Breakpoints & Debugger

ABAP Breakpoints ‡ Enables a program to pause at a specific location during execution ‡ NOT TO BE SET IN PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS .

‡ Breakpoints are also beneficial to functional users as they allow a user to view program logic behind the scenes with live data. . ‡ Breakpoints are specific to the user who sets them. ‡ Breakpoints can be inserted in a program from the ABAP Editor and during the execution of a program or transaction.ABAP Breakpoints ‡ Breakpoints are useful to developers for debugging purposes. Breakpoints are deleted from a program when the user logs off. Breakpoints will not affect other users running the same transaction. ‡ Breakpoints are specific to a user¶s logon session.

Inserting Breakpoints from ABAP Editor ‡ Transaction SE38 ‡ Insert breakpoints at key statements ‡ Multiple breakpoints can be set .

Inserting Breakpoints During Program Execution (1) ‡ Type µ/h¶ in command window .

Inserting Breakpoints During Program Execution (2) ‡ Insert breakpoints at key statements ‡ Navigation controls allow report to be ³stepped through´ during debug .

ABAP Debugger Features (1) ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Immediately after executing.Completely executes an external routine and stops when control is returned back to the main program *** All breakpoints can be deactivated or deleted in debug mode from the µBreakpoint¶ menu option *** . this executes the entire subroutine and stops Continue . the debugger is invoked.Executes program statements line-by-line Execute . Breakpoints can be inserted at key statements simply by double clicking on an ABAP command.Executes the program until is is finished or until the next breakpoint is reached Return .When next program statement is a subroutine. Navigation keys Single Step .

ABAP Debugger Features (2) ‡ Field contents can be viewed by double clicking on applicable fields .

ABAP Debugger Features (3) ‡ Internal table contents .

Help On ABAP .7.

Help On ABAP(1) ‡ ABAP command help available from ABAP Editor .

Help On ABAP(2) ‡ ABAP Keyword Documentation .

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