Presentation on project report “ a study of customer satisfaction in organized retail” with reference to subhiksha mobile

by prakash prasad mba 3rd sem g.h.r.c.e.m

Subhiksha trading services pvt. ltd

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Started on 1997 as single store The name was “subhiksham” Founded by r.subramanian Investment of rs.4-5lakh

Division of Subhiksha

• 8. 9. 10. 11.

Subhiksha has four divisions Supermarket fruit & vegetable Pharmacy Subhiksha mobile

Objective of the study

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Why people come to subhiksha mobile Why people not coming to subhiksha mobile Creating awareness To find out the factors affecting purchase decision

Research design

• What is research • Collection of data primary data secondary data • Data analysis

• • • • • 6. 7. 8. 9. 20% customer are fully satisfied 10% customers haven’t heard the name of subhiksha mobile Customers only came for the low price 13% customers know about subhiksha mobile but they haven’t visited to subhiksha mobile 57% customers are not satisfied by following causes Low product range Extra charge on card payment Low physical space of outlet Dummy for demos are not available


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Concentrate on price appointment of skilled sales executive concentrate on infrastructure If possible, remove the additional charges on card payment • hire some technical person who can solve minor problems in outlet

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