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Executive MBA

Business School São Paulo
BSP – Business School São Paulo – is a modern and dynamic business school, part of Laureate International Universities, ranked amongst the best schools in Brazil and Latin America by major international ranking organizations such as QS TOP MBA, América Economia and Eduniversal. For 15 years, BSP has been educating and developing innovative leaders, with an international vision, due to its partnerships with well known foreign institutions and a faculty whose members have sound academic and professional backgrounds. During this period, BSP has contributed to the development of over 8,000 active professionals in leadership positions. BSP postgraduate courses offer the possibility of an update which is immediately applicable of the tools and knowledge which will facilitate the acquisition of a macro and strategic view of the market. As such, students develop their professional potential and are prepared to assume new challenges. BSP has partnerships with business schools in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, offering students the opportunity to expand their networks and develop a broad and international understanding of business. BSP’s rigorous selection processes allows the school to select highly qualified students, which creates a dynamic learning environment and valuable networking community. Our students are active professionals, working in companies such as AMBEV, Avon, Microsoft, Nestlé, NET, Pfizer, Santander, Suzano and Vivo.



com United Kingdom Germany United States Spain Turkey China Mexico Peru Brazil Chile 3 . During its 15 years of tradition. combined with a local viewpoint. with universities and busines schools in 20 countries. BSP became part of Laureate International Universities. BSP’s focus on business strategy allows BSP is part of the largest group of higher education institutions worldwide. please visit www. knowledge and best practices in the educational field. To learn more about Laureate International Universities. As part of an international group of universities and business schools. and reinforces its mission of developing individuals and organizations to be effective business leaders in Brazil and abroad. creating a learning experience that is truly multicultural and focused on career development. BSP has become known for its commitment to internationalization. its students to better understand and manage the complexity of the global market and new business environment. In 2008. thus enabling the exchange of experiences. increasing the learning opportunities for its students as well as creating a valuable exchange between students and faculty locally and abroad.laureate-inc.LAUREATE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITIES BSP is an innovative business school. Laureate brings to its institutions and students a global perspective. which has over 40 educational institutions worldwide. The entry of BSP into the Laureate network is another milestone in the school’s history of innovation. with international and strategic partnerships that provides its students with a unique experience in the increasingly globalized and competitive business environment. BSP is able to offer its students a truly international experience.

BSP was the first private independent business school providing postgraduate courses to be accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC). Você S/A – Ranked BSP among top 10 MBAs in Brazil. Received accreditation from ANAMBA (Associação Nacional de MBA – Brazilian MBA Association). Recognized by the magazine “The Economist” as one of the three most respected business schools in Brazil. 1999 2000 2003 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 4 . Joined AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business as a member. by the magazine “América Economia”. by the magazine “América Economia”. Joined Laureate International Universities.Ranked BSP as the 2nd best MBA in Brazil and 6th in Latin America. according to survey conducted with 200 Human Resource professionals in Latin America. Eduniversal – BSP was the first Brazilian private school to receive 4 Palms in the Top Business Schools category.USA – an entity that recognizes schools with the best Executive MBA worldwide. América Economia – BSP was ranked as the 5th best MBA in Brazil.BSP Credentials 1995 Full Academic Membership of the Executive MBA Council . Ranked for the first time among the 10 best business administration schools in Latin America. Ranked 3rd best MBA in Brazil. Widely recognized by national and international ranking organizations QS TOP MBA .

