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HIGH-QUALITY SAMPLE PAGE Romanian Fairy Tales and Legends By E.org .forgottenbooks. Mawr 10 2010 Forgotten Books I www..

forgo tte nbooks. org 10 2010 Forgotten Books www.HIGH-QUALITY SAMPLE PAGE First published 1881 Republished 200S by Forgotten Books """'"' .org .forgottenbooks.

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forgottenbooks.org . 10 2010 Forgotten Books www.. \. PUBLISHER'S PREFACE About the Book A small co lection of Romanian folk tales and historical legends.HIGH-QUALITY SAMPLE PAGE " ./ .. vir .-.

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April. and its stedfast perseverance in its onward p th. B. A volume of Roumanian poems has just been put into he German tongue. I have kept to the original text as strictly as possible. by the August Lady who permits me to dedicate this small effort to her. though there are m ny of recognised talent." to shew of what blood the t ue sons and daughters of Roumania are made. T E." and the Spartan courage of "Mother of Stefan the Great.forgottenbooks. I have given no specimen. By its bravery.HIGH-QUALITY Romanian Fairy Tales and Legends SAMPLE PAGE PREFACE HE literature of Roumania is so little known in Engla d. 10 2010 Forgotten Books www. M. but so e of the idioms are untranslatable. and who is the patron of ev ry good work. Of the Poets. ROUMANIA has raised itself into a KINGDOM. BUCHAREST. and I have thought it well to insert in this little b liThe Martyrdom of Brancovan.org . some of the popular Basme (tales) and legend of the country . and bring before he public. 1881. that I have ventured to translate.

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herd. so the young peasant girls with their faces a d throats tanned by the sun. that is to say Johnnie.HIGH-QUALITY Romanian Fairy Tales and Legends SAMPLE PAGE THE SLIPPERS OF THE TWEL PRINCESSES I. Though only a cow-herd.? he would reply tranquilly. in the good old tim s. where are you going with your open mouth"? "What doe that matter to youl. and he knew quite well the difference between b auty and ugliness. Otherwise he was really a very p tty boy. He was called Jonica. and as yellow as the rays of the 5 n. and pass on hi way.org . he was sufficiently proud of hi good looks. but eople had given him the name of Gura Cases(open mouth) be ause when he led his cows to pasture. there lived a cow- 10 2010 Forgotten Books I www. The young girls of the village teased him sadly. O NeE on a time.forgottenbooks. "He! He! J nita. he bellowed at every thing which he met on the way. their feet shod in "opinci" (a rough sort of sandal) or other c mmon leather. and his eyes as blue as a morsel f the sky. who had neither father nor other. were not at all to his mind. with hair curling. his face was fair. their large hands red and crack d.

HIGH-QUALITY 4 SAMPLE PAGE For ottenBooks. g to the Court of the Emperor who reigns there. 50 that. 10 2010 Forgotten Books www. when th sun was so scorching that even the flies did not know here to put themselves. He had a charming dream! a Zina. beautiful as the day. fresh as a rose. app ared to him. t at they had throats as white as alabaster.org He had heard tell. the young girls were quite different. that. he stretched himself at fall length. Jonica recounted his dream to several of his friends who freely laughed at him. neither more no less.org . pink cheeks. while his comrades only sou ht to please some rustic villager. and you will arry a Prin- cess. Jonica sat down under the shadow of an oak to eat his mammaliga (thick Indian meal porridge) and a morsel of sheep's milk cheese. he dreamed. and was oon asleep. in the towns. their small feet covered by satin slippers. a long w y off.forgottenbooks. II. One noon-day in the middle of August. that in short they were clad in robes of silk and gold. But the words ofthe Zina had sue an influence on him. deli te and soft hands. seeing that his flock was lying peaceably about. when he took his cows back to the stable. down there." In the evening. and clad in a abe sparkling with diamonds. that he laughed himself at the ridicule of hich he was the object. and were called Princesses. a fairy. She said to him-"There is a country where precious stones grow. that he should marry a Princess.

" said Jonlea. go to the Court of the Emp r who reigns there and you will marry a Princess. and it was again turned into "What does it matte to me.forgottenbooks. that if th fairy appears again to me. and repeated: "There is a untry where precious stones grow. and the same place. I'll follow her advice." 10 2010 Forgotten Books www. appeared again to him. at the me hour.org ." Jonica again repeate ridicule.HIGH-QUALITY Romanian Fairy Tales an Legends SAMPLE PAGE JO~ICA'S DREAM The next day. "ITthey la ugh! I know one thing. He had the same dream. and the same fairy. his dream. our cowherd came to take h siesta. more rad nt than ever.

"tou may d dec i ed I j am going a way I"' and j morning he left. descend the hill. as (I. -slu pe ar.aw him witt! hi"i little bu 5 witn 101 she u de r.jJ I'TK! F fl On ~ following W5 d am.ilV he ha d h S. In th se days.d... I I. peop Ie did wh@ precious stones gre of t neir a pa rtrnent were locke im p i bla for tI1!! m to get very i(traordi na ry too k pi a . an rtic1<. t and calVf!s.ga n t ma ke hls baca m though Th@ op I@ of tha vill. me a d thin as you r e .'- . ra plain. fu r I a village si arry tI1!! d i o him. he the e-veni~ tf1ev he d 1m i. in the di m di5ta n e.2010 F[)ft~ ~ 'INW'rN...age h ld they o.}.._ ~. r~~jJ(I~-II'i- .

