******************************************************************************** **** BioNES NES emulator for Wiondow s 95 Free ware Version 0.

2 Main Author: Shu K ondo Technical Assistant: FanWen Yang ******************************************************************************** **** -------------Introduction -------------BioNES is a NES emulator for Windows 95. It requires DirectX 3.0 or higher. It is highly optimized for MMX technology, but it works fine on non-MMX Pentium processors, too. ---------Features ---------o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 33,34 fwNES mappers: 65,66,67,68,69,70,72,73,75,76,77,78,80,82,85,86,87,88,89,92 BioNES mappers: 93,94,95,97 o Joypad -------Keys -------Up, Down, Right, Left: Arrow Keys Start: [Enter] Select: [Tab] A: [Left-Alt], [Z], [.] Almost everything is manually optimized for MMX technology 100% ASM 6502 core All 5 sound channels Namcot custom sound channels (Megami Tensei 2, Final Lap, etc...) Namcot custom Save RAM (saved in .nmc files) Good MMC5 support MMC5 custom sound channels Konami VRC6 custom sound channels Konami VRC7 custom sound channels (partial) 16-bit color graphics engine Correct palette manipulation (Wizards and Warriors) Correct sprite priority (MMX users only) Support for NES hardware interrupt Support for the following mappers iNES mappers: 0,1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,15,16,17,18,19,21,22,23,24,25,26,32,

since it's a vilation of the copyright law. you must obtain ROM images separately. ----------------NES File Header ----------------Once you dump a ROM image. If you are having any specific problem dumping ROM images (especially Japanese ROMs). feel free to contact me. I I I I will will will will NOT NOT NOT NOT send you ROMs.B: [Ctrl].. you must attache a proper header. The author NEVER distributes ROM images. You are supposed to dump ROM images using extracting devices like IO-56. distribute ROMs with BioNES. Its format is as follows: Byte Number @ @0: $4E (File Identification) 1: $45 (File Identification) 2: $53 (File Identification) 3: $1A (File Identification) 4: Porgram data size (bytes) / 16384 5: Character data size (bytes) / 8192 6: Bit 0: Mirroring (0 = Horizontal. [Left-Shift]. 1 = One screen) @ @ @ @Bits 4-7: Lower 4 bits of the mapper number (Mapper Number % 16) 7: @ @ @ @Bits 0-3: Unused @ @ @ @Bits 4-7: Higher 4 bits of the mapper number (Mapper Number / 16) . dump ROMs for you.. I don't know if it was ever released outside of Japan. 1 = Vertical) @ @ @ @Bit 1: Presence of battery-backed SRAM Bit 2: Presence of Trainer (Patch) Bit 3: Screen mode (0 = Normal. Nor does the author tell you where you can find illegally reproduced ROM images. tell you where to find ROMs.[9] to select slot) Show/Hide FPS: [F6] Realtime Load: [F7] * The Japanese NES comes with a microphone on the second controller. * HyperShot is a custom controlling device from Konami. [0] * 2P Microphone: [M] ** HyperShot Dash: [D] ** HyperShot Jump: [F] SoftReset: [R] Switch screen mode: [F1] Decrease frameskip: [F2] Increase frameskip: [F3] Enable/Disable joypad reading: [F4] Realtime Save: [F5] (Hold down [0]. -----ROMz -----In order to play games.

Patched Games (Japanese games only) Many of the recent games from Irem. Namcot Games (Japanese games only) In order to enable save on games like "Kaiju Monogatari". It also means that the author is in no way responsible for any damage or losses resulting from the use of this software. simply press [F3] to increase the frameskip rate. and these patches sometimes take advantage of Nesticle's bugs. "Sangokushi 2" use usual battery-backed SRAM. the game speed depends on your monitor's refresh rate if your computer is fast enough to process emulation tasks. Nesticle does not even emulate mapper 4 correctly. (1) Open the Display control panel (2) Set the refresh rate under 640x480 to 60Hz The setting may not be valid on some video cards. you should check this first. Such games often have garbage in Byte #7 of the header. in which case you must press [F2] to add delay. Use it at your own risk! . If any game doesn't work. Unfortunately. If BioNES is too fast on your computer.8-15: Unused -------Notes -------Game Speed BioNES is designed to work in sync with the monitor refresh. Use original ROM images! ------------Disclaimers ------------BioNES Copyright 1998 Shu Kondo BioNES is distributed as freeware. Namcot. If BioNES is too slow. Taito and Sunsoft are patched for Nesticle Mapper 4. please uncheck the "battery_backed" bit of the header. Because Nesticle didn't support the custom mappers of these companies. please take the following procedures before starting BioNES. The author accepts no reward for it. Higher 4 bits of the mapper number Some games floating around the net have corrupt headers. Konami. More recent games like "Megami Tensei 2". As a result. These games do not use usual SRAM. Such patched games do not work well on BioNES and fwNES.

so don't expect a reply from the author.co.jp * The author cannot spare a lot of time for BioNES. .Shu Kondo silver-knight@geocities.

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