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Topics: 1. HR Management in Small Organizations 2. HR Management in the 21st Century: Challenges for the Future 3. The Impact of Information Technology on HR Management: Opportunities and Challenges 4. Demographics of the Workforce: Analysis of Trends and their Implications for HR 5. HR as a Strategic Business Partner 6. HRMS: Purposes and Uses 7. International Outsourcing: When Does It Make ³Cents?´ 8. HR Ethics: An Examination of Key Issues 9. Preparing for a Career in HR Management 10. HR as a Profession - A Look at Professional Associations and Certifications 11. HR Competencies 12. Global Competitiveness and Strategic HR 13. Organizational Effectiveness and Strategic HR 14. Environmental Scanning: How to Do It and What to Look For 15. Assessing the Internal Workforce for HR Planning 16. Forecasting HR Supply and Demand 17. HR Planning in Mergers and Acquisitions 18. Managing a HR Surplus Situation 19. Measuring HR Effectiveness Using HR Metrics 20. The Psychological Contract: The Changing Nature of Employee-Employer Expectations 21. Generational Differences: Challenges for the Organization 22. Understanding Job Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Commitment 23. Understanding, Measuring, and Controlling Employee Absenteeism 24. Understanding, Measuring, and Controlling Employee Turnover 25. Understanding Individual Employee Performance Factors 26. Understanding Drivers of Employee Retention 27. Managing and Measuring Employee Retention 28. An Evaluation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: Has It Accomplished Its Purposes? 29. What Is and What Is Not a Bona-Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) under EEO Laws 30. Understanding Legal Standards Applied to Two Types of Discrimination: Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact 31. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 ± How Does its Changes Effect the Workplace 32. Laws on Gender Discrimination: Pregnancy Discrimination and Pay Equity 33. Who¶s Disabled and Who¶s Not: A Look at EEOC Guidelines and Court Decisions 34. Age Discrimination in Employment: ADEA and OWBOA Requirements 35. Immigration Reform and Control Acts ± Requirements and Issues in the Workplace 36. Key Issues with Religious Discrimination in the Workplace 37. Genetic Bias Regulations ± What are the Workplace Issues? Term Paper Topics ± 2 38. Regulating Your Physical Appearance: Dress Codes, Height/Weight Restrictions, and

Other ³Appearance´ Issues 39. Sexual Orientation Discrimination and the Law 40. Military Status and the Law 41. Equal Employment Opportunity Enforcement: Agencies, Policies, and Processes 42. Compliance Approaches to the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures 43. Understanding Validity Concepts and Equal Employment 44. The Case for Continuing Affirmative Action 45. The Case Against Affirmative Action 46. The Glass Ceiling, Glass Walls, Glass Elevators: Breaking the Glass 47. Sexual Harassment and Workplace Relationships 48. Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace 49. Approaches to the Management of Diversity 50. Diversity Training: The Positives and Negatives 51. Nature and Consequences of Job Design 52. The Relevance of the Job Characteristics Model of Job Design 53. Job Design Issues for Team-Based Work 54. Job Design, Work Schedules and Telework 55. Task-Based and Competency-Based Job Analysis: How to Choose 56. A Comparison of Three Approaches to Gathering Job Information: Observation, Interviewing, and Questionnaires 57. Computerized Job Analysis: Advantages and Disadvantages 58. Behavioral and Legal Aspects of Job Analysis 59. Labor Markets and Recruiting Issues 60. Organization-Based vs. Outsourced Recruiting 61. Regular vs. Flexible Staffing: Making Use of Contingent Workers 62. Recruiting Source Choices: Internal vs. External Recruiting 63. College Recruiting: Maintaining a Corporate Presence on Campus 64. Internet Recruiting: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Legal Issues 65. Recruiting Evaluation and Metrics 66. The Employment Selection Process: An Overview of Key Issues 67. Realistic Job Previews: Should You ³Tell It Like It Is?´ 68. Selection: Preemployment Screening 69. Selection: A Close Look at the Use of Application Forms and Resumes 70. Selection: A Close Look at Employment Testing 71. Selection: A Close Look at Employment Interviewing 72. Selection: A Close Look at Background Investigations 73. Drug and Genetic Testing in Selection: Legal, Ethical, and Privacy Issues 74. Staffing Global Assignments: Selecting and Placing Global Employees 75. The New Context of Training and Performance Consulting 76. Training and Organizational Strategy 77. Training Needs Assessment 78. Learner Readiness and Learning Styles 79. Orientation: Training for New Employees 80. Training Delivery: A Comparison of Selected Training Methods 81. E-Learning: Development, Advantages and Limitations Term Paper Topics ± 3

