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Brand: AMUL

Submitted By: Milind Sawant (41) Narendra Saini (36) Nadeem Usmani (54)

AMUL ² History

Amul (Anand Milk Union Limited), formed in 1946, is a dairy cooperative movement in India. It is a brand name managed by an apex cooperative organisation, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), which today is jointly owned by some 2.6 million milk producers in Gujarat, India. It is based in Anand town of Gujarat and has been a sterling example of a co-operative organization's success in the long term. The Amul Pattern has established itself as a uniquely appropriate model for rural development. Amul has spurred the White Revolution of India, which has made India the largest producer of milk and milk products in the world. It is also the world's biggest vegetarian cheese brand. GCMMF: Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) is India's largest food products marketing organisation. It is a state level apex body of milk cooperatives in Gujarat which aims to provide remunerative returns to the farmers and also serve the interest of consumers by providing quality products which are good value for money. Amul's product range includes milk powders, milk, butter, ghee, cheese, curd, chocolate, ice cream, cream, shrikhand, paneer, gulab jamuns, basundi, Nutramul brand and others. In January 2006, Amul plans to launch India's first sports drink Stamina, which will be competing with Coca Cola's Powerade and PepsiCo's Gatorade . Amul is the largest food brand in India and world's Largest Pouched Milk Brand with an annual turnover of US $1050 million (2006-07). Currently Amul has 2.6 million producer members with milk collection average of 10.16 million litres per day. Besides India, Amul has entered overseas

2. Amul created history in following areas: 1. chairman of the Banaskantha Union. ACHIEVEMENT: Amul : Asia s largest dairy co-operative was created way back in1946 to make the milk producer self-reliant and conduct milk. 5. Its bid to enter Japanese market in 1994 had not succeeded.Other potential markets being considered include Sri Lanka. former chairman of the GCMMF. Bangladesh. Singapore. . Amul is the live example of how co-operation amongst the poor marginal farmers can provide means for the socio-economic development of the under privileged marginal farmers.markets such as Mauritius. USA. Dr Verghese Kurien. 4. Computerized milk collection system with electronic scale and computerized accounting system. but now it has fresh plans of flooding the Japanese markets . 3. was elected chairman of GCMMF. Amul has always been the trend setter in bringing and adapting the most modern technology to door steps to rural farmers. China. Hong Kong and a few South African countries. On 10 Aug 2006 Parthi Bhatol. is recognised as the man behind the success of Amul. First to produce milk from powder from surplus milk.business with pride. Created Dairy co-operatives at village level functioning with milk collection centers owned by them. UAE. First self motivated and autonomous farmers organization comprising of more than 5000000 marginal milk producers of Kaira District. The first and only organization in world to get ISO 9000 standard for its farmer·s co-operatives. Australia.

including the US. ice-cream. Australia. West Asian countries and Africa. Literally.922 crore last fiscal. . Amul products are already available on shelves across several countries. GCMMF is also looking at Sri Lanka as one of its next export destinations.Amul in abroad: Amul is going places. India s largest milk cooperative. Mauritius and Hong Kong. After having established its presence in China. Its products include pouch milk. is waiting to flood the Japanese market. China. Then. cheese and buttermilk. butter. GCMMF recorded a turnover of Rs 2. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF). ultra heat treated (UHT) milk.

Nutramul. In the year 1955 AMUL was established. Amul Shrikhand. And have a proven model for dairy development (Generally known as ´ANAND PATTERNµ). (The total sale is Rs. This union selected the brand name AMUL in 1955. Amul Ice cream. Amul Milk Powder. Amul Milk and Amulya have made Amul a leading food brand in India. of the genesis of a vast co-operative network. This word derived form the Sanskrit word ´AMULYAµ which means ´PRICELESSµ. The traders used to beside the prices of milk and the farmers were forced to accept it without uttering a single word. Amul Ghee. Amul products have been in use in millions of homes since 1946. Amul Chocolates. In the year 1946 the union was known as KAIRA DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS· UNION. of the triumph of indigenous technology. . Today Amul is a symbol of many things like of the high-quality products sold at reasonable prices. Amul Butter. A quality control expert in Anand had suggested the brand name ´AMULµ. Amulspray. In the early 40·s. the main sources of earning for the farmers of Kaira district were farming and selling of milk. of the marketing savvy of a farmers' organization. This system leads to exploitation of poor and illiterates· farmers by the private traders. The brand name Amul means ´AMULYAµ. Amul Cheese.Ownership In the year 1946 the first milk union was established. The main supplier of the milk was Polson dairy limited. That time there was high demand for milk in Bombay. This union was started with 250 liters of milk per day. which was a privately owned company and held monopoly over the supply of milk at Bombay from the Kaira district. 6 billion in 2005).

