Description Present system Capacity of the pump Head of the pump Motor rating Impeller diameter Actual power

consumption of the pump Delivery pressure of the pump Specific gravity Operating hours of the pump/day Annual operating days of the pump Annual operating hours Annual energy consumption Proposed system Capacity of the pump Recommended head Efficiency of the pump (at duty point) Efficiency of new motor (energy efficient) Expected power required with new pump Annual energy required Annual savings in energy Purchased energy cost Cost savings per annum Investment

Unit m3/hr m kW mm kW kg/cm2(g) hours days hours kWh m3/hr m % % kWh kWh kWh Rs./kWh Rs.lacs

lac Rs. cable Contingency Total investment net of modvat Payback Rs.Cost of pumps (2 nos. tune box.lac Rs.lac Rs.lac Rs. coupling.lac Rs. contactors.lac Rs. estimated) Cost for two new 15 hp motor (estimated) Base plate.lacs months .lac Rs.lacs Rs.lac Rs. coupling guard and foundation bolts Cost of valves Excise duty @ % Sales tax @ 3 % Packing and forwarding charges Cost for pipeline modifications Cost for civil and electrical works Electrical works including starters.lac Rs.lac Rs.

200 194.02 24 300 7.7 77.Formula Value 250 10 37 315 A B C D E=C*D F=A*E G H I J K=G*H*B/ (367.400 250 10 72 90 10.240 3 3.2*I*J) L=E*K M=F-L N O=M*N/1e5 27 NA 1.160 117.5 .

3 0.46 19 .6 0.6 modvat* 0.11 0.6 0.2 0.11 0.4 0.P Q R S T U V W X Y Z a=sum(P:Z) b=a*12/O 2.2 5.34 0.

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