Theresa Flores Lecture


Theresa Flores Lecture
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Event Inv Time Thursday, February 10 7:00pm - 10:00pm


LSC Conference Room

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John Carroll University

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This lecture by Theresa Flores will center on human trafficking, or modern-day slavery. It is reported to be the second fastest growing crime in the world and is worth an estimated $32 billion per year, according to the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking. Theresa Flores was coerced into sexual servitude when she was 15 years old after she was raped by a classmate and blackmailed with photos of that rape. ... See More


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Emily Ann The Abolitionist Handbook | Our Mission is to Abolish Child Slavery The Abolitionist Handbook is fighting to educate people about issues concerning child slavery world wide. February 10 at 2:55pm Like Comment Share

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