Sardar Patel advised the farmers to sell the milk on their own by establishing a co-operative union. the farmers were frustrated. The milk commissioner of Bombay then visited Anand to assess the situation. It gave the negative response by turning down the demand for the milk. it was commonly resolved to sell the milk under the brand name AMUL. he decided to fulfill the farmers demand. Thus their cooperative unions were forced at the village and district level to collect and sell milk on a cooperative basis. These village societies would collect the milk themselves and would decide the prices at which they can sell the milk. Having seemed the condition. without the intervention of Government. The Kaira district milk producers union was thus established in ANAND and was registered formally on 14th December 1946. He advised the farmers to form a society for collection of the milk. Mr. The district union was also form to collect the milk from such village co-operative societies and to sell them. . To respond to this action of govt. Since farmers sold all the milk in Anand through a co-operative union. on 4th January 1946. the farmers of Kaira district went on a milk strike.. Instead of supplying milk to private traders. Verghese Kurien showed main interest in establishing union who was supported by Shri Tribhuvandas Patel who lead the farmers in forming the Co-operative unions at the village level. However. Shri Desai held a meeting at Samarkha village near Anand. Sardar Patel sent the farmers to Shri Morarji Desai in order to gain his co-operation and help. when the exploitation became intolerable. As a result the Bombay milk scheme was severely affected. who was a leading activist in the freedom movement. For 15 whole days not a single drop of milk was sold to the traders. the govt. They collectively appealed to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It was also resolved that the Government should be asked to buy milk from the union. did not seem to help farmers by any means.However.

Target Customer Profile  Customer Based Segmentation .

 Industry Base Segmentation .

The Brand Name: "Amul. The Jingle: Utterly. It was suggested by a quality control expert in Anand. The Tagline/Slogan: ´The taste of Indiaµ 4." meaning Precious/Priceless.Brand Elements 1. butterly. delicious « Amul ." is the acronym of Anand Milk Union Limited. 2. comes from the Sanskrit "Amoolya. The Logo: 3.

sporting a young girl in red polka dot frock with ¶Utterly butterly delicious· jingle. . The Character/Mascot: The Amul moppet has been the mascot of Amul since 1967. 6.com All these brand elements have built a reputation and a very high brand equity for Amul. The URL: www.5.amul.

pizzas. Amul had resorted to consumer advertising as it ¶s target was the middle class of indian sector.Amul .but the point . corporate ads. and not its products like butter.This is also called end product advertising . clinched the account for Amul butter. gimmickry and all else. companies used conventional methods of advertising where the focus was only on the food products and the tone of the pitch was serious. primarily because the earlier advertising agency which was in charge of the account preferred to stick to routine. enhances the importance of consumer advertising as a marketing tool. boring image. Amul has been consistant over the communication campaign and brand strategy. The fact that the number of buyers of consumer items are generally very large and are widely distributed over a large geographically area further . The butter. ASP.Communication Before Amul entered the picture. It all began in 1966 when Sylvester daCunha. the country saw the birth of a campaign whose charm has endured fickle public opinion. The year Sylvester daCunha took over the account. which had been launched in 1945. Amul changed the way food products were communicated to the people in India.such advertisements are primarily directed at consumers. It always advertised its mother brand ² Amul. AMUL has positioned itself as " Taste of India " and have ensured that their communication is in line with their positioning strategy By insisting on an umbrella brand. GCMMF not only skillfully avoided inter-union conflicts but also created an opportunity for the union members to cooperate in developing products Consumer Advertising:. These are the advertisements which are most prominent as very substantial portion of the total advertising budget is directed to potential buyers of consumer products through mass media. had a staid. then the managing director of the advertising agency. or cheese.

