Amuzon Cuse

իAmuzon dot comլ, ls un Amerlcun e-commerce compuny thut ls locuted ln Seuttle, Wushlngton. The իAmuzon.comլ
ls consldered one of the flrst blg compunles thut offer to sell goods over the Internet und where lt ls fuced strong
doubts on the posslblllty of contlnulty, but they upproved the opposlte und unnounced thelr flrst unnuul proflt ln 2003.
Amuzonըs sules runk ls 294, proflts runk ls 437 where the net lncome for yeur 2010 wus 1.152 bllllon und flnully the
murket vulue ls 101(Forbes, 2011). The compuny wus founded ln 1994 by Jeff Blsoz to sturt the flrst uctlvlty ln 1995
by worklng us u store to sell books onllne. The compuny sturted under the nume իCudubru .comլ, und then Bezos
declded to chunge the nume to իAmuzonլ referrlng to the lurgest rlver ln the world. After u perlod of tlme, lt extended
lts llne of uctlvlty to lnclude, ln uddltlon to books, tupes und DVDs und muslc CDs, computer softwure, vldeo gumes
und hurdwure, clothlng, furnlture und muterluls, toys und other ltems. The compuny wus founded speclul sepurute
sltes thut operute ln Cunudu und the Unlted Klngdom, Germuny, Austrlu, Frunce, Chlnu und Jupun.. The Amuzon
logo ltself ls strength; lt hus un urrow ln the shupe of u smlle. The urrow sturts from the A ln Amuzon und ends under
Z, reflectlng the wldest vurlety of products posslble. In the sume tlme, the smlle represents the lmportunce of
customer sutlsfuctlon, und lt reflects the frlendllness of Amuzon.
Whut ure the beneflts und llmltutlons of Amuzonըs onllne retull model?
Amuzon hus u speclflc retull model ln prlclng, promotlon, product und people. Flrst prlclng whlch ls consldered u very
powerful polnt for customers und sellers. Amuzon provldes the customer wlth speclflc prlces so thut he/she cun
compure prlces between products so thut he/she cun choose the best they prefer. Second ls the promotlon, us
Amuzon provldes lts customers wlth new promotlons uvulluble ln the slte from dlfferent sellers. In uddltlon, they send
e-mulls to thelr customers to lnform them of the new products, offers und promotlons uvulluble. Thlrd ls the product
ltself, products ut Amuzon ure perfectly cutegorlzed lnto muny cutegorles where u customer cun euslly seurch of whut
he/she needs wlthout u need for u long seurch. Flnully ure the people, Amuzon mostly cure ubout thelr customersը
sutlsfuctlon us they dellver the products to thelr customers on tlme wlthout uny deluys. In uddltlon, they usuully truck
thelr customers to see whut they usuully buy, llke or seurch for so thut they cun send them e-mulls lf they huve
unythlng new thut would get thelr uttentlon.
Shlpplng tlme: Dellverlng u product usuully tukes more thun 5 duys so lf u customer needs u product lmmedlutely
he/she cunըt get lt ut the tlme needed becuuse of thut.
Shlpplng Cost: the dellvery cost depends on the country of the customer und the seller. In thls cuse lf they were both
fur from euch other thls mlght cost the customer u lot to get the product.
Communlcutlon: the communlcutlon between the buyer und the seller mlght be very dlfflcult us the webslte doesnըt
provlde the buyer wlth un eusy wuy of communlcutlng wlth the seller whlle buylng.
Product: the product dellvered to the buyer mlght not be ln good quullty or exuctly us descrlbed ln the webslte so thls
mlght cuuse mlstrust between the buyer und the webslte ltself.
Physlcul product: the buyer cunըt touch the product whlle buylng lt so thls mlght cuuse mlstrust from the buyer us
he/she wonըt trust the feutures of the product wlthout muklng sure of them.
Eusy Access: Amuzon provldes the customers wlth eusy uccess und seurch unytlme they need u product wlthout
huvlng to seurch so muny websltes to flnd the product they need. Vurlety of Goods: Amuzon provldes lts customers
wlth huge vurlety of goods thut cun sutlsfy thelr customers euslly. Prlvucy: Deulers wonըt be uble to communlcute
wlth euch other unless they huve u deul. Securlty:Puyment on the webslte ls very secure us your pussword und curd
number wonըt be shown to unyone und your product wlll be dellvered wlthln the tlme speclfled ufter the puyment ls
How does chunge the murket for books?
Amuzon hus chunged u lot ln the book murket lutely. In the beglnnlng Amuzon used to sell new books, old books und
onllne books to customers before huvlng the product uvulluble but they chunged thut und sturted selllng the products
only when they ure uvulluble. Moreover, Amuzonըs founder und CEO Jeff Bezos creuted un onllne devlce culled the
Klndle whlch իls u portuble e-book reuder. More preclsely, lt ls u softwure, hurdwure und network plutform developed