This means that there are many uncertainties around. as well as workshops that will work on the competences and skills required of a contemporary leader. This is no longer the case… The limits between industries and segments are increasingly flimsy. Companies appear overnight and other companies. Finance and Strategy. will give you an international perspective on special subjects that are currently a challenge for professionals.Letter from the EMBA Program Director This is a complex world. the leadership skills have become essential in this complex environment. As an executive. with which we are used to seeing every day. the Leadership Development Program. resulting from a thorough analysis of the new environment and its trends. The use of e-mails is associated to an “older” generation. moreover. often times. such as the interests of suppliers and customers. business owner or entrepreneur you have to deal with unclear situations. Ethics in Business. and other communities around them. especially Marketing. the new generations “twitter” (a new verb) and use social networks. In the past. crucial to reach the desired results. always demanding the most from your skills. games and simulations. the latter. workshops and debates. they are antagonistic and contradictory. as well as critical thinking. ranked among the 40 best global MBAs by the Financial Times. BSP´s EMBA will help you in all these challenges. The Program. not only for tomorrow. businesses must be sustainable. We invite you to come to the modern world of business and its challenges. We reinforced analytical areas. We foster learning using several types of methodologies. How can one balance the demands of all these stakeholders? And how about changes? We have to deal with the accelerated pace of new products and services. The Board of Directors and other responsible executives must protect the business for the future. the EMBA offers a special module. Thomas Brull Executive MBA Program Director 5 . go in opposite directions. designed especially for our students. combines modern management tools that cover and integrate various business areas with the development of skills required to become a leader. Thus. suddenly disappear. A mobile phone competes with a photographic camera or with a fashion accessory. In spite of the importance of analytical tools. among other disciplines. including. an exclusive subject of BSP among Brazilian Business Schools. This does not mean to be green only. employees and investors. customers. “Complexity – as my colleague and BSP Professor Humberto Mariotti wrote. here at BSP. and balance the interests of all stakeholders. banks and shareholders. During 2 weeks in Canada. Communities are demanding companies that are socially responsible with regards to their employees. and local and global institutions. – is the endless interaction of the endless systems that make up the natural world and human societies”. You are responsible for both long term and short term results. with sessions that include theory and practice. this module. which includes individual coaching. A local bookshop may be replaced by a distantly located e-commerce company. professors that combine academic background with a sound experience in the business world. which. the threat came from well known competitors. such as case discussions. you will attend classes at Rotman School of Management. As part of the course. You are responsible for the satisfaction of various and diverse interests. The Program is bold and dynamic. Business Design and Complex Thinking. such as effective communications and team work. and that they behave based on sound values. In addition.

The intent is to encourage creativity and the design of new business and processes going far beyond the examination of existing best practices. as they advance in positions of greater responsibility within their companies. Through the integration of the leadership concepts. This combination of real life experience with sound theoretical concepts. and works with new tools and concepts to improve the students´ analytical capacity. The high quality of the faculty is often praised by BSP students. people development. strategic business management. The course will to sharpen the ability to think globally and maximize the potential impact that an executive can have as a strategic decision-maker. in both Brazilian and international companies. Syllabus Focused on Managerial and Leadership Skills BSP Executive MBA was redesigned to ensure that students master the various managerial and leadership skills required of an innovative and modern leader. This special and exclusive course gives students access to the latest trends of the world of business creating a truly international and integrative business perspective.WHY STUDY THE EMBA AT BSP? Faculty members with Professional Careers and International Academic Background BSP EMBA professors have a high level of academic background combined with professional careers. case studies. The program is based on four pillars: effective communications. this science deals with complex phenomena. class lectures. leadership styles and execution. and workshops with the purpose of developing communication and leadership skills. 6 . workshops and business games. International Module at Rotman School of Management – Toronto (Canada) At The Rotman School of Management students gain exposure to some of the world´s leading business thinkers. Complexity Management A BSP specialty. students enrich their knowledge and abilities in a dynamic and multidisciplinary manner. results in dynamic sessions and effective transfer of applicable knowledge during the classes. Leadership Development Program (LDP) The LDP offers students a combination of individual & team coaching. This program will enable students to reach a higher level performance.

it has a worldwide reputation for excellence. Its vision for 21st century business studies involves replacing the traditional emphasis on discrete business functions with an integrative approach recognizing that the new challenges facing business transcend functional boundaries. designed to provide a broad understanding of the key strategic imperatives of managing in the global economy of the 21st century. Benefits The participants can expect to be exposed to the latest thinking in the development of strategic responses in a wide variety of industries and functional areas of management. Canada.utoronto. • Exposure to some of the world´s leading business thinkers. One of the oldest universities in North America. It is fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Eight of Canada´s Nobel Prizes are associated with the university. business games and role playing situations will be used throughout the program. visit rotman. Business Week and the Financial Times.ca The Rotman School of Management. The relevance of this approach has made the Rotman School a rapidly growing institution. For more information. Participants are exposed to the theories and concepts of effective management and to a number of successful practical examples of the use of these concepts through case studies. 7 . Methodology A variety of case discussions. lectures. • First access to the latest trends of the world of business developing a truly international and integrative business perspective. Rotman School of Management is one of the world´s premiere business schools.International Module at Rotman School of Management Managing in the Global Economy is a two-week program at the Rotman School of Management. • Sharpen your ability to think globally and maximize your impact as a strategic decision-maker. The Rotman School offers an extensive range of graduate and postgraduate degree programs. Program Topics • Multinational Strategy Game • Strategic Innovation • Global Environment & Competitiveness • North America’s Integration with the Global Economy • Financial Analysis: A Strategic and Global Perspective • Ethics & Governance for the Global Business • Global Marketing • Competitive Dynamics The Rotman School is committed to revolutionizing business education. University of Toronto. Canada The University of Toronto´s Joseph L. The University of Toronto. It has received consistently high rankings in global surveys conducted by the Wall Street Journal. was established in 1827. Business Week recently rated its program in executive education as among the 20 best in the world.

