d attemptL~ to adJnJst flre~ to kill 'It!e, ~n~m~,;

18.1 ITh~ seecnc wave gf f,ainforoe~nflS' included SSG ~b)(3), ~bK6) SPC

(~)(l). ~b)(o6l SGT G'GIfci'a and SPC(b)t~), (1:;)(6) 'who had he-laim the distrn:!ffi call ,end on thei.r ow;n, i njtia~ive moved ur~el"fire to the southl ~rIId ~f the VFB" .a¢ro$~ 'ttl e ~d $CIutn (if the bazaar ,alnd IJP the terreces to th~ Opa,1. 'T~~ re!'lde:~ aid to. SGl&'j~~, ~b}!;_i!but shortly after tiheir arriva 11he OP was hil by three RIPGs in q !!Jic'k succession. lHOunding everybody il"i~rdl~2 _ SGT Gamha s-u$t~lin.ed ~e'V'ere wg~fiId$ to his, b~ok ~nd dred ,of Ills,

W"OUIl"',1- I;.."-'f,- re th . ~rr.+ ~·~ED~VJ'i,C,' -~ _- ft .c - i· .rl]B3 T--h . tho - QI _·t .". - ~·k··,

_ _ _ !..loS ~_ Q_ ... ~ I [_ ,,~ !VI __ . _ ._ M i2!_rcra !i~U'flve!id. eO-liEn r arawopers WI iJ Ie

00(;0 nd wcrve or reinfhrcernents were: aliso serio 11lS~ \.1\.I'OUflded at Ih~ OF'!!4_

77 Exilibil: 77; SmteFAen:~ d SPC{P'H3)- iliH8l

M See. ~hr.1Xt 63, Stalem I21il of ,SG!J1Ii3j, (bOlifif

'~See E;icniiJlt 153, Stalemml of ,$~~. (tllll.6b:hl_~lt 77, Staterr.8n1: of $F'C'l,lf:·rm- !,1:i)la~E:r.ri1b:it 5(1,'Mi,t o~ ,s:pa-I!;I_H.3) ~~Ili)and: ExtI[t!it :2'1. S.tarement of SI3'F1li)f.3.lljb-l(J3~

~ See 1;;;:o:hi:Dil 63, Stat_em€fl~ of S>C~3J- '[lIJ{Q'rtd 1E>:f1i"blbs ,55-58, StatlZirne.nts, e:f a~Ki), iti,K&J

:$i' See E:dllblt 67~68! 8la[~m!imt.s af ~,~I-lS}_ (tI}{6t &hitliit 21 ! :S1a!er~J;im or :E:~O_b)(:!o), (b)(6)~ ndl !!;;;ICitljl:lj~ 75. :s~ate:l1lel1t at SPGb)(:J). ~bH'!i-)

iii! ,~ ,~hibit 03. SU=-1:e,'liiallr!: ~J SSll(3'). (bJ{~h:ibi;_s iiJr~68, S;to.;!J:emenls Qf SSG, ~bK3o), ~bJ~&) aa ,See Eli:h il:!;i~ 75-, S~tement oj SPQbJ(~, ~b);;OO


SU ~JECT: AR l' 5~ I i'iIYe:$'Ilgati~fi! Findings a rtd ~oomrn~rldatiorus - Vehiele I~,~trol Base (V\PS) Wan~t IComplex A'ttack ,a'nd Cawa1lties. 1,3 Ju Iy 2008

191 tAt tbl~,1) 1,~,g minutes lnte the oo:tt:le" the 'fij':s~ of 3H preci~iQll-guid,~d

bombs 'was ampJ>efdl by elese eir support ,(CAS) aln:::raft: {call s-:;gln~K~jH~hfor B-1 bombers [b~~i~ for F-15s. anJ1 (llrle<l)t'f(Itlfoi" A.~1 Os.) on en emy positio ns around VPS WaMf~',. The bombs helped :Nt the, conditions mr ~ I'einfofdng element to move up to tlhe' 0 P without rnce~viing effective 'Em amy 'I1rn_ The' P~~troopers at the TC P position