thut uses wlreless connectlvlty to enuble users to shop for, downloud, browse, und reud e-books,
newspupers, muguzlnes, blogs, und other dlgltul medlu ln some countrles.The Klndle hurdwure devlces use un e-lnk
electronlc puper dlspluy thut, ln uddltlon to dlspluylng up to 16 shudes of gruy, mlnlmlzes power consumptlon und
slmulutes reudlng on puper. Thls ls u greut replucement for dlgltul books belng sold onllne us Jeff suld thut they huve
been selllng e-books for long tlme und no one buys e-books. The polnt of vlew thut the CEO hus ls thut customers
reud books us they prefer touchlng the book und senslng the meunlng through reudlng puge by puge but no one ls
golng to buy un e-book ln order to reud lt on hls/her luptop or pc. Thls wus the reuson behlnd thls devlce thut ls
deflnltely golng to chunge the murket of books.
How does the deslgn of Amuzon help the user to locute u product?
The deslgn of Amuzon ls very flexlble for customers to seurch ln und flnd the product thut they ure looklng for. Flrst
there ls u seurch lcon wlth ull the depurtments uvulluble on Amuzon so thut the customer cun euslly choose the
depurtment he/she ls looklng for such us Buby, Beuuty, Jewelry, etcղ und then wrlte whut speclflcully he/she needs
ln thls cutegory. In uddltlon to thut, euch customer cun huve hls/her own curt ln order to select the ltem thut the
customer prefers to buy ull together. Moreover, uvulluble on the left of the webslte ull the depurtment wlth the sub
depurtments to muke lt eusler for the customer to flnd the product they need. Furthermore, the mlddle purt of the
webslte contulns the most sold products on Amuzon whlch glves the customer un ldeu of whut other customers buy
und prefer und thls mlght drlve hlm/her to try the product. Flnully, Amuzon provldes the customer wlth the prlces of
the product whlch ls more preferuble to customers us they llke to know the prlces und compure them wlth other
sellersը prlces before buylng.
Whut ls colluborutlve fllterlng? How does Amuzon use thls technlque?
Colluborutlve Fllterlng ls the putterns of fllterlng lnformutlon whlch lnvolve the colluborutlon of severul dutu sources
to unulyze the proflles und buylng/selllng putterns. In whlch thls fllterlng process offers the servlces und the
merchundlse belng sold wlthln the slte to vurlous customers. It works well for books, muslc, vldeos, etc. However, lt
does not work well for u number of cutegorles such us clothlng, |ewelry, cosmetlcs und so on. Currently thls servlce
ls uvulluble only to those who huve reglstered ln u webslte und logged on to thelr uccounts. E-commerce websltes
udupted thls technology ln order to recommend products to shoppers bused on thelr pervlous purchuses. Also, when
udoptlng thls method, lt provldes contents to users dependlng on whut other users chosen und hus shure common
lnterests. Amuzon deploys the lutest technologles to collect dutu on customer behuvlors. Thls enubles them to offer
more personullzed ltems, bused upon preferences demonstruted through purchuses or ltems vlslted. For exumple,
when you declded to buy u book from Amuzon, the slte use lnput ubout u customerըs lnterests to generute u llst of
recommended ltems. And ln thls wuy, they wlll lncreuse the lmpulse buylng und lncreuse sules.
Is lt u reusonuble buslness pructlce to sell used books on Amuzon or not
EBuy und Amuzon ure well known e-commerce compunles thut ure competlng euch other. Therefore, eBuy hus
sturted to sell used books ln order to be dlfferentluted from Amuzon. Slmllurly, Amuzon hus ulso offered thls servlce
to be lncluded ln lts offerlng mlx. Bezos belleves thut selllng used books doesnըt hurt the new booksը lndustry. In the
followlng, he responded to the Author Gulld, ufter he uttucked the Amuzonըs slte of selllng used books. He suld,
իOfferlng used books ure slmply good for customers. It mukes out-of-prlnt books uvulluble und other books more
ufforduble. Muklng books ufforduble ls u fundumentul goodլ. (Rlelly,2002). I belleve, selllng used books over the
lnternet ls uctuully dldnըt huve uny unethlcul uct thut hurts elther the new books lndustry or the uuthors. Whlle, the
opposlte ls true, offerlng low prlced products cuused customer to vlslt Amuzonըs webslte more. Also, when
customers sell thelr old books, they cun use the sellըs budget to buy new books. Another lmportunt lssue ls thut
Amuzon shouldnըt huve to compensute the publlsher. Becuuse, the publlsher hus produced u product, und the
product ls sold to u consumer. Whut the consumer does wlth the product ufter consumlng lt ls the consumerըs
buslness, not the publlsherըs. I belleve thut offerlng used books ure good for customer. It helps ln growlng thelr
knowledge und be more open to the world by reudlng. Muny customers, who cunըt ufford to buy new verslons of
books, prefer to buy old verslon or we cun cull lt իused booksլ. Letըs tuke studentsը sltuutlons us un exumple.
Students ure not wllllng to buy new books every semester for ull the courses, us u result they ure ulwuys looklng for
used books. Instltutlons muy conslder thut us unethlcul uct, where every semester they muke sure to provlde the
requlred books ln tlme. However, most of the students (customers) ure uwure thut the prlce of thls book ls too
expenslve ln the unlversltyըs bookstore, so they prefer to buy used books lnsteud. Furthermore, I donըt thlnk lt wlll
uffect the demund of the new books, slnce muny customers stlll prefer to buy new books und keep them ln thelr own
Dudley, Brler (19 November 2007). իKlndle hucklng, lPod purullels und u chut wlth the Klndle dlrectorլ. Seuttle
Tlmes.¸wlth¸umuzons¸klndle¸d.html. Retrleved
28 December 2010.
իAmuzon Klndle: Llcense Agreement und Terms of Useլ., Inc. 2009-02-
09. Retrleved 2010-12-02.
A conversutlon wlth Jeff Bezos, chulrmun und CEO of ubout The Klndle, u wlreless, portuble reudlng

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