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Published by: Project On Government Oversight on Mar 26, 2011
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The Army uses the Foreign Language Program to train and maintain linguists who
respond to worldwide roles, missions, and contingencies. AR 11-6 (The Army Foreign
Language Program) is the primary regulation for the program. It establishes policies
and procedures for calculating linguist requirements and for identifying, testing,
reporting, evaluating, training, and assigning linguists. It also outlines the minimum
proficiency standards for linguists. In addition, AR 5-22 (The Army Proponent System)
designates the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2 as the Army’s specified proponent for foreign
languages. In 1998, the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2 established the Army
Foreign Language Proponency Office to provide the ability to coordinate and manage
foreign language-related issues.

The DLIFLC provides culturally based foreign language education, training, evaluation,
and sustainment for DOD personnel.

FLPB is a monetary bonus paid to officers, warrant officers, and enlisted personnel who
maintain the required proficiency in a qualifying foreign language. Title 37 U.S. Code
authorizes the FLPB program and the Army administers the program according to
DOD Instruction 7280.3 and Chapter 19 of the DOD Financial Management Regulation.

Foreign Language Program – Training and Proficiency, Offices of the Deputy Chiefs of Staff, G-2 and G-1 (A-2010-0141-ZBI)

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