Program Structure The EMBA program content is supported by four basic pillars: rigor. lectures with market experts and a special leadership module – the Leadership Development Program. enabling it to offer a superior managerial program to its students. integration and a strategic sequence of the various disciplines. The International Module. The program development is systematically monitored by BSP. business games that integrate various types of knowledge. All these aspects were considered and analyzed from the perspective of a business professional who is currently active in the marketplace and is searching for an academic / conceptual education based on a relevant and contemporary structure. integrative and global view of the major opportunities and challenges of the globalized world. The program duration is 20 months. with classes at the Rotman School of Management. since the structure of the program is what differentiates BSP. FORMATION CONSOLIDATION Introduction Kick-off / Opening Day Strategy Complexity management Negotiations Leadership Ethics & Business Leading through the business cycle Leadership and Team Development Organization Strategic Human Resources Management Economy and Finance Global Economic Environment Accounting and Financial Statements Analysis Managerial Planning and Control Marketing Fundamentals of Marketing Advanced Marketing Tools Operations Business Mathematics and Statistics Operations and Supply Chain Management Quantitative Decision-Making Models Business Games Planning Conquest Workshops Sales Clinic Research Methodology Executive Meetings Development & Competitiveness in Brazil Successful Brazilian Cases International Imersion Program Final Project Leadership Development Program 8 . all day intensive workshops focused on specific subjects. relevance. including traditional disciplines. offers a broader.

INTEGRATION / APLICATION Corporate & Competitive Strategy Entrepreneurship & Innovation Corporate Risk Management Change Management Corporate and International Law Corporate Governance Corporate Finance Advanced Finance Strategies Strategic Marketing Planning IT Strategic Management Market Conquest Business Design Research Methodology II Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability Family Business Value Creation Career Management Rotman School of Management (Canada) FINAL PROJECT DIRECTIVE COMPETENCIES AND LEADERSHIP COACHING 9 .

students will understand the role of leaders and their responsibility in the process of forming and maintaining effective teams. revitalize existing businesses. case studies and practical exercises with simulations. Students will reflect on successful and unsuccessful real world business cases to analyze successful elements in the creation of long-lasting businesses. error. Entrepreneurship & Innovation An entrepreneur is able to see and take advantage of new opportunities.Courses Description Strategy Complexity Management This discipline integrates linear-cartesian and systemic thinking. create awareness of the importance of values and offer a rare opportunity of focusing on the crucial aspects of the relationship between businesses. including recruitment and selection. This integration is only the first step of a broader process. among others. whose goal is to develop a vision that will allow a more realistic and less theoretical handling of the business reality. A relevant subject is the diversity of cultures. and innovate products and processes. It combines theory. values and choices that are part of organizations today. methods and techniques. This discipline provides the methodological tools and concepts required to strengthen an effective negotiation capacity. individuals. competitive advantage achievement and performance metrics. Through these ideas. but companies that are able to evolve and change continuously. Among various topics. performance assessment. Negotiations Negotiation is a skill of fundamental importance in an executive’s career. where the members are motivated and committed to the attainment of expected results. professionals can deal more productively with diversity. Leading Through the Business Cycle Products and services become obsolete. and training and development. the community and the greater society. Change Management This course searches to understand the change process in an organization and supply the required tools for management to be effective during this process. monitoring and mitigation. This discipline presents some of the methodologies capable of identifying these risks in an integrated manner. included is the practical development of a business plan. Organization Strategic Human Resources Management Every leader must undertake as one of his/her priorities the management of people and their competences. This course has the objective of making students familiar with the most modern human resources management techniques. If well understood and managed. environment analysis. for their assessment. do not. 10 . This discipline focuses on concepts and tools that enable students to be entrepreneurial and innovative individuals in a systematic and focused manner. students analyze and discuss strategy formulation. Corporate & Competitive Strategy Students will be exposed to the concepts and tools required to develop corporate planning processes. and to assist in deal with the various individual and organizational effects and thus minimize the negative impact on team members. to understand and assess strategic planning and follow-up with results. Leadership Ethics & Business The goal of this course is to encourage discussions and debates. Leadership and Team Development In this course.diversity can be transformed into significant competitive advantage. Also. Corporate Risk Management To learn and handle the risks that threaten the company´s survival is essential for all organizations. illusion and continuous change in business management. instability. uncertainty.

