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III.4.29 (454)

And because (thus) (the scriptural statements with respect to

food) are not contradicted.

Abadhat: becausc of a non-contradiction, as there is no contrary

state ment anywhere in Sruti; Cha: and, also, moreover, on account of


The topic com menced in Su tra 28 is con tin ued.

And thus those scrip tural pas sages which dis tin guish law ful and

un law ful food such as “When the food is pure the whole na ture be -

comes pure” (Chh. Up. VII.26.2) are non-sub lat ed. The state ment of

the Chhandogya Upanishad will not be con tra dicted only if the ex pla -

na tion given is taken, and not oth er wise.

Only then other Srutis will have un hin dered ap pli ca tions. Only in

this view will the Sruti “When the food is pure the mind be comes pure”

have ap pli ca tion.

Clean food should gen er ally be taken as there is no con trary

state ment any where in Sruti to the pu ri fy ing ef fect of clean food.

There is no where any pas sage in Sruti, con tra dict ing the pas sage of

the Chhandogya Sruti which de clares that clean food makes our na -

ture pure.

Un law ful food as a gen eral rule clogs the un der stand ing and ob -

structs the clear works of the in tel lect. But in the case of the sage,

whose heart is al ways pure and in tel lect keen, the tak ing of such food



does not ob struct the work ing of his brain, and his knowl edge re mains

as pure as ever.

A{n M ñ_`©VoŸ&

Api cha smaryate

III.4.30 (455)

And moreover the Smritis say so.

Api: also; Cha: moreover; Smaryate: the Smriti says so, it is seen in

the Smritis, it is prescribed by Smriti.

The pre vi ous topic is con tin ued.

Smriti also states that when life is in dan ger both he who has

knowl edge and he who has not can take any food. “He who eats food

pro cured from any where when life is in dan ger, is not tainted by sin,

as a lo tus leaf is not wet ted by wa ter.”

On the con trary many pas sages teach that un law ful food is to be

avoided. “The Brahmana must per ma nently forego in tox i cat ing li -

quor”. “Let them pour boil ing spir its down the throat of a Brahmana

who drinks spir its”. “Spirit-drink ing worms grow in the mouth of the

spirit-drink ing man, be cause he en joys what is un law ful.”

From this it is in ferred that gen er ally clean food is to be taken ex -

cept in the case of ex treme star va tion or in times of dis tress only.

When the Upanishad says that the sage may eat all kinds of

food, it must be in ter preted as mean ing that he may eat all kinds of

food, in times of dis tress only. The text of the Upanishad should not be

con strued as an in junc tion in fa vour of eat ing un law ful food.

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