Letter2 Date: Name: Address: City/Postal code: Authorized Individual: Company: Address: City/Postal code: Reference

file(s): On the date ___________________ your company received my letter of “Conditional Acceptance” as per Canada Post records. Ten days (10) was given to provide proof of the “alleged debt” in the amount of __________, to which you claimed I owed your company. Since you haven’t provided any proof of claim against me, I consider your alleged debt fraudulent and non-existent. I am now demanding that remove the said debt from any records since it does not prove me liable. Failure to provide me with a written letter by your agency/law firm of “non existence of debt” will result in the mentioned court charges mentioned below. Failure to purge all derogatory credit judgments from the National Credit Bureau, Experian Ltd, Equifax Ltd and Trans Union without validity of the aforementioned debt shall be considered an act of fraud. It will result in litigation and or criminal prosecution against you. I will then charge you the amount of_______________ for: a) Illegal extortion of funds b) Punitive damages c) General damages d) Exemplary damages e) Special damages f) Inability to obtain fresh credit for filing judgments against my credit bureau g) If applicable, costs pursuant to Section 37 of the Class Proceedings Act R.S.B.C.1996 c. 50 h) Interest pursuant to the Court Order Interest Act RSBC 1996 c.59 I) other relief as the honorable court may deem fit PER: your signature in RED

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