covering topics such as the marketing mix. the time value of money. the tax liability of the partners and managers. competitive positioning and marketing strategies. dissolution and amendments of companies are examined. to best understand what decisions must be made to improve performance indicators. as well as market structures and their regulation. and cost analysis for decision-making. the financial and capital markets. strategic and collaborative alliances. Managerial Planning and Control This discipline studies the development and follow-up of cost estimates. Economy and Finance Global Economic Environment This course will discuss and examine the principal economic processes monetary and fiscal policies and their impact on economic cycles. In International Law. market research. rules and practical effects of its application in the incorporation. employment level. tax. are also studied. policies that involve the working capital of companies and methodologies for capital investment decision-making. Advanced Finance Strategies This course build on the topics in Corporate Finance. integrated projections of financial statements and cashflows. 11 . marketing intelligence. the capture of long-term resources. Marketing Fundamentals of Marketing This course develops the crucial concepts for a strategic focus on the market. the weighted average cost of capital. mergers and acquisitions and corporate valuation. the relationship between risk and return. the role of these management entities and the governance of family companies will be addressed. This discipline also examines the potencial conflicts with minority shareholders. Accounting and Financial Statements Analysis This discipline supplies the knowledge of several types of accounting and finance information available to managers in the decisionmaking process enabling an accurate interpretation of the company´s economic-financial status. In Tax Law. Every manager has to understand and master the fundamentals of financial corporate management including. relations between inflation. sectoral analysis. Also. It examines tools that support analysis and decision-making such as Balanced Scorecard and ABC Costing. public debt and country risk.Corporate and International Law This course examines the fundamentals of the following Law segmentss: corporate. Private Law and Trade Law. and international law. advancing to more strategic issues including the optimal capital structure. interest rates. In corporate law. the focus is comprised of three areas: Public Law. such as the international legal system. exchange rate. provided for in the Bankruptcy and Recovery Law. assets pricing. The required analysis for the preparation of agreements. Corporate Finance Financial theory discusses the major investment and financing decisions with the goal of maximizing the company´s value. both of internal law and others. managers and owners and the functions of the Board of Directors. value chain analysis. Corporate Governance Corporate Governance is the study of the processes existing to manage the relationship between the corporate managerial bodies and between them and its stakeholders.

etc). Quantitative Decision-Making Models This course investigates how modeling performs a key role in the understanding of crucial issues connected to organizational structures and policies. their alignment with the corporate strategy. and new tools to analyze the internal and external environments of a company. where the major differential for the customer is the delivery time for the service. assumption tests and regression analysis. students will identify how marketing and strategy converge. modeling and dynamic simulation. Sales team strategies. Which team will prevail in the market? 12 . the functionalities of the main operational and strategic applications (ERPs. All will compete in the market. Also. which will be analyzed and discussed include: decision-making and the buying behavior of the corporation and the individual. forecasting and regression. random variables. CRMs. Major items approached are: descriptive statistics. the course discusses the development. within the B2B and B2C contexts. simulation and risk analysis. Operations and Supply Chain Management This course’s purpose is to systematically analyze the operations connected to manufacturing and services with a practical view of solutions and an emphasis on strategic supply chain management. linear programming. logistics services and capacity strategy. implementation and management of information systems. Bis. Operations Business Mathematics and Statistics The goal of this course is to develop practitioners´ reasoning and modeling capacity. and how this understanding leads to better performance. buying. IT Strategic Management In order to have an efficient management of information. Who will be the winner? Market Conquest Each team will be the supplier of a service whose main input is the production capacity of the hired labor. Integrated Marketing Communications. Strategic Marketing Planning In this course. by changing day-to-day problems in companies into essentially mathematical questions. decision trees. and the impact of the internet on businesses. Just-in-Time. students are invited to apply marketing concepts. a fundamental role in contemporary management. Through case studies and practical application in a comprehensive project. Supply Chain Management will be introduced as a tool that creates value for customers. marketing and operations integration. Distribution Strategies and the importance of Supply Chain Management and Digital Communications Strategies.Disciplines Description Advanced Marketing Tools Advanced marketing concepts and tools will be presented and analyzed. one must understand the dynamic and transforming role of IT systems. Some of the included subjects will be: Total Quality. planning and managing soccer players. the concept of a digital company. Business Games Planning Conquest All participants will negotiate in the classroom with each other. Some topics. Lean Production. The content includes cognitive aspects of the decision-making process. selling. and the use of outsourcing and the inherent risk.