~ rsctad ths third reinf©roomem of the~ OP a rou no '!he' 'south s.ide' of the baZ21_ar a rid $Im~y ~Q t~e buifd IngS-in from of the QP. which tney clea1rOO befowe mOvjng ln10 'lJhe Op86,

20,,1 i As the para'bro.Qpers foug hr1, Ib~,Clk~ th€~ ,Mf :mal1e uv,ellr:ed to d iff€1I'em positiotls

in and SJOlJ no '!he village inolNJidlng the ¥1~lag'e mosque. Asa resuJ1, the CF pl~oed a he~'iIY vol !.H·n~ of' fi re on the ,AAF ,and aU of the hund~n;g$ in W~,nat to include' 'tI~ bazaar.

'flred·"H~ F~ratrQoper.s (J n the ground! ~ uldsd AHH34 Apache, arttaJck heRr:optern {ca Us Ign$

1,lI)(2Js-ti@i ) onto the enemy posmollils wi1h de'li'astati,ng ,cl:lfectBS. Numerous

times. in the, ensui ng hours the helicop~~f'$ fired rocKets. missi re-s, and the~i!' ,30mm

114- See lE;;.:hi'~t 61,-68, ,s,1ate!'l'Liel11 '00 sse ~pJ(~). (~J(&) ~hibilli3a1, SlatBrilenl of ~3)- [bi{5] ,~ See~ IE:t:li:IrDit gg_ 'Fiffll'.>: LoQ_

>te .soc Exnibias 22--25, Statements.;Of SFC ~bj(30), {p}<Eo) Exhibit 62; Statement ct SSG, (b)~), (b)~)

iE>J'j~b.'l; 34, Statem~"!~ ad SSG (bolO')' (b)(t;! Exhibit 2Si, S~aM;rnii!rl~ of SGT ~b)(3), '(bJ(B) E;!C'Jiitlit '~"

:S~~ent or SSG (ib~Cl~, i)Jl.)(€I) Ib:hibits 7-'9. :5latem!E!r:rts ,01' SGT lbH:3}.. (IJ}{15} W, S~.a:temerrt !llT SPC (b)(~, (bji}!1) end ExniM 80, Stdt.~m e:fl.~, ,01 C~L r;lY)(J), (1Jo)('li')

.B1 Sl!Ie lE:Kh :bit 21, ,sta1Bmen.t Oi SIi=1\Qb)C~), (bl~Xj1leeel ... I':.i'Q 'flr.e 'fir,olil :tfie: t~I,).; ~~ E::<hib:i:, a, StErtetne!l~ of

SGT i)(M31_ ilii>lEi. ('~!'&Ivii'lg fire '~rQT.i ~t.e !;l~;;:::;;~rt ,5'e;e' E:.:llitiit 13~ stlJ1oemeiilll,m SSG (b.)(:3), (1J.)(IiI')

(rePe"ilJ~"'g 'lUre from !1'I1 the ho.~t. SiBS &n.ibil ~ S1J;1~men~ of SFC (b)(l), ~b)i)Ei) (,AAF did no!. ~1'1jJ ,alxl!l!Il 'Iih.:!' Mt!s'tlue) ..


SUIBJEC1f: AR 15--6 Invemlg8!tion Finain19s8 nd ReOOrrUll$F'Id~tions,~ V,ehide Palmi BaSg ('liPS) Wanat Complax Atta ck ,aM Cas-'Ua.lties. '~3 J'lJly 2008,

esnnens "dangell closer to friend~y forces on 'the: g:round~ , [nclootliL{ll mUl1iple gun ru n~ through fhe bezaar, bUJ1 '!here is no ievklence of c,a$ua,lties cue to fnend:ty fiffi.9iJ

