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Shpg.p. 3/4 h. (50 kN) Capacity. (27 kN) capacity proving ring. 6. Ordering Information EI45-6832/02. 200 lbs. (84 kg). EI45-6832/01. Asphalt Flow Indicator with Brake. Proving Ring. Motor. Ordering Information Set includes: 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 EI5002/ . Metric. 7-1/2" (191 mm) between platen and load piston. 50Hz. Specifications Frame Capacity. Indicator lights show when unit is running and when test limit or maximum travel is reached. The Marshall Stability Tester quickly and accurately measures the resistance to plastic flow of bituminous mixtures.Asphalt M A R S H A L L S TA B I L I T Y With operator convenience in mind.5 kN) maximum. Speed. the machine features push-button operation with indicator lights to show when the unit is in operation and when the platen has reached its limit or point of maximum travel. Clearances. Compaction Pedestal (45-6416). 4" Breaking Head (45-6855). EI5002/01.1ø. 4" Filter Paper Discs (45-6462). Housing. 60Hz. Flow Indicator (45-6892). 220vAC. (27 kN) capacity.8 mm) per minute. Required when testing 6" (152 mm) diameter specimens.000 lbf. Marshall Stability Tester (45-6832/0x). EI5002/06. Controls. 220vAC. 4" (101 mm) Marshall Breaking Head. EI45-6832/06. 1ø. 50 Hz. Asphalt Sample Ejector (45-6480). (44.5" (64 mm) maximum. (356 x 584 x 1. 1ø. 2. Asphalt Flow Indicator with Brake. 60 Hz. ® 110 tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www. 60 Hz. Stability Compaction Hammer (45-6460). EI45-6894. 4" Compaction Molds (45-6310). 220vAC. 10. Overall Dimensions. 1ø. 2" (50. 1ø. Push-button up/down/stop with running and limit indicator lights. 220vAC. 60 Hz. 110vAC. Basic 4" Marshall Stability Test Set with Manual Compaction AASHTO T-245. ■ Compact size takes up little counter space in the lab. x 23" d. English. 1ø. Accessories EI45-6892. Water Bath (45-6475/0x). 14" w. 110vAC. ■ Push-button operation controls movement of load screw.000 lbf. Net 185 lbs.000 lb. Compaction Mold Holder (45-6414). in accordance with AASHTO T-245 testing standards.200 lbf. Marshall Stability Tester AASHTO T-245. (91 kg). x 11" h. x 40" h. 11. x 23" d. ■ Standard unit equipped with 6..eleusa. EI45-6855. Proving Ring. Weight. EI78-0860. (356 x 584 x 279 mm).016 mm). 10" (254 mm) between uprights. 14" w. reversible. Travel.

English.6 mm) Marshall Breaking Head. (227 g).eleusa. Plated for easy cleaning and rust resistance. ® tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www.4 mm) diam. 4" (101. Base. ■ Cast aluminum holder securely holds indicator in proper position. Ordering Information EI45-6855. The Flow Indicator is designed to sit on the post of the stability mold during the Marshall test. Bronze bearings for free sliding fit. Weights. Net 8 oz. A built-in brake on the indicator retains the peak reading of the needle. ■ ■ ■ ■ Manufactured to AASHTO standards.01" divisions. Plated steel construction for easy cleaning and rust resistance. Specifications Holder.Asphalt M A R S H A L L S TA B I L I T Y Marshall Stability Breaking Head AASHTO T-245. Metric. Bronze bearings in the upper part assure a free sliding fit on the steel posts. English.254 mm divisions. Dial Indicator. Net 20 lbs. (9 kg). Asphalt Flow Indicator with Brake. Available in either 4" (101 mm) or 6" (152 mm) models. Range. EI45-6892: 1. Asphalt Flow Indicator with Brake ■ Brake-type indicator retains peak reading until released. Split-type. 4" (101. EI45-6894. Special type with brake. Accessories EI45-6892. 111 . Metric.6 mm) i. Dimensions. Cast aluminum. 6" (152. ■ Available in either English or Metric models.4 mm x 0. Weight. The Marshall Stability Breaking Head is made of plated steel to AASHTO specifications. EI45-6894: 25.d. Specifications Design. The plating achieves a smooth surface for easy cleaning. Asphalt Flow Indicator with Brake. Odering Information EI45-6892. EI45-6894.00" x 0.The cast aluminum holder securely holds the dial indicator in position during the test.