The success of this strategy is well recognized and remains the main plank of AMUL's strategy even today. it·s a public-relation-approach advertising. Huge ad campaigns are not always necessary.to be noted is that they relied more upon emphasizing their brand rather than single product. tell them your story and engage them in a conversation. Even today. The choice of product mix and the sequence in which AMUL introduced its products is consistent with this philosophy. what you need is a genuinely interesting way to interact with your customers. GCMMF ensures that adequate supplies of low value products are maintained. the product mix was enhanced slowly by progressive addition of higher value products while maintaining desired growth in existing products. AMUL adopted a low price strategy to make their products affordable and guarantee value to the consumer. Amul wanted to build long term relation with its customers that is why it never adopted practice of aggressively selling the product. Thus Amul believed that huge . Indirect Action Advertising : Indirect action advertising as against direct action advertising does not attempt to bring about an immediate behavioral response . Amul was/is targeting middleclass people so it has always been inclined to keep its price low and at same time it assures of reasonable quality. The purpose of Amul was not to bring about an immediate behavioral response but the aim of advertisements was to create a image in the minds of consumer regarding Amul. while competing in the market for high value dairy products. Beginning with liquid milk. Pricing strategy adopted: Thus. Institutional advertising: institution advertising s also called corporate advertising . even if you are selling something that is soo commoditized like butter. Amul had wanted to build a goodwill for its brand and also it is always expressing a viewpoint on a controversial issue through the use of billboard which we are going to discuss under media platform used.

sustainable growth to its member farmers. if an Advertisement has creativity and ingenuity it will achieve its purpose for which it has been designed. the message is communicated through the right medium to target customers the target is of no use . Outdoor media : hoardings/billboards Broadcast Media : television Non-broadcast Media : cinema Print media : newspapers . Until and unless . 3. and (ii) value proposition to a large customer base by providing milk and other dairy products a low price Amul has made the use of following media platforms till know : 1.expenditure on advertising was not always necessary . Media Platform Used by Amul ? Media Planning: It is important phase of advertising campaign after creative strategy that is preparation of the right message. 2. Amul was also facing the challenge of which advertising media to adopt which should integrate with its objectives which were : AMUL·s business strategy is driven by its twin objectives of: (i) long-term. 4.general interest magazines .

The ads relate butter to the topic of the ad in a very amazing & intriguing manner«primarily by playing with words. dressed in a polka-dot frock. chuckle or at least a smile from almost everyone who understands the context. Mascot advertising ( will be dealt with just after this section) Here are a few advertisements which appeared on hoardings : . wide-eyed.5. The advertisements are in the outdoors category and are communicated through hoardings at busy junctions in all major cities across India. witty.portals OUTDOOR MEDIA : HOARDINGS The cooperative has been making extensive use of hoardings for promoting its flagship brand ¶Amul Butter· since 1966. Amul had used outdoor advertising to a good effect with the middle class people as their targets they were able to create an image for their brand in the minds of consumer . A new ad is apparently created every week and these ads revolve around the latest happening thing (good/bad/ugly) in the country (or local states) and can be anything associated with politics/sports/movies/people/laws/general events etc. whacky and sometimes controversial but invariably elicit a laugh. The ads have a central character ² a cherubic. and is all set to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest run promotion campaign. The words can be in plain English or Hinglish. Internet : independent websites . and blue-haired girl/baby who is perhaps around 4-6 years old. The ads are very creative. humorous.

You can order your favourite Amul Ice-cream at the new Amul Icecream Cyberstore. Amul Products can now be ordered online on the website of our importer www. Amul is delighted to offer you the cyber shopping experience with a wide range of Amul dairy products in all major cities of India.Online marketing efforts undertaken Buying Amul Products Online : As a first step towards Ecommerce in India.com The key benefits of BUYING ON-LINE are: .The "Taste of India" is now a few clicks away from your doorstep.kanandairy.