'21 -I I' At Qti,)(1) ~AaiD m i mrtss after'rue;;:n-1ing bhat VPB 'W'aJiltd, was una e.rr arftac~, fhe Cho sen Compan;y gro uruJ ~bl(2l High dept:llrtoo 'from camp Blessing 91. To ~~cflte 'trveir mO\l'ement~ they did not p~use to el~~f 1he' known historic, IEll tocanens ,a!@rilg th~ rolJ!~. I ~rnead. 'they test ffredl crew "Ned weapons into th ~ drnlNS aron:g the mad where i ED trig,geI'TrU~n' OGutdl hideEl2 .. , Th:e:~(2) HgidM lnot ob~ef\i'e ~ n,y non-oombatents of comoo,ranm in the vicinity of Ute histQni-c' ~ED locations"

.22 _II At capproxim;Y~.Jy QD56Z, 'th$ Mli'rd reklforcament 0,] the OP consisting of SFQ.)f.3l, 1lI'.l(8"Hnd hls eieme'.iilt (SSG 1,1l>.{3~, !jtt)(I3~! SSG (b.M.~J. [b}l."G} 5GT ~bH:!o" {t:;)(61 S SCi (bo)C~,), (I!o)(c&) SIG1).)(m..I,1l~S PQj})(.3), (~)(tj~rt!d Marine CPIL@l<H3}, (~)~~ arrived at OP Top Side, assisted by SJ~iC (b)(30), (b)(lBo' who sho.wedl them the' mut~,a3. S,FC(bl'l.~ (bi>l.6:anO SSG- tI;rJ(~, {1;(KWl tm medlete,ly s:p'lfit 1hs OP ~nto Nlo and oo.g,a]"l' Sifting through ecquipmeitt and casu:altjesM .. CPLtbi'l.3}. (f;I}fe1

,fI';o [);aJ'lger close ei'1~gewjeflt£ took pfa!l:;g: 1fIii})J W O~ Top Sj[le from at'iS:li: (0:52~.L} to 11J:{J>.5a~ f~lt Ar:!Ilther series of ds_nl!;li:"!f" ~ enoa:g:eme~ QIOCIJ'fr\ec! 'fTOO"I O:)OOz (O'r~SL) to 03O-&1: (0735l)_ See E.'!(i1llNts 9'1 Hwo DVDs containing alii gLiril t~jJIM,) dtld !!tiS ItL TQj;.W'~), {b.K~l"UJ<Bil which gives the lime$ ;et whiC',{'l ~nger ~~~ I'OOt;:;!ge- can be observed).

!iil The Apacl1e CFeIPfS; alia 'thejr ,cl:iain of IiIDmmar..d ito Inciud!l!: :[00 B~tta110.i C«mm~f1C!:w" L iC (tIj~3), (tIWE.)

and Brig~e'ODmrn.andef, COL (ib-)(!3), (D')~,) ~~d thii;!' le~ :a;ficl sat-dl1tia~ all et:lg~gemefl15 were

gCli~ '$~I E)Lhlbn 98, 1. e~i'\:aJ fl'OltJ COL 'iliM31-- {tiHBl to COLIJl)(3l (itt)(I3~- AJso see Exhi'hit " t 0.. ~ of phofll!il co~~io:n 01 !fIVes~gatirtgl offiDer with ltie @nM)elS Jle,~dlrl9 '!tie: e~mlnatlcii"l f'§u!rs 'for &1):, !L!r ~P.iB iI'Irne 'rem Bil'tS.

mi SSE!i I!;;~h'!b'it 4:5, Statement of ,SPC (Ilo.)~), (D)('5~ (~.1 reean 'i!a~n 'liUCk '~Iir~cing into 'BvaF,Y DJ'811J wEI'

~m!B aeress .. ''}; iClr'".ti; 'Ex'hitm: a 1, St~temE!m Il;Ii '1 L T (D)~3-). ~D)i$)

