Often in our lives, the people and things that surround us can only be met wi th a “wistful sigh.

” Moments that we cherish as being so special that words cannot describe or recoun t them. Single moments captured in any given place or time, that otherwise, migh t not be as emotionally uplifting or draining depending on their impact on us. W e often live our lives in seemingly confused disbelief or total awe for those we come in contact with or the events that present themselves. People we love, hate, love to hate, or hate to love; as well as, situations that bring about the same emotions. They are all there before us, at any given time, yet the choices we make in dealing with them, for some odd reason only enhance our own personal history whether it be in a positive way or not. All things are brought to us for a reason. There are no coincidences in life. We can only react, trying never to over-react, though that is a constant possibi lity, given the never-ending flow of events and emotions we are all asked to end ure on a daily basis. Yet, in that split second of peace and contentment that we all seem to experienc e from time to time, it’s best to just sit back; enjoy that moment in time, give t hanks for the life you have (no matter what), just take a deep breath and let it all out in one short, yet so moving, “wistful sigh.” Yes, moving, for it is the onl y reaction we can possibly express, which in it’s own harmless way, sums up what t he life we have come to accept is all about. Emotion in it’s most basic form, yet so profound in it’s meaning. “Wistful Sigh,” the meaning of life in a single breath! (Note: Thank You Carmel McDonald for that beautiful title. You are an inspiratio n.)

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