® 112 tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www. Dimensions. Machined seamless steel forming mold.000 lbs.000 lbf. Ordering Information EI45-6310. Filter Paper Discs ASTM D-1561. hand-operated. The Asphalt Sample Ejector is specifically designed to eject either 4" (101 mm) or 6" (152 mm) diameter asphalt specimens from compaction molds. x 3" (76. Finish. 6. Designed in a heavy-duty bench style. Plated for rust resistance.6 mm) Asphalt Compaction Mold. 4" (101. (26. up to 7" (177. with base. The Compaction Mold for preparation of stability test specimens consists of a base plate. Specifications Capacity. Net 8 lbs. ■ 6. (23 kg). of 100. Springs incorporated in the unit provide fast ram retraction when the return valve is opened. painted finish on housing and pump. Specification Weight.eleusa. Construction.7 kN) capacity hand-operated hydraulic jack. Dimensions. 10 cm (3. (26. Pushing Force. Construction. ■ Machined seamless steel mold construction.4 mm) molds. Specifications Asphalt Sample Ejector ■ Fast sample extrusion from both 4" (101 mm) and 6" (152 mm) asphalt compaction molds.The forming mold is machined from seamless steel tubing. 4" (101.Asphalt M A R S H A L L S TA B I L I T Y Asphalt Compaction Mold AASHTO T-245. Hydraulic.7 kN) which is developed through a hand-operated hydraulic jack. (3. All metal. Pkg. Jack. Ordering Information EI45-6462. base and collar. ■ Plated for rust resistance and long life. spring return. x 23-3/8" h. Weights. Ordering Information EI45-6480.6 mm) i. 7" (178 mm) stroke.The collar has a larger inside diameter so that it can be used as a support in ejecting specimens. ■ Bench-top design for use in both the laboratory and the field. Filter Paper Discs are installed between the asphalt mixture and the mold to prevent sticking during the compaction process.6 mm) and 6" (152. Net 51 lbs. Either end of the forming mold will fit the collar and the base.This ejection force permits removal of samples with only a minimum of disturbance. forming mold and collar.000 lbf. 10-3/8" w. ■ Larger collar inner diameter for use as support during sample ejection. T-246. (26.2 mm) internal h.7 kN). AASHTO T-245. x 8" d.8 mm) . Weight. ■ Base and collar interchangeable at either end of mold. 4" (101. Net 4 oz.d.93") diam. (264 x 203 x 594 mm). the ejector has a pushing force of 6. (113g).6 kg). plated extrusion plates and piston discs. ■ All metal construction treated for rust resistance and long life.

4 mm). ■ Heavy-duty. Specifications Construction.eleusa.The mold is held in place by a spring loaded upper section allowing easy insertion and removal of the mold. ® tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www. 10 lb. The Compaction Pedestal is used with the Compaction Mold and Mold Holder during the compaction process.The unit consists of a laminated hardwood post capped with a steel plate. Ordering Information EI45-6414. (4.54 kg) hammer with 18" (457 mm) drop. Components. Specifications Top Plate.Asphalt M A R S H A L L S TA B I L I T Y Stability Compaction Hammer AASHTO T-245. ■ Holds all sections of compaction mold together during the compaction process.7 kg). Base. Net 4 lbs. ■ Optional Mold Holder to secure mold to pedestal. Specifications Tamping Face. (203 x 203 x 457 mm). Angle brackets fastened to the base allow bolting to a concrete slab or floor. ■ Plated steel top plate and angle brackets for rust resistance. Ordering Information EI45-6460. Compaction Pedestal AASHTO T-245. 4 angle brackets for mounting to concrete slab. ■ Laminated maple construction provides solid base for compaction mold. Upper and lower sections. (38 kg). (4. Construction. The Compaction Hammer is used to dynamically compact the bituminous specimen in the compaction mold. 8" w. 18" (457 mm). Lightweight cast aluminum. Plated steel. ■ 10 lb. Machined steel. Net 17 lbs. Ordering Information EI45-6416. The Mold Holder easily bolts to the top surface of the EI45-6416 Compaction Pedestal. x 18" h.8 kg). cast aluminum handle. (1. Weight.54 kg) hammer during the compaction 113 . Weight. Net 85 lbs.54 kg). ■ Cast aluminum construction for rust resistance. Compaction Mold Holder AASHTO T-245. Installation. Drop. Hammer. Laminated hardwood.The Hammer features a cast aluminum handle securely fastened to the steel shaft which guides the 10 lb. (7. Dimensions. ■ Plated for rust resistance and long life. ■ Easily installed on the EI45-6416 Compaction Pedestal. x 8" d. Accessories EI45-6414. cast aluminum handle. 12" x 12" x 1" thick (305 x 305 x 25. (4. Weight. 3-7/8" (98 mm) diam. tension springs. Compaction Mold Holder. securely holding the compaction mold during the Marshall compaction process.