~ I't!£s tim ~ is e~mated based IU~M the Sllal-Grnli;:r':It f'l"'Di'IlI ,SF~W].l, ~.b)(~ee E;.:;hlb.i~ 2:5) in whioh he, !ilita!e~ that the 'thircl group m r,g!nf{]~,:ccr:rtl00U MQ'I.I'ed' itO C-OP "11'0,1) SiCa mmealsteJy after '~fIie AH~a4 'flreCi 30liiJtl jl.!St ea~t of OP TOJ} S~e. Al~o sel! 8<t-JDi~ ,a2, Slatem_eliiit of SPC 4bJ(~>

Eo!! See E:d'libi~~, 22-215" Sti::llemen15 Qf ,Sfqti-)(3~, (IJ,'~) ~l1iblt, 'ofl!, S~.c:Jtl2ii1 o:M Dr 'SSG (ItIi'!.3,t.. (ItIHG}



SUB.t~CT:. AiR. 1 5-16 ~ ~~i9atio n Find~iii9s ,Sin(! .R.I!Zuo:mmend\ar~on~ - Vehic'le· Petrol Bass· (VPB,) 'Wan~ Compl~x. Attack and casu9llties, -13 July' 2flG8i

ef!g~ged iaf"ld bdlled at least one .AAF a'tt~mpting 'b;! brea~h. the Pr~rimete~5 _ Aft~r this eJe!T'ient ~m'iled am Iile· 0:1" T of) S'rrle" ltwa$, n~i!J~r aqaln in ~riol!,l$ d~rl9~r o·f b~it1g oveNhe~metli' toougfJ1, the fighting there was $MII·int~Nlse'~~ .. CP1)v)rJ~, e~~m_a~rned m radio contact with each of hi 6 po;smons. 'and undersitood too importance of mai~iWAil'ilg control of the OP. sendingl lw'o success ive ef:ements (SSG (b)(~), ~b)(E;) rejn~Qf1:C~rl on .h is crWUl lnttiative) 110 rei nwrce tihe pOsition and entia,~re the hlt~rijy ,oJ ·too VPB perhr~t~l'\ w;'hii'ch was never br~'a ~ood in ·the 'fight:97" At about ooeraz (045SL} CPl'I})o)', (b)(tlan from the CP throug'h tihe' en.emy rum .at .Mrth en~ of' the~ narza~r and up to Ol? To~ Sidle so tha~ he' GOuM check OIl me' oondltion of the defenders 8il1d to oomirm the reports of easua It~$ he heard over the l~ad ross. CPTb)(,l), ~b)~ouTllI'ed the GasuaJties aJ'td i0med in ac1~Qn (K!A) to detenTI rJie a S!U! itable I(J.I::a'tilonl to Jand the ME DEVAC titelk:o.pte~.. The reinforcing elemeru tL~alii to conso'Ird1aiW the casuatties and move the broken equfpment out of the ·~tJtrn.g posjt~oflS ,as well as JremO\ll9' unexploded 161i1:emy grenade~ from the bunker$100_ Gf?'Th>£3}.l1b~umed to ~he CP, W,a,~ a more rC$ !1tra II JocaHon from whim to ciimc1' ths de,fense~ ecrtrel M EDEVAC, and! cooJdinate air supportt!J<1 •

~ See. E:dlibn 60, Sta~e:me.nt of CfiL (l;olC~), (b)(6)

00' ~ Exhlbll!:. 22--:2i5, StatGli'nSrits !i;iI SFQI;.)(~), (b)~6l Exlmih.l! 82, Sl:atern~Il.1:·m' SSG tb:H3J- '(bH.5}