..a look 0 smile CI n . to tru rnpet sou nda d.... h 1$ da ltv d LIty. bouqu et to the daugtlt-ers at thai r door. b~t disd.. into the '5e rvice of o ne j been obliged to se nd a ay master did not fl nd t1 im ~ rv th at his cu rling light accspta b Ie to the Prin t: Th~ S. .The os...1 Jonjca.. ttl eir fath r. for... 8 ut once the t:t1!!: rn.. notw tthsta nding t least noise tl ad eve r bee h The Em peror.a great n um be 0 bel'! in d a 8 at Prin csssas.a i e na i a art . min ed.. he might ttl t:t1 is n !!'INS. h liery bea utitu I.abo it. at the hou r f to rth. the .iJti n slippers of ttl e t out e:ilcn morn inc.. who arrived j r tl eard ta lie of aU these .. the mselves e 01.. th at if a r.. Is da~8tlters... the rln h si"gl-e nigtlt.....y one su mea nil_. he prese nted he r . they d acla red t at t U nderrtand noth i ng .. of t ne 0 ne m fact. at a ny pnce. and they n@W'r ra-a presented tt1 e ~lve". Empe rer had dan tioned... and - cou ntry.

.d fell on his kn es (I- 2010 F~~ I II B-o-ob .. ~ _ F eek ir..g ta ughter. ng a P rince 1II. . e he fund the . SI'I~ hel in h his ne her Iike a rose. nd haw as his rI. JO" ita intoxicate the I he E the m mention IV of it to a ny on th eug .3 n e Id ~'St rema lower rked to It WG'S: n becom.. W silke-n hing ou wi~h.N:JrYh ele ... oil U <Icily. Jo COl g rob . I. for he ror might l1ear of i r b a"8 ry. rain.a'l.l.c ca n of the ytlt. in wa a'S:red a han was (I I" OIt@rin.

"ole. the J on lea. 111e eldest.ng from his hiding dan with joy.ible .as at the had. 00 u lte invis. gr. a. and (I- 201 F[)ft~ ~ . kept exdai I'I!!: of impatie jng ceased. eac h of the d ek (J1Jt t ne ir nehs st n. s to 0 to tne m. h a silken veil I have of becoming i nvi'Sib I@ g row out from the d tt.a ut tful eh erry la uret h a golden ca I ha d you. J ey wore quite "ew bouq usts wh il::t1 he o w. an tl id ent up to their bedrocm ak no nolse.d en night ar' d.c t @ otha r.. Tk~ sh rub r He g an to carry out r nd when they h ad ne ined t ne n ece sary h . ba re footed ind them. he cherry laurel.0 pe ned. bu rried t"e m.a nt ~I'I eve r I desl ht. en s rel. they dressad no h. and i. pia Old it in hls on.fai ru rtlons.a pecul ~ r rna nn!! r. a beautifu de I nave dug '!!IOU. 51 o a certain pan: f the Prince5se'S d I'S Ppea r lows in . glided up rnea h one of ti'le twelve bed.

er ~Id of the lake ttl alace. Ilum inated a If r perc lved har niou .10 '- . "t ere i me 0 n@ trod on my @55. htars the ended Lintil t d of wnjch wa of m nOisel@ssly. ::" ut accl IE!' ttl e Princess Li a. exc imed "h have ca ught it a na I.i. I Th seelng no one..

were sa utif 'S-ecret of the idnigl'1t . h r eye'& d i s. II 2(110F~~~ I I . n it as evid nt that you n& of fift: .11 "S SiS - wittl nh an e gold n vase e wni h gave wit" all of white '&een with 'ng. IIna fl shed. an en hantad in the every rldfy desire. e was.And 1'1 r cava Ii r.

oil nd ehamber. become habrt: tiO" da en VI. 0 e ned t wi dow. • e hid the o asked Llld have (I. in adv.. and rs for the prine e bouquetd Gre ent of the po~sible th 0. and rellls whicn cove the wa II.2010 F[)ft~ Y I I .a ne of t eo Pri n sse'§.u leavi g ttl m 0 tv the a ent pleasu bcso of is '5 lendid p:iI ca.

a y rate.1 these l. F rom whe n 1.eYe" ing a rrivoo. fo Ilowed them. Sp~ k oft sllene : v 0210F~~~ . II No dou bt rt I. I see that h LI h of it 0 no one. and ta e as the p I ~ry. pas d as 0" the prevo broke off. II "At.a 57"" "So t CI LI ha~ follow~d "And how didrt thou m e hat? i'l wa invisible... II rnai @ oil n golds rane she a ked..a bran h ttl e daily beu CI • ton cea led ln he bah i d her s lsters. Ag.ai the Emp~ rer's s rowl 8.

_ ~. a ..yth"8 I excorsien 5. but th fou h n ct ru st DC.h i1 hau hold my n.r boy... cu fat er.}. go to hi.14 '- .. in t ha wood of iam nd oming e found a Diamond Bran h. bu did ot VII 0210F~~~ . he r'II sh WG-S.~ eye'S ull of e-xpre55 ion. fully convinced hat he pade5. a nd betray ftr' ighne 0. 4lr'lld calli"8l1i to err E"mperor.." ithe r "3W no r hea rd ." ~ r h.

.! lei n n de rstand . at 0 r~ .for he rs spectFul.ayo.present e to th e reso lut ion to n ide to her 'So ore angry. S !! I1t of her a r5..ain prasentsd w- at she kn this stu pid boy has I a rom u~1We must. • r n d thou wi I ain. him. a n eated him ith the he poor fe new COl. an t length.t. lsters be d1 e ga rde ne r's wi bottom of t ne gam e n tha w. r~~jJ(I~-II'i- ..· ~aid her 0. dind th (3 nst fac@. he s sters lNe re ug ning sl1e Ci1 rt'M! bac k they st n we nt on "II h thei r e came q ujte red with a rrL::I . 150 king with t he youth.ater from the fou oseg. He never da to look h full in he felt ha wa'5... a nd thrown Into a ca (I- 2010 F~~ 'INW'rN. and the hen ha ag. sh@ h r with flo preme ind iffere nee..

ately he he s at once '5- common.. *:-.~- . pres to 01'5 tho rity to !: did of the P nces ~. and to wo d put him i tall d tt'u~ you.Ui .a gol Wilt ring tan. '.. him bV whiU wo d grve the dec I jo rh @n(. n wI1 leh ne accept d. hey d it ant@d b@Vl!! .. anquilisa Li all. I 1m ed i. ne Em $~C !! ror. one might V\llgar rna n ne ave tho ght hi ..agi!!!r he I to we to the r YOiIJ wit h . I one moment.He wa'S et recogniz hi 0201 F~~ ...