business plans. bibliographic and webgraphic methodology. where external variables and internal goals are combined. paradigms. making the environment uncertain. monograph. field research. in terms of their definitions. difficult to control and with a high level of instability. and marketing plans) with emphasis on writing.Workshops Sales Clinic This workshop is a highly practical. This initiative was very well accepted by my immediate superior in the USA and my studies are being sponsored by the company. the relevant information and concepts for effective sales management. myths and realities. At this stage the student must choose his/her theme and advisor. The goal is to bring the concept of design to business managers. in several modes (case study. and arts and sciences. Students will learn though case discussion and current business literature the theory and practice that will support the inclusion of sustainable practices and social responsibility programs in organizations. and experimental and intuitive behaviors. encouraging creativity. Miguel Ferreira Planning Manager – Microsoft Corporation Executive MBA BSP Student . relevance and innovation.” 13 . Business Design This workshop was inspired by complexity management. This allows me to leave my zone of comfort and look for wider knowledge in business areas. hands-on program where participants will discuss and analyze. Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability The purpose of this course is to analyze and discuss Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. industrial design.2009 “I enrolled in BSP´s Executive MBA for the diverse perspectives it presents. They will discuss case studies. Research Methodology In this workshop students will get guidance to complete the Final Project.

even if well designed. BSP created the Leadership Development Program. and in addition be able to control their own emotions. Should the leader be democratic or authoritarian and centralizing? When should one use one or the other style of leadership? Execution Most strategies.Leadership Development Program (LDP) Organizations. make accurate decisions. participants will discuss and practice the coaching and feedback techniques to increase personal and team efficacy. BSP offers the participant the opportunity to identify and analyze the critical variables for success in the implementation of strategies. Developing People People development depends on the utilization of a variety of skills and behaviors and represents a powerful motivational tool. have searched for leaders that know how to communicate effectively. by utilizing an individual diagnosis instrument. regarding clarity. do not happen because of failures in their implementation process. Workshops Effective Communication Clear and objective communications are crucial for effective leadership. Leadership Development Program Competitive Leadership Effective Communication Developing People Adaptability and Leadership Styles Individual Meeting: Feedback Action Plan Execution Individual Coaching Assessment Individual Meeting: Follow-up Individual Meeting:Integral Results Team Coaching Team Meeting Team Meeting 14 . foster team work. you will have the opportunity to improve the main skills required for effective communications. In this workshop. delegate power. In this workshop. The program offers individual and group coaching for self-knowledge and the development of leadership competences. maximizing the capacity to “make things happen” in the day-to-day life of organizations. which has the purpose of developing leadership skills and behaviors. • Two team coaching sessions. • Three individual coaching sessions. • Four workshops. To meet this challenge. objectiveness. By creating this workshop. The program offers: • Assessment of each participant’s behavioral profile identification. focus and the capacity to attract and maintain the enthusiasm and commitment of people. but also by practical activities and dynamic excercises. immersed in complex and dynamic environments. not only by understanding concepts. Adaptability and Leadership Styles The main goal of this workshop is to study leadership and fully understand the features that distinguish a traditional manager from a leader.

business newspapers and journals from several parts of the world. hear different viewpoints and expand the students´ network. Our classes also use case studies that present the best practices of contemporary management. the complexity of modern management is studied extensively through workshops. Open and Transparent Environment We believe that experiences and best practices should be shared during the entire program. in addition to the use of the only physical library certified to ISO 9001 in Brazil. BSP is committed to transparency in its relations with students. Our students work in groups formed at the beginning of the course and are encouraged to share their experiences in the classroom. games and simulations. At BSP we help you to increase your power over your career by means of: Acquisition of New Knowledge Professors with a high level of professional experience and academics trained in both national and international institutions lead their students to understanding the impact of companies´ activities on society. In addition. the study of complexity management. including the use of cases from Harvard Business School and leading Brazilian companies. knowledge of best practices and ethics. an opportunity to expand knowledge. Real Internationality BSP´s MBA and Master courses offer immersion programs and double certification with outstanding international schools. we believe that we can contribute to the development of leaders with a long-term vision. Access to Relevant Information Students have online Access to EBSCO and Gartner files.Empowerment BSP is the school that makes feasible the “empowerment” of the professional regarding his/her career. lectures from leading professionals in the market reveal cutting edge information and perspectives. We understand that people are the underlying force that generates value and competitive advantage for companies. Thus. special programs for leadership development and an updated and relevant program with content for every professional in the marketplace. who are prepared to lead sustainable and profitable projects for companies and society at large. every semester the school receives international students who take their courses at BSP. 15 .