6 mm) diam. Insulated stainless steel tank with painted steel exterior. Includes Transformer. The bath is supplied complete with a shelf support that holds the specimen 2" (50. Finish.6 kg). Net 30 lbs.5°C). This economical Water Bath can be used for heating specimens of bituminous materials for stability and other tests. Stainless steel interior.Asphalt M A R S H A L L S TA B I L I T Y Economy Water Bath Circulating Water Bath AASHTO T-245. 50/60 Hz. (21. Construction.eleusa. ® 114 tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www. (13.1°C).8 mm) above the bottom to ensure proper circulation around the samples.4 kg). 1ø. Range. Marshall specimens. 60 Hz. Includes bath cover. Setting dial. 1ø. Up to twelve 4" (101. Ambient to 150°F (65. Meets ASTM and AASHTO requirements. 110vAC. Specifications Control. economy bath for basic heating uses. 115vAC. Baked enamel. 50/60 Hz.The grid type false bottom permits water circulation beneath the test specimen. 220vAC. ■ Low cost. 1ø. Heaters. EI45-6475/01. Weight. ■ ■ ■ ■ Built-in magnetic circulating system. Grid-type. 8 standard Marshall specimens. Ordering Information EI45-6475/02. Weight.320 Watts. 50/60 Hz. False Bottom. Specifications Capacity. 1. EI45-6471/01. 220vAC. The Circulating Water Bath incorporates a thermostatically controlled heater system and a magnetic circulator. Ordering Information EI45-6471/02.1°F (+/. Thermostatically controlled.320 Watts. 1ø. Magnetic . Capacity. Net 47 lbs.The bath has a capacity of eight standard Marshall test specimens. 1.The circulator assures that the water temperature is consistent throughout the bath. accurate to within +/. Circulator. ■ Grid type false bottom for specimen support.

one 3. of oil. Modified version with gauge shut-off valve. (4. ■ Rust-resistant brass perforated plate assembly and turntable. Followers. and California Test Methods 301 and 366.005" diam. Perforated brass. Aluminum-Magnesium. soils and other plastic or semi-plastic materials. Includes displacement dial indicator. sliding. Dial Indicator and Holder assembly. rubber bulb.0" displacement x 0. EI88-4100. Diaphragms.6 mm) diameter specimens in accordance with ASTM Testing Standards D-1560 and D-2844. Dial Indicator and Holder Assembly. EI45-7505. Gauge.Test results are used to determine the maximum amount of bituminous binder which can be used without causing instability. 1/4% accuracy. includes deflection bar and dial indicator adjustment screw. AASHTO T-190.001" divisions. ASTM Type. Specially molded for use in Hveem Stabilometer. Replacement Parts EI45-7580/10.6 kg). x 5-1/2".6 x 127 mm). Net Wt. The unit is supplied as one set including Expansion Pressure Frame with turntable and plate. Pre-stressing Type. one 3. Hveem Stabilometer ASTM D-1560. diaphragm tester with polyurethane dummy specimen. 12" w. Height Gauge. (23 kg). ■ Includes two followers and accessories for use in asphalt and soils testing per industry 115 . or as individual components. Lever-type. Net Wt.005" diam. Dial Indicator. AASHTO tests T-190 and T-246.6 mm) diam. The device was originally developed by the California Division of Highways to measure the combined effects of frequent traffic loads. Hveem Test Block.The spring steel bar of the cross beam is calibrated to read 0. Plate. Pressure Fluid. Mold. soil-cement and aggregate.0001" (0. Hveem Diaphragm Replacement Tool. Two included.001" divisions. stainless steel. Net 33-1/2 lbs. Scribed. The Expansion Pressure Device is especially made to test the swell and shrinkage of bituminous soils. Diaphragm/piston pump. (101.0001 inch divisions. EI45-7580/14.The dial indicator has 0.002 mm) divisions. ■ Aluminum-Magnesium shell assembly for lightweight use and corrosion resistance. 19 lbs. extra O-rings.985" ± 0. 10 lbs. T-246. 1. Specifications Specimen Size. Overall Dimensions.2" (7. 1-1/2 lbs. (15. Calibration Device and Hveem Test Mold. Weight. dual scale gauge (psi/kPa). Hveem type. Triangular.0" x 0. assembly tool and instructions. CA-301. California Type.95" ± 0. Shipped 14" (356 mm) long and can be used to make two replacement diaphragms. Net Wt. Dial Indicator. Stem and Plate. (680 g). on a given bituminous mix. with dial indicator support and 3 feet.5 kg). Texas Type. ■ Large pressure gauge with 1/4% accuracy.0084 inch of deflection for 32 pounds. AASHTO T-190. Expansion Pressure Frame with Turntable. ■ Precision pump assembly. CA-301. Accessories EI45-7520. ® tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www. Dial Indicator Holder. drilled. Specifications Frame Stand. Modified version with fixed stage. Net 50 lbs. 4" diam. 1 qt. EI45-7580/12. (305 x 305 x 406 mm). The Hveem Stabilometer is a triaxial testing device used to determine the stability of bituminous paving mixtures. drilled. ■ Stainless steel mold for corrosion resistance. EI45-7532. Loading. (8. x 5" h.eleusa. Includes adjustable turntable. wrench. 