Rahul Dutta. is now working to expand its presence in the virtual world. o Get a free family pass for visiting Amul's Dairy Plant in Anand Gujarat. mileage and parking hassles. o Most important. o Receive Free Reusable Ice Pack for keeping food and drinks cold. quality sealed product manufactured fresh in India's most advanced dairy manufacturing facility. Amul to set up its virtual production facility in Second Life Amul. is helping Amul to develop its existence on Second Life. full-flavored. o No Sales Tax for Internet Sales except for Illinois residents at the Present time.00 Retail Value. o Amul Products delivered at your doorstep overnight. Ask for special quote. o Receive Amul promotional items with your package like Amul Recipe Book.00 Retail Value. in Second Life to set up a simulation of its production and distribution facility. chairman and managing director. ´Amul is planning to buy eight-10 islands. etc. The objective behind launching a virtual setup is . Trimensions. o Makes you directly eligible to enroll for The Fly Me Home Contest Sponsored By Amul and many more Internet Promotions in the Pipeline. Trimensions. equal to 160 acres of virtual land. all transactions are powered by AT&T Secure By which ensure complete security.o Products shipped in a Reusable Attractive Styrofoam Ice US $10. a Gurgaon based company. Butter Girl refrigerator magnet. says. o Receive the satisfaction of Eating pure. which established its presence in Second Life in March by setting up its virtual parlour. o Special Offers for Party Orders of 1 or more cartons of any single Amul Product. US $5. saves time.

. Broadcast media: Television TV reaches every demographic category and achieves a certain impact with the use of colour . audio and motion.tv.It showcases short films and TV·s related to amul at this site recipes of favorite Indian dishes are also given.com.to demonstrate its functioning to the consumers. and experiment with any change in the production or distribution system virtually before executing it in the real world. Amul.some of the advertisements which we had collected are here . Amul has aired a lot of advertisements for its various product categories .

Amul & GCMMF have leveraged this and has got itself a strong base of suppliers who provide them milk throughout the year. which requires proper channelization. more than 80 per cent of milk produced is flowing into the unorganized sector. Enhanced Milk Production: Increase in the milk production with consequently increased availability of milk processing has led to increase in consumption and faster access to the consumers through effective distribution. Presently. y y y y y . Milk being a necessity product. even on packed liquid milk. Flexibility of product mix: Tremendous.Amul . Large number of dairy plants in public and cooperative sectors besides several others coming up in the private sector would result in competition.SWOT Analysis Strengths y Demand profile: Absolutely optimistic. The margins are enough to limit the entry of potential entrants. The technology is brought from Denmark and the production of milk has benefited from that. built over last 30 years is the strength that GCMMF has. The employees of GCCMF are highly recognized in the industry and have earned name for themselves as well as the federation. technical human resource pool. Technical manpower: Professionally trained. GCMMF has kept adding a wide array of products to its product line. With balancing equipment. Availability of raw material: Abundant. the demand will stay and the sales at GCMMF are bound to increase over a period of time. Because of this the end consumer would benefit and a good product mix would emerge. Margins: Quite reasonable.

Vast resources: Country has vast natural resources which offer immense potential growth and development for dairying. Moreover.y Transportation: The transportation facilities and the easy availability of the special trucks have provided a boost. As a result. the consuming habits are changing. A lot depends upon the monsoon in the country. it can approach any institution and raise any form of capital. As a result a lot of products are being consumed. there is little control over milk yield. Moreover the financial resources available with the federation are immense and the reputation is such that in case of any further requirements. Still perishability is there at the milk vendors end. the demand for products such as butter and cheese is increasing at a very rapid rate. This is because of the quality of cattle feed that would be available will not have the required nutritional content. Cold refrigerated trucks are there in place and the warehouses also have the cold storage facilities that facilitate the transportation. UHT gives milk long life. y Lack of control over yield: Theoretically. many new processes will follow to improve milk quality and extend its shelf life. Surely. coupled with higher income to rural . Steps are taken to provide awareness regarding these and the penetration of quality feed is being increased. increased awareness of developments like embryo transplant. y y Weaknesses y Perishability: Pasteurization has overcome this weakness partially. Moreover. This does result in loss of some production. artificial insemination and properly managed animal husbandry practices. But Amul Dairy is taking steps to store milk at the vendors end. Increasing purchase power and changing tastes of the consumers: The purchasing power of the residents is increasing.