he feet f their (I- 2010F[)ft~ ~ .Pfin ss lma. icier.11 ith t e mast and erases ted thelr d ink it. I wou Id e p. and felon All the other E pe s at rs' s M tel is kn he. elsa red table.

ina.red at the Em he gokl n cu pin his ha nd. Ii ke an int~11 igent w olea u Id ha too great an adva ntag eel ttl pow wnich wa5i . @xplai worn. e two I urels. had discovered thei r secret.~ o c nosing them for the ir hus raisad ha m from t:tJ i!!! grou nd. so '5 @ tore the lau l'e'ls up by t em in I) the fi rriage took place witt1 im sti'llil: i@ s wnit:: h lasted th ra u ng people lived IJe h rv . traverse the tel r. -God give the mperor 4'take thy choice from a . for ir rnarriage took place. taki blus ned and cou Id not 100 long time: h ow n@ e a goa rde ner's w tfu.l' '. and arril.g iven to tl i 5 sh ru s. ke-nl Thet fore sse d tela ke In boats.LIt $Ii ppe~.3 said he.

'\. 19 (I- 201 I I ~~ I ~ II 'INW'rN.. rlJ"f1l[Jlt~tI'UI(l~_II'iI r .~..

a Wo cutter.ay.20 F HE time there lived in a villase r. • . how do vou call y itt.a tr .. • '!Joice.a nd it n !!:@d@d his. way. to ear even bttte r bla s my f mily_ Ah I it is very bad luck roue: t into th is. . one day. world. . tl1 at he had on Iv nis ha in bre d for hls wife and cnildren. i'd ig up the ea rth iI'll he co ne r of yo willfi"d under. het ittl wl1 ic h itn d" iculty co @ an h imse-If th e m he coo rs do r~' said he.0 kind a hea rt?" rlin. ~I and ch ildre n have nottJ Ing t eat a d I have rengt to hold rrrj 11teh er. he th r w hi d erie out:" Ma'5t.~' wa". M me to my aid. a veic 'One: 41Wn:llt a re yo U co mpla i j"g co mp lainl when I have no id he. 'SO as to ensu re V had none.· late to bed.a dead branc .a d.=r.0 -cune r heard th is.' !faid the voice. enate menting in tl1 is.. ~ . 'I poor. a d will bless vou if you will iIv fro m des-titut ion. .

cried LJ "So. if you prom. but te II ilL 02(110F~~~ . ~a.ice. Ma fa milv have you every ay" re a nvth ing else b!! rnads M r ow.ed trea ror u re.d ina yea r' time come ou nt of wnat ou h corner of tne arde i!!! ek the dono!!! wit ~ rv ~ ea rth in t h day.. you have com 1" "W~II. r pointed 0 to sO -wood.s. year. and II. Ma ~ have reason ~ I'Y@!i.

the wood -c r sougi'lt is eo le!-d . we d ur kl. wi II you do ~Wha fe of a Direct r: said he...dne~ .a ature wt1 0 nOLl1!: h now.· ~Here I am II s more dOYOIJ ·Our like mv son r with then. . I' Me rlin.*:-.u . I have pie flien (I- II 10F~~ . ~- ne ridl wood.. year a tow voica.rter came to s:peak to me... I ask of OU r aid.. the ma liage sha II t e v this wise to nis wife: shcul t have o 'Speak to . id Merlin. C daV$.

house. and was obliged to sel hi far an.ore." VL t me carne for him to pay s t IreSi. "you eug . ch ild ren I Why id 1 not for me to die.jJ m for II his benefits. ~I sa id stl e. wee ping. . "I h:ilv@ I st all t . for I cann ar t 02(110F~~ I .






be rrowed from a in nand. he si:w: ence a dayp



o a time there dwe ou neains a s;olltary of h urna n creatu re si
u rs were th ~ bea

good terms. han he had gone to "futt:: floating on its SIU rfa be a bun d Ie of do cries of plunged basket t only a fe and its nof.a ght to of the

begs n to grow ne a nches sp read and e i
alre.ildy bore gr:il pe n, ot he rs h.ardly fo pe s, and Siqueell ng

e saw that

ne sucks


of th gra pe until he f his P otactor,

ught him to aa d dind rit and I) shoe birds 'N' h a

's he

witn his cI.a ws dug ently there in and co red im e ea and t me nlgn for his

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that e had n tea hi'S a tenlsh ent was Kt



0210 ~~~ .and the d Di itri to try a d av on by ice.F"try T.1 fin ~"'r~""ing to do.· but t e "Iling.. $0 after few Jo~rn theY"5et off ga rney.(1 11 d to him hls p ~t r e stead of a pCl nt. horsa r "Ma'5te he ne as some t ra you also m §. od " r ~for hars ore mv eves. my Ma er. Soon t h a Ki gde m ru loed . ~ ~H w.~ din d my fath@ ? an Iv. W~ m to c::e dad su m th o LI pion. ust "'-'0.· a nswe red t e ho them have ewr ome he to cry" li\le whe re t en ntain. en like you.III:~ ..

i room 'INa praservsd with a forbidd~ n chamb t he bath 5 wit befo re Ie \ling. bade him enter (lot hes fr m the awav. fl With so lou s order. '. to lea n a I pa rts of wh Ich t1 e as str: tv 10 rbl .*:-.. a 02010 ~~~ .. tremble -seeirlg d1 another h .. founta in as (I P ke a hom and hea rd the sligltte 'SOLI nc:l it t ree ti Shortly from the ath fa uickly.~- .and the ir serva Thev had ea rty I of their p we r..18 ..

e ow • he a hel p. h e n_saged h m 1: nd lop the t ees.YOU. Tnis r@ The the and .41 ~Nol ow me/ and t an with hi no d his h ent to the gard ne r of t ndergarde COIJ.