1 qt. x 16" h. 4" (101. The Stabilometer is designed to test 4" (101. two followers.6 mm) range x 0. Head. 1. Dial Indicator.2 kg). Calibrating Device. height gauge and head. repeated over a long period of time. Polyurethane dummy specimen. CA-366. Shell. D-2844. Adjustable. EI45-7510.Asphalt H V E E M S TA B I L I T Y Replacement Parts EI45-7500/10. ■ Adjustable stage supplied as standard. x 5" h. Hveem Test Mold.0021 inch of vertical deflection for 8 pounds and 0. Ordering Information EI45-7500. ■ Available as complete set. adjustable stage. Expansion Pressure Device ASTM D-2844. with perpendicular stem. Ordering Information EI45-7580. untreated soil. Used to replace diaphragms in Hveem stabilometer. 200 psi capacity. circular. 0. hydraulic fluid (included). EI45-7500/12. Weight. Lever Type Calibration Device. x 12" d.

x 66" h. (268 kN) capacity. spherically seated. (356 kg). (0 to 76 mm/min. EI45-7564/06. (268 kN). 220vAC. mounted on threaded columns. 60 Hz. On-off rocker switch. 600 lbf. EI45-7564/01. Digital. aluminum ram. Cabinet. EI45-7564/02. Double doors for access to hydraulic system and storage shelves.000 lbf. Micrometer controlled valve for unloaded speeds from 0 to 3"/min. Versa-Tester® ■ State-of-the-art digital display. Parallel and RS232C data output ports for printers and to computers. It is particularly useful for testing soil cements. 29" w. not included. 785 lbs. Digital. Net 545 lbs.000 lbf. (268 kN) capacity. and a rate control valve which allows the operator to manually apply variable or constant stress rates. x 20" .eleusa. Relief Valves. load rate and rate deviation displays.. reinforced stainless steel counter top. 110vAC. 220vAC. asphaltic concretes and specimens contained in the Hveem Stabilometer. One-piece steel. concentric grooves for sample alignment. with suction strainer.) For manually applying variable or constant stress rate. Loading Rate. order separately. 1ø. The hydraulic control system of the Versa-Tester® is designed to afford the full range of operating needs normally required for materials testing.000 lbf. gauges and operating parts. double-acting. 1ø. Directional Control. ■ Ideally suited for tests using the Hveem Stabilometer.. (18. concentric grooves for sample alignment. 50 Hz. Load Range. Shpg. Release-neutral-load lever for up-down movement of crosshead. Digital Version 60. inside ground and honed for tight seal. (268 kN). Reservoir. Mechanical Crosshead. Self-contained. 6-1/2" (165 mm) diam. Clearances. hardened and ground steel.000 lbf. ■ Sensitive and accurate hydraulic load cell system. Lower Platen. Ordering Information Note: Shown with mechanical crosslead. Load display. universal motor. (737 x 508 x 1.676 mm).The unit incorporates our state-of-the-art. 60 Hz. all purpose testing machine designed to meet the needs for a medium capacity compression machine. 6" (152 mm) stroke. ® 116 tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www.Asphalt H V E E M S TA B I L I T Y Specifications Capacity. 60. Rate Control. Weight. Accuracy. 60. also for presetting maximum load for non-destructive and repetitive testing. 5 gal. 12-1/4" (311 mm) horizontal x 17" (432 mm) maximum between platens. (2. (247 kg).7 to 268 kN).000 lbf. Crosshead. (268 kN) capacity. microprocessor controlled digital display system.000 lbf.The unit has a 6" (152 mm) hydraulic stroke working from a double-acting ram. capstan screw allows 3-1/2" (89 mm) movement. hardened and ground steel. membrane keypad. a loading rate valve which may be used to set the rate of unloaded crosshead movement from 0 to 3" (76 mm) per minute. It is designed for use in testing all types of materials with a load range of 60. Accessories EI45-7564/10. operating indicator light. The Versa-Tester® is a hydraulically operated. Other Controls. inlet port and filtered breather. Note: Factory installation of Mechanical Crosshead is recommended. 1ø. Overall Dimensions. 1 h.The maximum load may also be pre-set with the rate control valve for non-destructive or repetitive load testing.p. to 60. Controls include a directional valve for upward or downward movement of the loading head. in-line pressure filter. ■ All controls and gauges grouped in single console for operator convenience.9 liter) capacity. ■ Stainless steel counter top for easy cleaning. Provide overload protection of pump. hydraulic. Upper Platen. Loading Cylinder. Digital. 6-1/2" (165 mm) diam. mounted on load cell. Pump. Hydraulic. 60. ±1% of reading within range. adjustable to 18" (457 mm).

