Gemilang :English : 7 March 2011 : 10.30 am- 11.00 am : 5 students LD ( 2 autisme, 2 down syndrome and 1 high function) Topic Focussed skill : Colours : 16.1 recognise different colours 16.1.1 different colours Integrated skills Learning outcomes High Function Student can recognize and name 5/6 colours fluently Student can matching 4/5 colours : : At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to :

Low Function Student can recognize and name 3/6 colours fluently Student can match 2/5 colours : students had seen this colours : : Cooperation, confidence, grateful, follow the instructions : Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Music Therapy : Flash cards, music, worksheet

Previous Knowledge Curriculum specification Moral value Therapies Teaching Aids

Describes the colours (red. 2. yellow.What colours of this thing. 1. Teacher ask student to pick one envelope in the magic box and student will go infront to tell what they get from the magic box. cooperation & confident. blue and purple) 1. Teacher guides student to pronounce the name of colours clearly. Teaching Aids : worksheet Technique:Question Therapy : Values : Follow the instruction & confident Teaching Aids : colourful bookmark Closure 1. Technique:Matching Therapy : Values : Follow the instruction.Teacher use colours flashcard without name and ask the student the colours of flashcard. Say it back. Teachers relates the song with the topics Notes Techniques : Singing Therapy : Music therapy & Occupational therapy Values : Follow the instructions & confidence Teaching aids : Video songs Techniques : Question Therapy : Speech therapy Values : Follow the instructions & cooperation Teaching aids : Flash card & magic box Stage 1 1.orange. Stage 2 1. green. Teacher will give to them colourful bookmark. Sing a song Lyrics : Teaching ± Learning Activities 1. .Teacher will give worksheet and student have to match colours with colourful thing that given to them. 2.Stages/ Time Induction Set (3 minute) Content 1.Teacher sing a song first about colours using music videos 2. Teacher will ask student what have they learn today and ask they what colours that they know. 1. 3.Teacher asks the student to sing a song together 3.

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