and bad (I. and in he -worked Shortl while afte r ttl t e Gove M rrowlve wild b kiosq merrv in tn@ his goo . put on ee ing t ne of t suits... W en he saw t the hea Happ to naVE r!! gard~ er wit h ce of ti arriage e. crus ing and ents.h ir. down h. e nd mo un in it da need -ng m!! tl "Ii rs. I ~ I .2(110F[)ft~ I .de gardener. unawa II over n.

c and eves. ed such havoc newno bound ng when Di din rs. done. the tow r w.an restored a d Dim Id neve re commit s ch ml o be a nxiau5 rDi in@for rope d that ard ut she etl an nor II' said ttl asked 'I.and to ma rrv. ed t1i5 Ilyr nd put broi red rt. n.ttl ere. all ttl tom bottl (I- 2010FI)ft~ ~ . U nti one . Itywe Int of nook b@gg@ garden flow tle ga him not to I 'S fo~ wtl h tlad h.. and all the pret~ er It give to h r a g e whom shed sires.1oI the d the rna rn moon on the back. (I hrow the appl . sti II 0 a of ind isp 5iition.n you r co urt.as: it II whe wishe Ma I'IIY(:(1 me.

e tnrew t" all is he wit" . Didin man ler Did.. "it is a m stake. Tn II they k uity @ la @d.e nand of Dldln t at tney united 08etl1e C usad him mue p. prepa re for t h 'itn.}. s s th rough . if on • bl d .g["e at d '5 persua t once flung the apple a him.Jgsl t @ Gov!!mor to Oimitri ight· said the .i ln.i ony all c ma Dim und f.. All as: e an d so t ne lath r unwilli eo has hit as done rna d that rh re gly tense t n ers to tt'.'- .again This e apple to Olmjtr .._ ~."' After much en 0 be there.

urned viet o ext rkate t humeur wit he had lk of a wild red im to aeec is faithful d. i lked t e ~h~ep.to ro t in the gre wrist.aid he ed to ttl e milk (I- 201 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN. h t 10 r hls he tlad "0 money iv@ them s ma is brand on ... look d nim i g hea of the I goat s milk to em.r~~jJ(I~-II'i- . and the c bind tt up..

"I tnat be the rid knows you t be a just -gh t nand . on for tn@ int@rT ption. husbandyou.g b nd i!!!d. .a nd yo r 1m hOI nd u ast. for proof of hieh you wi I find the m mark. we re alloW€' to stt at th lower end e festMty wa 5 at s heigl'lt.' "aid the overnor. thought it t n@y consa nte d to bi!!!in.jJ nd q uidcly to the overnor. The ind Dimitri's cl'lair. and Did in ~ i rtrl. it is yoU( eve-. !!n q ired ot the ight for slaves to it at t he sa table as nly net. contin u i d to him. In a so and again. wit h What good I'las tv I'le can be of saying. ." The sband ever I' Th@ GOVf! mor hls eV~$ with th dimly. @in. s.F cou neil tegeth ar. tha ss the truth.g ttl at ha mi I k agai this.a nd use it. " heard this. 01 rise. da~ his Wi3IS very he g3Y~ a g at ba nqu . 0 mttri arese.. He took of the bathed h is ~y e Did ine with .

9O? Coul "1 alone.... HiS wing ret .m d to fa irylan d.tood us.. re en I gave i.. talk. to the aston shm nt of the Governo and fee rehnquis Oimitri's pardone 'S. All that ha ir wh lch INa'§. sa . I n sue h go dkerchief?i' sa id t ne bi nd h is wrist aft!!!! reb I1l@ in the i'It is im "unless you th~ a n be liew tl'1 is. hernsd h i5.a id Dim itri.. wao.. and goinG in a suit of the fa iri 'd hes. "for '!!IOLJ gay~ it to u who . and down.. He !! rs-in law.the GO\lernor.. '5o@nt ITO m God t .Sold. like h rea s of . All rose a"d sal d.m hts pocket tne han m!! Gov did you .' ove an.gave it t battle. an d gave tham 8 od P 5B in the country.a d old e that all true Dimitri OU t to have s t he ripe maize In th lr co fields.. m on his r choice.. beari n the h ree su tts hing. hi of diar nit: h he no long@ r n dad. me women halr as b .. athed His 'Sons j ttl e magic bat h. me precisely a'Syo. baaunlul air. witn out qLliC: his im itri rosa from tha ble. ished to hls done.

a vast prsi through wh IeI'! By dw side of t bran ches. an bring tel . I .F fl sps rtments. udded The rose tree LI 0 '50 ha ired rna iden.(I nd to .!!. Wne n ne upo 02 I II OF[)ft~ . im th had p rornsed himself...U n light. . Afte r wa s not Iikely retaine 1"5i. u ode to seek rep words: . -S..

i "trod u soliciting the no ot 'S. SO h repli ~d will texandra. mou n Marin h his follow@ . findi Ie flowers." req ue Sled t be. 0 nl a bu ne umeying on the LI g prin c t a golde n place st udded Ith to man wnom e metr wnet er in t Pri nCf!ssr It 0 hOI P'!~ P ned in tha lap rrived at quired of re dwelt hat it o w hom he h d add ressed imse If dlarmjng da gbter. here rin hea e Palac with the r 'SOm Iyas s he sa n a eha i t to p urn. riche'S of ttl Pri n tha cone! u ian th at th is co uld arl n. a d I am her f ther. long.le:aving lee ping girl. my iss. g he r her only mpan hy have you ma de but and said. and witn 02(110F~~ I I I .at the sign !! a pproacha a flower fro you will st i. and and that is future nt her to waking.. I will n of my hand in ha n talking of before the m iden.

here sh e w.a s ay in s art h of flowe ed a fl wer from h~r onk lst... a the- t ked fixedly r m euth 0 n wtt the story.fl why l1ave y ground. II sa id c ni"g t he a iageyou?!' said yo~ se€' the$aid the M bea . sh the rose she could no off on th!! After going him to exch 5: her ricn d k. gi I 1 Crief. a d than for her lover 021 I I F~~~ I .tif . 11 the v..all y 'said @ Monk. "th n he kiss.ibly m ~that he. ot hing very e-xtraordi II nea r to a I there g the cause tree. she t I vi'§..." s:aid the s tree.. to U5:.4' SOlid e. I'Wn he Pri nee.

