Sociability It is not the money in your bank account But the gratitude accumulated in your social account That

may called as true earning Yet an overlooked learning This bereft of man·s cognizance Often contrives his downfall in ignorance The space in your heart Is the foundation of your social art Quintessential despite all success Man must know man·s inner address Than feel compelled towards monetary stress All your life ambitious to excel You cause your soul to repel The need to connect and wait For them who are slow and late But still are human beings Neither mercurial, nor short of feelings The differences defining our society Is an intriguing ambiguity Immeasurable in wake of many a parameter Social bonding reduces geniuses to jitter The elements of which cannot be schooled Its potential to hurt can never be ruled Out as a trait undesirable Man·s follies can only be forgivable If fellow being·s shortcomings To him are adorable

Always keep in mind that your fellow beings Are not just stepping stones towards successful wings They need your love, compassion and shrinking time You cannot just be engrossed in your personal pantomime Even when in need Do not succumb to greed Foster friendships and bonding for all seasons Than being only lost in individual passion Mindful in the garden of your dreams and intellectuality Of a poor gardener called sociability. Ankur

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