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Measuring With Ladybugs Scribd

Measuring With Ladybugs Scribd

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Published by: Jenéa Cowherd Midgett on Mar 27, 2011
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www.seedsofnoledge.blogspot.com Graphics from http://www.mygrafico.


This is This is me.

my friend.

Measuring With Ladybugs

19 18 17

I am_______ladybugs tall.

16 15 14 13

My friend is____ ladybugs tall.

12 11

I am ___________.

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

My friend is _______.

2 1

www.seedsofnoledge.blogspot.com Graphics from http://www.mygrafico.com/

This is a graph of our height.

Directions: • Students write the number of how many ladybugs it took to measure their height on to the recording sheet. • Next students compare how many ladybugs it took for each of them. • Children should use words such as taller and shorter to complete the measuring sheet where it say I am ____ and My friend is _____. • Children then color in the correct number of boxes that corresponds to the number of ladybugs they were tall. • This should create a graph in which students should be able to draw conclusions as to who is taller, shorter or are they the same size.

www.seedsofnoledge.blogspot.com Graphics from http://www.mygrafico.com/

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www.seedsofnoledge.blogspot.com Graphics from http://www.mygrafico.com/

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