high or low. (91 kg). the operator depresses a button on the steering handle that controls the marking-dye discharge valve. For steering. Graduations. airport runway. 1/8" or 1 mm. magnifies variations 16x. Operating switch mounted on top of instrument section (requires 4 “D” size batteries). Replacement Parts EI47-3700/10. The Hi-Low Detector (Rolling Straight Edge) is used for measuring pavement planeness. Dial Indicators. non-clogging. Vertical-sweep visual indicator. the unit detects. Net 35 lbs. high or low. Handle. Vertical. Ordering Information EI47-3710. 16 ft. Bright orange. black finish aluminum. Bell-Buzzer Indicator System. Ordering Information Note: Dial Indicator not included. ■ Dial indicator vibrator system for accurate pavement measurements.4 m) long. 12 ft. Dye. telescopes into case for storage. registers these areas in full view of the operator.Asphalt PAV E M E N T T E S T I N G Benkelman Beam AASHTO T-256. Upon receiving the visual and audible indicator signals. Aerosol Dye. neoprene tires and adjustable scraper blades for accuracy. (46 kg). Specifications Main Body. Shpg. one-person operation. (15. Weights. Accessories EI47-3715. and a large pointer scale. (2. so that magnified readings range up to 1/4" (6. Front and rear. EI47-1460. 200 lbs. The Benkelman Beam measures the deflection of a flexible pavement under moving wheel loads in accordance with AASHTO test T-256.The direct-reading dial indicator eliminates the need for any conversion or field calculations and the vibrator system assures accurate pavement measurements. High-Low Detector ■ ■ ■ ■ Easy-to-use. EI47-1460/14.The unit is made from lightweight aluminum and features a telescoping design to reduce weight and storage space. Wheels. mounted above indicator wheel. An optional battery-operated 9-volt bell-buzzer located near the operator indicates high and low pavement surfaces simultaneously with the visual indicator. sounds simultaneously with visual indicator. Compensated for direct reading (not included). Horizontal Dial Indicator. Vibrator System. Readings. Adjusts beams to proper elevation. Vertical Dial Indicator. Rectangular aluminum stock.4" range x 0. 25 mm range x 0. Magnified. 9vDC battery powered. Probe Fulcrum.9 kg). Vertical Dial Indicator. Stands. Bright orange dye sprays onto the irregular surface from a replaceable aerosol can mounted directly beside the indicator wheel.002" divisions. contains no fluorocarbons. or bridge surface. 117 . (3. Housed in watertight box.397 mm) long. 0.002" divisions.With reinforcing aluminum plate riveted to either side of frame. 12 oz. Optional simultaneous sound indicator. The unit is designed for maximum operator convenience and accuracy. ■ Unique telescopic design for quick set up and storage during transport to the field. with button for discharging dye.02 mm divisions.eleusa. Specifications Frame. Ground concentric with inside diameter of their ball bearings. gives lever ratio of 2:1. Open Length. large pointer. 8 ft. one front. Lightweight aluminum frame construction. transport. Net 102 lbs. The indicator wheel detects high and low areas in the pavement surface. 55" (1. Rolled by one person along a highway. and testing.9 m) span. (340 g) aerosol can. mounts beside indicator wheel. 1" range x 0. ■ Direct-reading dial indicators eliminate need for conversions or calculations during measurements. Probe Beam.7 m) l. (4.Variations are magnified 16 times on a vertical scale graduated in 1/8" (1 mm) increments. order separately. ■ Lightweight aluminum construction for easy portability and use at any test location. for storage.4 mm). EI47-1460/12. one rear and one center indicator wheel. range from 0 to 1/4" (6.4 mm). Accessories EI47-1460/10. Carton of 12 cans. and dye marks high and low areas that need to be ground or re-rolled. Leveling Wheel. Aluminum. ® tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www. Scale. Weight. mounted above the wheel and immediately in front of the steering handle. Ball pivot bearing.

