Lifebuoy Soap -Pakistan


Lifebuoy is one of Unilever's oldest brands.

Lifebuoy Royal Disinfectant Soap was launched in1894 as an affordable new product in the UK.

Lifebuoy soap travelled across the world, reaching countries such as Pakistan.

Initial Positioning
‡ Lifebuoy was positioned as a tough cleaning soap for a tough man ‡ Positioned itself on price ‡ Lost its value and credibility

‡ The brand decided to break away from germ-killing and repositioned Lifebuoy as a health essential. ‡ The campaign targeted mothers of kids aged between 4 and 11 years. ‡ Repositioning campaign started in 2008. . ‡ But it faced commoditization.Repositioning ‡ Unilever s Lifebuoy soap had been built around its ability to kill germs. residing in rural and urban geographies. with a growing number of health players entering the fray with similar sounding claims.

Established its message of health from the traditional male victorious to a more responsible concept of health for the entire family. Lifebuoy provided consumers with four different variants available in new curved shape and new formulation. .

Anti-se tic Soa User-status: Regular Use .Market Segmentation eogra ic All cities Urban and Rural areas Demogra ic Age: 10-45 Gender: Anyone Income:5000+ Be avioral Benefits: Total Protection.

Lifebuoy Pakistan ‡ Target Market Housewives and ChildrenWomen usually are the decision makers in Pakistan Children are the potential agent for change Middle. Lower-middle class .

TVCs and radio ads used the theme Healthy Hoga Pakistan to promote the new image. Effective ad campaigns used fear strategy which in case of an antibacterial soap was effective. This included asking people to sign a petition in support of a healthy nation and encouraging schoolchildren to realize the importance of health.Lifebuoy classic red brick shape was replaced with a new Lifebuoy signature shape with improved quality and fragrance The PR plan also sought to stimulate national debate on the consequences of ill health and the steps needed to make the nation healthy. .

Growth in Sales of Lifebuoy after Repositioning ‡ Lifebuoy belongs to the Home & Personal Care category of products of Unilever. ‡ Lifebuoy s skin cleansing range was augmented with liquid hand and body wash. In 2010 this category sale grew by more than 15% on account of robust volume growth.1% for the year. Cumulative growth over three years stands at 110% and the business delivered an operating margin of 16. The brand grew by more than 23% in 2010 based on its message of Healthy Hoga Pakistan .

952.000 Rs.524.195.000 Rs.472.000 Home & Personal Care Category Assets 2010 2009 2008 2007 Rs. 15. 3.Home & Personal Care Category Sales 2010 2009 2008 2007 Rs.000 Capacity to Manufacture Home & Personal Care Products 2010 2009 2008 2007 60. 2.175 metric tons 41. 3.429 metric tons 42. 4.385 metric tons 51. 24.496 metric tons .917.343.448.505.429.390. 21.722.000 Rs.698.520.000 Rs.814.840. 21.000 Rs.000 Rs.315.

‡ Lifebuoy should expand their target market by catering to the youth through differentiated offerings and new image.Proposed New Image for Lifebuoy ‡ Lifebuoy's goal is to provide affordable and accessible hygiene and health solutions that enable people to lead a life without fear of hygiene anxieties and health consequences. . ‡ Lifebuoy should continue to position itself as a family health offering through germ protection.

.‡ Lifebuoy should intend to make millions of Pakistanis feel safe and secure by meeting their health and hygiene needs while providing quality and better fragrance.

Home. Vacations. media influenced themselves Children.Teenagers. brand Full Nest I. political Heavy users social discussion. No interest in politics.II social. movies Nest I and music Heavy users Social.II and III conscious.AIOD Framework Benefits/Needs Long lasting protection against germs Activities Interests Opinions Demographics Outdoor Sports. fun Friends. Media. media conscious Heavy users Music and movies hobbies Outdoor sports. visit outdoor spots Strong opinions about Age: 25 and above themselves. Age: 7-25 and hang outs. club extremely hardworking. membership. Internet Brand conscious. Strong opinions about Age : 15 -35 frequent shoppers. Fashion. brand conscious Long-lasting Fragrance Entertainment. vacations. social. Shopping. self Full nest I. out. dine themselves. Suburban lifestyle. Family. recreation. socially active Age: 12-30 Medium-to-heavy users Fights and Prevents odor Mild and moisturizer . food lovers. Work Education Travelling. Food. shopping.Full vacations.