T n met his nts. and 201 I I ~~~ • I . she it her into "So far . "To the same a carriage into our d making the whole Ol"e ev s nk suspe ded im down.an d -s.hegave eve hand in hand arn wt1 en t rna iden rDS@ trea. and lden hair nd en he c lied rei a muff hoping only he poo r M ctltting it ths g view.

.. do wl'lat yo nd r P rincas L!!Xi1 rkhes.}._ ~. 2(110F~~~ I I .kI tn is is my Pr neess..40 '- .

THE a GRI N Ing an n on tv eh Id of fift ueoen 'IN ose n.jl • stran 8 • he wi II 0 ed msoever ta ke t is bu II a nd will j 2(110F[)ft~ "1 I .~wift~t 110 e. The boy havl g m r ed the d rect on whj h nis fat her to req sea rd1 of h is arrow. Hi~ father gave hi 11orse in n i-s. Thi~ boy from his C shoot th e bow. sta bles. 0 @ 0 hls ar in sight.a great no looki n. With joy t he boV After riding long a t 11. fl DW@rs. and had One day wh il!!:pra to h@ry. Oi th e a rrow with b leavi ng . shad Ing his eyeoi of in the ground. ng fro m th e he riIo n.c down ttl is and on the bufl's ba k a In great su rprise a a I th e letter a nd re. Stopp i nc. and m Ilop.

. the tland of The '!(Out him IJerjll $aying h monstar. hiswi:lY.was ne Ki"g' th is s. the effe and ttl that ne ne)Ct day .. YOiUtnto monster.. '- . Toward'S an old his anima ull. daughter. an tne reward.. ttl sit d 02(110F~~ .awake her wa ""'1a rs. id the he fang of the nby nd iti on. no matte r tl ny ti mes . and for tha weeping. nd give hi fill them man to ..ad@ a O'SCIeve wou d kill his men r ive nis ion to ve hls 1$ daug ter in riches. Wa ar shewas tone : and t at this 'Said she fountain. ything o the w tlout used ni .a id Ki h..a m. requ 5ted morning. ing to be e ten e come to d li\ler ter-jars set off mg's d ugtlt!!:r ster. According taking tlis to pro all t hi~.Ill .appetite. d there.jJ e may object.~*:-. tha is. to do 'So peck of wneat an a ga on of wi i Iyr the bu II will hay r to bri man wt1 0 oes th i . fountain hornta r must 'Si3I rific@ a you 'SO@V!!!r n e-d@d . Leading t e bull.

~a.. j n the se rvice the King. had b r rrow innis q u i\f r. Butr 0" t inad IN ith on tv on haad 1m o av th ~V foug ht creatures lav fa in ing by the IN . All t full u ti I even i ng. . and pro] ed oil sacon h rtrife." time d rf!W the ead wh lch was ring of his etched fort h pa in. d from fat ue.not nseer seei my right. The yo ut 's 0 nly eefe CIE! but the menste r ad h Is twelv h d.

jJ umed to illed the • coil chargl h ni5i mig monster.and mon ter ex Sited no (I- I (I10F~~~ I ._ ~. g who had pe rmed pala e.a i3I sl she she I b~ gr r (If !.}. aug ter ap roach. em nd the na e of 1'1 e c nild was .. h r father's of he z:igan. ha him to II gil.- F t e young nly in .. is we v@.. t tl1 is.aI pro lse th Ki n8 wa ore GipsV • .'- .re telli .

lden s no Ion r by h is.o to the old oma n's dwe II (I- 2010 F~~ II ~ 'INW'rN. r ta ke with tn I was 5 a draa to him. he took B:I!C~~. I I I I I r~~jJ(I~-II'i- . and' e pia in d all that ad cccu rred.aW t it h s e had d ro ped. A 100 ng around him he '5. slde.4.

'. un d ueated gipsy.46 . with t e e~epbo nat havi roo ened nerose If f r In t hosa davs.~- . f r 0210 ~~~ .*:-. day ut all 5 re Ian hclyr and angry. Icv@1y b( e-. that n r ugty. On the 1mperial ppoi n P. th youth 51 pped cove ~d he pa~ Th@ COl ke was ba by the 0 arriage of a Ki nt. accord i I'I!!: to s o make him a cak • ring. bee. imagine he r s middle itl "Were i asked ~h of t he Id"!NO orad t lif@ a fur "10 und her ring in t eut th is ring here " hs ndsome boy th t " to pieces by yo r V his fri@ ndly bu II I' e. auld such a nigh-be grieved... nd be-goa to ow n. it da ught~ means.. a d old and red with humb e broke it.. She will ing it wa'50 r@i1dv for t !! die of the cake.. for eac sub] Theod r b which st1 agread." a d r to come here.. tell the pri ncess.

a crying 0 d@liv@r!!r. ath. h@r5@lf i is my deli:ve rer is. if 'She avowe d he tru t1im".. Seei g him. nd to t two ani rna Is..e d re the prj ness was 0" an a pa rt ment ne spra ng uP.a II pre'Sent rewd. and'S wit my own sword.r~~jJ(I~-II'i- . o in reach I ng the ne ir ce ntre. his 0 er 2(1 0 F~~ ~ 'INW'rN. e d wittl a Id now be: here.. B oble~. me in this tueaten!!!d ttle wei. Emperor. flu nc. 0 e in the pia ins. and on lin ng.woman spad i ed his swo ret erial palace. f th ~ nd 10". and a . from his bles.e w h the p ok 0 the same monster's for a ull.". calli g nis s rv @5.. and pride. rM youth pa". d!!!livl!r onster fatigue pi@(:@'5.

a ivai of pt for joy ide r that t1 e had so nobly !Jilt for him.a rd ere wate . a p pa re ntty g ua rded an w tchs in m ble. a t An d ow. loose and sett ing off ina ga 10 of th '5. and hi~ VOL! g trance to the COiIJ rt~y.and t e (IOU rt fe ~i\l'itie"S were II st the [l"d re nts of Theodof. whe m i fa c triage. indead.1ve W"a'5. there WOI'50 a r@ I r!!j .4. 2(110F[)ft~ I I II I . om Iimb from Ii b.