However steps are being taken such as setting up of cold storage points at key collection centers to combat the situation. He met failure head-on. Erratic power supply: The erratic power supply would cause harm in the processing of milk. All these factors lead to perishability of the procured milk. But with the overall economic improvement in India. the following areas must be tapped: y Competition: With so many newcomers entering this industry. Infrastructure: The infrastructure that is available is not up to the current world standards. Also lack of infrastructure for offering dairy business management programmes to the trained personnel is creating a hindrance. competition is becoming tougher day by day. and now he clearly is an example of ¶never ending success·! If dairy entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities in India. He entered the industry when there were only threats.milk producers should automatically lead to improvement in milk yields. y y y y Opportunities "Failure is never final. these problems would also get solved. But then competition . Lack of proper implementation: Dairy development programmes have not been fully implemented as per the needs of the region in different agro-climatic zones. Dr Kurien bears out this statement perfectly. Underdeveloped systems: There still exist underdeveloped raw milk collection systems in some parts of the country. y Logistics of procurement: Woes of bad roads and inadequate transportation facility make milk procurement problematic. and success never endingµ.

Mother Dairy was the first fully computerized dairy in India. which does not have any hand touch during any stage of process. opportunities will increase tremendously for the export of agri-products in general and dairy products in particular. In its Anand plant all products are processed computerized. Following the new GATT treaty. y Value addition: There is a phenomenal scope for innovations in product development. there is a chance to better serve the market with innovative products. It has also computerized its production processes. IT support: Software is now available for project formulation for dairy enterprise. ice creams. o o y Export potential: Efforts to exploit export potential are already on. etc. which GCMMF can leverage in the world market. paneer. Amul is exporting to Bangladesh. packaging and presentation. Markets: The market for the traditional as wells as processed dairy products is expanding both at the domestic and international front. y y . There is a strong basis of cost efficiency. and the Middle East. The market is large enough for many to carve out their niche. khoa. Addition of cultured products like yoghurt and cheese lend further strength . dairy sweets. Moreover due to competition. flavored milk. Yet another aspect can be the addition of infant foods. This will lead to a greater presence and flexibility in the market place along with opportunities in the field of brand building. Given below are potential areas of value addition: o Steps should be taken to introduce value-added products like shrikhand.both in terms of utilization of resources and presence in the market place. geriatric foods and nutritional.has to be faced as a ground reality. Nigeria. Sri Lanka.

Because of such reasons the final price of the product goes below the prices prevailing in the Indian Market. Because of these reasons they are reducing . Hence it proves a threat to GCMMF·s and other Indian dairy products. One of the reasons for these according to the EU and America is the method of milching the milk. which yield high profits. while in India. It will create milk shortage in the country adversely affecting the consumers.Threats y Milk vendors. y Exploitation: The liberalization of the Dairy Industry is likely to be exploited by the multinationals. Organized dissemination of information about the harm that they are doing to producers and consumers should see a steady decline in their importance. y Subsidy by Western Nations: There have been incidences wherein the Western nations subsidizing the dairy products by a few means like transportation. y Infestation: There are increasing incidents of chemical contaminants as well as residual antibiotics in milk. They will be interested manufacturing the milk products. y Creation of Non Tariff Barriers by Developed Nations: The Developed Nations have created Non Tariff Barriers related to Quality of the milk specifically. y Quality: The quality of the milk is found to be poor as compared to the international standards. They also want that the milching of cattle be done with the help of machines. In these nations the milk is hands by the farmers owning the cattle do milched with the help of machines. the un-organized sector: Today milk vendors are occupying the pride of place in the industry. They want that the milk be processed with potable Air and Water. However this type if system is yet to evolve in India.

where GCMMF holds a lions share. Strengths and opportunities are fundamental and weaknesses and threats are transitory. . Any investment idea can do well only when you have three essential ingredients: entrepreneurship (the ability to take risks).the market potential of Indian made products. innovative approach (in product lines and marketing) and values (of quality/ethics). The study of this SWOT analysis shows that the ¶strengths· and ¶opportunities· far outweigh ¶weaknesses· and ¶threats·.

