Motivational Letter

It Mechanical was during the final that I about year of this my to Bachelors know in




Nanotechnology . breakthrough, I



started reading various articles related to

Nanotechnology. I was really fascinated by the way scientists have mimicked nature for developing various materials and also to find out that nanotechnology had its impact on all fields of science and engineering. T he use of Nanoparticles in Nanocomposites, Nanosensors, F errofluids etc helped me realize that nanotechnology has a vast potential in the field of Material Science and Mechanical Engineering & this inspired me to take up a career in Nanotechnology. With national this objective exam, GATE in mind, I appeared Aptitude for test the for



Engineers) and secured admission for pursuing my postgraduate studies at the country. During the first year of my studies, I learned the Center of Nanotechnology at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee , one of the premier institutes in the

basics of the course. Soon after the completion of first year , I started my project work under the guidance of the Head of the Department, Prof. Anil Kumar and have successfully completed a project on Synthesis and characterization of Iron

Oxide Nanoparticles . During the project, I was able to work on various instruments like FESEM, XRD, U V-Vis Spectrophotometer, FTIR Spectrophotometer and VSM. I have also studied the ch ange of magnetic properties of Iron O xides with the addition of polymer Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA). Currently I am carrying out my dissertation on Nanocomposites of iron oxides & I should say that my experiences here have further ignited me to pursue deeper into this domain.

contribute to . which would provide with avenues to science.Understanding my passion for research. I was extremely happy to know about the DocMase doctorate really edge programme since it very well matched my interests. I the best people in the field & undertake cutting want to be the part of this program so that I could work with research. I was in search for a suitable institution to pursue my Doctoral research.