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March 16th_Project Plan_Digital_Marketing_B.O.S.S

March 16th_Project Plan_Digital_Marketing_B.O.S.S

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Published by Nick Bathla

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Published by: Nick Bathla on Mar 28, 2011
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Project Plan

Digital Marketing Plan - B.O.S.S. Group Inc

B.O.S.S. Group Inc.

Nick Bathla

Project Plan
Digital Marketing Plan - B.O.S.S. Group Inc
Nick Bathla


Social Media Monitoring. Social Media Monitoring. 16 Create Linkedin – Organizatio n profile. Social Media Monitoring. 23 Content Uploading on different social media channels. Content Uploading on different social media channels. 2 Identifying right keywords for optimization . Social Media Monitoring. .Project Plan – Digital Marketing Plan for B. Start Social Media Monitoring – Monitor industry experts. 19 20 Content Uploading on different social media channels. Collect the most talked about topics amongst the targeted audience on blogs. Optimize the display pic 7 8 Ideas for the background of the twitter profile and FBML Page design. 5 6 Upload keyword rich content on the respective profiles. Connect Linkedi. Create a list of Blogs to be part of. 17 18 Optimize the Linkedin Profile. Social Media Monitoring. 10 11 Get the design made and upload on the respective profiles.S.O. 9 Brainstorm and finalize the design for twitter and facebook profile. 14 15 Content Uploading on different social media channels. Identify blogs and forums where audience visit the most. 28 29 Content Uploading on different social media channels. Twitter and Facebook. Social Media Monitoring. forums etc. Social Media Monitoring. 24 25 Content Uploading on different social media channels. 26 27 Content Uploading on different social media channels. 12 13 Use Social Media Monitoring reports for identifying the right kind of content to upload on the social media channels. set alerts.For Common voice. competitors etc. Social Media Monitoring. Group April M T W T F S S 1 Synchronize Twitter profile with Facebook Page. Keyword Research 3 4 Create Keyword rich content for the facebook business page. Twitter profile info. 21 22 Content Uploading on different social media channels.S.

Japan’s Prime Minister Launches English-Language Twitter Account for Quake Updates. Military Blocks 13 Popular Websites on Its Network in Japan. Your views please? Is Social Media Killing the Placement Ad? And Should It? Lighten up – . it is becoming increasingly difficult to measure online performance.S. What are your thoughts? Latest News: Showing Concern. With Apple gaining more market share overall. what do you use? Kobo? Kindle? iPad? How many hours a day do you spend online? Do you think that the World is obsessed with Facebook? Do You Have the Blogging Blues? Question: Which Social Media sites are right for your business? It depends greatly on your industry.30 31 Some of the topics for content to be posted on social media platforms Polls – • • • • • Do you still read books? Or do you own an e-reader? If so. social media platform - • • • • • Have you ever bought Groupon's? Do you think a Facebook daily-deal service can compete with Groupon? Social Media for Publicity and Advertising: How does it differ? Why Social Media Innovation Has Hit a Plateau. How Facebook Users Reacted to the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Latest Innovation in technology. U. Corporate Social Responsibility - • • • • Our hearts go out to those in Japan who have been affected by this tragedy.

what’s next ? Some Videos – • • This video tells you how monitor your brand online. Social Network has got nomination for so many things.these are some pretty staggering numbers! . it’s not just for Kindergartners anymore! Measuring the ROI of your social media efforts. Interesting piece of data: • • Check out this new Canadian Data: 2010 Canada Digital Year in Review New 2011 Facebook Stats . 5 Ways To Get Targeted Web Traffic | Sharing.• • The weekend's getting closer! What song do you have on replay on your way to work this morning? Oscars. very useful Social Media Resource Do you monitor your brand online? You should! This video tells you how Some Serious Digital Marketing Knowledge – • • • • • On-Site Optimization: What A Website Says About Itself. Google’s Blogger Is About to Get an Overhaul.

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