International Business

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Agenda International business Investment Exim-policy Exim-bank International Business Unions Page 2 .

International Business International business deals with:³ the transactions that take place between the citizens and corporate of different country´ Process of marketing goods and services in the international market Exploring marketing opportunities in the overseas market Page 3 .

IB Environnemental Factor Political Government Legal Economic Technological Ecological Geographical Cultural Social Demographic Page 4 .

Types of International Business Export-import trade Foreign direct investment Licensing Franchising Management contracts Page 5 .

Investment Page 6 .

1982  Apex Financial Institutions Page 7 .EximExim-Bank  Set up by an act of parliament in September. 1981  Wholly owned by Government of India  Commenced operations in march.

C.Organization BOARD OF DIRECTORS (16)* Chairman and Managing Director 5 Directors: Government of India 3 Directors: Scheduled Banks 4 Directors : Professionals/Experts 1 Director nominated by RBI 1 Director nominated by IDBI 1 Director nominated by ECGC OFFICES Domestic Offices: 9 Overseas Offices:6 Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Guwahati Hyderabad Kolkata New Delhi Mumbai Pune London Dakar Durban Dubai Singapore Washington D. Page 8 .

Exim Bank: Partner in Globalization Technology Capital (Foreign Investment) Raw Materials Capital Goods Final Products Capital Goods Capital(Overseas Ventures) Product Development Production Marketing Pre shipment Post shipment Page 9 .

EximExim-Policy  Streamlined trade procedures  Liberalised import regime  Thrust on export orientation Page 10 .

Thank you Page 11 .

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