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Automatic Ration Dispensing System :


Automatic Ration Dispensing System presented here is an advanced system useful for the automatic &
more efficient way of ration distribution. This project is designed to minimize the manual intervention in
the process of ration distribution, so that more transparency & efficiency can be maintained.

The project consists of a User Card; based on a FLASH / E2PROM memory chip 9356 as user card &
an automated system interfaced with a PC and material dispensing mechanism. The project is also
equipped with a microcontroller unit for the ease of message display and for easy future enhancements
in the project.

As shown in the Block diagram, the project consists of following sub-systems;

The system consists of a User Card reader connected to the system, into which the user card
can be inserted. The card reader is connected to the system through the printer port. The P. C
communicates with the Card through the printer port which is a versatile port through which the
data can be inputted and outputted. The program is stored in the memory of the program. The
system program is written in C language. The card consists of an EEPROM chip, which can be
written & erased electrically. To store the information it is written and to retrieve it is read. The
card is programmed serially.

As shown in the Block diagram, the project consists of following sub-


Interfacing & Amplifier: This section is for interfacing the printer port to the Card. The Amplifier
section consists of an I.C 4050, which is a hex amplifier. The all the signals for reading and
writing are passed through this amplifier I.C

Logical unit (Computer): This unit is logical & processing unit i.e. computer. The system
software or program is stored in the computer. The system or hardware unit is connected to the
computer by a connector connected to the printer port. The various outputs from the hardware
like memory card, Buzzer etc are all connected to this unit only.
Buzzer Indication: This section consists of Piezo buzzer which sounds if we enter the wrong
password. This section input is form P. C, the input signal is amplified and given to the buzzer.
The buzzer operates on 9V power supply.

Material Dispensing Motors:

These are normal DC used to control the dispensing mechanism of the project. They are
typically of 12V rating and can be controlled with the aid of Darlington driver circuit.

Sensors are used here to detect the presence of a container or vessel, so that in case the user
fails to hold the container at the dispenser outlet, the project can abort the distribution of the
material liquid or granular. Typically a set of LDR can be used here.

Regulated Power supply: This section is very important section of the system as it feeds the
power to all the sections. This section generates a 5V D.C source to supply all the I. Cs and
circuits. This section consists of a step down transformer of 9V A.C, diode bridge rectifier, and
filter capacitor and 5V regulator I. Cs. The output is 5V-regulated D.C for all the I.C s and
unregulated 9V d. c is supplied to relay operating directly.

1. The project can be used at the places where the automated ration distribution is
2. With certain modification the project can also be used for automated medicine


1. The project is fully automatic and easy to use, eliminating the man power
2. The project is based in advanced memory chip technology, thus enabling to to track
& protect the database of the user.
3. With its centralized server connectivity the project can be made real time & thus
helping resource management effectively.
Block Diagram Of Automatic Ration Dispensing System :

(IC 9356) Buffer Circuit
PC With Parallel
Port Interface

Buffer Stage

Driver Unit 89C51 MC

16 X 2LCD Display

Liquid Dispenser
Grain Dispenser Pump