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Modular Coordination Ibs

Modular Coordination Ibs

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Published by: Cik Mia on Mar 26, 2011
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Modular Coordination is a system of dimension coordination based on a single Basic Modular.

Dimension coordination : it is the process of organizing the dimensions in buildings so as to reduce the variety of sizes to which components have to be made and to enable components to be used together on the building site without modification.

A system of organizing dimension, using a Basic Module to enable components to be used together on the building site without modification.

Basic Module : it is a convenient small size in the appropriate system of measure. In countries using the foot / inch system it is 4 inches and in countries using the metric system it is 10cm.

A method of sizing the dimensions of building components and of building on the basic of a Basic Module.

The Establishment of Modular Coordination In modern architecture the history of modular coordination began in the year prior to World War II when Albert Farwell Bernis, in 1936 , proposed a module for mass-produced building with size of 4 inches. In 1953, “ European Productivity Agency – E.P.A. ” launch a systematic study of modular coordination and the general agreement reached in 1955 with the Munich Convention, called for the adoption of a module with base M = 10cm, as common denomination for correlating the dimensions of all elements involved in architecture and building. In 1972, Malaysia adopted metric system of measure and only in April 1986, modular coordination was introduced in building industry in Malaysia.

Used for Modular Coordination
• • •

The country’s Vision to be an Industrialised country by the year 2020. Developed nation adopted MC and IBS. The Modular Coordination is a tool to achieve the industrialization of the Construction industry through standardization.

Offer made by the Modular Coordination

Dimensional coordination
 Coordinating sizes and preferred sizes

ii. iii.

Standardization Prefabrication


1. The use of modular a) Basic module

M = 100mm
b) Multimodules

3M, 6M, 9M, 12M…
c) Submodules

M 2

M 4

2. A reference system to define coordinating spaces and zones for building elements and


Basic modular grid ~ for small scale drawings to clarity relationship between components

Superimposed grids ~ used in key plans, showing layouts and positioning of main building components

Displacement of grids ~ band of interruption are regularly spaced in both directions

Interrupted grids

~ to accommodate certain element ~ non modular interrupted zone
3. Rules for locating building elements within the reference system •

Types of references ~ modular reference systems enable designer to relate sensibly elements of construction envelope, horizontal and vertical elements

4. Rules for sizing of building components in order to determine their sizes • •

Coordinating size = work size + one joint Work size ~ manufactured size

Joints ~ components joints

Tolerances ~ product tolerance ~ installation tolerances ~ interfacing tolerance

5. Rules defining preferred sizes for building components and coordinating dimensions

for building
• • •

Preferred sizes to rationalise the prefabrication process and to keep cost down Preferred sizes limit variations Selection of preferred sizes to suit ~ function ~ construction method

Economical Production

~ material of component

6. Communication •

Modular coordination aids communication between participants in building process through established : ~ basic principles ~ terminology ~ drafting conventions

Do we have a Malaysian Standard (MS) on MC and where can I obtain it? MS for MC is known as MS 1064 (Guidance to Modular Coordination In Buildings). It contains 10 parts and based on the ISO standard that is recognized internationally. You can purchase it from SIRIM Berhad, an agent appointed by Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM) to develop, distribute and sell standards of Malaysia. What is Modular Coordination? Is it another construction technique? Modular coordination or MC is a dimensional system. It is a dimension and space coordination concept in which building and components are placed at their designations based on the unit or basic module known as "1M" that equals to 100 mm. The use of MC is an important factor in IBS effective application as it completes the industry through quality control and increase of productivity.

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