p. Bit Capacity. 8" (203 mm) diameter drill bit capacity. gasoline engine. Expanding Adapters. order separately. ® 118 tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www. and similar materials. ■ Bit sizes ranging from 2" (51 mm) to 6" (159 mm). not included. 15" (381 mm) overall length. Ordering Information Bit Size Core Size Hole Size Expanding Adapters Model No. and others. 12" (305 mm) core length. 8 h. 8 h. Variable. glass. yet lightweight for portability.The Core Drill is used by paving contractors.400 rpm through field modification. Drilling Position.Asphalt PAV E M E N T T E S T I N G Thin Wall Diamond Bits and Adapters Portable Core Drill (Gasoline) ■ ■ ■ ■ Heavy-duty. ■ Obtains up to 12" (305 mm) long cores. and structures.eleusa. Ordering Information Note: Shown with Drill Bit and Adapter. EI47-5180.The Adapters are especially designed for fast. 4 cycle. municipalities. Two beveled plates tighten expander firmly inside barrel. this is the favorite core drilling machine for taking test cores in roads. Up to 8" (203 mm) diameter. Weight. Thoroughly proven in years of service.p. 22" (550 mm). 1. Vertical drilling only. runways. Extension Shaft. asphalt paving. Disposable Bits Model No. Speed. Thin Wall Diamond Bits are used for drilling and coring reinforced concrete. 4 cycle. 9" (228 mm) . 3. Gasoline. Strap Wrench. Expanding Adapters permit diamond drilling through the hardest materials. Specifications Engine. tile. Column Travel.100 rpm maximum standard. Specifications Disposable Type. testing laboratories. highway departments. 3" 3-1/2" 4" 4-1/4" 6-1/4" 2-3/4" 3-1/4" 3-3/4" 4" 6" 3" 3-1/2" 4" 4-1/4" 6-1/4" EI47-5654 EI47-5656 EI47-5658 EI47-5660 EI47-5666 EI47-5694 EI47-5696 EI47-5698 EI47-5700 EI47-5706 Accessories EI47-5025. 18" (457 mm) long. EI47-5035. (125 kg). easy attachment of the bit to the drilling machine. Compact design with effortless ball-screw feed. rock. Net 275 lbs.