You can find below a little more about our current EMBA´s students profile. They chase cutting edge concepts and case studies in order to reach new levels in their careers. Genre 26% Professional Area 15% 30% 15% 74% 15% 25% • Age Male • Female • • • Sales IT Finance • • Logistics & Supply Chain Others Professional Experience 19% 7% 7% 19% 62% 86% • • Position 31 to 40 years Up to 30 years • More than 40 years • • More than 10 years From 8 to 10 years • From 5 to 7 years Companies´ Size 7% 22% 4% 30% 63% 74% 16 • • • Manager Supervisor and Analyst Director and President • Big • Medium • Small .Students´ Profile EMBA´s students are strong-minded and within high level professional aspirations.

in companies with different sizes and diverse industries. • Valuable networking and the development of friendships that will offer both professional and personal opportunities. one of the main benefits is to establish a relationship network that will enrich their experience along the program in a valuable way. Israelita Sodexo Swisscam Syngenta Tecban Teleatlantic Telefônica Tortuga Tozzini Freire Trinity Vivo Hamilton Ibanes General Manager – Horiba Brasil Executive MBA Student .SP Cummins Cushman & Wakefield Cyrela Deloitte Delphi Dow Química Ecorodovias Fepaf Fundação CESP Geoklock Consultoria e Egenharia Ambiental Grupo Rothenberg Honda Horiba Brasil Hospital Albert Einstein IBM Icec Infor JBS Johnson Controls Kimberly-Clark Knorr-Bremse Liberty Makro McCann Erickson Microsoft Nestlé Net Netshoes Nokia Nossa Caixa Pharmalink Roche Sanofi-Aventis Scania Soc. 17 . according to the industry where each student works. Our students work in companies such as follows: Amcham Atlas Schindler Avon BPI BT Cadbury Colbras CRF . consolidated my experience through updating and sharing knowledge with specialists and professionals from diverse areas from all over the world”.2001 “Studying at BSP´s Executive MBA for someone with more than twenty-five years of experience like me. Therefore. • Rich case discussions with the opportunity to share and analyze different viewpoints. Benef. Additional major benefits are as follows: • Share experiences with innovative leaders.Networking BSP EMBA students are professionals that are active in several sectors of the market. who are rising in the Professional market.

USA. Alexander Mann and Nicholson International. Speaker and member of the Board of Directors of several companies. and dynamic. Academic studies focused on Corporate Law and Political and Economic Law. Prof. Spain. Global Crossing. These factors. Armando Dal Colletto MBA from EAESP/FGV. Currently Chief Executive Officer of Go2Call for Latin America. Partner at Rasmussen Auditores e Assessores Tributários. with specialization courses from MIT. France. focused on International and Corporate Law. USA. Trade and Tax Law. Prof. Group Abril / CLC and SABESP. Vast experience in the market of Telecommunications and Information Technology. Prof. adopted solutions and achieved results. Currently partner of Hazi Consultoria. Banco Safra. Undergraduate degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Escola Politécnica of USP. Argentina. USA.Honors Distinction. Prof. postgraduate course with major in production by EAESP/FGV and an undergraduate degree in business administration from Fontainebleau. and MBA from Manchester Business School. England. working on international projects (Spain. and Foreign Investments. having worked in companies such as ITXC. Profª Christiane Bedini Santorsula Post-graduate studies from Universidade Mackenzie. combined with a dynamic learning environment. UK . Accounting and Economics from Chicago University. a company specialized in executing Organizational Alignment and Development projects. Prior IT working experience at IBM. Over 15 years of experience in business consulting for companies such as Accenture. Partner of law firm “Advocacia Attila de Souza Leão Andrade Júnior”. University of California Los Angeles. Turkey. Yahoo!Brasil and Lucent Technologies. post-graduation courses in Computer Science Engineering from USP and Business Management from University of Berkley. USA and bachelor degrees in Law. Winner of various awards as an Executive of Information Technology. the application of case studies and the sharing of real experiences permit the transfer of knowledge between students and teachers to be rich. based on practical experiences. MBA from INSEAD. Dirk Thomaz Schwenkow Masters Degree in Economics. Teleglobe. Member of the Commission of International Law of the Brazilian Bar Association. 18 . Academic Dean at BSP. Profª Beatriz Garcia Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Universidad Comercial de Deusto. Mexico and Brazil).Faculty BSP´s Faculty consists of professors with a high academic level and professional background developed in leading companies in their segments of activity. César Augusto Costa MBA from University of Michigan. China. Bill Rasmussen PhD and MBA from UCLA. CEO of Mercuri Urval Latin America.

