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Checkpoint - Day 1

Checkpoint - Day 1

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check point in 4 days
check point in 4 days

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Published by: vijayprabhu1983 on Mar 26, 2011
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Checkpoint Firewall

Prepared By Division Team - Vinod Rathi - GIS - MNS

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Day One Session
‡ Definition of firewalls ‡ Overview of Firewall Security Technologies ‡ Planning Firewall Installation ‡ Installing Firewall-1 (Checkpoint Firewall)

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Introduction to Firewalls
What is a Firewall
‡ A device that allows multiple networks to communicate with each

other with defined security policy
‡ A system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from

Private Network
‡ Used when networks with varying level of trust exists.

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Different Types of Firewalls
Packet Filter
‡ Filters traffic at the network and transport layer of the TCPIP model ‡ Looks at the source and destination ip address, protocol number, source and destination ports ‡ Static in nature. Completely based on the filter defined on the device. ‡ Difficult to maintain. As the access filter grows in size, even an expert could have difficulty in maintaining the filter.
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ALG or Proxy Firewalls
‡ Takes requests from clients and connect to servers based on clients behalf ‡ It is usually specific to network service and hence can fully be aware of the sessions. ‡ Provides content screening, authentication and caching service. ‡ Consumes more memory and CPU cycles than traditional packet filters. ‡ Not all applications works with proxy.

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Stateful Inspection
‡ Combines best features of Stateful packet filtering and application layer gateways ‡ State engine rests between the data link layer and network layer ‡ Understands how specific protocols (eg http, ftp, telnet) operate ‡ Maintains state session table for all connections going through the firewall. ‡ Makes security policy decisions based on the contents and context of the packet.

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What firewall cannot do ?

‡ Malicious use of authorized service. ‡ Users not going through the firewall ‡ Social Engineering ‡ Flaws in the host operating system ‡ Any threats that may occur.

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What kind of firewall is Firewall-1 (Checkpoint)
‡ Firewall -1 is a Stateful inspection firewall ‡ Uses Stateful inspection and application proxy ‡ Supports VPN (Site-2-Site, Client-2-Site) ‡ Provides content filtering using 3rd Party Products ‡ Policy based NAT (biggest advantage and ease of use) ‡ Enterprise wide policy management.

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‡ High Availability (commonly known as HSRP or failover) ‡ INSPECT (modifying firewall state engine parameters)

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Planning Firewall-1 Installation
Following points should be considered before installing Firewall -1
‡ Document what your network looks like ‡ Generate network-map and define major points of interest and how they logically connect. ‡ Note : Since Firewall-1 is a perimeter device, it can be best utilized and is effective when the number of entry-exit points are limited. ‡ Identify different zones of trust.

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Developing a Site-Wide Security Policy
‡ Security Policy ± A written document simple to read and clearly states what resources to protect and conditions for providing or denying access. ‡ Lays overall foundation of how an organization approaches security issues. ‡ What Who and How
‡ What are your important resources to be protected ‡ Who is responsible for those resources ‡ How an organization protects those resources

‡ Senior Management Buy-in

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