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Published by: Catarina Moreira on Mar 26, 2011
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Muttra (Mathura) is situated on the western bank of the Jumna about 30 miles above Agra.

The circuit of 84 Kos around Gokula and Brindavan bears the name of the Brij Mandal. Here Lord

Krishna and Balarama are said to have fed their cattle.

Muttralies on therailway linebetween Agraand Delhi. Thecity is associated with thebirth

and exploits of Lord Krishna.


Sravana (June-July). Thousands of pilgrims gather here. There are 24 sacred bathing ghats.

Vishram ghat and Dhruva ghat are the important ones.

Gokul is a village on the east bank of the Jumna six miles below Muttra, celebrated as the

scene of Sri Krishna’s childhood. Near Gokul is Mahaban.

Govardhan Hill lies 18 miles from Muttra. There Lord Krishna performed the miracle of

lifting the mountain to protect the cowherds and the cattle. Haridev temple is located here.

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