da Razão ao Coração” and “A Dimensão Humana da Governança Corporativa”. Former Software Development Officer for Latin America of Convergys. Edison Henriques Jr. PhD from ITA in Market intelligence. Sebrae. Prof. “Um Executivo no Caminho . Washington and Stanford. Expert in technological ventures. Distribuição e Trade Marketing” (Management of Logistics. Coca-Cola. specialized in Governance and Strategy. Managing Partner of Aennova. Ken Blanchard.Um Tempo para Crescer”. Masters´Degree from Purdue University and Undergraduate degree in Industrial Mechanical Engineering from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ). Evandro Paes dos Reis Master of Business Administration from Fuqua School of Business of Duke University. In the USA. Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering from PUC/Rio. Distribution and Trade Marketing). Worked as a consultant for many large companies. Porto Seguro Seguros. Prof.COPPE/ UFRJ. Fernando Curado Prof. Former Executive Secretary of the Board of Financial Coordination and Coordinator of Decentralized Entities of the Secretariat of Treasury of the State of São Paulo. Former Secretary of International Affairs of the Ministry of Science and Technology on two occasions.Wunderman. Rede Globo. Former HR Vice-President of group Santander and HR Director of Citibank and McDonald’s.owned companies.FINEP and Executive VicePresident of the Board of Technical-Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the Secretariat of Science and Technology of the State of São Paulo. Currently working as Counselor for the United Nations . Herbert Steinberg Undergraduate degree in Business Administration.IDB. currently working on five boards. acted as Business Developer of “The Ken Blanchard Companies” for Brazil. and Assessor for International Affairs of the Dean’s Office of Universidade de São Paulo. Brazil (FGV) and England (London Business School) and Bachelor´s Degrees in Engineering and Administration. Master of Science in Business Administration from SDSU (San Diego State University) with specialization in Entrepreneurship with a Thesis in “Cross-cultural Leadership”. Vice-President for Interactive Services. Executive Vice-President for Interactive Services and CRM for Latin America of Young & Rubicam . such as Caterpillar. developing decision-making tools and corporate games. Álvaro Armond.Prof. Books written:“Logística Empresarial” (Corporate Logistics) and “Gestão da Logística. Reis Various specialization courses in the United States (MIT and Dartmouth). PhD from North Carolina State University. Author of book “Empreendedorismo”. author of the Model of Situational Leadership. Studies in Corporate Governance at the Directors Consortium of Universities of Chicago. and Petrobras. and start-ups of technology companies. technology management. with post-graduation studies at EAESP-FGV.PNUD (United Nations Program for Development) and Counselor for the Inter-American Development Bank . USA. He is also a counselor of independent administration. Author of books “Sabático . Undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering by UFJF.Drake Beam Morin in Brazil. a company specialized in supporting other companies to increase their sales and/or establish presence in Brazil. Leonardo M. 19 . Master of Science in Economics and Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. Prof. Professional certification in Corporate Governance by SDSU-USA and Bachelor´s degree in Information Technology from Universidade Mackenzie (Brazil). Prof. Chief Executive Officer of arvos|LABS. focused on Brazilian family . together with Prof. and Managing-Partner of DBM . Chief Executive Officer of Ogilvy Interactive. Evaldo Alves Doctorate in Economics from Universidade de São Paulo. a consulting firm for corporate governance and human development. interactive media. Ogilvy & Mather Brasil. Director of Arbache Tecnologia. Partner and Technology Officer of Hipermídia Agência Digital and Marketing Director and Manufacture Sales Manager of Sun Microsystems do Brasil. performing consulting and training in logistics and technology. Prof. Natura. Fernando Arbache PhD in Information Systems . He was advised by Dr. Partner of msci Consultoria. Chairman of Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos . DuPont. Founder of Mesa-Mirror Executive Support Associados. Instructor certified by Blanchard Training & Development.