Sj' See ExfiiioiilS 5&58. Statements 01 Cf'jJi)P), 1)t!-).[Efb;IlllD'i~· 67.-6Bi, Sur:.ements 01 SSe. '(b'Iil.3.)_ ·(tJM6J Als'D iIlob:! 'Iilat in $IPC (tt:t(3~, !jl:i'l(J3~ st;;i11;!ment {.seE!! IEXh:!;i it 77} 'When hel 8i'1~' he ~lI'ril .$ornm:ne '5~y, "lttBy're 11lsidle U}B wireH; hGl 'WaS rer~iifI .. ig 'to ithi!l lMtl!l thai :!:itili'll"Ouooad OF' "F'0Jlli Sii:!e,. 1i'ICl~ tl'U3 JllEIrimBti!'! 'M 1M 'iJFlBc AI~Wi, 1001 Cifl.'e P-aratroo~el' reOOl!.!!m~ finding MrF remains iflS!ii;h~~ It.!e wire tiN lhe OF'. so If an AAF made it ir..:sid'e~ !f'le wine· of 'lti8' Olf!, it is. rt.~S~ iP10ttable Ul'E!l i':Je fled! r.igl'it ;e.~'y.

M ~l"Iitljts i..:~, SIat~li!liil~S 01 001 i)b.)(:3~, CiY)~)

I:Ig ~itJits 5:5-58, Stateime.rtts at CRliH3'J, {b}!:B)

lW E:-:hibil err· 00 , Slat@'ffi{j,dts ef SSG ~bl(3). (bW6.) E'J(hll!!i.i~!32, S~U!lnt~n_~ of S.SG ~b)(:t), (bHfi.) lE'~'):_ilJ.lts {..til,

Statements of ,SGT ~MO·), ~1;i)(11,l

1'01 bhibiffi SS.63, Statern,gj~:S. of' CA_1i};3). ,(tI~6)



Slj8JECT: AR 15-6 Investigation FirEd'i:rl9s and RieoommendalifiOns - Ve.hicle Patrol [Base (\lP6) W'~ nat CJmpls'x .Attack and Casualties, 13 July .2.0.08

23~ I A. Ot25z {055§L). one hour and ~lrty·t1ve mrnY:tes into, the ight. fhe first msdlcal ,evacua'ti'on heric.o.pte.r am~dl cU"KI IDctJractoo SGT CD~f3~, (b.)('i3) SPC LbK3}. lb){5~ S PC

1,b>i.3~, (iI:t}(6~and SPC >l.bil3]. ·[tI.H.5] After seeinQl those CBlsuatUes onto the aironaft, SPC l,b:'f3~, l.1l~f6]o than made ~s way to the OP and pro,vided moolcal traatrmlmt to SG: Pitts. $S G

(b)(30), (b)(3) SPC1bJ~3"J, Lb]!lij) and SPC (b)(3), (b) (B) •

24~ :IAi 01l6z (OOO8L). one h.o.ur arid 48 rnlnutss after the ftifSl rounds wern fired!

the company (b)(~) Hillh consisti n,g of 1 $~ Platoon. led by 1 SG [rlJIWjI. lb~6.1

,19;00 ·1l T (bJ(~), ~bj(i&l IE;! rfh.r,~dl at the VPB with ·19 paJfatmo·per~ :e no four up armored

!HI MMWVs 1 ~. Tihey i//ere a blIe to Immediate I)" defeat the enemy flanking movement tha~ had be:.9-un ro materialize on lhe no.rth side (ilfth:e objective,tDS" The suc.c€!sslv"t! Lb>f2HligJ"l from ,Able and B attlle Companres, ~mved a~ 025-0iZ {0720l) and 086·5z (1325L) respectively. They assisted the C"F {) n tile groun d1 to. estabHsh security and account for tina casualti~s 1ilJ103. The casualties :filIlnd th€-lr eq ulp ment warn e.vacuated throughout 1he ff9htinglCl7. The last MEDEVAC 'WaS wne.e[s do'im ,m Camp B!ess[rig at QS24fz (09ML}. The (tJ}lZ) !!!II and the OF ',/ililre al:de! to secure the. area and bo.lsl-er overall SJ9,(;Umy ~(la.