Boost the revenue stream ‡ Perspiring & Sweating a problem commonly faced by youngsters ‡ Positioning also in line with the previous image of a germ fighting soap .Lifebuoy Anti-Perspirant Soap ‡ Aimed at targeting the youth ‡ Broaden the target market.

Print Advert .

‡ The green color conveys freshness ‡ The packaging would be green as well for the soap ‡ A new tagline.Health Hai Toh Jeet Hai ± Cash upon the World Cup fever ± Main players of the team have been chosen ± This would boost the image in the mind of the consumer .

‡ Youngsters are very much into cricket so this positioning would be relevant and most appropriate for the younger audience ‡ After the World Cup season. different sports ‡ Brand Association ‡ This gives an instant uplift to the cheap Image that once lifebuoy had .

..or sponsoring school events ‡ Promoting and encouraging healthy activities .targeting diff sports and celebrity endorsements ‡ Sponsorships etc ‡ School campaigns .‡ Write more abt future campaigns .

‡ Media Vehicles: ± Advertise on Billboards in all major cities of Pakistan ± Advertise in Jang. Akhbar-e-Jahan ± The Print Advert would be placed on the main page of the newspaper and the Sports Page ± The last page of US Magazine . The News ± Magazines such as The US Weekly.

‡ Write abt the size of the ad .

90 lacs 1 Crore per celebrity Rs. markets Initially will be placed in the most famous areas of following cities: y Karachi (8 Billboards) y Lahore (4) y Islamabad (2) y Faislabad (2) y Bahawalpur (1) y Multan (2) y Peshawar (2) y Quetta (2) y Hyderabad (1) y Sukkur (1) Drives to different educational institutions in rural areas Sponsorships to different schools for sports events Celebrity Endorsement TVC Magazine Newspapers Sponsorships to different schools for sports events Rs. 540. 2 million per year Rs. 200. 125. The News.10 per square feet Rs.450 daily Rs.000 per week Rs.000 per day Rs.Advertisement Costs Advertisement Tools Posters Panaflexs for billboards Billboards Price Rs.764. 5-8 per poster Rs. 4 million per year Rs. US Weekly Dawn. colleges. Jang . universities. Mag. 3.000 per month on average Location In schools. 2 million per year Akhbar-e-Jehan.

TVC Costs .

Magazines & Newspaper Costs .

Questionnaire distribution in NBS.Snowball Survey.250 ‡ Sampling Method. Interviews with students of NBS ‡ The sample size included.Sample Size & Sampling Method ‡ Sample Size. ‡ Students ‡ Housewives ‡ Young Professionals .

Survey Results ‡ Do you think more people will now get attracted to lifebuoy than before when it comes to their purchase decision? ‡ Do you like the new image of lifebuoy? NO 30% YES 70% NO 20% YES 80% .

Survey Results ‡ Was the previous positioning better than the new one? ‡ Do you think using cricketers as celebrity endorsers is the right thing to do for lifebuoy? YES 40% NO 60% NO 20% YES 80% .

Survey Results ‡ Would you like to be associated with the new brand image or the old one? OLD 10% ‡ Does the new image improve the perception of lifebuoy in your mind? NO 4% NEW 90% YES 96% .

Survey Results ‡ Do you think launching an anti perspirant Lifebouy soap is appropriate? NO 8 ‡ Would the youth change their perceptions about lifebuoy due to the new image? YES ¢ ¢ ¡ ¢ ¡  ¢ NO 4 YES 76 .

Survey Results ‡ Would the new cricket campaign motivate you to buy this brand? YES 24% NO 76% .

. People also said that in Pakistan there are hardly any anti-prespirant soaps and hence this new positioning will serve as a USP for the soap.Survey Analysis ‡ The respondents were shown the new campaign of lifebuoy and the old one. On the basis of the comparison 70% of the people said that more people will get attracted to lifebuoy s new image as it targets a wider group of audience. Previously the campaign just targeted the children and hence the image of lifebuoy was such that the soap was for children only. Also it was found that people like the concept of association of the soap with sports and especially with the cricket team because of the world cup season. but with the new image the soap caters to a greater audience.

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