Off-Site Development Approaches 93. Keys to the Effective Use of Pay Surveys 110. Legal and Effective Performance Appraisal Processes 96. Job-Site Development Approaches 92. Organization-Centered versus Individual-Centered Career Planning 85. Metrics. and Cash Balance Plans 126. The HR Development Process and Organizational Strategy 89. Development Needs Analyses: Tool and Techniques 90. Variable Pay Plans: Types. Ways to Determine Pay Increases for Employees 113. Special Issues: Red and Green Rates and Pay Compression 112. Training for Global Assignments 84. Pensions: A Comparison of Defined Benefit. Monitoring. Market Competitiveness and Compensation 104. Broadbanding: Advantages and Disadvantages 111. Global Career Development 86. Career Issues for Dual-Career Couples 88. Who Conducts Appraisals? Advantages and Disadvantages of the Options 97. and Design Issues 83. Keys to Carrying Out an Effective Appraisal Interview. Identifying. An Assessment of Job Evaluation Methods 108. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): Key Provisions and Requirements 107. ESOPs: Advantages and Disadvantages 120. Succession Planning: Insurance for the Organization¶s Future 91. Developing Successful Pay-for-Performance Plans 114. Elements of Executive Compensation for U. Compensation Fairness: External/Internal Equity and Procedural/Distributive Justice 106. Evaluation of Training: Levels. Successful Group/Team Incentives 118. Defined Contribution. Benefits Design and Organizational Strategy 123. Controlling Health-Care Benefits Costs . Global Compensation Issues 103.S. Developing Effective Individual Incentive Systems 116. 360o Evaluation: The Pros and Cons of Multi-Source Performance Appraisal 98. Retirement Benefits and Age Discrimination Issues 125. Successes and Failures 115. Category Scaling Methods versus Comparative Methods of Appraisal 99. Valuing Jobs Using Market Pricing: Advantages and Disadvantages 109. Management Development Models 94. Compensation Philosophies: Entitlement versus Performance Philosophy 102. Special Career Issues: Career Plateaus and Dual-Career Ladders 87. and Global Executives 121. Competency-Based Pay: The Pros and Cons 105. Debating the ³Reasonableness of Executive Pay Plans´ 122.82. Security Benefits: Mandated and Voluntary 124. Sharing the Wealth: Profit-Sharing and Employee Stock Plans 119. Performance Management: Linking Rewards to Performance 95. Sales Compensation Plans: Balancing Base Pay and Commissions 117. 101. and Overcoming Rater Errors 100.

Safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Act: Inspections and Violations 137. Union Management Cooperation: The Pros and Cons 165. Keys to Effective Grievance Management Latest Topics. Investigating Employee Misconduct 151. . An Analysis of Union Membership Trends in the United States 157. Costs. Employment-at-Will. Implied Contracts. Collective Bargaining Issues: Management Rights and Union Security 162. Privacy Rights and Employee Records 148. Procedures. Building an Effective Safety Program 138. Bargaining Impasse Resolution Methods. Global Health. Analyzing Financial Benefits 130. Benefits for Domestic Partners and Spousal Equivalents: An Explosive Issue 132.. Employee¶s Rights. Analyzing Family-Oriented Benefits 131. An Assessment of Wellness and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) 140. Key Principles Underlying HR Policies. The Emergence of Alternative Dispute Resolution as Due Process 147. Consumer-Driven Health (CDH) Plans 128. Analyzing Time-Off Benefits 133. Workers¶ Compensation Issues: Scope. The Pros and Cons of Employer Drug Testing Programs 152. and FMLA 135.Term Paper Topics ± 4 127. and Voice Mail 149. and Security Issues 143. An Overview of Security Management 142. Employees¶ Free Speech Rights: Whistle-Blowing. Wrongful Discharge and the Courts 145. Positive versus Progressive Discipline Approaches 155. Guidelines for Writing and Disseminating Employee Handbooks 154. The Anatomy of a Strike (Select and analyze a recent work stoppage) 164. E-mail... Violence in the Workplace: Protecting Employees 141. Unfair Labor Practices by Employers and Union 160. and Employment Practices Liability Insurance 144. Global Labor Union Issues 156. The Occupational Safety and Health Act: Standards and Recordkeeping 136. Complaint Procedures and Due Process 146. Contemporary Workplace Health Issues 139. The National Labor Code 159. Employer Strategies and Tactics During a Union Organizing Campaign 161. Strikes and Lockouts 163. and Rules 153. Flexible Benefits Plans: Advantages and Disadvantages 134. Health-Care Legislation: COBRA and HIPPA Provisions 129. The History of Organized Labor in the United States 158. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Workplace Monitoring of Employees 150.

Competency Mapping Employee Motivation Employee Welfare High Performance Working Practices Human Capital Management HR Branding HR Policy Identify Key Performance Areas Organizational Development Induction Manual Industrial Relations Prepare a Balanced Scorecard Training need Assessment Use of Team Work and Employee Involvement Competency mapping balanced scorecard Performance management Quality of worklife Employee attitude survey Hrd climate .

Training needs analysis Team building Employees inter relationship Performance management Quality of work life Induction traning Work life balance Malpractices and how to eliminate them-in recruitment How organisations choose colleges for campus recruitment Effectiveness of cros cultural training in mnes Competency development iniatives Non monetary motivators Impact of employee well-being on employee engagement in manufacturing industry at workers level .

.analysis of whole training programmes. during training & post training.employees response for performance based culture Integration of various hr systems prevailing in an organization Career path or evaluation of career growth Performance management Organisation climate survey Evaluation of training.Impact of employee well-being on employee retention at junior management level in manufacturing industry Negative impact of performance appraisal on employee engagement Compensation management and ir in today's global business scenario Business ethics in recruitment jobs Impact of competency development initiatves on motivation of employees Employers branding & recruitment and retention Employee engagement Organisational culture / climate..pre training... .

bpo. banking industry) Talent acquisition Employee welfare measure Hrd preactices Factors determinig job satisafaction of employees Stress management Settlement of grieveance(do it in manufacturing concern) Effectiveness of training(do it as research project) Pob: positive organaisational behavior Neuro associative learning .Attrition Staffing Compensation & benefits 360 degree performance appraisal Employees retention in any industry (take it industry.

Normatic diffusion in hr. Competancy mapping of employees in one particular org. Balancing the life between work and home. Right reruitment proportionate to sector Performance mapping Hr seemers diplomacy in organizations Performance appraisal/ performance management system human resource information system recruitment / selection methods attrition/retention compensation employee satisfaction/surveys . Organizational culture and climate.. Factors afftecting employees motivation.

governance performance measurement/mgmt succession management training & development A study on motivation factors at work for employees A study on impact of rewards and recognition of employee in any organisation Role of hr during recession among employee management Relation between technology and work stress in an organization A study to verify the welfare measures provided in the company with regard to job satisfaction A study on the role of leadership in work force A study on factors influencing employee retention Analysis of employee welfare A study to verify the welfare measures provided in the company with regard to job satisfaction Strategic planning in an organization A study on special training given to the employees in an organization Impact of rewards and recognition in an organization Impact of new technology to an employee of an organization A study on employees attitude towards fringe benefits A study on evaluation of human capital A study on effectiveness of time management A study on power of relationship between management and employee A study on evaluation of employee assessment .organizational design.

