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  • Defining the Issues
  • Three Positions
  • Two Theological Questions
  • Biblical Answer: The Victory of the Gospel
  • Matthew 28:18-20
  • Romans 11
  • Matthew 13
  • Daniel 2 and 7
  • Summary
  • Teaching of Paul
  • Conclusion
  • Figurative vs. Literal Interpretation: The Wrong Paradigm
  • Creation Symbolism: The Biblical Paradigm
  • Creation Symbolism and Eschatology
  • Creation Symbolism and the Coming of Christ
  • Pessimillennialism: Jesus Loses in History
  • Amillennial Pessimism
  • Optimistic Amillennialism?
  • Premillennial Pessimism
  • Biblical Optimism: Satan Defeated, the World Converted
  • The Defeat of Satan in the New Testament
  • The Salvation of the World
  • 1. The Father’s Love
  • 2. The Son’s Atonement
  • 3. The Spirit’s Power
  • What Is a Covenant?
  • How Important Is the Covenant?
  • What is the Essence of the Covenant?
  • Covenant and Eschatology
  • The Creation Mandate and the Covenants
  • The Christ and the Covenants
  • Jesus’ Covenantal Rule
  • Covenantal Sanctions and the Growth of the Kingdom
  • The Dispensational Definition of a Dispensation
  • A Covenantal Definition of a Dispensation
  • The Premillennial Interpretation
  • The Postmillennial Interpretation
  • A Literal Interpretation of John’s Introduction and Conclusion
  • The Style of Revelation

Postmillennialism holds that both amillennialism and premillennialism are
guilty of virtually surrendering history to Satan, as if, by his temptation of Adam and
Eve in the garden, Satan had defeated God’s original purpose to manifest His glory in
time and on earth through the rule of His image-bearer, man.32 Postmillennialists do
not believe that God simply quits the historical battle with Satan, bringing time to an
abrupt end. Nor do they believe that God defeats Satan in history by naked force.
Postmillennialists believe that Satan’s plan to spoil God’s image by lies is defeated by
the truth of the cross and resurrection. Satan’s lies must be defeated by God’s words of
truth, and not sheer brute power, or else the message of history is nothing more than
a demonstration that God is bigger and stronger than Satan.

Postmillennial hope is an aspect of Biblical soteriology. In the Bible, soteriology
and eschatology are one. Furthermore, the historical conflict between Christ and Satan
is at the very heart of Biblical soteriology. Christians sometimes forget that the first
promise of salvation in the Bible was a promise that Christ would defeat Satan (Gn.
3:15). That promise said nothing specifically of salvation by faith or of a future

miracle-working, but it is not brute force. In the postmillennial scheme, Christ’s triumph over Satan is
accomplished by His work on the cross and by the omnipotent word of the Gospel, which will not return
unto God void but will attain its purpose.
31. Of course, most premillennialists believe in the conversion of the world during the millennium.
But why does the conversion of the world wait for the second coming of Christ? What is the meaning of
the Holy Spirit and the Gospel in this age? Why does Satan have to be violently overthrown first, before
the Gospel can succeed?

32. On the Cultural Mandate, see the discussion in Gary North, The Dominion Covenant: Genesis
(Tyler, Texas: Institute for Christian Economics, revised 1987), pp. 27-36, 133f, 147-49, etc.


Chapter Three: The Conflict of History

resurrection, yet the defeat of Satan meant the reversal of Satan’s program and the
undoing of all the damage he had done. The rest of the promises in the Bible fill out
the meaning of the promise that Satan would be defeated. We must view the defeat of
Satan and the plan of salvation through the Gospel as one, for that is the perspective of
the Bible.

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