Asphalt S P E C I F I C G R AV I T Y Vacuum Pycnometer (6. AASHTO T-209. ■ Supplied with volumetric lid and vacuum hose. ■ Transparent lid for observation of sample. 50/60Hz. Rice Test Vibrator (45-9315/0x). Aspirator.5" Hg. Standard Vacuum Pump (88-3100/0x).d. Vacuum Pycnometer (2. The Pycnometer has a total volume of approximately 10 liters and will conveniently handle samples of 6. Lightweight polycarbonate with transparent upper half. Net 8 lbs. 1ø. x 6" d. Residual Pressure Manometer (45-9320). Weight. The Vacuum Pycnometer is a large capacity unit designed for use in determining the maximum specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures. 6000 g Pycnometer Attachment (45-9315/10) 110vAC. This smaller Vacuum Pycnometer is used in the Rice Test to determine the specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures with maximum aggregate size up to 3/4" (19.5 liter size will handle a 2.The unit is constructed of lightweight polycarbonate.8 mm) diam. Water inlet valve. 10-3/4" (273 mm) o.d.000 gram sample. AASHTO T-209. ■ Manufactured from strong. 15 kg (88-1092/0x). Construction. A second volumetric lid. Connections. Ordering Information EI45-9300.5" i.. Ordering Information Set includes: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 EI5100/02. Construction.000 grams to minimize segregation effects. Closed End Residual Manometer (45-9325). 2" (50. Specifications Capacity. 3/8" pipe thread (included). Plastic. Specific Gravity (Rice) Test Set – Type E ASTM D-2041 (Type E). Functions as water trap for vacuum pump. Vacuum Pycnometer. EI5100/01. 6. 30" x 0. 6000 g (45-9300). 1ø. Vacuum Pycnometer. High Capacity Electronic Balance. Plastic Filtering Flask. 50/60Hz. EI5110/01.2 lbs.1 mm). Aspirator Type Filter Pump. AASHTO T-209. Aspirator Type (45-9311). Accessories EI45-9301. 2000 g (45-9310). 1ø. Filtering Kit (45-9301). AASHTO T-209. 50/60Hz. Filtering Kit (45-9301).com 119 .eleusa. Rice Test Vibrator (45-9315/0x). Dimensions. Aluminum. T-283.8 kg).) sample weight. Filter Pump. tapered with a capillary bore. Ordering Information Set includes: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 EI5110/02. 110vAC. Dimensions. Specific Gravity (Rice)Test Set – Type F ASTM D-2041 (Type F). Approximately 10 liters.This 4. quick disconnect for vacuum gauge and hose.000 Gram) ASTM D-2041 (Type F).000 Gram) ASTM D-2041 (Type E). Gauge. (3. 15 kg (88-1092/0x).6 kg). ® tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www. 2. 500 ml (88-6230).Vacuum is achieved by using the accessory aspirator or laboratory vacuum pump.The transparent lid on the pycnometer allows the operator to observe the bubble release from the asphalt sample during the test. T-283. 7. Accessories EI45-9311. lightweight aluminum. is provided so the unit can be used as a volumeter for determining specific gravity of compacted bituminous mixtures. Filtering Kit. 220vAC. ■ Lightweight polycarbonate construction. T-283. 50/60Hz. T-283.000 g.000 g (13. Specifications Capacity. x 16" (406 mm) h. Weight. Net 15 lbs. 1ø. 220vAC. ■ Large capacity design to minimize segregation effects. High Capacity Electronic Balance. ■ Transparent top for visual observations. with the upper half being transparent for visual observations of the effects of the vacuum. (190 x 15 mm). Ordering Information EI45-9310. (6.

Scale. Residual-Pressure Manometer (Closed End) ASTM D-2041. Adjustable clamps hold the pycnometer securely to the base during vibration. Dimensions. 0 to 150 mm Hg. Wood construction.. 1. (5. Ordering Information EI45-9315/02. 50/60 Hz. Weight. Ordering Information EI45-9320. The Residual-Pressure Manometer is used in the Rice Test method and ASTM D-2041 test procedures for specific gravity tests on asphalt.. ■ On and Off switch on cord. 75 to 0 to 75 mm in 1 mm divisions. ® 120 tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www.6 amp. EI45-9315/12. Net 10 lbs. (4.000 Vacuum Pycnometer Attachment.p. 6. ■ Rubber cushion on top of vibrator to protect pycnometer. 1ø. the unit can be used on the 6.Asphalt S P E C I F I C G R AV I T Y Residual-Pressure Manometer ASTM D-2041. 19-1/2" (495 mm) h. Specifications Motor.. containing a measured amount of mercury.eleusa.4 kg). Net 12 lbs. 2000g Vacuum Pycnometer. Filter Flask Attachment. Ordering Information EI45-9325.000g Vacuum . With accessories. 220vAC. Specifications Base. 12" (30 mm) base diameter. 115vAC. Sliding scale graduated above and below zero to 130 mm x 1 mm. Specifications Stand. 1/20 h. and mounted in a glass dome which is connected to the vacuum to be measured. Round. Accessories EI45-9315/10. EI45-9315/01. Scale. The Rice Test Vibrator is used with the EI45-9310. 3000 vpm. Rice Test Vibrator ■ Adjustable clamps on upright threaded rods. 50/60 Hz. Range. Weight. The closed end Residual-Pressure Manometer is an absolute pressure gauge which consists of a glass U-tube sealed at one end. 1ø. metal with dual nipple connections.5 kg).