He played wtth the d the gre.(I nd men of t @ neighbourhood.ould overcome . us. ve know .a dy sa id. .(lt a I'wi! !!@ .EBRA E a I n town there dwett a glpsV o. As I h tha e strcng evilspi So he s all day lo"C.greate out n n he ope n vino ..--to IoJ@ alr@.ker in the IN hole a Rou ma nian fawn. eitl'le r his t it best th t he shov lei become ish to placed un der the I 'Strength he c.. d i Iigent lea m ing.(I i r ownt hers. I-I~ did not a nd cool in the Ies of dragons .Br~at captain.a t hid:: iron ba r s not to his taste • at ie rs with h is you ne: comrades din t at he wa-s a .. he man. and p r helmet He liked racing and wa.

r thae point.~- .'50 . It sti k slu ng eve r "d snri king Another i centrarv. '. you you him less (I... t r d i raetion f ·God help terrible II_..C twistin8 out of its ferocioLl~ the the and ffajrs..(I 0 [)ft~~ . fl Seeing tf1 his clothes a going to. *:-..

. I After mi!!!d his . h rowi ng up tCI Vas il" a s:a.beat the g from be"'- like a thousa d it once up to the left. nti I death. of the turk~v.a d sc directio n 1:0 a ke. ito. the dragon's h an imal beea longer beat ~"3I".tlII"j gri P. heap boelow. shook h m sa . ~ N h rse. "ma §:ter. and sue a h ted qui [kly.

fl ~Wh are we go ng. h nd ~W ha savest tho r v ~m(. 1: sa h@ n 201 F~~~ I I I I I .. beast. ~Wh ~Wh you know th t I .appr e h one .am t re now ned V ~Vas il ea tne brave! fear. maste to do my first rna who m you h ve ut nevent1 el r. then t ~Ind@ d. ~r" r!!!pli . ha d est i th e workl.agons.a. yo~ nd if w nat yo m find what yo IJ thi's name ill take you. is s d irections.of the yet dared to e ~Don Ol'llly E!I'IICClU read i ness or t kern ~ sa id Vas ilic::a.

wa . bra mon was lUI alass. j I . for ha q uenc fell a II eas with t the slighte r.a nq uis hesa t nib I@ ssed of their bou dI tre ures..n OJt ttl nt red th hid eous me r.came I. to reve • b~t O'§.. who earty uld have do e so nad it not been "prav mvss over you will v.e u kI not Ilst!!n rev to th the" I morse 511'1100 ut. pass. crea d hls ragOn-§. sea ning the d@ h of e those r~e unhapp os.den ng n.ay. a rs h vs pessed put hi that of the nable 0 find any 0 e ons. T rd.

. U wi II know of it.as s . befo re h m. • Vas iliea I ned me ntive d" le:ft the r5!! tne reoto feed.own "ail in the witt1 yo r prasenca. nat rest on a human craatu w.cli e pa lace of the b" t1 e gat€'.a lace. a nd meet h im.crosses ~Let us. 2010 ~~~ .an Linin h b. agree flowe~J the ee ntre of w hie" whit:h .ted country. a"d rt: will out fe. wI'! eh cI ub wi II itse If up.a r.. ou r pow!!r is ay. if an • I' S aid V. its. witn . ta k@ up forward'!.a.si lica.and they lsa ppea r~d fro m sig ing go ne some d ista and ride descend ed I. an P.g hea rd them often r path. for the retu rn s. here he knocked th tv.

d -~d to the old Rou rhim. "o I th e drag n wi IIfin you here. Prine!! s'" sa id Vasil ica.d stood like a .4. allow she tterr as ked good III. offre om.u rprise a n.." him II that she had of n trad ia ns of hospjtaliwhe ce he came.e 5 beca ma pale . u I brave kn Ig nt.h.all hide you --for the I n my a cou nt for we are 02(110F~~~ . CI r who he was." stam m she." said she. a n." i'W I yo Vas lica.a 5 -s. to qu stion him of the untin to her what had a t rem ndeu s bellowing. CI r th Ite red r guest. lea i'W h u mu enter q~lek lv. ich eck ttl e east Ie to P rin[.


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He 'Set off at 0 wh i rli"g t nroug emu nd, for .a d 'Said: • a nly Va~i reached "-'0 far a
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They to LIg ht to other with 'SO t neir wa ists. R-

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mpe red d nand h is Iiferb e f Vas il lea. and the ount~d his: ng towards. and witl1 II (110 ~~ II ~ 'INW'rN. "-'1: terrible r lived-II • but now I at fly from ng r" din s'W@re d h pride: tif I ed bride of ou nge§:t pri rna r. ring t @c@ivf!d with joy by the . "up to this victoriou'S. their view. his head.acriflced nj te me to 11 ee711 ill try and we will be .. and for IN ity. 110 then can V I"' ~aid the s who was the i m e .r~~jJ(I~-II'iI II .and e to r two week'S ki ng ave of the nd the h a thi one our IJ"-'t be very 'S.-.

blGOd spu rted r m their veins like d from d1 e hole 3d'! ot er w h open mouths n ta ils erect. and they b ga n to bite eac h t with he ir ." sald Vasllica it WoiI'5..eH 0" tf1 e na i t the bridge w e If in th e greun he $iJW his.TIo! is ne (I- 2010 F~~ I B-o-ob I . oil tea I tria I of strength..Son.. Th y had ki'k~d up the ttl rcats: Pe rsp 10. or by ~Wre . a nd to lash h t ir ta ils. m. an d now f V s... ~- . pou red fro m .60 . ried the d ra. msall by his dub. they entre f ttl e b Idge.*:-. eventide. rcthers..gs. as killed myt wrestii"g. dub nis feet.i ea the Brave..