However. Umbrella branding can be a successful marketing strategy. The corporate campaign ² The Taste of India caters to people belonging to all walks of life & across cultures. It is circled around a one day old child who needs milk as much as to a dead man who needs ghee. Amul·s creatives³in the form of billboards or the Taste of India campaign³have always managed to evoke a larger-than-life brand feel. while this approach can help ´kick startµ variant launches. It also needs to be recognized that. For instance.· conceptualised & created by FCB-Ulka. Amul·s strategy of using ´umbrella brandingµ has really paid off. Despite a limited budget. Its ad campaign ¶Amul doodh peeta hai India. consistency and spirit of Indian culture in a contemporary way.Branding Strategy UMBRELLA BRANDING Amul·s branding strategy has followed the concept of ¶Umbrella Branding. Most other food companies spend 6-7% of revenues on advertising and marketing. . this depends on having a consistent and clear brand identity across the variants. They (GCMMF) are not big spenders compared to Britannia or Nestle. the Amul girl has also been used to advertise Amul ghee and milk. Amul·s advertising and marketing spend has never exceeded 1% of its revenues. was drafted to proclaim its leadership position and was targeted at people across all income categories.· Amul is the common brand name for most of its products across categories. halo effects are not guaranteed.

Marketing Mix PRODUCT Cheese Amul pasteurized processed cheese Amul cheese spreads Amul emmentel cheese Amul pizza mozzarella cheese Gouda cheese Cooking Amul pure ghee Amul cooking butter Amul malaipaneer Utterly delicious pizza Masti dahi Desserts Amul ice ²cream Amul shrikhand Amul mithai gulabjamun .

Amul chocolates Amul lassi Amul basundi Health drink Nutramul Amul shaktihealth food drink Bread spread Margarine Amul butter Amul lite Delicious table Milk drinks Amul kool milkshake Nutramul energy drink Amul koolflavouredbottled milk Amul mastispiced buttermilk Amul koolthandai. Powder milk Amul spray infant milk food Amul instant full cream powder .

18 Competitor: Mother Diary 100gm.  To provide service to all income group Amul butter: 100gm² Rs.  Capture market share.19 .Rs.Sagar skimmed milk powderr Sagar tea coffe whitener Amul dairy whitener Fresh milk Amul fresh milk Amul gold milk Taza double toned milk Amul liteslim and trim milk Amul fresh cream a Amul shaktitoned milk Amul calciplus PRICE  Survival.

1Lit. 400g Tin 200g Pack 200g Pack 1 kg Block Rs.No: 1. 7. 70 Rs.55 Competitor: Britannia cheese²200gm² Rs.210 Amul Kool Milkshake 200ml² Rs. 105 Rs.70 Amul Ghee: 1Lit. 60 Rs. 5.Amul cheese: 200gm² Rs.-Rs. 18 Rs.20 Sr.190 Competitor: Gits. 197 . 2. 32 4. 3. 6. Product Amul Butter Amul Butter Amul Lite Low fat Bread spread Amul Cheese Amul Cheese Slices Amul Cheese Chiplets Amul Cheese Pack size 100g Pack 500g Pack 200g tub Max.² Rs. 92 Rs. Retail price Rs.15 Competitor Nestle Milk Shake ²200ml²Rs.

9. Hurry Hurry .100 PROMOTION  Advertising philosophy "to be simple.16 Rs. 10. now vying for the Guinness records  1% of its turnover on promotions.  The clean.8. Billboard campaign  First billboard came up in 1967  For the first one year the ads made statements of some kind  Later many topical adds came into existence  When Mumbai first saw the beginning of the Hare Rama Hare Krishna movement  Amul came up with a clincher³¶Hurry Amul. apt forth current situation. emotion-based ads. Rs.  Amul ads-creative. 21 Rs.  Not spending more than Rs 2crore on Amul butter. Amul Shrikhand Amul Chocolates Amul Mithaee Gulab jamun 200g Elaichi 35g Fruit &Nut 1kg. fresh and innovative".  The Amul ads are one of the longest running ads based on a theme.