EI5104/01. 5 gal.Asphalt EXTRACTION Specifications Control. 50/60 Hz. Corrosion-resistance aluminum construction.The operator can quickly stop centrifuge rotation with a manual braking mechanism. 1/6 h. with integral cup for adding solvent. (457 x 457 x 483 mm). Aluminum. can. 220vAC.500 and 3. 10" (254 mm) 121 . x 18" h. Ordering Information EI45-3820/02. Pack of 100.p. 50/60Hz. Filter Discs. Biodegradable Solvent. Graduated Cylinder.The unit is supplied with 10 filter discs. 60 Hz. x 17" d.000 g Centrifuge Extractor. (432 x 432 x 457 mm). Dimensions Weight.600 rpm range. AASHTO T-164. 1. Hot Plate. Available in 1. brake for fast stopping.000 g models: 18" w. Asphalt Centrifuge Extractors ASTM D-2172.500 g Centrifuge Extractor. Accessories EI45-3845. Pan. removable bowl. 1ø.600 rpm. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Available in 1. EI45-3825/01. Centrifuge speed in 0-3. 12-1/4" (311 mm) diam.000 g Centrifuge Extractor.) The Asphalt Centrifuge Extractor is used to determine bitumen percentage in asphalt paving mixtures by extracting bitumen. sealed. Variable speed. Cover Housing.500 and 3. 220vAC. removable.000 gram capacities. Pack of 100. Filter Discs. The housing. 60 Hz. 60Hz. Aluminum. 50/60 Hz. 3. cover and nut are constructed of cast aluminum to resist corrosion. ® tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www. Replacement Parts Bitumen Extraction Test Set ASTM D-2172. 1000 ml (88-6012). (32 kg). 0-3.500 g extractors.000 g extractors. 3.500 g Centrifuge Extractor. Predrilled holes for mounting. EI45-3820/01. Manual braking mechanism. removable. 1ø. 1. 1ø. using specified solvents. For use on 3.eleusa. Holes are predrilled in the base for mounting to a workbench. Centrifuge Extractor (45-3820/0x). Net 70 lbs. 250 ml (88-6712). 1ø. 1ø. Ordering Information Set includes: 1 1 2 1 1 1 EI5104/02. 120vAC.600 rpm range. Filter Discs. 10 included. EI45-3842. 220vAC. removable.The cover is designed with latches for security during the test and with handles for easy lifting and carrying. 39 Square Inch Top (88-0500/0x). 3. Aluminum. For use on 1. Bowl. 110vAC.000 gram capacities. 120vAC. A conveniently located dial controls the centrifuge speed in 0-3. x 19" h. The Bitumen Extraction Test Set is designed for the extraction of bitumen from bituminous mixtures using Method A of ASTM D-2172. EI45-3840.500 g models: 17" w. x 18" d. AASHTO T-164. 1ø. EI45-3825/02. Galvanized (88-7150). Motor. 1. Desiccator Cabinet (88-6700). Evaporating Dish.

Digital Stopwatch (88-4340). Accessories EI46-5297.5 g. Penetration Needle ASTM (46-5290/10). ASTM Style (Non-Certified) Penetration Needle. 6" 9150 mm) diam. 47. ® 122 tel: 1-800-323-1242 fax: 1-970-663-9781 web: www. Tin Sample Box. Replacement Parts EI46-5290/10. (6 kg). easy-to-read penetration dial with 400 ml by 0. Transfer Dish. 3 oz. The Bitumen Penetration Test Set is designed for penetration testing of bitumen specimens. Pack of 12 (88-7026) Asphalt Penetrometer ASTM D-5. EI46-5290. Ordering Information Set includes: 1 3 1 1 1 1 EI5120. Pack of 12 (88-7022A). EI46-5800. Ordering Information Note: Model shown with sample container. Asphalt Penetrometer (46-5290). Needle. Standard Asphalt Penetrometer.1 mm divisions.25 lbs. AASHTO T-49.1 mm. one included. Net 13. not included. Manual mechanism. 400 mm x 0. order separately.. Plunger Weight. Weights. ■ Large. Asphalt Transfer Dish (46-5800).Asphalt P E N E T R AT I O N Bitumen Penetration Test Set ASTM D-5. The Asphalt Penetrometer is used for measuring the consistency of bituminous samples. Plunger Release. ASTM Style (non-certified). Specifications Dial Indicator. AASHTO T-49. 6 . ASTM Style (NIST Certified) Penetration Needle. Tin Sample Box.eleusa.

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