iii it~ to ning noise. oil nd of th ~ gre en wi'! el.p YOLI r w. dea r vu In! rs.ngs in . and It a ttac tts. from their nostri I~ red dragon beta m the gree n drago n. ~~jJ(I~_II'i- . a nd be tint t ne red wn r 1: his strife ha d la and ed resp lte. en my w tth ren red wh !!@Iwas on s i'M!et of livid ti re. j sta ntaaecu s o bled.s in wat~r n I will g l\I'e you and come a th re dead bodie$ to fee river.61 sted Co e:d straarns of b lac bloc . lipped his IN i vultur@ went to th gs. t e gre n dragon wa Ia ming fire. dea r 'ltU Itu I cnsd the r@d wi'I@ ater. (. but of fall!! ["@ e reept i bla in ment. ~ cried h@ nd (. to h@ nI nd come an don: he gre"en wh ra.give VOU a dead b • V ftu re. 02 10F~~ 'INW'rN. see ta ke n fi re. d. dip your wi ng. high LIP in t e air above their ough sparks is • V ftu re. cut nim in t e sa me mome nt.

w h:ave: )i'@t must re uch to d ile.. I.'- . who. whe d tl mself into the fa ithfu ho monster II r?~ as ha saw his e horse.. h ich .d lso ok its ongi na I shapa. I' sa id the he dragon • bu thei r mot her vet idable tha ttl e Vasil. of b load._ ~. ~W@ nav@ ye:t r@ to do. b ridge stiff and ea d.. for we have ~ 02(110F~~~ I I . "'I have and into a wheel 0. a 1'15 red the 'IAJ Itu re.}. dagge r i I'll IN n@el. eat tbls. nd fell IrFe ss.aU the nelp iI'll go back.. ~!@t 'I.IS go and ster. and a s the other two d ra b ridges of t hair n ne-ed th m.ca me 0 e more " silic .' V:a illca. and kicking ttl ase towards the re..

a b!en scan • and it fini!.jJ nd ente ine n@ r th me weeks. ttl t she was free from joy. am a h prid . on I arn I1er nand liant he rded. 02(110F~~ I II . but th reetly sh smel who you a al hel r 01 one 0I'50. w· h ttl be !it m@ a cu r that fm.h d with Lis. . I aster/ it is not all 0Iyb@ abl to c rm.eass.

i~ nc.iI in and ~A man. n was . not de nt to $it the 02(1 OF~~ .fl Tl10ey floe palace. nt in• a nd @ d amend ei d news he 3rth w In the b .a utifu I g. Th rc is. with t a"d as rom!!? Yo are my ughter.a rd ta king t air wtth her heard. said the girt a l.

I will tear you in . she seized it by ttl e ns pe it to tne edge of tt'u~ pond. "It fl ing him into the pond I Don It II kine nos? H .a bout to th row it into ." oil ma n.ow 'IN nat you say.a as a dd resse d.the r. and you. '-"0 !!: k itt!!:n to r ra ply bega n to p I.. taka back to table. went on wit h his pl. for my house is ope n to aU u don't obey me. he u d n't k.a n actua I kine ed he d ragon@ss.ay• . aga in pass ive.ay wit" in fro m her dress.a 5 . s ha w. II sa td the d selz n the k itt@ n..!!: ha d b!!:@n d would have ob~ved you. "but hi 5 eyes spa rkle Iike ttl ose r ke: n:::h ief. kittan. I'll wou Id.

Y t nat her kitten might rll. '5.a Ie na...66 . a "d forgett ing '5 soon a-s. t"OW sir. an d j~ rn ember. from her in he r da ug Mer now are 'YO u . b it rt: slip ed th rough her fi nge rs.~ '5. iced the ma ide n slowly .she glide d gently .a long. if you won It ill th ro yo u into the hat O'lf@n. stuck its cia W5 into @ erely. d. s to lat "I kitten .@izing h!! r entered the ng the kitte n a nge yo urwlf was to play with a IIgh mew with pa in.augh kitchen from" into a not !!." cr the mother.a II r n Iv playth ing hold ing it to BLIt th d. sa id the gi(I.. go il1g afte r it. r:I ragged he r i neee oor of the oven. so t ~t t he kitten d. and t hte r sai . and through the ed it.asily d@oreo~~.. blJt h' ey~s. ble rage. '- . th at she flu ng it a dragoness. . s @ set off in pu rsu it. he ing to catch and eare SiS r the all and 0" the road be eo Gitt@ to catc h it..are man's eyes. the young it might not wa'& a Iready in the woo ar n U rrad. for it is th ad...

in the srave. s e reached s faithful com rad "-'J t ne Vasiliea. r~~jJ(I~-II'i- . j" e ret (I- 201 0 [)ft~ ~ 'INW'rN.

on e with the as he road ._ ~.not ot eat bread . g no ether wa I) long as m ta ke hem ne:Kt day t r ea rd the conve they k their prsca OV€ ((I shes.'- .}.. t he befo e thei r fat ne r ea led them t n'l.l s bag.iI ·Wh re you please. the father bad th em wa it fu r1 r into the forest 0 cut do w.. the boy scatte 02 II OF~~~ I I I .~ Find. the ..- F e day she said t nd good-for.ay.

.and ren undth fire the eir he day ~"til eli bad into st t e br nch ~~r.an sle p:t ttl e a in bega n heir 2010 ~~ I I.

r prot: ured . iIJ ntil In t neir t @ was on the po int of fox erie ~ o not shoot me." ntin ued ni • y. W 0 will be useful to you.jJ I"I'M!S h mad e tl ims. oil nd cubs.tl ad noth ing to eat.jJ nd taking .elf a bow. kr . !! If begged i e r young CI e • who wo u Id be iIJ'Sefu I h young wo s weU as t ne eu b-foxr J was aga in oil bout to to 5 pare he r I~ rand s e reached c:I there. a h hen the - llowed by h ts th ree 02(110F~~~ .iI fire by d sertl ng a light some days.