A study on analysis of employee regularization A study on coaching and education A study on employees conflict toward organizational change A study on evaluation of employee remuneration A study on retention of talent A study on hrm practices A study on motivation of employees A study on different sources of recruitment A study on wage and salary administration A study to measure the effectiveness of time management Employee perception towards training A study on effectiveness of group dynamics A study on the relationship between management and the employees A study to ascertain the motivation and morale of employees with various group c level employees The effectiveness of performance management system The effectiveness of training of campus recruitsA study on feasibility analysis on implementing competency mapping of employee A study on the effectiveness of hrmd practices A study on the superior leadership skills A study on employee attitude towards the organizational culture A study on performance appraisal system A study on effectiveness of current performance appraisal system .

A study and analysis of grievance handling system A study on workers participation in management A study on attrition analysis Quality of work life A study on employees satisfaction on welfare measures A study on the contributions of employees towards the corporate social responsibility initiatives A study and evaluation of safety and welfare measures Competency mapping A study on employee s awareness towards knowledge management Effectiveness of training A study on optimum utilization of human resource Study on employees safety measures A study on employees perception on job related stress Role of education and training A study on employee motivation A study on recruitment strategy A study on talent management and measures to implement it with the employees A study on effectiveness of employee retention techniques A study on recruitment process A study on training & development A study on competency mapping A study on work related stress of employees A study on identification of the factors causing attrition based on the employees .

perception A study on the effectiveness of recruitment process A study on organization culture and behavior A study on the workers job satisfaction A study on job satisfaction among workers A study on talent acquisition A study on effectiveness of training and development A study to know the level of self-learning activities A study on employee job satisfaction A study on welfare measures of employees A study on quality of work life A study on effectiveness of soft skill training to clear the recruitment process A study on organizational environment A study on employee retention techniques A study on organizational culture and it s impact on employees behavior A study on employees absenteeism A study on stress management and its impact on productivity A study on competency mapping on employees and improvement thrmough training & development A study on awareness of corporate social responsibilities A study on effectiveness of training program A study on employee empowerment A study on team effectiveness .

A study on organizational factors influencing employee retention A study on training need analysis A study on reduction of attrition rate A study on effectiveness of performance appraisal system A study of effectiveness of recruitment and training A study on employee s awareness towards knowledge management A study on stress management A study on the safety measures provided to the employees A study on effectiveness of recruitment and selection process A study on training and development A study on customer satisfaction Customer focus on supply chain management A study on organizational culture and its impact on employees behavior A study on employees empowerment and its impact on job performance A study on effectiveness of downward communication No Project title Pg 1 Effectiveness OF Training in Kotak Life insurance Ltd 100 B 2 Training & development programme at komul 127 B 3 Employee satisfaction with performance appraisal system existing in aureole technologies at Bangalore. .

Bangalore 90 B 15 A Study on Employee welfare Activities with reference to The Aluminum Industries Ltd 105 v 16 A study on lending practices in banking sector at union bank of India 85 N 17 A study of employee welfare activities and its relevance at Grasim cement 96 B 18 Hrm at avasarala automation limited: 98 B 19 To analyze how fair knowledge management is utilized by the various departments of the organization at HAL 80 B 20 A comparative study of resourcing process of it companies for mascot systems 87 B 21 A Study On Human Resources Of Amanath Co-Operative Bank Limited With Special Reference To Training And Development 100 22 To develop professionals' competence (knowledge and skills) to map the competencies 23 Karnataka state financial corporation 55 . travels pvt ltd.N. 133 V 12 A study on employee motivation at motor industries company ltd (Mico) 118 V 13 A study of hr policies at Mascon limited 108 14 Recruitment practice and its impact on attrition rate with special reference to the mainstay tele service pvt ltd. a division of Hal 74 B 6 Employee motivation conducted at MICO 70 7 A study on employee satisfaction towards welfare and safety measures @ goetze India limited 65 B 8 Employee satisfaction with performance appraisal system existing in cosmonet solutions at Bangalore 81 B 9 Measure the stress level of the employees of K.Karnataka.P. 60 B 10 Recruitment and its effectiveness at TAJ 168 B 11 Study on employee benefits and work environment at iseva systems ltd. 128 B 4 Recruiting and selection process and how it works at Tyko Fire and Security 66 N 5 A study on participative management in aircraft research and design center.