where he is the manager of the Venture Capital fund and Private Equity JBVC I. Peter Jancso MBA in Finance and Accounting graduated cum laude from the University of Rochester. from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. Humberto Mariotti Psychiatriast with Surgical Fellowship from Washington Adventist Hospital and psychotherapist. à aprendizagem e ao desenvolvimento sustentável (Complex thinking: applications to leadership. Argentina. Peter worked for the Deutsche Bank in the area of Project Finance and Privatization. Consultant in personal and organizational development. Chief Strategist of onshore and offshore investments for BankBoston Brazil. Between 1998 and 06.Euromoney/OxfordUK. Nobel). Prior to Stern Stewart. between 1994 and 2003. she has worked in several positions in New Businesses development. and currently Chief Economist of Private Banking Banco Santander in Brazil. Research Director at BSP and Coordinator of the school´s Complexity Management Studies Center. USA. learning and sustainable development)”. Undergraduate degree in Naval Engineering from the Polytechnical School of the University of São Paulo and completed the course of Continued Education for Graduates in Administration (CEAG). Thomas Brull Master of Sciences from USP. Partner of Jardim Botânico Partners since October/07. she worked in Sales. e Com. Profª Tanya Keshavjee Macedo Bachelors degree in Biology from McGill University in Montreal (Canada) in 1997. author of several articles in trade publications. using market analysis. Prof.Emory University at Atlanta (USA). among other books. between 2004 and 2006. he was responsible for the financial. politics and solidarity)” and “Pensamento complexo: suas aplicações à liderança. In 12 years of career. política e solidariedade (Ego passions. Peter worked as Senior Vice President of Stern Stewart.Prof. Continuing Education course in Capital Markets . Peru and Costa Rica. Assistant Dean at BSP. complexity. She has taught Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics in the Executive MBA and International MBA programs at Business School São Paulo since 2004. He sits on the Board of Directors in several companies. where he worked in consulting projects for companies in Brazil. Odair Abate Undergraduate degree and Post-graduate course ain Economics from the University of São Paulo. marketing planning and sales strategy tools. Co-author of the book Laboratório de Finanças (Ed. Prof. MBA from Goizueta Business School . Merchandising and Marketing in the consumer products industry and in the pharmaceutical industry in the USA and Canada. Former director of the Regional Council of Economics/ SP. 20 . corporate finance. with a focus on controlling. Prof. In Brazil. in New York and São Paulo. Executive. Chief Economist of Lloyds TSB in Brazil. MBA from Indiana University. and Undergraduate degree in Business Administration from EAESP/FGV. Author of “As paixões do ego: complexidade. university professor. and investor relations. Between May/06 and March/07. human resources and IT departments of Gold Nutrition Ind.

Feel out the online Admission Form. CPF and a proof of residency. Requirements • • • Undergraduate education degree. Application steps for the Executive MBA: 1. Notarized copy of the undergraduate diploma or a notarized copy of the Completion Certificate if the diploma is not yet available. Present the following documents: Simple or scanned copy of ans identification card – RG/RNE .Application Process Our admittance process is specific for each program. in English (included in the online Admission Form).2000 “The Executive MBA BSP marked my return to an academic knowledge environment and it was an opportunity for personal update and development. BSP informs candidate about the Admission Committee decision and next steps. 5. Five years of management or leadership experience. Interview (in English) with a member of the Admission Committee. but it prepared me for the challenges that came afterwards. Two recommendation letters in accordance with the BSP model (included in the online Admission Form). CEO . Take the Logical and Quantitative skills test. Proficiency in English language.. Rubens Batista Jr. It was a period of intense work and devotion. 2. Certificate of proficiency in the English language. in Portuguese or English.Makro Atacadista Executive MBA Student . Please find below the requirements and stages to enroll for the Executive MBA. 4.” 21 . 3. Write an essay on a subject defined by BSP.

br or contact relacionamento@bsp. offering classes at the Morumbi Campus. Berrini. 2000 For more information. Paulista. close to Av. Paulista Offices Av. with access to EBSCO and Gartner databases for students. Paulista.bsp.edu. study areas and libraries. The school also offers IT laboratory. . please visit www. and at Av. Interviews: Morumbi Offices Rua Jaceru. 247 – 8º andar – São Paulo – SP.edu. the main financial Center of São Paulo.WHERE WE ARE LOCATED BSP has two locations in the major regions of São Paulo. 247 – 8º andar – São Paulo – SP.br + 55 (11) 5095-5650 Interviews: Morumbi Offices Rua Jaceru. Facilities: Our classrooms are computerized and fully equipped with multimedia projectors and wireless internet.


com Relationship Center +55 (11) 5095-5650 www.topmba. www.br . BSP: 2nd best MBA in Brazil and 6th in Latin America.Visit our Website.edu. Ranking QS Top MBA 2009. Visit our School.bsp. Attend a Class.

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