) nse nt to th.ng hi is yo brother7" lien na eu lei I ik to ki II you r b her. II said 'She. t he gia d ra n k I eagerly." can you kill h im?'" said sha .g I and I will be gre rnad with t ~ Wi] his trens sn pped to ha rself.a lona.an1.0.~Tne maiden ant raturned to hi 'INW'rN..c m!!! aneth repe nt it.a iden -n.. I am w nd I will do whatsoelle r t @ t nird time. o. 4'1 rrivi g at the '51:eel den • s ha sa i r has forbid de" me th is res in it wh ieh he nts to is. for you have grow 0 ti me he cried. t e . bring me a ju of wate 0" She went quic tvr and one i ant h." . ~~III(1~_II'i- ."' Sai the ~. ·th s ue. t Sne ere nt i .~ m • ttl at I cannot live u. ~wtl e he ing.· sha I be free. and and 0.ad d run k the giant erie d. na pped a nd feU a t e ms iden. 'ShaII not have cause t he water.wh y e r7· So tryin the sigtlt of her. 1'1 S 'a nd k@!!!p"10 U to Ii 'II V u 0'..he has always his im. with m "!!r@ in th iss land T~II me c. At en.aft@ r he had d run k ttl ay The ia nt find.71 n exploring tepa ode cha m berl per a ps h imself . a iden b ng me but one ore ry of b ng bound for 0 ma tho u d i rest.· Qu . and t e sec II (I th i y. you must ma kee p nis beast can go and swall !! g .e€!il1g that I m hls sl ttl e key and en ered.

sc the Siand. to eat that 02(110F~~~ I I I .ay I lea me you r b asts to play sented nd set off I ~ gia n came IOU The aster I'S in orsel the shee p k n ca P.a I'S) a nd told I d nis so .h~ sister and c to r LJ s very loy ing they ret ired in ready to nd snowing a muse u rseH in the .

he gi..a nd bear also tw"en Findi wind.§. ut ttl ere.. returned h ut it '50 e. the wolf k as ttlough 7'" I" sa id the bea r.~ Said tne :w:. r tn st a .d t eard him. way. I'lleo. to the g II t nis wood Iiv!! r. 101 will witt! dill hi 5 strengt:t1 . "for if '5 a II be breat WE!: go Ike t Ie§. at Ii be V..a nd in e pa b Ie Lik@ to halp ttl ir rna ar. t ne ocr flow 0 pe . a d t peril. bu now cs n we .a& me re'SLift h the wolf.a rmed hims If i ntc a log f woo -you must r my sh are on Iy its he-a difficulty a ive r.

F The is sister pre pare ron n e s pit.14 . and her mpl tely wtth them. CI ab ve t e the.-~Isee set t ha gi ant fr@ • .k"i.. and striki "this is de.a n as if I I" Strik ing e r ver her h ad nine eas. 4'yo wi se lear uh fill d these nine tasks wttn our ea .. h ~ald.::" '- ..ath." d so he w@nton 02(110F~~ ...

DTHEB n. money. she 00 fi sherrna n gre rEgain ing nf moustache. and the becornl ng to hi nj re to After t1 avi. t .a 5 un I"I\i3 ied...i! replles she dr w she fell des per te gol d. Grad ua ltv tf1ey ern ha w.g iUg Boyardr ha dre sed to Mariola. she bad rna n.

ttl e wed d i ats . NO Boya ''5 da ug hee r..g that @ lness. dad ina ri h k:I.. t she u each eat from one lightly be t kin I e of bread. and Not flV days after is.ain gave a pu rse of go d V wedd ing ga rments a nd aU . s:av ing.. but ri5.'n.ing q u que-. and twirli noS caclu la c his ally eenseneee. ring ttl is astound i ng intI:!:11. and w. .at ttl I:!:ba nq uet .a re on . and s e rnarriage. Ma riol a cond u(t@d him t re at once affian ced. eventu alIy "13" la ag.0 ..ays..a seflted mself. ni ..ang .:ing ha II.saVing that a tis herman was he 10 d M ariola sc tenderly.a II pair No r t he who he make.ltio n. she wittl d rew Iv did e 0201 [)ft~~ .rest him The the love wh herm a" nes lch she had fo u ndersta nd that ne might b itated._n . to the aston is h d not know t nat tl e nad been da wa 5 v@ry t rou blad at the ing her Ii ps with d ismay a n tl er po.. .. knowing h eve On 's d aughts r: but ti nd in.a nd yo u .a 5 going Mar' ca LIg ht his a rm.given in h t" took The r was a rule In ttl ose d..

that a ma hole wee: k witho p Li g fun at them. 0 not a ppear ntrsated nim to her. a achi ng him q LJi kiV. ..a re as res pacta LJto go a way a n al n . y husband • and iIIage rs. ave rsee the to v1II(1ges~u . ealied ~ a nd prevent h. d connn ued his (I n to spea k e word to herr way h is head..h terru ption. a II 2(110F~~~ II .. u ..jJ nd she th n of he r absent bri eg A e rly morni ng she to g en in sea reh of her u. in im m!!anly dress d.AI n ht long sleep w uld to her. for '50 b@ saying.til at len h. d. T e nnkeeper was al I!! 0 speak.j. n ad his she ulde a~er of the inn eel g thi~ you interfere wi o n you see t hat he a p ara nee wou lei -s.. tak ing such a ep. In truth • all a to be a mute. wf1 0 h sha said. wou kJ rd.

..~converse goodwi II.us d to her h -.. b h.. rha if she I ry.l' .a • and ~gging im to nd. '. Ing to rea .band de. off This b twas t ha Prefect of tha v he firrt of the rman later yet not a s ith fu.. *:-..

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