INDIA Promotion by events  Amul Chef of the Year. PLACE  Amul-Place  Channels . Basically they are related to Amul or dairy industry Amul also gives away academic excellence awards for school children every year.in this. 2009 contest  Amul Maharani Contest. Amul publishes some books periodically. 2008-09  Amul Food Festival Contest  Winners of Slogan likho Disney land dekho contest  Winners of" Amulya Fly to Bangkok Contest  Sponsoring amul star voice of india Amul promotes itself by conducting various contests such as: ‡ Chef of the year. the participants are required to fill up questionnaires and then there is a lucky draw. They are called Vidya Shree ² for 10th std and Vidya Bhushan ² for 12th std students. the participants are required to use as many Amul products as possible ‡ Amul Maharani of the year ² in this.

Hyderabad and Surat. Aurangabad. Siliguri/Durg. Mumbai. Nasik. Presently 1. Kolkata. Bangalore. Wholesalers: . Kota. Jodhpur. Raipur. Pune. Delhi.000 of them by 201 Retailers: Currently online are Chennai and Calcutta Chennai. Delhi. Coverage  Assortments  Locations  Inventory  Transport  Its supply chain one of the most complicated in the world. Jalgaon.  Amul has plans to create a large chain of such outlets to be managed by franchisees throughout the country Channel Online (Internet): Amul cyber store Ice-cream cyber store Direct retailing through"AmulUtterlyDelicious"parlours: Major cities Ahmadabad. Baroda.500 parlours and plan to open 10. Udaipur.

Japan and China.000 liters of milk/day from 2.7 million No.12 million farmers. countries in Africa.000 retail outlets across the country Members: 13 district cooperative milk producers 'Union No. Some Amul Parlours in the country run by the company or its wholesale dealers: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation The Somnath Temple National Institute of Design . WestIndies.Producer Cooperatives: This type of distribution organization is formed by agricultural producers for selling their produce in the local market. Locations The major markets are the US. Thailand. of Producer Members: 2. Delivery of goods to over 500. Singapore.7 million farmers Collection 447. Network of over 3. of Village Societies: 13. the Gulfregion. the Philippines.000 villages benefiting 2.500 distributors Coverage India: Covering 13.141 International Markets: Available in over 40 countries.

College. Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Airport Surat Municipal Corporation Gujarat State Raod Transport Corporation Jubilee Mission Medical College. MDG. Kolkata Café Amul. Mysore & Pune Wipro campus in Bangalore L. Amethi Indian Institute of Management. Gandhinagar Inventory 47 depots with dry and cold ware houses of entire range of products.21 million liters per day Milk collection (Total-2007-08): 2. Per day Cattle feed manufacturing Capacity: 3090 Mts per day Transport .4 million liters Milk Drying Capacity: 626Mts.Infosys Technologies in Bangalore.J.Kerala Sanjay Gandhi Hospital Parlour.69 billion liters Milk collection (DailyAverage2007-08): 7. Total Milk handling capacity: 10. Trichur.

butter. Below is the schematic diagram of Amul·s supply chain. liquid milk and yogurt sectors Amul·s success today is partly because of its strong supply chain design. Assortment Amul·s dominance: Products like cheese.Transport cans Engages in route scheduling Has dedicated vehicle operations. .

Bangalore. These are called ´Utterly delicious parloursµ.With products being highly perishable. To reach out its consumers more directly and let them the total brand experience. IIM-A. temples. These parlours are set at prominent locations such as campuses of Infosys. Hyderabad and Surat already. Wipro. Mumbai. Metros etc. . Delhi. and many more starting up real soon. Baroda. Amul has come up with Amul parlours. the supply chain ought to have to maintain correct temperature. IIT-B. humidity etc and the chain should move fast. Till date there are about 400 Amul parlours across the country. They have come up in major cities like Ahmadabad.

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