Bangaloreits merits. Opportunities And Hedging Process In Commodities Market. 92 Bu 26 A Study of Absenteesim in MICO 27 Labour welfare activities in Mangalam publications pvt company ltd 71 N 28 Employee welfare facilities at KS&DL 75 29 An evaluation of the Bancassurance model and its effectiveness with special reference to Syndicate Bank 100 30 Effectiveness of recruitment and selection process at satyam computers 83 B 31 Absenteeism among workers in palm fibre (India) private limited 81 N 32 A Study On Risks.24 A study on employee welfare facilities at Mysore sales international limited 87 B 25 To analyze the performance appraisal method which is used in Karnataka power corporation limited. kalady. Conducted For Reymount Commodities (P) Ltd 90 33 A study on employee satisfaction at IFB automotive private limited 80 B 34 Employee retention at NAL 85 B 35 Employees job satisfaction in pmm hospital. pitfalls etc. kerala 60 N 36 To overcome the limitation and making the system user friendly and fool proof but not compromising on it standardization at Wipro technology 130 V 37 Comparative study on training and development in garment industry conducted on Behalf of Maruthi clothing company 64 B 38 A Survey On Market Potential Of Broad Band Internet Services In Bangalore With Reference To Sify Ltd 95 39 Practice of training & development in BML 83 Ksou 40 Performance appraisal system of Karnataka power corporation limited 110 41 Consequences of the ongoing practices of the recruitment selection and training process at reliance company .

Ltd 75 B 46 A Study on Effectiveness of Training and Competence or skill development of employees in Volvo India private limited Bangalore . bangalore 90 58 Excel Glassses limited Alappuzha 59 A study report on job satisfaction at VST tillers tractors ltd 70 60 A Survey on Labour Welfare at Alstom 80 61 Study of Windsor Sheraton Hotel reference to hr department 136 B .infocomm limited 75 Vtu 42 The study on recruitment and selection process at HMT 43 Study on effectiveness of training and development at Karnataka breweries and distilleries limited Nelamangala 95 B 44 To study the need of business community for the automation of their business processes with reference to Neotecra India pvt.Hoskote 152 47 Employee welfare measures at MSIL 80 48 A Study On The Employees Level Of Satisfaction And Expectation On Various Welfare Measures Provided In BEML KGF Complex 100 49 Training and Development in Mangalore Refineries and Petrochemicals Limited 160 V 50 Will to work will to win at Tata steel industry 60 B 51 A final report on hr of HMT (emphasis on career development) 91 Icfai 52 Performance appraisal KDDL 65 B 53 A study on competency mapping and assessment of the executives in HAL 104 V 54 Perception of employees towards the management hierarchy levels at VST tiller tractors ltd 100 55 A study on absenteeism at Amrut distilleries limited B 56 A study on knowledge management of the executives in HAL 70 B 57 Study on effectiveness of recruitment and selection process At sellcraft softech ltd.

