Thank u Thank u all! Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I’ve been having some sleepless night wondering what words to say and finally the D day arrives and I am standing in front of u delivering my views and most importantly, my acceptance. As I look to the many curious and staring eyes on me, I believe the coming year will bring more sleepless nights. I’d like to take a moment to thank them, without whom, I can confidently say I would not be here today. That’s my family, pause, each of them have and will be playing a very significant role in my RCCP life and especially my presence here, in front of you could not have happened without their backing. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the eminent _______ board for having chosen me or probably lets put it this way for having cornered (sneer) me as “THE ONE”, who believed in me to head the team of ________. Friends, it is an absolute honor and privilege to stand before you on this graceful occasion and utter the most a waited words “Yes, I accept to be the President of ______________ for the year __________”. But a single head achieves nothing, so I am counting on your support to achieve the growth and goals I have dreamt for the _______ Baby. This is truly a moment to be honored and cherished. I accept this appointment with pride and will give my best efforts to make you proud to have selected me. With grace of God and the cooperation of fellow members, I will devote my time and myself to the obligations and the duties of this post. There’s an old saying, “Do not pray for tasks equal to ur powers; pray for powers equal to ur tasks”. And the newborn is already facing expectations beyond belief. At the end of the year _______, it is my dream and prayer that we will have transformed these possibilities and opportunities into stories of success and triumph. So again thanks for selecting me and thanks for all your guidance as we drive our new club from here and letting you see the great things we do with it.