'00. See] Exfl[bi:t 4(';, StatemeIll of SPC

Ob\Ii'3t. C"')I!3) '00 :See. E:diribit 70, Statanenrt of SF'C

~G4 See Bc:h Inlts 11-1.2, Sb3"teme.'1~e· of 1 SQ:b){3'J. ibl(6) and Ex~ibi~ 81', S1:ater'l'lertt of 1 L T (bl!r3}. (tI)ttll

HIS :See EJdlUiit a 1. Statement 0.1. 11 L T ~b)(~. (b)(Iio)

~ See IEXflil:iit ~ Ill. S"tarem ern of SfiC ~b)(:!). ~b)(B) (l6ilttle Company}. Extlib:tt 52 .. S~atgman\ iJ~ 11,. T

(b)(3). (b)(6) (6attJ'e~ CoJlf.lpal1y)~ 1Ex't'lI1:!lt (4 .. S!;algmen\ of S'FC t,b:-t"3). Cb)f61 (Ab1e C~-nparw)-

ro'!' SMiI E:(li'iilil!t 46., Statemen~ of ~)t3j<. [1»l6~

,~ ,Soes E:I!:hibit 4a, Slatemenl m SPQ~iH3). ·(IlW8~~ Exhibits 1 ~ ~12. :staf.em.gn1S of ·1 SG:b)\-l~. (1:i;)\"t'.3) E:o:hitul a , Sta~smenl ,of I..l (bl(3-). <bl~l E~""b;t 1 0. ~ar'lt of SFC (G)(;3). (1))('6) (Battle Company): EXltibit 62, Sta~8ll'!fIfIl of ~ L j (b)l3}. (lJ)(G} (ea" e Com paJ'jy)~ r=xtUbit 7.4!! S.8terneillof ,sFC ~)t3). (1))(13) (Able' CINTl P?I n'!;').


St~8JEC."f: AR 1. 5-6 ImlesUg:ation FimHngcS and ReClommendatt'(ll'\s _, Vle'hlcre Patrol Base (\IPS) Wa,nat Compl ex Attack and CaStlali'llles, 13 July ,2008

25_11 Additional ,el ements of CF, the IBattal1 on T,actical Command Po.<$t (T AC) {Liight.}, ,and Afghan 1 &1 Commafido Kand8J~ ,20" ~ Corps ,8ITi\ted at Wanat at 1500.t

{1 roo,li....) 'the ~€ln~fig ifolbwihg 'th.e :inmal b~" MajoflbJof3J'., ~~I the TAC(IL)r assumed overall cQm~rl'd of tOO balitlie and Afghan Cnrrnmaooo:s provl'ded add,lt[onal security, clear~ ~trudU:f~S, a!t(l'gathefed. 'n~m:geno~'~oo., Af<..47 :~hell casings ~d RPG boosters lIJeI'e found at nu msrous covered and ooru~e.a'led :pol:nt$, ,Slktog the p~th th~t noged \f~B Wanal.m the' 'II~<s~'1!Jr, 'Shell c-a$irngs; were 8.1$0' found where MF 'fiig:rnters had fired from til€: !ITIOsqL!~, bazaar, 'i;rnd other Ctivm~ n build inQs,111,_ 'The body of a fureign=oom ,iflsut-geli~ was round waa ri ng A{g han c.ivjlta~ c<la~hes o,wr a w:oodlandl camou,!'~age

un !form ~ 12. There was no e1.i'idenc~ ef ,~vm:an ~Sw:J lties, I ill 000 m:sfd'arlC6, ,MF prn,pceg:anda meterial$, were found" <a I~ng \iVJU"1I m~~lil~I~, fQt m~,kit1g J [) ca.rd~,i 13 _ Srnlil lers also fuund bloody srtoes, inc! ica1ingl that fighiter.s had left 'lh~l r $hO!8~ irrn orr:i~r to, bl'end1 ~n wfth ';he, baremot and ~:nda!-clad ,c{virien population 1H_