70 Ku 76 The performance of HUMANET HRIS and its competitor in Bangalore region at blue chip 45 Ifmb 77 A study on job satisfaction of employers in BAMUL 84 M 78 A study on the performance appraisal system conducted in Elven Circuits pvt. 82 71 Employee welfare measures at KPCL 94 B 72 Effectiveness of quality of work life with respect to neotecra India private limited 91 B 73 Training and Development in BHEL 83 74 An dissertation report on customer relations and customer intelligence management conducted at alstom transformers and instruments private limited 69 Bu 75 Resource Management System for Ivy Michigan Technologies Private Limited. Ltd 50 B 79 Performance appraisal under an MBO program at otis. mandya.62 Need for Financial Statement Analysis of a Computer Hardware Industry 100 B 63 To study the existing recruitment process of Afila 144 64 Effectiveness of employee training programme at summer blue clothing. schuele & Somappa private ltd 70 B 82 Management development programme and its effectiveness (with special reference to ing-vysya bank limited) 66 B 83 Implementation of BAAN-IV in training management & its effectiveness . 75 B 65 Process improvement in recruitment and selection & functional design of hiring management system at IBM 60 Icfai 66 An analysis about the welfare and safety measures in chams sugar company limited. India 70 80 An analytical report on use of manual VS automation in training management at organosys 88 B 81 A study on implementation of labour welfare measures in stumpp. 55 67 Performance Appraisal of Namdhari seeds 76 68 Training & Development Avasarala Technologies Limited 60 69 A study on enhancing promotion in job satisfaction of employees working in ITI ltd 60 B 70 Job satisfaction toward various factors existing factors in air Deccan.

Kolar 100 B 94 Project appraisal in syndicate bank 100 B 95 A Study On Training and Development and Its Effectiveness. with special reference to GS Management Pvt Ltd 45 96 Training And Development Process AT Royal Orchid Harsha 134 97 A study on Employee Satisfaction in Relation to Performance Appraisal and Training at United India Insurance Company Ltd 80 B 98 Employee Welfare Actvities and its relavance at FOOD CORPORATION OF INDIA. Ltd 77 B 100 Employees competency mapping in Webex communication pvt ltd 90 101 A study conducted for M/s Hewitt Packard Global Delivery India Centre (HP GDIC) 97 102 HDFC Life Insurance 71 103 A study on employee s perception towards the performance appraisal system in eureka forbs ltd 86 B . communication skills and smartness of cipla 137 89 Quabemllity of work life of workers in GTN textiles 80 90 Hr challenges in hospitality industry a study conducted for Taj residency. objection handling. Bangalore 180 99 Reliance Life Insurance Co. Bangalore 91 91 "Employee Training and Development of Toyota Kirloskar 70 92 A study on recruitment and selection process at siemens BPO services Pvt ltd 50 93 Absenteeism and labour turnover . Is to study the relelation ship between employees and supervisors of KSRTC Kolar Division.84 Personnel management and its functions of Akay 120 85 Wage and salary administration with reference to perfect security and investigation services 71 86 A Study On Training And Development In Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producer s Federation 115 N 87 Performance appraisal applied in associated cement companies ltd (ACC) 60 88 Mpos regarding product knowledge.

L in EUREKA FORBES LIMITED 100 118 Identification Of Training Needs Of The Employees In 3m India Limited 113 119 A study on the impact of rewards and recognition on motivation of employees at SRV TELECOM PVT.LTD 65 121 A Study On The Level Of Job Satisfaction Among The Employees At Jagdale Industries Limited 60 V 122 A study on Customer satisfaction as well as Employee satisfaction at Woodrich Resort 74 123 A study on the recruitment procedure adopted by Starex Career Solutions (P) Ltd 80 B 124 Effectiveness of Training at Centralized Recruitment and Training Center of Eureka Forbes Limited 63 125 To study the existing system of training and development in Vijaya Bank.E. A study conducted for Tanishq 92 106 Compiling Labour Laws and Statutory Matters pertaining to Ramapuram Holiday Resorts Ltd 90 107 AVT Natural Products Limited 78 108 Studying the level of employee satisfaction and motiva 109 A study on GE Thermometrics India private limited 109 110 A Study training and development facilities at KPCL 111 This is to certify that the dissertation work titled Comparative study of Induction and Assimilation practices of IT companies with special reference to Sonata Software ltd 60 112 A study on employee s satisfaction with performance appraisal system at Tavant technology 100 113 To study effectiveness of training and development programmers at Otto Bilz (India) Pvt. 80 . Ltd 67 114 Study of Employee benefits and work environment in Vensa 130 115 Vandana solutions Pvt Ltd 80 116 Employee satisfaction Larsen & Toubro Limited ECC Construction Division (Bangalore) 83 B 117 C. LTD 69 120 A Study on HR Policies At SUBEX SYSTEMS.104 Study Of Employee Work Environment at Mansoft Solutions 85 105 An evaluation of the performance of the Golden Harvest Scheme .

