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Dear Praying Friends,


Check out this group of promising young adults! All 33 of them (some not in the picture) came from different
parts of Peru for the month of February to attend SELADIS, a pre-university program offered by the
Evangelical Seminary of Lima. I had the privilege of teaching them a 35-hour course on Strategies of Church
Planting. To pass the course, students completed two writing projects: 1) evaluate an existing church (1200
words) and 2) present a plan of action you could use to start a new church (5000 words). Of the group of 33,
nine are
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I have begun09233352f0156272d10a162434e125f11718191a262728292a35363738393a43444546474 seeing
clients in my8 new
office in El Redentor church, in addition to my Thursday afternoon work in the low-income community of
Flores de Villa. Each individual or family comes with a background of family dynamics that has contributed
to current heartache and dysfunction—absent fathers and husbands; children who feel abandoned,
misunderstood, and often rejected; couples with failed marriages who are attempting to start over again;
women and children suffering the effects of sexual abuse. Please pray that I can be a channel of God’s hope,
comfort, and healing, as well as someone who can help lead them to more successful ways of individual and
family functioning.

Prayer Requests
1. One of Tim’s ProMETA students in his Team Leadership course has just gone through a
major transition. Sarit was the administrative leader of the largest evangelical church in
Venezuela but recently resigned. Pray for her next steps.
2. Joel and Stacy’s wedding is May 1. Yikes! Lots to get done in the meantime.
3. We are lacking a lot more support than we had previously calculated, at least $1000 is
needed to keep the family united. If this amount doesn’t come in Tim will have to spend
considerable time in the states raising the funds.

Tim and Debbie

Converge Worldwide-International Mission
2002 Arlington Hts. Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60005


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