26_ b-I ------'!J On. 1 4 J uJy 2008

Nati'onal Pcliea {ANlP) and the AA F rega I'd in~ the evaQuati!l n cf \Wulndefj and dead MF1'!_ The Afgh8ri1 CommfjndO$ iiiflm$di:at$I'llw~nt. to th~ dl$trl~ O~li1ter and di$~rmed, 20 members of the ANP" The CF and Afghan Commandoo noted thm: too ANP ;stmJon

~1!l9, EXhlb.its 4 &.5 !t.!Itftaln an un.d~s~flM ;$1[(18 $:011: 'with .a l'i"Jot(i. e5sacv of 1fIe' seli"lsitir,r~ Sft$ Ei:xpSoitatii!;lt'ri

by the GommantiuG, as we,.!!.'ls tile ~QTF 13 (bH1) 1.~.a,e..g

AI50 see Emi.bit 40" StiI'teme:flI, of MAJ' iJI)[:3" i)t!-).[~~

, l1 ~ EJ(hibil4 ,is. :5. S~MIIJw; Site IE><:'LI[OIita~: See IExniDtt 4(1, ~~t$ffiMI 0' MAJ (t!W3}- 1llM"6. ,(an'l'l:l~9 p.o:st--~~t~, taetleal i::<!I:osWlle).

, ~2 See lEyliilbll 4- & 5. SaM irive ~itE: IEqilQi'ta{j"on_ 1 ~~ See iD:hibit 4- ,& 5. ,$en:s,iti\le: Sl~ lE;q:!loi1<!iIJOI1. 11 ~ s€:~ iE1!:nlb:ir 4, .& 5, Se.'i:sitiV!E' ,Si~ ~ploir,.ij;l~~ill, 11.5 See ,E):;tbibit 40, ~f!i1Ie['!t (IF MAJ (b)(:1-" ~b)i)fi)



SUBJECT: AR 15...f3, Iri'~'S1igation Fllildings and Re.oomme.ntjations· - V'shicle Patro~ B;ase {VIFi8) Vila nat' C-omptex Attadt and Casuallles, 1.3 July 2008-

and distrfct cemer appeared untouehed by the' fighting 11[6. Thms, was notEWJOrthy because aifhough it was 0. Lit of thee direct line of sight from where the fighting OO-OL,J:JTTed it I~y if! '!J[aw lot the ;tj,venues of epp,r'(i&ch th6 AAF' used to ,enwf Wanat' i 1, SOldiers aliso noticedl 1hat ANP personnel appeared tn be wearingl crisp, clean rlew unoorms'11a, 'This was unusual 51 filee most ANP have Orl1yone. unifolim, and it fypicaJ~y appears dirty and 'we'lll worn ~ iEi'_ Th~V ~ ppared to behave no nriiJally, as. Jf lfilothing' out of the omina ty had occunred _ t~D

.27 _II I A search af the ANP ~Uon by Afghan Commandos tum;e:d up over one. filrearrns, thoaJsa nds of rounds, of arrU1TU nitron, IRPG' s, shotguns" and oth emweapons - all for a p<111ce k1 roe of 2D ill'ildi'tJidiualEi 121. Many of the l;;'!lSliJporu;;; appeared duny' and to have been used recently' 21, So·lcn~rs al so Ireoowred c'iteapOfl!$ 'lhroughout tile village of the same model' as those used by ttre 'Wanat AN p'23. The found at the ANP staticn v-Jem oonflsr.e~ed and s~nt to, Camp Bles.sT_n~. The 2;0 AN IP \'~re $aCh left WJth 1 AK-4..., and 1 00 i'O unds of ammul'lmon1;.'l4.

