B.D. 7161 7.7.1958 Nothing can cease to exist.... Gate of death…. True home….

You humans must never forget that I Am Lord over life and death…. that all the strength which is needed for life flows forth from Me and that I Am also able to end all life by withdrawing My strength…. However, since I Am the primary source of all strength, it also corresponds to My fundamental nature that I will only ever grant life, guiding what is dead back into life, because the state of death…. thus, complete lack of strength…. does not correspond to My fundamental nature and therefore cannot ever be intentional on My part. I certainly have the power to destroy what I once brought into being, and this would in fact impose utter death on the being…. but it does not correspond to My perfection either to discard or change once determined resolutions…. Once something has emerged from My strength, which was awakened to life through My will and My might, it will also exist forever, merely its composition can change because this is determined by the being itself. Hence the being itself is able to bring death upon itself, and yet it is not its own master, but I Am the Master, even over death.... that is, I will not allow the being to remain in its self-chosen state of death forever; I will not rest until it has regained life, for nothing is able to permanently resist My strength and might, and even My adversary…. who once caused this transformation from life into death…. is unable to prevent Me from sooner or later imparting the energy of life to the being again anyway, thus to awaken it from death into life…. I Am Lord over life and death…. Consequently I also determine the hour when the human body.... the spiritual being’s temporary cover…. will release the latter, when the physical life is thus concluded by ‘death’, but this death is only a change of the external form. For what had once emerged from Me can never cease to exist again, it is not subject to the law of death, which is indeed the fate of all things of this earth but not that of the ‘spirit’ within the material form. But I even determine the hour of earthly demise Myself, if the human being does not manifestly oppose Me and end his life himself and thereby indeed prolongs the state of death for an infinite time again, but he will never be able to end his existence…. And since you now know for certain that you cannot cease to exist anymore, and that the duration of your earthly life is determined by Me, you should confidently put everything into My hands, for I truly know what signifies ‘life’ for you and how you will be able to attain it…. I also know that you are only able to enter into life by the gate of death, but this gate of death is just an entirely natural process without which true life is unthinkable. As yet you live on earth…. but your true home is the spiritual kingdom, and the step from the former into the latter kingdom has to be taken. But then life will be indestructible, then you will be granted strength and light and freedom, and only then will you be and remain forever blissfully happy…. Amen

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