H. an evaluation of work design & well being with reference to safety & health measures of women employees in call centers 121 B 2 Stress management among youths working at call centres 66 B . Kirloskar electric co.ltd 124 129 Effectiveness of Recruitment and Selection Process performed at Erasmic Consulting Private Limited 100 V 130 Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) 61 131 A study on the Recruitment policies and procedures of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd 94 132 Cochin Port Trust 74 133 Recruitment and selection for the study in Logix Microsystems Ltd 100 134 Welfare amenities to bank employees. its evaluation and its effectiveness. Bangalore 110 135 Quality of Work life at KSRTC 110 136 ICICI Bank with special reference to Salary Accounts. A study conducted at Canara bank.S.O. 107 V 137 A study on payroll processing among Employees of Apollo Tyres ltd 85 138 Training Programmes & its Effectiveness at US Technology Resources Inc 78 139 Employee welfare and Motivation in TCO 140 A study of Black and Scholes Option Pricing Model and its applicability in Indian context 60 141 A Study on MOTIVATION & REWARDS of employees at American Power Conversion (APC). Bangalore 94 145 A study to assess the effectiveness of training program at BEML Industry 1 Psychological risk factors in call centers.126 Compiling Labour Laws and Statutory Matters pertaining to R. Hospitality Services 127 A study on market intelligence of event management companies in Bangalore for Shrushti Ads 80 128 Model of training in KEC. Bangalore 60 144 Analysis of training programmmes at Bharat electronics limited. Bangalore 70 142 Inventory Control and its Management at K S & D L 90 143 Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation.

Bangalore) 60 11 Hr practices such as recruitment. The Impact of Information Technology on HR Management: Opportunities and Challenges Employee Welfare Competency mapping balanced scorecard Quality of work life . training and performance appraisal system in the IT sector 65 B 12 A Study on Employee Retention and Turnover in IT Industry 100 B 13 Analysis of the companies that has a separate hr department and uses software packages to support the hr functions. HR Management in the 21st Century: Challenges for the Future 3. With Special Reference To IT Industry 60 4 Stress management for employees in call centres 66 5 Strategies for retaining employees in call centers 72 6 A Study of Employees Attitude Towards Monetary and Non-Monetary Rewards and its Effect on Employee Turnover and Level of Motivation in Information Technology Organizations 90 7 A study on Work environment and commitment of Employees at " Bangalore 90 8 Comparative study Of HR Practices in leading Software Companies.& of the software package Hr-Easy 96 14 Work Life Balancing of IT Professionals 88 15 A study on Employees Attitude towards Quality Circles and its Effectiveness Selected . selection.T.3 A Study On Performance Appraisal. Industry 10 HR practices in IT industry (A study conducted for IT Industries. 70 9 A Study on Employee Satisfaction and Formulation of Best Employer in I.

Induction traning Work life balance Employees retention in any industry (take it industry. banking industry) human resource information system Analysis of employee welfare A study to verify the welfare measures provided in the company with regard to job Satisfaction study on the contributions of employees towards the corporate social responsibility Employee Welfare Actvities and its relavance . bpo.

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