;·'011 ,~i'~e ExhlM 34" S!~i!!If'Jt of sse ~··1 See Exhiboit 34. St~k1m G!nt of SSG I'~ See '~l1Wit 34, S'talemBlIt of SSG

~b)(~). {b](B)

119.See, E:o:f:iilln 34, Smteli1e:n~ o.F 5SG

,~o Sim E;(hib~..$.:2 (Sto:ryboom), 4 (,CCmmatioo Sens.~ive Site ExpIJef1.atian) <ilrlrm 5 (1))(1) 1 o'Ia.{1

12; See ~1"13D.Jts.:2 (SIlOir)!'lllO~o;Q1), 4 (Command'1O Sej''iSi~.hi',Bi !L~e ExPfOite;tlonj and 5, i)tt)(1~ u&..g

-.2:3' See E.){I'lIb-~ :2: (Sttlr'i'DQ.anj). <4 I(Ccmmando SeMiirlva. Slt'e fX1;I[Q;1;a#I;)n), 5

(tl)l'n 1I.4!iIl£i ai"ld Exhibi~ 40, Stffiem nU,r MAJ (!ll)(3), ~)(6)

i~See IExtliiilS, :2 t:s~l.l<tard).. " (C'tII'T,mandc Se:ils..iitWe SII{I &:~IOi1:a~iOO}, 5

~t;.)(') 1."!0i1!ll ami ~hjlil! 40. S(~ement tOt MAJ (lI)(3}, (t!WJ~

li~ See Exhibils :2 {Sto.")I'board}, !!'Ii, (CQrnm:cmilo SefiSiti'ire Sltg !Explol~eUoll'l)J 5.

,jbl(1) 1.4.8,8 .antl Ex nr!:lit 040, Statement of MIU (tIHJ}. [tI)[5}


SUBJECT: AR 15-6 Investtgartion F~ndlings o'1:!Jijd Recommell1dations - V,~hicle Pa;irol. [Base (VPB)< Wanat Complex Attack :and, 13 July 2{)08

2~U I La~i! in the e\l'erling ,of 14 J u~y GF ~ctenUfi\ed: ,AAF e~emel1t$ attempting ill

recon their ,pos.itions, gather equipmet'lt, or $18ge for a morning attack 12:'i _ There were 'llum~roUS AAF .elemelF:l~s a~m.ptilng '~o pro,be~ the perimat~r from the ne r1lli~1I'te:s1:;, $<CI\u:t_rnjj~" ~nd $Oulh, The' AAF WEwe ~ntend feted w.ith d'h-led fire, or irldilrect f1re"~.

:2000 at l' 700z (21WL) to prepare for either rremai~ing' at 'Wanat Of reloGatilng: the forGes~21". O~ '~~ j11IiOrning of 15 ,july 2008" 106 orderwaa ,given to relo~t~ ttire' mites from Wanat to other leeations f;2{t. The CF mr'ililO'l,l'ed the~(I'" ~q;ui pment, de-stroyed figtrtlngt pc.'Srtiofis, and all pernonnel returned! to their respective Joaatinns ~n the, ~re~ of opefatKH';l~ 12'B,

30, I II make' 'the fol~wing speCifiC findings, ;a,oo rooommendafions as dire©ted in

the appoi,ntment memorandum 130.

a, [ I What ar~ 'Ul efaets an d IQircums1afitC'~,surr,o;Yli'llding 'Ita ¢~ p1J~j;;

attac.k on COP 'Wanat?

l~ .s~~ ,E:tihiWl;S 2. {St-ory!::i!J,liHI}. 4 (O!JImmarxfo Sei'tSi~IV(I' Sil,'@! E:.c(l~~taliC'h) ~!ld' ;5 (b)(i) 1A~l!I

(Il)fH 1.;!iB..{I

,.!_1, See IExhlhf't:5

14 Ju!y at Exhibit z, ~mf'y ~l);<If{l

127 ,&hil:1it 4~, stat;rnen.t of MA.J

1~ij ~t\l.b-1t .«;I, Sti;i'llarne-nt of MA.!' ~b.J~3), (bJ<6J

'2~ 'EMf;ltJ£i; 40" 'StHtcerrtef!t of MAJ

~ :boo !E);if'Iroi!; e. M.p;ptl:n'lJ'Jlent Mem !J.~&ndum_