Why knowledge of chemistry is essential for a pharmacist?

Chemistry is the science of the composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter, especially of atomic and molecular systems. Medicines or drugs that we take for the treatment of various ailments are chemicals, either organic or inorganic. However, most drugs are organic molecules. Let us take aspirin as an example. It is probably the most popular and widely used analgesic drug because of its structural simplicity and low cost. Aspirin is chemically known as acetyl salicylic acid, an organic molecule. The precursor of aspirin is salicin, which is found in willow tree bark. The knowledge of chemistry is very essential for a pharmacist due to the following reasons: (a) Chemistry is the base of pharmacy. Without chemistry a pharmacist is nothing he cannot understand the chemical formulae of the drugs, he cannot design new drugs and in this way a pharmacist cannot practice the field of pharmacy without a plentiful knowledge about chemistry. (b) If a pharmacist doesn t know about chemistry he would not be able to prescribe the related drugs or medicine to the patient. (c) Every drug or medicine has some chemicals in it which can only be understood by the person who knows chemistry. (d) With the help of the knowledge of chemistry a pharmacist can come to know about the good and bad aspects of different types of drugs so that he can make certain changes in the structure of the chemicals present in that drug to minimize the bad aspects of the particular drug which is to be administered by the patient.

(e) Bio chemistry which is a branch of chemistry gives the pharmacist knowledge about the different metabolic activities of the body so that the pharmacist can calculate the fate of the drug inside the body. (f) With the knowledge of chemistry a pharmacist can identify or determine the unknown compounds/samples by doing different types of tests. (g) Knowledge about the different types of vitamins is also provided by chemistry which are used as supplements for the patient prescribed by a pharmacist. (h) Knowledge of organic chemistry helps the pharmacist to synthesize new compounds or molecules for different medicines. (i) A pharmacist can make certain changes in the already existing drugs to increase or enhance the therapeutic effects of that drug. (J) By the knowledge of organic chemistry a pharmacist can discover new drugs. Hence he can identify different novel active compounds. All drugs are chemicals, and pharmacy is a subject that deals with the study of various aspects of drugs. Therefore, it is needless to say that to become a good pharmacist the knowledge of the chemistry of drugs is essential All of this is just because of the knowledge of chemistry given to a pharmacist. The above mentioned points illustrate the importance of chemistry in the field of pharmacy, and this is the reason why the knowledge of chemistry is very much essential for a pharmacist.

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Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Assignment

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